Shrine Boxers



I have known about Shrine Boxers for almost a year. Rob, the owner came to Vegas and one of our Meet and Greets. The first thing I noticed was he was taller than I was, and I”m 6’4”. The next thing was he started a underwear company. He told me why he started the company (see the Kickstarter post). He really impressed me!

In a recent call he brought up my interview about how “I hate boxer briefs” and said when theirs comes out it will change my mind. Those are big claims.  But, I decided to go into it with an open mind! The pairs came in the mail and the first thing that I liked was the quality. The fabric was very well made and perfect for working out or being active. I wore these to work in a very hectic and busy day.

I did everything form sit at the desk, run up and down stairs to being super active that day. Other Boxer Briefs I have had got very hot and uncomfortable during the day. This pair breathed and felt great. Its like they made it for super active guys. I will say it really impressed me on how well it did. The pair didn’t ride up in the legs. Which is another pet peeve of boxer briefs. They stayed in place and didn’t bunch. So score another point.

My one are alf concern was the pouch. They didn’t have a defined pouch as I would like. So from the time I put them on I worried about them loosing shape and me being uncomfortable. Granted the pouch didn’t stay 100% perfect for me but it wasn’t one where I wanted to take them off half way through the day.

Sizing with a new brand is never easy. You don’t know if the size guide is correct. I”m about a 38/40 currently and the XL fit me pretty well. I don’t see a copy of their size chart on their page yet. The line should be released soon and we will add them to our size guide! But it should be pretty standard shipping

Overall these were very good boxer briefs. Did it change my mind, well I won’t say I’m a super huge fan but I will be wearing these more than a lot of other boxer briefs. They are perfect for a busy day and will breath with you. I am really impressed


  • Breathable materials
  • Prefect for an active day
  • Great construction


  • No defined pouch


  • Daily Fit – 8.5
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 10
  • Styling – 8.5
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall – 9

Shrine Boxers furnished this pair for review.

Shine Boxers has released their Kickstarter! This is very good new to me! I met their head guy, Rob, In Vegas last February and got a few minutes to talk to him. He told me about the brand and what he planned to do. We have talked a few times and in late August/Early September before the design contest we got to talk a bit more. He has always impressed me and I am a big supporter! As I type there I have two pairs of Shrine Boxer Briefs sitting right here. He told me he’s going to make me into a Boxer Brief Fan! We shall see!

Here is how the company got started: “It all started as I was sitting in discomfort (wedgie, swamp a*** & chafing) on a long plane ride back from an adventurous trip to Brazil. I realized I didn’t have a brand of all-around underwear and decided in that moment to create the ultimate pair of boxer-briefs and boxers. I’ve bought more underwear than I care to admit so I was already familiar with the best elements of all the different brands, but none of them met the standards for my nonstop lifestyle. I wanted underwear that would clock some serious hours of comfort all day long. But in addition to keeping me comfortable in a suit or jeans, they also had to keep me feeling fresh and secure while I was working up a sweat at Crossfit, playing ball or traveling on an epic journey. I love to work hard AND play hard, and I needed underwear that could keep up with me. ”

Now how do you help? Go to the Shrine Boxers Kickstarter and become a backer! They are an amazing company and next week I will post a review and let you know if I am a boxer brief fan now!



I am super excited for Shrine Boxers! A few weeks ago we told you guys they were having a “create your own underwear” contest. Where you got to create a pair of underwear. After creating it it was submitted and a lucky few were chose to be voted on. Well they just released the list and after voting is done we will see which pair will be produced.

After talking with them, I think we are going to see some amazing things from Shrine when they launch. I have also been told they are going to change my opinion on Boxer Briefs. To that I replied bring it on! We will have an interview with them soon, they have an amazing story. Plus they are made buy really great guys! So stay tuned!

ShrineChallengeHiResHave you ever wanted to design your own pair of underwear? Well Shrine Boxers is giving you that chance! They launched a contest to have you guys design the perfect pair. After the final six are picked it then gets voted on! The winner then goes into production! How cool is that? I will admit I would love to design a pair of undies and have guys across the world wear them!

I got a chance to talk to Rob, the owner, at Shine Boxers yesterday and here is what he said about the contest and brand “Shrine Boxers has created the ultimate underwear that keep you cool and comfortable in every situation. We are getting ready for our upcoming Kickstarter launch by holding our first Underwear Design Challenge. Almost every other underwear brands have boring branding on their waistbands, not Shrine Boxers. Our waistbands feature bold styling designed and voted into production by you. Now the only decision you have to make in the morning is: Boxers or Boxer-Briefs?”

He also told me on the call he read my “I hate boxer briefs” post and said that their boxer briefs were going to change my mind. I told him to BRING IT! I met him back in February in Vegas at the UNB Meet and Greet we have a Magic. The first thing I noticed is he’s taller than me, which is rare being 6’4″, and has a really cool back story. We will bring you that soon!

But in the mean time go over and design a pair of underwear. You can do it on the site or download an illustrator or Photoshop file and enter! You can design as much as you like so go have fun! The address for the contest is