Poster Hut


This is the beginning of a new segment to Underwear News Briefs where we can showcase some of the smaller stores that sell underwear all over the country and the world.  Since I live in the Atlanta area, I wanted to tell everyone about a store that offers an awesome selection of men’s underwear.  Many locals, in fact, don’t know this store even sells underwear.  The store I am referring to is Poster Hut.

Poster Hut has been open in Atlanta for 40 years and has a great collection of cards, clothing, home accessories, and other wild and fun items on the funny and eclectic side.  I had not visited the store in some time when Wes, our copy editor, came on staff and was telling me about all the underwear they carry.  We became friends with the owner, Mike, and have been working together for about a year.  UNB has completed some reviews of items they offer and they have participated in our Holiday Guide.

The underwear selection at Poster Hut has amazed me since the first time I entered the store.  The great companies they carry are Mundo Unico, Colt, Dirty Fukker, Priape, Nasty Pig, Schultz, Male Power, Magic Silk, (Lee Gregory), WildmanT, and Ajaxx63, a company producing many gay themed t-shirts.  They sell underwear brands that no other store in Atlanta is offering such as Unico, Schultz, and Dirty Fukker.  Poster Hut allows customers to buy them locally and not have to wait for satisfaction through the mail.  As you know, Unico is one of my favorite underwear companies in the world.  I am thankful I can buy them when I want them.  Their selection of Unico is practically everything I would be able to find online.  Honestly, I was a kid in a candy store.

The Holiday Guide and the two-year anniversary special contained profiles on Schultz, an underwear company with various sayings on the waistband.  Poster Hut has practically the entire line in stock.  They are a fun company and we really like them here at UNB.  The jeans are not part of their inventory as of yet, but they are hoping to get them soon as they would make great combinations with the underwear.

Exclusive to Poster Hut in this area is another great underwear designer, Dirty Fukker.  Obviously, they are popular with the southern boys not only because of their designs, but also their name.  The name always catches everyone’s attention.  I have witnessed guys who come in to browse the section and stop to look when the name stood out to them.  They now have a new camo collection that has become quite the hit.

We are excited that underwear has become one of Poster Hut’s main products, evident from an event they hosted last week.  A local photographer, Shane Gardner, showed some of his work to the public.  They also had models featuring items from their selections of underwear, including their signature model Chandler (see the guy in leather), guys from Acme-tainment, and one from Lee Gregory or  Lee Gregory was at the show and I was able to chat with him for a while.

I spent about two hours at this fun event, mainly talking about underwear.  I had a chance to speak with everyone there.  How fun is it to go to a party and be able to talk about underwear?  I talked to Lee Gregory about current trends and influences in the world of men’s underwear.  His line of clothing is quite fun, aiming more for dating wear and probably not for everyday wear.  I’m not sure you would want to go to the gym with “Hung Like A Jury” written on the pouch, but maybe you would!

I was about to do a little networking with the owner of Acme-tainment.  I network a bit for my professional life.  We were able to talk about underwear for a few minutes and then about other interests and some business ideas.  It was great to be able to do some networking while enjoying the passion I have for underwear.  I hope Poster Hut holds more events like this as to get the word out about their underwear and other interesting, lively items.

If you are in the Atlanta area, definitely stop by and see our friends at Poster Hut, located at 2175 Cheshire Bridge Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30324.  When you browse in their underwear section, you will see copies of our reviews displayed above the referenced selection.  If you are able to visit them, let them know you heard about them on Underwear News Briefs.

I hope you all enjoy this guide! It was a labor of love and has been in the works since July. We teamed up with NorCalBodz and they shot this just for us! You won’t see these pics anywhere else, and we have NorCalBodz do our guides, so stay tuned for more … You can click any of the pictures to view the larger version. Let us know what you think, but we think this is some of the hottest underwear for Christmas.

Andrew Christian


PA186482 PA176459

PA176338 PA257184

PA257192 PA257198

  • From Top: Tory is wearing the Show-it Boxer with Flashback in blue ($32).
  • Second row: Todd is wearing the Almost Naked Boxer with Flashback ($32). Tory, on left,  is wearing the Almost Naked with Flashback, ($32) while Todd, on right,  is wearing the Marine Boxer in Grey ($41).
  • Third row: Tory is waring the Marine Boxer in Green ($41), Tory is wearing the Show-It Jock ($20).
  • Fourth Row: Tory is wearing the Show-It Boxer ($29), Tory is wearing the Show-It with Flashback Boxer for ($32)
  • You can purchase these from the Andrew Christian website




P9272372 Tory GeorgeP9294123

  • Top Row: Tory is wearing the Soldier Trench Brief ($31)
  • Second Row: Steve is wearing the Soldier Reserve Jock ($24), Steve is wearing the white Deadly Sins Brief ($28)
  • Third row: Tory is wearing Bodiform Briefs ($30), Steve is wearing the Deadly Sins Jock ($24)
  • These can all be purchased at the Aussiebum website, prices vary by exchange rate




  • Top Row: Steve is wearing the new Ribbed Jockbrief ($18)
  • Bottom Row: Steve is wearing the snug fit collection: Snug Fit Brief Black ($), Snug Fit Fishnet Brief with Phantom back ($22), Snug Fit Fish Net Trunk with phantom back ($24)
  • These can be purchased from the Baskit website. The Snug Fit Seamless will be out shortly, just in time for Christmas



  • James is wearing the Bonewear Bijou Close Fit Brief, in both Yellow and Blue. ($36)
  • These are from Bonewear and can be purchased at Dead Good Undies. Prices vary due to exchange rates


P9262113 Steve Walden


  • Top Row: Steve is wearing the Pop Stripes Brief ($17)
  • Bottom Row: William is wearing the Kenetic Active Trunk ($23), Rob is wearing the Bamboo Slider Brief ($19.500
  • These can be bought from the C-IN2 website


PB227883P9262070 William PriceP9262145

  • Top Row: Steve is wearing the Cocksox Brief ($23) and the Tank ($35)
  • Bottom Row: William is wearing the Waistband brief ($27), William is wearing the CX15 Boxer Brief ($32)
  • These can be purchased from the Cocksox website. Prices vary due to exchange rates

DMK Designs



  • Top Row: William is wearing the Swimmer Cobalt ($27.50)
  • Bottom Row: Tory is wearing the Hawaiian ($30), Steve is wearing the Cranberry Stretch Satin ($30), Steve is wearing the Celtic Shield ($27.50)
  • These can be purchased at the DMK Designs Website



  • Top Row: Kevin is wearing the blue Singlet ($89)
  • Middle Row: Tory is wearing the Precision White Trunks ($59), Tory is wearing the Precision blue Briefs ($49)
  • Bottom Row: Tory is wearing the Precision blue Trunks ($59), Tory is wearing the Precision white Briefs($49)
  • These can be purchased on the Equmen website.

Ginch Gonch


  • Top Row: Rob is wearing the Rear Axel Bumper Briefs ($27)
  • Bottom Row: Tory is wearing the Big Piston Sport Brief ($30) and Tory is wearing the Lewd Lube Brief ($28)
  • These can be bought on the Ginch Gonch website

Go Softwear


  • Top Row: Torry is wearing the V Front Trunk ($20)
  • Bottom Row: Rob is wearing the Bboy Brief ($18), Steve is wearing the Go Softwear Jock ($14)
  • These can be bought from the Go Softwear site.

Jockstrap Central


  • Steve is wearing the Nasty Pig Classic Core Jock ($18), Steve is wearing the Nasty Pig Mash Up Trunks ($24)
  • You can buy these at the Jockstrap Central site. You can also get some incredible gift wrap for Christmas as well!



  • Tory is wearing the Argylez Men’s Euroz swimwear and Rob is wearing the Brazilianz Men’s Euroz Swimwear. They will be released soon!
  • They can be bought from the Skmpeez website.

Sweat Under Gear


  • Top Row: William is wearing the Sweat Trunks ($27)
  • Bottom Row: Tory is wearing the Sweat Briefs ($25), Tory is wearing the Sweat Sports Briefs ($24)
  • These can be bought at the Sweat Under Gear website



  • Tory is wearing the purple Timoteo Super Low Rise Briefs ($19), Tory is wearing Yellow Timoteo Quake Low Rise Briefs ($20)
  • You can buy these at the Timoteo website.

Underwear Station

PB157709PA196623PA196647 Todd Roberts

  • Top Row: Steve is wearing the Gigo Comics Briefs ($25)
  • Bottom Row: Todd is wearing the Joe Snyder Exclusive Brief ($28.99), and the Joe Snyder Trunk ($32.99)
  • You can buy these pairs at the Underwear Station website.

Poster Hut



NCB Model Steve FirmanPA176403

  • Top Row: Todd is wearing the Dirty Fukker Punk Blue Brief ($22.99)
  • Middle Row: Todd is wearing the Priape Body Itcha Black Brief ($17.50), Steve is wearing the Male Power Bong Thong ($18.95)
  • Bottom Row: Steve is waring the Lee Gregory Super Bikini (With Super on the seat) ($22), Todd is wearing the Schultz Hands Free Brief ($22)
  • These can be bought at Poster Hut in Atlanta, (address) 2175 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE,  Atlanta, GA 30324,  404-633-7491

Mark Ouest


  • Kevin is wearing the Marc Ouest Man 7 brief ($22.95)
  • This pair can be bought from the Marc Ouest website.


NCB Model James Ramos

  • James is wearing the Obviously Sinuous Low Rise Thong ($23)
  • This pair can be bought from the Obviously website.



  • James is wearing the WildmanT Bobby Lift Pouch WT-38 ($22)
  • This pair can be bought at the WildmantT website

Cityboyz Fashions


  • William is wearing the Mundo Unico Pollen Briefs ($17)
  • These may be purchased on the Cityboyz Fashions website!

If you want to find out more about our Models, check out the pdf version of the guide that will be available early next week. We want to thank all the models and NorCalBodz for doing this for us. Look for our next guide, the Valentines Guide in late January!


Well this is the last pair of Unico I have to review. Which makes me a little sad. I loved putting on a new pair of Unico each day and wearing them when I go about my daily chores and errands. The last pair is boxer brief/trunks. The first thing I have to mention is that I love the way they cut the fabric to accent the pouch. The turn the stripes on an angle and it really accents what you have. They have always done this and it shows they put some thought into the undies.

When I put them on I didn’t expect to like them as much as I did. These had to be the favorite ones out of all the ones I had. They just fit like a glove, like they were made just for me. They were just gave me the support I like in undies. I will say that I wore these longer then a day! I mean have you ever just worn a pair and then the next day you didn’t want to take them off? Well that is what these were.

As you know Unico is one of my favorites and If you like pouch undies then you need to try these and I bet you won’t be disappointed. These areal are great for the gym too, but you will have to be the judge if it passes the “Gym Test” for undies.

Fit                    5 (with Unico Buy a size larger)
Materials        5
Put Together  5
Look                 5
Daily Wear      5

Overall          5

These were furnished by Poster Hut in Atlanta. You can pick up a pair there or you can get from Cityboyz Fashions!

It is briefs time and I’m trying out a pair from Priape Wear called the Bruce Brief. This brief is especially stylish for the upcoming summer months with its tropical pattern. This is another exciting brand carried by our friends at The Poster Hut here in Atlanta, GA. If you find this review interesting and want to slide these summer briefs over your rear, you should pay a visit to these guys soon.


The Bruce Brief has a somewhat classic fit and style. I had the opportunity to review a size large in the red tropical pattern. The overall fit of the brief wasn’t bad. My package was well supported and the seat provided for good coverage. I had two issues, however, with the fit. The pouch has a classic style so it didn’t have a great deal of room as other modern designed briefs. Also, the seat rode up and would not stay in place. I know there are several styles available these days that are designed to show off your cheeks, but this style is not a good one for me.

The fabric is soft cotton and the waistband elastic is comfortable. The briefs have a great look and feel to them and are well constructed. The tropical print is very hot for a wild look. I personally love the look of the briefs and wish the fit had been better for my mini-van sized rear. I believe this brief would be great for daily wear, but from my experience, I wanted to take them off and go commando halfway through the day. Alas, opinions vary and so do body types. You will need to check out the briefs yourself and make a judgment call.

To sum it all up, I believe the Priape Bruce Brief is a festive addition to any summer wardrobe. I give it an overall rating of 4.2 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   3

Materials:          5

Put Together:    4

Look:                5

Daily Wear:       4

Overall:            4.2


If you want to get into a festive summer mood, then get a hold of these briefs. You can purchase the Priape Bruce Brief along with other Priape Wear products from the following websites, including the main brand website:

Priape Wear



As said at the beginning, if you live in or around the Atlanta, GA area, you can pick up your Priape Bruce Brief at Poster Hut located at 2175 Cheshire Bridge Road.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger would say, “I’m back”, and, I have another review of a great jockstrap. The jock in question is the Nasty Pig Sports Jock. I am sure you have heard of or seen the brand before. It is a brand that is predominately in the leather, latex, and rubber fetish world. I would love to review a few jocks in these categories because I believe it would be fun! This particular brand is also carried by our local friends at Poster Hut. If you love this review and want to get your hands on this jock or other items by Nasty Pig, you should make your way over to Poster Hut.


Let’s begin with this nasty review! The Nasty Pig Sports Jock fit great. I reviewed a size large. I chose the one with the red trim. The jock wasn’t too tight in the waistband and I felt the pouch had enough room for my package. The waistband was two inches wide which is comparable to what you normally find in stores. Usually, a traditional athletic jockstrap has a three inch wide waistband and athletic swimmer jocks have a one inch waistband. I have always felt that the three inch wide band was too much so this was a nice change of pace. The leg straps were comfortable and thin and the rubber Nasty Pig logo on the front of the waistband never caused issues. The material of the jock is high quality and soft to the touch. Overall, I believe this jock was designed very well. It has elements of a traditional jock, and at the same time, has modern aspects as well.

You can find this jock in several color combinations, mostly black with accent trim in yellow, red, and white. You can also, however, get the jock in white with black trim. I believe this jock has a great look to it and, as I said before, it’s a modern take on the traditional jock look, both in design and material. I wore this jock all day as well as when I was at the gym and found it to hold up well. It is a great jock for everyday wear.

To sum it all up, I believe the Nasty Pig Sports Jock is a very high-quality jock. I give it an overall rating of 5 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   5
Materials:          5
Put Together:    5
Look:                5
Daily Wear:       5

Overall:            5.0

If you are into jocks as much as I am, this is a must have for your collection. You can purchase the Nasty Pig Sports Jock from several websites including the main Nasty Pig site. Here are the website addresses:

Nasty Pig

International Jock


But, if you live in or around the Atlanta, GA area, you can pick up your Nasty Pig Sports Jock at Poster Hut located at 2175 Cheshire Bridge Road.



I have mentioned several times in the past that my obsession in underwear focuses around jockstraps, but on occasion I venture outside the pouch and the straps. This past week I reviewed a pair of briefs that are pretty unique. The brand is Schultz Jeans and they are out of London, England. They are known for their designer jeans but also have a line of underwear for both him and her. Just like the Dirty Fukker jock that I reviewed last time, this line of underwear is available for those who are local to Atlanta, GA at Poster Hut.

Since I am a person with a complete bias towards anything that isn’t a jockstrap, I am probably the best person to review everything else. The specific Schultz briefs that I reviewed are the “Coming Soon” briefs. The very unique thing about the Schultz Jeans brand of underwear is that they have tag lines on the waistbands. Besides the “Coming Soon”, there are “I Want Out”, “Hands Free”, and “Heatseeker”. Besides the catchy phrases the briefs and the boxers also come in several bold colors.

The briefs fit pretty well overall. I sported a size large and felt that was the correct size for me. They covered all the areas I would want a pair of briefs to cover. I did feel however, that the pouch could have had a bit more room in it. Regardless of this, I felt the briefs fit well and was very comfortable. The material used was soft and had a ribbed texture. The combination of these factors lead to a well assembled pair of briefs. I felt that the brief wasn’t like the old style of briefs that had a great deal of material on the sides but at the same time are not as skimpy as bikini briefs. I love the look of the briefs. The colors are bold and the tag lines are very eye-catching. I wore the briefs all day long as well as at the gym and they held up very well.

andysnap_016To sum up, I believe the Schultz “Coming Soon” briefs are great and have just a bit of attitude. This is always a good thing.  I give it an overall rating of 4.8 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                      4

Materials:            5

Put Together:      5

Look:                  5

Daily Wear:         5

Overall:              4.8


If you want underwear with attitude you need to check out these briefs along with the other styles and colors they offer.  You can purchase the Schultz Jeans underwear line from their website at or if you live in or around the Atlanta, GA area you can have instant gratification and pick yours up at Poster Hut located at 2175 Cheshire Bridge Road.

Hey folks! I am back again with another review. This one is featuring my favorite type of underwear, the jockstrap. I would like to introduce you to the Dirty Fukker jock. Dirty Fukker is a recently new brand of underwear out of London, England. They design boxers, briefs, and jockstraps. I had the opportunity to review one of their products and I chose the jock. Another bonus for me when it came to reviewing this jock and this brand of underwear was instant gratification. You are probably wondering what the hell I mean by that. One of the perks of living in Atlanta, GA is a place called Poster Hut. Poster Hut is a great little store packed full of great stuff. One of these great things is the fact that Poster Hut is the exclusive distributer for Dirty Fukker underwear in the Atlanta metro area.


Now that I have told you how I picked up this great jock, I am going to tell you all about it. Let’s start with the fit of the jock. The moment I slid this jock on, I knew it was going to be a great fit. As I have mentioned before, I am a bigger guy, but in decent shape. I have on the Dirty Fukker jock in a size large. This size is great for me. It’s not too tight and not too big. The pouch offers enough room and the waistband and leg straps are comfortable. I feel that if I wanted it to be snugger, I would sport a medium. The jock, with emphasis on the pouch and leg straps, is made of very soft, comfy, and durable material.

Taking into account the fit and the material, this is a very well put-together jock. Along with how well put-together it is, it looks hot. It doesn’t pull anywhere you don’t want it to and it does a great job of showing off your package. I wore this jock multiple times and enjoyed it very much. I am sure that if I wanted to wear it to the gym, it would be comfortable there as well, but I like the way it looks under jeans, instead of gym shorts.

To sum it all up, I believe the Dirty Fukker jockstrap is a very high-quality jock. I give it an overall rating of 5 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   5

Materials:          5

Put Together:    5

Look:                5

Daily Wear:       5

Overall:            5.0

If you are into jocks as much as I am, this is a must have for your collection. You can purchase the Dirty Fukker jockstrap along with boxers and briefs from their website, But, if you are as lucky as me and live in or around the Atlanta, GA area, you can have instant gratification and pick yours up at Poster Hut located at 2175 Cheshire Bridge Road.