Men’s Activewear


The gear was furnished by LED Queens. The review are my own and not influenced by LED Queens.

Rating: ​9.5/10

  •  Daily Fit: ​8/10
  •  Sizing: ​10/10
  • Construction: ​10/10
  •  Styling: ​10/10
  • Daily Performance: ​10/10

Pros: ​Vivid colors, great design and build quality, great compression and shape.

Cons: ​Pretty tight ankle so they can be difficult to put on sometimes. The crotch sagged slightly but I probably just needed a bigger pair so I could pull them up a little more. Sizing is a challenge.

UNB Jacob recommendation: ​I love the brand because it is LGBT-owned, and adore the product. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for mens tights but would be hesitant to recommend these to anyone on the thicker side.

As a personal trainer, I’m in the gym every single day, so being able to mix up my gym apparel and get away from my usual gym shorts and tank has been great. I’ve been looking forward to reviewing this brand for a while because they really are gorgeous products made by a queer-owned fitness brand. I received the LED Queens Rocket Compression Tights to review, their first compression product that uses a unique nylon/spandex blend to provide a high shine appearance.

The Rocket compression tight is just as “freeing” as most tights, while efficiently wicking away body heat. I mostly used them to workout in and on leg day they’re pretty flattering with a leg/butt pump. I wore them under shorts while I wasn’t at the gym and still received a lot of compliments on the really pretty stripe along the side.

The quality of construction and design is outstanding; comparable to Nike and Lululemon pairs that I’ve worn before. They don’t chafe and the stitching is strong and durable. The colorsand overall quality of the fabric is also something I love about the pair as they’re very vivid and shiny.

Overall LED Queens does really well with sizing and fit; this specific pair can be difficult to size though. The legs are pretty slim and while I don’t have particularly big legs, the size I would order based off of my waist size (28”, so small) would not come close to fitting because I almost need a large. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, just something to be aware of when ordering.

Overall I love the brand because it is LGBT-owned, and adore the product. I would highly recommend the for anyone looking for mens tights, but would be hesitant to recommend these to anyone on the thicker side.

PAIR: LED Queens Rocket Tights
COLORS: Black w/blue to red stripe FABRIC: Nylon/Spandex
SIZES: XS: Waist Sizes 22-24S: Waist Sizes 26-30 M: Waist Sizes 32-34 L:Waist Sizes 36-40 XL: Waist Sizes 40-44 2XL: Waist Sizes 44-48 3XL: Sizes 48-52
COST: $44.99

Pistol Pete Power Mesh Singlet GYM3040

Singlets are the new must have in the world of men’s activewear. I remember getting my first singlet way back in the 90’s. Back then they were just for wrestling and you had to get them at either sporting good stores or through a mail order site (yes this was before the internet) for wrestling gear. We flash forward almost 20 years and they are every where! Every brand lately has made them.

Pistole Pete has a very unique style. It shows in everything they do and the Power Mesh singlet is no exception. The lines they use in the design will accent what you have and also enhance. The colors are Yellow/Black, Red/Black, Navy/Red and Blue Black and have white side panels and trim. The way the main colors are put together, they  are contrasting and will draw attention for where ever you are wearing it.

Another trend in singlets is that they are very deep cut. The traditional singlets were higher cut, some almost tank stop style, while others had a full front and low cut sides. These, as you may guess, is not made for wrestling for sport. Any wrestling you do won’t be on a mat in front of a crowd (or we don’t think it will).  It has me asking where you would wear it? I would think a bar gear night, private party and well… you know!

The material is a sports mesh. Meaning its solid with holes in it. It’s not super see through but if you get the darker colors it will show through. As you can see with the Navy back view (see below). Also if you look at the Red/Black the pouch is mildly see through. So if you are planning to wear this in public you want to note that it may not be street legal. It also begs the question do you wear anything under singlets? Some wrestlers do wear jocks under them but the way this is made we ask why would you wear anything, if you’re going to show it off, why not show it all off.

Singlets are just a lot of fun. Like I stated above it’s hard to figure out where to wear them, but we will leave that up to your best judgement! If you want to check this singlet out they are at the Pistol Pete website for $59.50

402_109_1575_hiJack Adams USA releases a stylish and sporty Active Wear line to complement the underwear that has become synonymous with the terms comfort and masculine. Following the success of such items as the Army Fly Jock Brief, Ranger Jockstrap and the Trainer Trunk, Jack Adams knew its next step would be Active Wear. This latest edition to the Jack Adams collection takes the cues from the everyday athlete, where comfort and support are key but looking good matters.

The new product line includes fashionable shorts, tanks, and outerwear for the man who wants to look and feel good at the same time. Along with the new line, Jack Adams has once again raised their game, partnering with famed photographer David Wagner and introducing the new face of Jack Adams – model John Strand. David and John perfectly complement the Jack Adams USA athletic style and masculine look.

Coming this May- a new updated look and easy to use website at The new site will be both a retail and wholesale experience so anyone can easily navigate and order any of the incredible pieces in the line. Wholesale customers will have a unique experience, with a personalized login and the ease of online ordering and re-ordering.


This week’s Underwear of the Week is a great new boxer brief from Cellblock 13. As always we have the underwear genius of Timoteo to thank for the Cellblock 13 Fugitive Short.

Once again, we are presented with a bold hybrid of traditional activewear and stylish fashion, dare we say fetish, wear. Cellblock 13 is never shy and doesn’t back away from form or function. Available in eye-catching colors and constructed of an 80/20, Nylon/Spandex combo, this pair is as comfortable under your night-out clothes as they are under your workout gear.

I cannot wait to get my hands on this new line, but in the meantime the reasons below are why the Cellblock Fugitive Brief are our Underwear of the Week:

  • Mesh panels are great for both ventilation and for turning heads
  • Great contour pouch
  • Sturdy 2 inch waistband
  • Interlocking rear stitching that provides lift and support
  • Available in Red/Black, Blue/Black, and Yellow/Black combinations

Get your pair from JockstrapCentral for $38.