Toot Men’s Underwear


These thongs are made of a knit seersucker fabric. The rough, wrinkled texture of the thin seersucker offers a cool touch. The frontal cup is slightly larger to supplement the cloth-like material’s lack of elasticity. Parts, including the inseam joint section, are reinforced with bar tack stitching since they tend to be exposed to a lot of force. Enjoy the cool color tone and tight fit associated with Japanese-themed underwear. Get this thong at the Toot website.

1559637_958987924128629_8772126229882752198_nIn out week of profiling new brands, I think Toot will be the one most readers will be familiar with. Toot is a company out of Japan that came to my attention a few years ago when a friend wore them. At the time I only knew them as small trunks that had Toot written across the back. They were fun and sexy.

Over the last year or so they have been harder to find on the US market. I used to see them at a few online stores and now I don’t think they have much of a presence at all. Which is sad because they make really great undies. And if you’re asking they do more than trunks. They also to briefs, leggings (long johns), swimwear and activewear.10408099_964191170274971_2231780093617889842_n

The one thing I LOVE about Japanese underwear designers is they don’t play by the “masculine rules”. Which is to say,they don’t say only underwear can be black, grey and white and only in a boxer brief or full cut brief. They experiment with fabrics, colors, prints and styles. There really is nothing off limits to them. I think more brands in the US would do the same if the underwear buy public (outside of guys reading this blog) would buy it.

One of the best designs I think they have is the Plaid (or Tartan as our European friends would say). Toot calls these the Check Bias cut boxer. But we just call them plaid. Another one that really had me do a double take are the Pez boxers. Which have the Pez logon the back. Its not a brand that I would think to put on underwear. For those who don’t know Pez is candy that is dispensed out of the head of a cartoon character.

The collection on the site is massive on their site. They have separate sections for Colors and Basics. This is on top of the regular sections. The colors have just about every color you can imagine in their trunk cut. Most are bright and fun. Where as the Basics is just that, a basic collection of underwear in white/grey/black. I’m not anti classic, there is a time and place for everything and I think every guy should own a few pairs.


Who should check out Toot? Any guy who wants some fun and colorful underwear. Prints and colors are important and you’re not afraid to wear some colors that always thought of in men’s underwear. Also, for guys who are a bit smaller. Like most Japanese underwear its done to fit the Japanese public and no the US market. So if you’re above a 34 inch waist you may have some issues. That said I love the brand and hope you take sometime and go check out all the pairs and swimwear!