Feel the vibration and back it up in the body confident and updated Bass Swim Collection. The Bass Mesh Swim Brief slinks its way in with an improved cut and subtle sheen but still showcases a low-rise cut men’s swimwear with a narrow width at the sides, giving you the freedom to move while showcasing max skin, your sexiest accessory! The single-layer mesh panel on one side adds that extra oomph because it’s all about the BASS!

Teamm8 has a new activewear collection: TEAMM8 S.S.C. encapsulates the electric, active, social essence of Sydney. This beachside city bustles with the energy of communities from across the globe; goal orientated, diverse and proud, but all shining bright as one. TEAMM8 S.S.C. Mesh Active captures this energy in a lively, fresh and sexy collection made to attract attention and to celebrate our stunning Sydney.

Launching with a Mesh 3” and 6” short and matching tank, available in 4 colour options. Designed to be worn colour-blocked, but get creative and mix and match.

Unleash the unrivaled supremacy of Teamm8’s awe-inspiring Icon Collection, where sheer excellence in men’s underwear becomes the new norm. Immerse yourself in the luxurious embrace of our revolutionary Sports Briefs, Thongs, and Jockstraps, meticulously crafted from premium Modal fabric. Prepare to transcend the boundaries of comfort as you indulge in the unmatched fusion of style and sensuality, transforming you into nothing short of an Icon. Brace yourself, for we have also brought forth a legendary addition to the range: a men’s Trunk that will transport your comfort to unparalleled heights. Get ready to elevate your underwear game to a whole new realm.

Teamm8 added 4 colours to our famous Score Sheer collection, still featuring a tank, a brief and a jockstrap.
The Score Sheer Collection combines the absolute best of both and the result is a sensual, sophisticated and elevated line of sexy mens underwear to wear for that special someone, or for yourself!

THE SCORE underwear collection: 

We built TEAMM8 on sexy classics and now the YOU Mens Underwear Collection takes it to an even higher pinnacle. Sophisticated, timeless design in ethical luxury Bamboo in mouth watering colours. Now available in Brief, Trunk and Boxer Brief. What’s not to love? 

We do sexy and we do comfort. You do YOU (Bam)Boo!!

THE YOU BAMBOO underwear collection: 

Introducing Grid Bondi, our newest Men’s Swimwear collection inspired by the vibrant colors of Bondi Beach’s iconic buildings. Dive into style with our range of Swim Briefs and Swim Shorts, designed to make a statement wherever the waves take you.

This collection includes swim briefs and swim shorts of 4 colours: Blue Bondi, Yellow Bondi, Pink Bondi and a Stripe Bondi (representing the actual Bondi Beach seen from the sky).

The fabric is made of 82% recycled polyester.

THE GRID swimwear collection: 

Teamm8, the renowned apparel brand that celebrates diversity and self-expression, is excited to unveil its latest Spartacus underwear collection in a stunning array of new colors. Responding to customer feedback and fueled by their passion for design, Teamm8 has curated a bold, vibrant palette that promises to make a statement.

The new Spartacus underwear collection offers exceptional styles to suit every preference. Whether you prefer the classic cut of briefs, the sporty appeal of jocks, or the daring allure of thongs, Teamm8 has covered you with its impeccable design and exceptional comfort.

Now, let’s dive into the captivating colors of the Spartacus collection.

First on the roster is the timeless and sleek Black, exuding confidence and versatility. Whether looking for a staple color to complement any outfit or seeking a bold statement, the Black Spartacus underwear is a must-have.

For those who want to embrace their vibrant side, there’s Lime—an electrifying shade that adds a pop of color to your wardrobe. Lime Spartacus underwear captures the essence of energy, enthusiasm, and a zest for life.

Next, we have Blue Atoll, inspired by the crystal-clear waters of tropical destinations. This calming hue will transport you to a beach paradise and evoke a sense of relaxation and serenity.

And finally, we present Hot Pink—the color that demands attention. Unapologetically bold and playful, the hot pink Spartacus underwear is designed for those unafraid to make a statement and express their vibrant personality.

Teamm8’s Spartacus underwear collection has consistently been recognized for its exceptional quality, comfort, and style. By providing an array of colors in briefs, jocks, and thongs, Teamm8 empowers individuals to express themselves authentically and fearlessly.

To explore the full range of the Spartacus underwear collection and discover the perfect style that speaks to you, visit Teamm8’s website at link. Embrace the opportunity to make a splash with Teamm8’s vibrant new colors and let your true colors shine!

The WorldPride kicked last Friday – best occasion to feel the sexiest at the beach or in parties.Teamm8 released the most sustainable swimwear ever with 100% recycled polyester. But also, the BASS Collection has two new swimwear styles : the bikini and the thong.Go high, go low and back it up in the body confident Bass Swim Collection. 

It’s all about the Bass!

THE BASS swimwear collection: 

Hut, hut, hike! Get the game started in top form with our all new collab with model, trainer and fitness author, RYAN GREASLEY. Taking athletic style to it’s sublime best, The Ryan Jock features all the support you’ll need while pushing yourself to the absolute limit! Superior construction and quality materials elevate this sports Jock to iconic status. Available in Navy, Red and White at

Teamm8 has been working on a collection with the model and influencer Ryan Greasley. Together, they created THE RYAN, an American style jockstrap with a thick waistband. The jockstrap is available in navy blue, red and white.

He is naturally the face of the campaign, in a homage to the American Super Bowl!

This is an amazing thing that Teamm8 does, take a watch and find out more about Ryan

What do you get when you cross inner beauty and compassion with drop dead gorgeous looks in equal measures? You get Ryan Greasley; model, influencer and nurse! Yup that’s right, Ryan not only sets social media on fire with his smouldering boy next door looks, he also dedicates his life to helping others through his nursing profession. Are you love in yet? We are! So when it came time to choosing TEAMM8’s first ever Collaborative release, Ryan was a no brainer choice. Hands on every step of the way, from the design to the visual representation, Mr Greasley flexed his creative talent to the max and delivered a knock-out line, The Ryan Jock. A homage to the American Football classic Jock Strap featuring an extra wide waistband and in patriotic Red White and Blue options. We loved every minute of working with Ryan to deliver this stellar collection and we know you will too. We’re obsessed with The Ryan Jock and we’re obsessed with the man himself!

Our famous GRID collection is back after long months, ready for our Aussie summer. This year, the collection is bigger with 5 different colours and 3 new styles. We are introducing a square cut, very similar to the Brazilian sunga.

And what’s better than two Brazilian boys living in Sydney to model this swimwear line!

GRID swimwear collection: 

When the fit, fabric and style is flawless, all you need to add is your Body. The feeling of this Bamboo collection of mens underwear and loungewear against your skin needs to be felt to be believed.
Not only is the Bamboo softer than silk, it’s anti-bacterial and heat regulating. Fusing comfort and sensibility with sexy mens underwear, the Body underwear collection will take you from the lounge to bed and everything in between.

  • Luxury feel Bamboo fabric
  • Antibacterial and heat regulating
  • Luxury feel fabrication

BODY collection: 

Guess who’s back in the house!? After a 3 year hiatus the AERIAL returns stronger and sexier than ever. It’s where luxury meets bold style in this mens underwear brief. A superior quality Mesh paneled brief supported by a full coverage pouch and trim all set off with a sublime metallic waistband with subtle imprint logo detail. Be sexy, be stylish and enjoy the ventilation! 

AERIAL collection: 

SKIN tanks and briefs truly feel like a second skin. Gently conforming to the contours of your body, they are light, flexible and silky to the touch. Although you need to feel it to fully understand how SKIN feels, you may think of it like a smooth velvety suede that subtly compresses around your body for the perfect amount of support without being restrictive.
Wear the Skin collection to match or wear it because you love it. Available in 5 glorious shades – Amazing, Fabulous, Gorgeous, Marvelous, and Stunning. Because we’re ALL beautiful.

SKIN collection: 

It’s our best selling low-rise mens underwear brief that you have been obsessed with for years! We called it the Super Low for 13 years, now it’s just the SUPER! It’s where Classic aesthetic meets modern appeal to give every guy the confidence to keep it simple but look anything but! Unbeatable comfort and quality with a mens underwear brief that doesn’t sag, doesn’t ride or lose shape ALL DAY LONG.
AERO Active collection: 

Lift off 2022 in aerodynamic style with our new AERO Active collection. Effortless, timeless pieces designed to mix and match for your go-to gym gear options. A Black and Khaki palette keep this collection of mens shorts and mens tanks slick and super wearable.AERO Active collection: 

Sometimes you gotta sting them! And there’s no better way than with our hottest mens tank and brief Set Pack, the Scorpio Sheer. A super sexy, skin baring sheer fabric that feels luxurious to wear. This bed set will guarantee you look and feel spicy hot for that special someone, or for yourself!