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Are you a fan of bikinis? Do you want to try bikinis? Are you going to try new styles? If you answered yes to these questions a pair to give a look into is the Pistol Pete Rainbow Bikini. I am a big fan of the bikini cut. We have seen more and more brands make them. Pistol Pete has made every color in the rainbow and then some.

First, let’s talk about the colors. It comes in eight colors. Yes EIGHT! They are orange, purple, black, blue, green, red, white and yellow. It’s got every color of the rainbow! It’s rare that brand release so many colors at once. But, I’m glad they did! Now everyone can get their favorite color in this line.

What makes this a bikini? According to our bikini expert, Bikinisnthongs on twitter, it’s a lower cut, minimal waistband and smaller sides. I think this fits the bill on all three of these criteria. It’s also noted that the back is a full back. I prefer a full back and know a few of our readers feel same. Other bikinis could have a 3/4, half or minimal back.

The size of this bikini to me is almost perfect. It looks to has a front seam. It creates a bit of a pouch. It’s not an enlarging or enhancing pouch. Note that bikinis can have seams in the front, back, both or on the side. Each guy has a preference for where the seam is. I prefer a front seam.

Made out of 80% nylon and 20% spandex, it will have plenty of stretch and give. It will fit you like a second skin. Again, in any color you want! Including my favorite color, GREEN! Find this and a matching thong, the Rainbow Thong, is available in just as many colors.

BRAND: Pistol Pete
PAIR: Rainbow Bikini
COLORS: orange, purple, black, blue, green, red, white and yellow.
FABRIC: 80% nylon and 20% spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $24.50
LINK: Pistol Pete Rainbow Bikini

und6083It’s Jockstrap Wednesday! We wanted to share a pair from a brand we haven’t profiled in a while. That brand is Pistol Pete. Their new Apollo Jock Brief is super fun and one of their newest pairs. Pistol Pete has their own unique style. When I saw this was being released, I knew it had to be a Jockstrap Wednesday post!

Why is this the perfect pair for Jockstrap Wednesday? It’s a mix of a brief, a jock and mesh fabric. Three things a lot of you guys really love. From the front the Apollo Jock Brief looks just like a brief. Almost a bikini cut. However, due to the waistband, some readers feel it’s not a true bikini. But that’s another post all together.

The back is really different from other jockbriefs. Most jockbriefs are a pair of briefs with the back cut out. Meaning that there is an inch or so of fabric around the legs. This pair has very thin leg straps similar to a jock than a brief. I really like this feature of this pair. It makes it super sexy. The mesh fabric around the top frames the assets very nicely! Good job Pistol Pete.

Speaking of mesh. The pair looks like solid fabric. The pouch is solid but the other fabric around the sides and back is a matching mesh. It’s not very apparent in the pictures. It’s translucent but won’t show off the goods. There are those who don’t want a mesh pouch. This pair would be perfect for those!

Lastly, the Apollo jockbrief is available in Charcoal, Red, Royal, or Black. This is a super fun jockbrief. You guys need to check it out!

BRAND: Pistol Pete
PAIR: Apollo Jockbrief
COLORS: Charcoal, red, royal or black
SIZES: Small – X-large
COST: $24.50
LINK: Pistol Pete Apollo Jockbrief.

gym7106Are you a fan of Jammers? Now Olympic swimmers wear them  in competitive meets. You may have seen them on swimmers in Rio. They have been around for a few years. They have their fans in the world of swimwear. Unlike traditional board shorts these will dry easier and give you a greater sense of motion.

The new Atomic Runner is made out of a solid red material. The grey, black and white stripes are designed to such a way as to accent your assets and legs. The angles they are cut really help create this effect. It’s a very cool design on a Jammer. Plus the red will make it pop on the beach.

Made out of a 90% MOISTURE WICKING MICRO – 10% LYCRA. Making this the perfect fabric for swimwear. On top of that it will allow for faster drying than traditional board shorts. You can wear this pair to swim or work out or both. Especially if you are a little adverse to a swim brief. These offer more coverage than a brief. They also, will give you a bit more support in your legs throughout the day. It’s still a form fitting pair if you want something bigger I’d suggest shorts.

I am a fan of Jammers. I used to wear them when I swam in college. They make you more go through the water faster. Maybe that’s just me. Is Hydrodynamic a word? cause that’s what it does. Or, they are great for just hanging out by a beach or pool and you want to look great.

The look of the pair is fun. It will enhance your legs and butt. The fabric is cut in a great way. I say great job Pistol Pete.

BRAND: Pistol Pete
PAIR: Atomic Runner
COLORS: As seen
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $49.50
LINK: Pistol Pete Atomic Runner

jc155-125-1It’s Jockstrap Wednesday! The day where we are supposed to wear a jock! Since you should wear a jock why not wear a super sexy one? The one we suggest is the Pistol Pete Cubic Jock. Its super sexy and will show off more than just your assets!

Jocks have come into their own in the last almost 10 years. Pistol Pete is taking risks with fabrics and colors and making something fun.  Jocks are now part of fashion in the world of men’s underwear. They aren’t just made to wear during jc155-125-2sporting activities.

Pistol Pete has a unique style that is all their own. This pair definitely has the Pistol Pete spin on it. The Cubic Jock is a black jock that has a mesh fabric. Its a unique fabric that has mesh circles. While not 100% see through, it will show off everything you are covering with the pouch.

The waistband is not too thick. It’s not a “traditional” brand, being 3 inches. It appears to be a little over an inch. The leg straps are more traditional. Meaning they are close to an inch wide. Some jocks have thinner leg straps but I think this works very well for this jock.

What would you wear this pair with? If it’s a Wednesday, I would say a suit would be an amazing thing to wear it under. We at UNB don’t think you should wear boring undies with a suit. It needs something fun and amazing under. Imagine how sexy you will feel with a mesh jock under your suit pants!

The Cubic jock is made out of a 95% POLY – 5% SPANDEX blend. It will conform to your body and fit great through out the day. The only color currently is black. If you are looking for a bright color, this is not the jock for you. If you’re looking for something sleek, sexy and fun. Buy it now!

The Cubic Jock retails for $24.50 at the Pistol Pete Website.

IMG_1933No it’s not Kathy Griffin talking to you. The new like from Pistol Pete is call “Suck It” Pistol Pete always has fun in their underwear creation. When I saw this pair I had to do a double take. You know when something you look at real fast catches your eye as you scroll. My mind when “Does that pair say what I think it does?” As I scrolled back it did say “Suck It.” I was like you go Pistol Pete

Underwear is about fun and feeling great. This pair would be awesome to wear and no one knows your waistband says suck it! The line has three different designs. They are a brief, jock and Trunk. Each one is different but all ties in well together. Each style has a royal and red color.


The brief is interesting. I say this because it has a pouch that comes off. It’s not detachable but it has a hole you put your junk through and the pouch covers it and attaches below…well, you get the pictures (see the picture as well). The pouch has a white stripe that runs around to the back. Its a great take on the regular brief. Since the pouch comes off I guess it lives up to the Suck It name. The Suck It Brief retails for $28.50 on the Pistol Pete website.


The jock is another take on a classic. Unlike a traditional jock this one has a chevron cut out below the waistband and above the pouch. The pouch is lined with what looks to be the same elastic on the leg straps. It also has a traditional pouch and leg straps. Pistol Pete looks like they got the inspiration from the original jocks! They turned it into something different and fun! The Suck It Jock retails fro $26.50.


The last pair in the collection is the Trunk. It also has a cut out but a bid different from the jock. It has a cut out a bit lower on the pouch. They created a two part pouch that makes sort of a fly, but turned sideways. The lower par gives you support and the upper part will allow easy access. The white panels on the front and stripes not he side give it a sporty look to the pair. The Suck It Trunk retails for $29.50

Each style has the fun Suck It waistband. As I said above these aren’t the same design just ported to a new style. They are cohesive but each different. This is a fun but really fashionable line from Pistol Pete. How many of you would love to wear these out on a date? (Raises hand) I def would love to! Find these pairs and more at the Pistol Pete site.


Are you a fan of singlets? Or of Spandex? If you are and so many of you guys are loving Singlets right now the Pistol Pete Flash singlet maybe for you. It’s not a traditional singlet. Meaning it’s not designed for wrestling. Those are more conservative in their design and offer fuller coverage. A front that comes mid chest and legs range from mid thigh to just above the knee.

The Flash Singlet is made for fun! Well, that’s my opinion. Its very low cut in the front with a great pouch! The design is a bit different from what we have seen in singlets. To me it’s kind of a hybrid of an official singlet for wrestling and one for erotic wear. I love how they have the stripes on the straps mimic the ones on the the main body. It adds to the interest with me. This is a very creative and fun singlet.

Colors are another area Pistol Pete excels. The Charcoal/Pink with White is a color combination that is not expected but really works well. When I first saw the singlet I was like “now that’s a very cool singlet” It is also in Navy/Lime with white. Each of these singlets are really great color combinations.

This singlet is also very low cut in the front. Which adds to the sexy factor for me. Pistol Pete designs singlets with lines that accents a guys body. They really excel at this. Previous singlets we have covered do this as well. They accent the thighs and butt very well. Its part of their design aesthetic that is their own!

Where would you wear this singlet? Well the first answer is a fun time at home. Which there is nothing wrong with that. The next is a bar night out. Many cities have spandex or gear nights. If you do dare to bare I’m sure you will get noticed in this singlet. I probably wouldn’t recommend this to the gym. I’m sure if you did wear it the staff would inform you to wear more clothes. That being said I don’t know many who would wear it by itself to the gym. This singlet is about fun for sure!

If you love the Flash singlet you can find it at the Pistol Pete Website for $62.50


It’s been a while since we have profiled anything from Pistol Pete. One pair I wanted to profile for you guys is the Chromatic brief. The new brief just is a lot of fun. Pistol Pete really has their own style that shows in everything they create. They create pairs so guys will feel super sexy and have fun wearing it.

The Chromatic brief is definitely a pair that you will have fun wearing. The pair is made out of a mesh striped fabric. This will show off just enough to make you feel sexy without giving everything away. I love a pair of mesh that gives a hint of what is underneath. Granted I have said sheer has a time and place. A fabric like this just will give your significant other a preview of the night ahead!

The Chromatic brief comes in three different colors. They are fuschia, white and turquoise. My favorite is the fuschia one! Pink shades are always popular and I think all guys should own a pair of pink underwear. As you can tell Pink can be very masculine. If you’re not a fan of pink the white and turquoise are equally as hot.

One last feature that I really like is the waistband. It really sets off the pair. To me it reminds me of a retro 80’s style. The bright colors and Pistol Pete name on the front are a lot of fun. As you guys know I am a big fan of waistbands. They can make or break a pair for me. This one really adds something different to the pair.

If you like this pair head over to the Pistol Pete website. It retails for $27.50

Tactic Midcut 1

Looking for a fun pair of swimsuit this summer, might we suggest the Pistol Pete Tactic Trunk! The trunk it self is a little different then the run of the mill swimwear you might see. This pair is designed to look like a pair of athletic shorts, maybe a little football inspired!

What I really love about the pair is the interesting design. The lace up front has a contrasting color behind the laces. At lot of times its the same color but not Pistol Pete they used the same color as the stripe on the side. This will draw a bit of attention to the front. But let’s face it if you are wearing this pair you want to make a statement.

The Tactic trunk comes in more than just red. Other colors include blue, green and black. Each as the 9 on the right hip and a yellow stripe up the side. It also has a full turn cut. Meaning it has more coverage than a brief. However, if you like the swim brief check out the Tactic Brief. The brief is the same lace up design.

I love this for the fun design factor. Pistol Pete always puts their own spin on things and swimwear has been an area that creativity shines. Super fun is what I call this and yes I would definitely wear this pair. You can find the Tactic Trunk at the Pistol Pete website for $52.50.

Flag inspired underwear and swimwear have been around for a long time. I remember in the 90’s Tommy Hilfiger created Flag Boxers. This year we have a few pairs for you to show your patriotism. They come from a variety of brands and range from underwear to swimwear! Here are a few pairs to check out

resize_0560-1Clever Flag 0560 Swim Brief – This is a staple of the Clever line. The 0560 brief has been around for over a year. It’s proven to be one of the popular pairs. The weathered flag print and full cut has made it one that looks great at the pool or beach.  Find this pair at the Candyman Fashion  site for $61.90

99154(2)Candyman Thong 99154 Patriotic Thong – Not every pair of flag inspired is a brief. We couldn’t leave out the thong lovers from this list. Candyman’s new collection has the new Patriotic thong. Its a wide waistband with a flag pouch. Yes, you can make thongs with a flag print! Find this pair at the Candyman Fashion site for $13.48

Unknown-26Neptio Flag Brief – Not every pair has to be a literal flag, some have a unique take on the design. The Neptio Flag brief has a solid front of stars on a blue background and red/white stripes in the back. Top that with a solid white waistband this makes it one for the list. You can find this pair at ABC Underwear for $28.

Justice BriefPistol Pete Justice Brief – We have profile this pair before but think it deserves another look! The flag print on this pair is one you can get your friends to salute too! Its a little brighter and a print that looks a little worn. Made in a full swim brief you can celebrate with out showing too much off! Available at the Pistol Pete website for $48.50

CRC-S207200-1_4CA-RIO-CA Team USA Classic – This is a great pair featuring the Flag on the front and a solid red in the back with USA across the back. This is the the traditional sunga cut that is worn in Brazil. Meaning it’s a larger cut with out a traditional pouch. Find this pair at the CA-RIO-CA site for $89.95

Devious Trunk 1

Pistol Pete is one of those brands we don’t cover enough on the blog. We have a long history with the brand going back to 2010! That was the first time I went to Vegas and met with them! They have a very unique stile of doing underwear and swimwear. Now the new line has been out and we are going to show you some of the great pairs they have to offer!

One of the newest is the Devious Trunk. It’s a fun design with I know w few readers favorite number on it, 69. The trunk it self looks just like a regular trunk, so what makes it devious? Well other than the obvious 69, the trunk is made out of a mesh. Not a totally see through mesh but one that you can barely tell it’s mesh. This is what makes it devious and fun.

The Devious line comes in four different colors. They are Navy, black, white and red. Each has the 69 on the left hip and a contrasting trim. Top that off with the signature Pistol Pete waistband, it really brings together a fun pair. The line also comes in a brief and a jock

The Devious trunk is available at the Pistol Pete site for $29.00

pistol pete devious trunk pistol pete devious trunk navy Pistol pete devious trunk red Pistol Pete devious trunk black

Blowpop Brief 1

Are you looking for a great new pair of underwear that is a little fun as well? If so then we have a pair for you. The new Pistol Pete Blow Pop Brief. The front has two racing stripes and the back, well you have to see the back! It has a small cut out just at the top!

The one thing I love about Pistol Pete is they have their own style of doing things! They always have and it shows in the underwear and swimwear they create. One of their signature features is the use of color. They have always used bright fun colors that just pop! The colors for the Blow Pop Brief are Lime, Royal, Aqua and Orange (pictured).

The back has a fun design. Its not just a cut out, its made to show off a bit of skin. Top that with the matching waistband. The waistband is in a color that matches the pair and has the Pistol Pete name on the front. It’s a great addition to the pair.

As you can see by the pics you can wear the pair anytime! You can wear it under a suit, jeans or casual day out. This would also be the perfect date night pair because you will want to show it off as much as you can.

You can find this pair at the Pistol Pete website for $26.50

SingletsSinglets are one of the hottest things on the men’s market right now. Each year more and more come on the market. Late last year we brought you a 101 post on singlets and what do look for with your first singlet. Now we bring you 5 great singlets on the market.
The singlets we choose range from traditional to erotic. It all depends on where you want to wear the single and how much you want to show off. These are some of my favorite singlets out on the market right now.
Unknown-116N2N Bodywear – USA Singlet – This is “hot off the presses” as they say. It was just released in the last two weeks. I think the colors (red, green, blue) are just amazing! The cut and design make it one of the hottest singlets on the market! $50
Cellblock13 GForce SingletCellblock13 – G-Force Singlet – Let’s face it, sometimes you want a singlet for some fun times and not wear out. The G-Force Singlet is one perfect for play time. G-Force is a low cut singlet in 4 colors (grey, blue, yellow and red) with a black stripe on the side. But what makes it super sexy is the mesh pouch you can wear with or without a pouch – $69.00
1_268883e3-6ea3-4afa-af8a-e945c041bdad_largeGo Softwear – AJ  Endurance Singlet – Say you aren’t ready to try the mesh of the G-Force, the Endurance Singlet is a very traditional singlet. It has a full cut and longer legs that come just above the knee. Available in three colors (navy, grey and black) with a contrasting trim around the neck and arms. – $48.50
Unknown-120Pistol Pete – Power Mesh Singlet – This is a super fun design from Pistol Pete. It’s one that is a mix of some traditional design and some erotic. The singlet itself is made  out of sports mesh material. So it’s slightly see through depending on the color you get. The colors (red, black, navy, royal and yellow) are made with contrasting accents. The design accents everything you have! – $59.50
Unknown-121N2N Bodywear – PX Singlet – I had to put N2N on here twice because they have embraced the singlet. This is one of my favorite singlets of all time. The PX line has has several color schemes over the years but the design stays the same. It’s super low cut but the legs go mid thigh. The thing that makes it amazing to me is the pouch. They put the famous N2N Pouch in the singlet. I swear by this one! – $56.00
I hope you enjoy the singlets listed. You can’t go wrong with any of these. Each year more come out and we will bring you more as they are released! Are you a fan of singlets? If so which are your favorites?

drinkLast year we launched the Swim Brief Challenge. We will continue this again this year. But before we get in the full swing we thought we should give you guys a few suggestions for those who have never worn a swim brief in public. We aren’t going to list any super skimpy designs but some fuller cuts that you can build up your confidence before going full on swim bikini!

Pistol Pete Lifeguard BriefPistol Pete Lifeguard Brief – Pistol Pete has great swimwear! This pair is a fuller cut with 2 stripes on the side. Available in white, blue or red for $39.50

Perdition-FAronik Perdition. Aronik has amazing pics of their swim. They have some super fun prints but you can go classic with the Perdition. Perdition is a solid black swim brief for $92.00

Bwet Caledonia BriefBwet Caledonia – Not everyone wants a solid pair. You can show some personality and not go over the top with the Caledonia wish is a red/navy/white color block pair. 45 Euros-

dash-white-1_2Teamm8 Dash – They have created a simple yet amazing swim brief. This brief is higher cut on the thigh and is available in white, red, black, navy and pink. $59 AUD

csx77-signal_red-1CSX 77 Retro Swim Brief – This may seem an odd choice for a swim brief challenge but the new Cocksox. The CSX line has a full cut pair without the famous Cocksox pouch.It has a color stripe on the right hip. Available in white, black or red. $49.00

If you’re going to brave out in a swim brief this year let us know. If you are going to wear one and have question email us! We want more guys to wear them out in public. We are hoping to change public opinion on them!

Pisol PeteI know we have a ton of jock fans out there. Some of you guys love a traditional jock. A traditional jock is defined by the thick waistband (usually around 3 inches) a pouch and leg straps around 1 inch wide. These days these jocks are getting harder to find in fashion colors. Pistol Pete has created the Devious Jock for the lovers of the traditional jock.

This jock is the traditional cut but updated to put the Pistol Pete spin on it. The waist band has a white, red and black strip with the Pistol Pete name written in the white. It also has a drawstring in the waist band. The jock main color comes in Black or Red. And is available for $26.00

This jock has the Pistol Pete spin on it and is one you could wear to the gym or sporting event. Heck you could even wear your favorite jeans. It’s great to see a traditional jock back in the world of men’s underwear!

Pistol Pete Underwear 3Take a ride on the wild side with new men’s underwear & apparel by Pistol Pete at International Jock! Fall is here, and with it comes a vast array of new and exciting underwear styles that International Jock just can’t wait to share with you. Pistol Pete is made right here in the American West and consistently offers wild and inventive twists that push men’s underwear to new and uncharted frontiers. From the explosively sexy Nitro backless jock, to the package-wrapping C-ring in the flirtatious Lover Boy collection, to the seductive see-through fishnet mesh of the Xpose collection, Pistol Pete has reinvented men’s underwear again in their Fall 2014 lineup. So, put on your cowboy hat, pardner, and giddy up on over to International Jock and take a gander at all of the newest Pistol Pete underwear for yourself.


The one thing I really love about Pistol Pete is they have their own sense of style. When you see a pair out in the wild (or in public) you instantly know that is Pistol Pete. They are a true original in the world of men’s underwear. They do this in their design, color selection and  models. Plus its run by two great guys!

They have just released the Blow Pop Jock. The name made me smile a little. Pistol Pete is not afraid to show some skin. After all they are the brand that brought us the Xpose line! This one doesn’t show off as much skin as the Xpose line, well very few pairs do show off that much! this one is a jock cut with two cut outs on the pouch (as you an see above).

This pair is one that has a signature waistband. This waistband is a little different. It has two stripes that match the color of the pair with the Pistol Pete name written over it. But the name isn’t too bold for those who don’t like a branded waistband (which there are some out there who hate it!). The Blow Pop Jock is available in available in Royal, Lime, Orange and Aqua. All colors Pistol Pete is known for using. Their color palate is their own

The Straps are made out of, what looks to be, one inch elastic straps. which will give you great support while wearing. Sometimes, at least to me, smaller straps can move around and drive me crazy during the day. I prefer bigger straps to hold everything in place. And lastly there are two stripes down the pouch to accent what you have. Let’s face it, wearing great underwear we want our business to look the best it can! So I like the two stripes.

We hope you will check out this great jock from Pistol Pete. They are also releasing their Fall collection so make sure you go through their site to see some fun underwear, swimmer and activewear!