UNB Reader Survey


Color is always important in undies. We ask what your favorite colors to wear in each survey. You get to choose more than one color. We used to go with your favorite color but so many love so many different colors. The top three colors are Black, Blue and Red. By far they out do all the other colors. White and Green are liked by about 30% of you guys and the rest of the color round out.

Here’s the break down of colors from least to most popular.

Beige 1%

Today we take a peek into the undies drawers of you guys. What’s in your drawers and what do you wear? We asked what was your favorite style and as you saw the thong is the favorite followed by the bikini. But today we asked what other styles do you wear. I love a bikini but that doesn’t mean I don’t wear a thong, jock, brief or such. I even wear the really long boxer briefs that are like bike shorts. Not often but I do find them sexy and hot to wear.

Here are the pairs you guys wear:

Like our favorite style, thongs are very popular. Even though 20% never wear them that leaves 80% of you guys who do wear the style.

This one did make me happy, I think briefs were the least of the “never wear”. I would say briefs are the most worn pair out of the bunch. I think most guys have briefs and wear them on a some what regular basis even if it’s not your main stye.

Jocks are interesting. I know they have a very specific audience. It used to be very much a gay pair but over the years it’s grown. I think more guys are wearing jocks for more than just working out. They have a cycle, every few years they pick up and then go out of popularity.

I thought we were going to have a huge bikini resurgence but the thong jumped the bikini. But guys are still wearing them and loving the style. My prediction is that they will continue to grow and gain more popularity.

This comes as no surprise. I didn’t expect to see a lot of you guys wearing boxer briefs. Most of our guys prefer skimpier styles. But, over 50% of you wear them some of the times.

I knew trunks would be a bit more popular than Boxer Briefs. Trunks seem to be more acceptable with our guys and I think they find them more comfortable. There isn’t as much material

Last is the Jock Brief. Not many of you wear the hybrid. Back when UNB Started we had a lot of guys who wore them but over the years it’s not a very popular style.

Stay Tuned to more of the Survey.

We bring you the second group of UNB Reader Survey Results. This post will cover favorite styles, how often we buy and how big are our collections. Up next will be how often we wear styles such as thongs, jocks, and briefs.

You guys have about 41-100 pairs of undies. Those are good sized collections, that don’t take up too much space. If you had a few hundred like I do and some of the podcast guys it’s a little more tricky. Almost 20% of you guys have collections larger than 150 pairs.

Its still surprising for me how thongs have grown the last few years. It has become the favorite pair by far of you guys. When I first started UNB it was a small group of guys who loved them. Now everyone is branching out to thongs. My favorite the bikini came in second and a brief rounds out the top three. I’m a little taken aback by the jock being so low.

Lastly in this group is how often do you buy undies. The white sliver is Daily but it cut off the percentage. Only one percent of you guys said daily. I wish I could afford daily. However, most guys buy undies every few months.. Almost 57% of guys buy then. A smaller almost 30% buy monthly. But it doesn’t matter if you buy daily or monthly, buy what you want and feel most comfy in.

Stay tuned for more!

Hey guys, I was going to have these out much sooner than now since we released the survey in March. By May or June I try to have these out to you but I’m still doing tabulations due to some personal issues and health issues. You think 2021 would be WAY better than 2020. I guess that’s life and this year I’m happy to say that I have health insurance, unlike last year.

I did cut down the survey from last year. Its a massive survey I know but I cut prob 15 questions from last year. I only added I think one, possibly 2 new questions. Some of the information is no longer relevant, such as subscriptions and such. But I want to really get to know what you guys love and put it on the blog and podcasts.

Sexual Orientation

I’m opening the survey results with a few we love to know, what sexual orientation are we all? As you guys know we are inclusive to everyone no matter what orientation you claim. If you love undies you are welcome in the UNB family and yes this includes women. I know we have some women out there who read but they never take the survey. Or, I should say I never know if they take the survey. Well it’s no surprise that it leans heavily Gay! But we have a very strong straight readers!

Next up what size are you?

Much like sexual orientation, we welcome guys of all sizes. I did notice one thing that, well two things that need to be added. First, there is no X Small. DOH, I thought I added it but when looking at the results, NOPE. Next year that will go on, and the second response for larger than XXX-Large. It’s no surprise here that medium and large rule the sizing but we have guys reading in every category, so that makes me happy. I hope to do more for X Small and Larger sizes.

Where are you located?

I’m not shocked at all by this result. We are majority an American blog. I want to branch out to other countries but being American centric I know why we get the readers located here. One thing I have always wanted to do is guest posts from guys around the world who tell us about their favorite underwear brands that are local to them. It’s not easy to find but a guy can dream right? One country that really fascinates me is Japan. They have a unique market and styles. They to some things differently than the rest of the world and I’d love to find out why they do it. One example is butt cleavage is big there. As I say to each their own but why is this so popular there? I don’t judge it at all I say we wear what we love but I like to find out why its the case.

Ok guys I’ll have more this week and hope you enjoy these.

We wrap up our Reader Survey Coverage! I know it seemed like it would go on forever. But we have reached the last few questions. They mainly focus on real guys and the blog

We asked you guys should we feature guys of all shapes and sizes on the blog. An overwhelming amount said that we should do that, 77%. I was pleased to see that only 6% said no. I think we def need to do more of real guys on the blog.

Then we asked what you want to see from real guys. You guys want guys to write Brief Talks where they talk about their favorite style and why they love it. Followed by Brief Distractions featuring real guys., followed by Brief Tales to tell how they fell in love with underwear. Only about half of you want interviews with real guys.

Now this is am important chart. We asked would you guys be willing to participate in writing one of the posts above or submitting pics. 37% said yes and only 24% said no. 37% of you said maybe, and we hope we can convince you maybes to participate. It’s very important for you guys to participate and help us do this!

Almost half of you guys feel there should be a social media site just for underwear. Many sites like Facebook and Instagram really slam guys posting underwear pics. You can’t have a big bulge, VPL, thongs/jocks from the back, and the list goes on. It’s something we have been thinking about here.

We always ask what models you want to see. We planned on relaunching more shoots this year, but due to COVID-19 we have had to cut back and hope we can do a Holiday shoot, but time will tell. But you guys want to see a mix of real, up and coming and professional. I totally agree we do need a mix. When we first started our shoots we had more average, less model guys and we got slammed for having guys with less definition and builds. I thought it was an amazing shoot, but we got some push back. Now, I don’t think we would have those issues, we just need guys willing to do shoots!

Lastly, we asked which types of reviews you want. Video, written, or both. You guys want both. Written reviews are easy to do, but video reviews are a bit more complicated. Due to the editing, sound, and such. But we started them and plan on doing more soon. Andrew is still around to do them but we want to find one or two more guys to do them since it needs a little more lead time.

Ok guys, I hope you enjoyed these posts. I plan on creating a lot of posts from these results so stay tuned.

This year we are doing a deep dive into the reader survey results like never before. Today we are showing where you guys have worn swim thongs, briefs, shorts, and more. It’s interesting to see where you guys feel comfy wearing skimpier styles.

Public Pool

This one is not so surprising to me. you guys have worn swim briefs at public pools but not so much with the swim thongs. You guys are a little more “conservative”

Public Lake

You guys are not big fans of lakes. I will admit I’m not either but it’s def the land of swim shorts. But I have seen the boys on IG boating in swimbriefs.


You guys seem to be bolder at the beach. Swim briefs reign supreme but the swim thong is growing! Currently, 15% of you guys rock the thong.

Private Resort

Private resorts get guys to be more free in their choices. A large majority of guys will wear the swim briefs but resorts also give guys confidence to wear a swim thong. About 30% of guys rock a swim thong when at a resort.

Private Pool

Private pools are where we are most bold and it allows us to wear what we want. More guys will wear swim briefs and thongs. This is because we are around guys who are like minded and enjoy wearing the same things.

Private Sunbathing

We love tan lines! When we layout in private we want either a bikini or thong tan line. I have the philosophy you always tan in a smaller suit than you wear so you don’t have a tan line peaking out.

Tanning Booth

Tanning booths are where you guys wear the most thongs. I think this is because it’s the most private place you can be, and we feel free to strip down without judgement and scorn from angry side eyes.

We will have more results this week.

Today’s results are all about swimwear. We are entering the swimwear season, even with COVID-19. We are going to be creative about wearing swimwear. Here are our Results

One thing we ask have you worn a swim brief and where. You guys really are rocking the swim briefs in public and private. More and more guys are feeling comfortable, including the straight guys.

Next are swim thongs. We have asked how many of you have worn a thong. Almost 40% of you guys have worn them and another 30% haven’t but do want to wear one. Only about 30% don’t want to wear them. And that’s ok, the whole point of UNB is wearing what you want!

We asked the question of what swimwear are you going to wear this year. It is about what you are wearing by yourself, with family, friends, and in any situation this year. Majority of you will be wearing swim briefs and almost a tie with swim shorts and thongs.

Then we asked what are you planning to buy this year. Swim briefs are top of your list. Followed by swim thongs that barely edged out Swim trunks. You guys are embracing who the smaller cut swim suits.

We asked how many pairs of swimwear you were planning to buy this year. This was pre-COVID-19. This may have changed with us being limited on where we can wear them this year. You guys plan on buying 1-3 pairs of swimwear this year.

This is a look at swimwear we will have more tomorrow.

I needed a break yesterday, so that is the reason there were no Reader Survey results. I think during this time we need to take breaks and relax. It can be stressful and I think mental health is sometimes given a second thought.

Today we are showing where you guys shop. You guys shop all over the place. We added a few new places to consider this survey and here is where you guys buy your undies!

This one is very important in the time of COVID-19. You guys shop brand sites often. Granted there are a few brands you can only get through their sites, like aussieBum. But, there are some amazing deals to be had on brand sites like Baskit’s $12 Tuesday.

This is no big surprise but you guys shop internet stores often. I think for many of us the internet stores make it easy to buy our favorite pairs without leaving home.

Not as many of you shop physical stores. For me, I love to go into an underwear specialty store to shop and see the pairs in person. You get to feel, see, and discover amazing undies. Even before UNB, I would go to the Boy Next Door here in Atlanta and buy undies and swimwear. I would go as much as my budget would allow being a broke college student.

This is no surprise to me, Department Stores selection is not what it used to be. I think most department stores have the larger brands like Calvin Klein, Diesel, sometimes 2(X)ist. Back in the day, Department stores were a lot more progressive in what they buy, now it’s pretty tame.

This is another area where the undies at close out stores like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx have really gone down hill. Back in the day you could pick up some amazing brands but now it’s pretty boring. Mostly boxer briefs and an occasional brief. Back in the day I would get thogs, jocks, bikinis and brands you couldn’t find. I think next year this choice will be off the list.

The big box stores are known for their bad six packs of undies. Although, there can be hidden gems to be found at these stores. Target usually has some great brands. Heck, two summers ago Target had swim briefs for $20. So don’t discount the discount stores.

I think online discount stores like will grow more and more over the next few years. They are one reason I think discount stores have less of a selection. You can get some amazing deals on close out undies.

A new one we added Amazon and Ali Express. More and more guys are buying undies from less traditional stores. I will admit that I am not one who buys from these guys. I would be in the never category (It wasn’t till this that I realized I didn’t take the survey this year! My only thing with these sites is be careful because some times you may think you are getting a large brand but it’s a counterfeit.

We will have more results for you tomorrow.

We have a few more things in the Survey! If you notice we have done a lot more posts this year. First, I think you guys want to see a lot more and second it’s entertaining in the world of COVID-19.

One question that I think is important for doing the blog and brings us joy is knowing we expose you guys to great new brands and give you great content to help you make decisions. Whether that is reviews, news write ups, or such. As you can see above we do influence you guys, 67% say we have influenced your decisions in buying underwear/gear.

Here are a few things that we do to influence you guys. By far the biggest is reviews. Before you put down your credit card and buy a $25 pair of underwear. You want to know more about the pair, especially if it’s a new brand or line. Followed by News Write up and Brief Distractions.

When we do influence your decision let us know!

Today we go over the last of the remaining influences in your buying. It’s amazing to see what I think would be an influence and what you guys actually say are influences.

One thing that is important to us is blogs. Do they influence you and your buying? Not just UNB but other underwear and fashion blogs. Yes there are some amazing blogs out there outside of UNB. While we aren’t the must go to a good deal of you find blog helpful.

A new one we added this year is price. This was a no brainer to me that price really does influence your decision to buy. It all depends on the brand and the price. There are several brands that you will buy full price but more you will buy on sale.

Lastly is sales. This is a total-blown out of the water. Sales most definitely drive your influence to purchase. I know that it does me if i see a pair I have wanted on an amazing sale I buy it. RIGHT THEN. You guys do the same thing. Most of you shop a mix of full price and sales.

Before we get in to what influences you guys we have two last things to finish up with! The first or issues you have with undies, the second is do you wear more than one pair of undies a day.

The top issue you guys have is Sizing issues. followed by Labels/Tags. These two seem to constantly switch first place. Followed by pouch too big and pricing. It’s always interesting to see what is bothering you this year!

Almost a third of you wear more than one pair a day. A little over a third is a maybe, meaning they may wear more than one pair, which I should have changed to sometimes. And a third of you say you don’t. Here are some of the answers

after gym
After the gym, I switch into a new pair of underwear. 
After yard work out sweaty work.
Different activities
Different pairs for work, gym, home
different pairs for working out vs. normal wear
Different pairs to work, sleep, gym 
Fresh pair for the gym, Fresh pair for rest of the day.
I change my underwear every time I change cloth or finish workout
I do sports once a day so I change undies after
I wear 1 pair of underwear to work and change after work.
If i.go out at. Night
If I’ve been exercising or sometimes I fancy a change
On days I go to the gym, I always put on a fresh pair after showering.
One for work and one for home
Only if I’ve had to shower or there’s a certain reason for a pair
start off in thong after shower and then eventually change into bikini/brief/trunk for bed
Support for work comfort for home
Usually determined by heat or sweating concerns
Usually I choose mine by whats going on like work, going out, tanning day,pool parties. 
When I go to the Gym. 
When i take a shower during daytime
Working out, change for something more appropriate to my apparel 

There will be more tomorrow

We continue our posts from Yesterday. What features you love in undies, and what influences your buying.

Color is one of those things I think most guys have an like but not a MUST have in selecting undies. It’s one of the secondary factors.

I agree with you guys, the price is top of list when buying undies. Let’s face it great undies are expensive. So we take our time and take the price into consideration.

Fashion doesn’t play into the decision making for many of you guys. I would love to say that I am a guy who has a great sense of fashion and the underwear is an extension of who I am, but it’s not.

We all want to feel sexy! Underwear does make us feel sexy when no one else knows what we are wearing. If we don’t feel great or sexy wearing it then why wear it.

This is one I fall in the VERY Important. Is the construction and how well it holds up. Recently I have a brand that after a few wearings the elastic in the waist keeps falling down in the back. It drive me nuts.

I hope you guys enjoy this look int to the results.

Today we break out what factors you look for in undies. It’s a long question so we will spread it out over two days. But here is the first part.

How important is the fabric to your undies choice? It’s very important. Almost 50% say it’s very important.

The cut of the underwear is even more important over 60% said so. I totally agree with you guys. It’s one of my top reasons.

There is nothing wrong with a bad fitting pair of underwear. Almost 70% of you agree. If it loses its shape I’m done!

I find that most of you love a good pouch. There are issues with it being too big or too small. The important thing is finding the brand that fits you best. Which is not easily found. It’s a lot of trail and error.

Sizing issues are always an issue. The important thing is to see how the brand fits. Does it run smaller, or larger. When in doubt it usually runs smaller. But if you ever have any questions, let us know we can give you advice.

Lastly is the style. I know many are picky about what they love. Which, is a good thing. When you have a style you love, you want to stick with it, such as a bikini, thong or jock. Wear what makes you feel amazing and sexy.

Today we focus on favorite styles and colors. They are two of the most important factors in underwear. We all have a favorite style, but that’s not all we wear. I know we have readers who only wear thongs, jocks, or briefs. But, there are many who wear many different styles depending on your mood.

We asked what is your favorite style to go to, there was only once choice. So this was the question where you tell us your go to pair. The one that is in top of your underwear drawer. Here are the results in order of popularity.

  • Thong 28%
  • Brief 21%
  • Bikini 16%
  • Jock 9%
  • Boxer Brief 6%
  • Jock Brief 2%

This one you may have to enlarge. However, we were curious about which pairs you wear in general. The blue line is never and the orange is always wear. You guys pretty much wear jocks, bikinis, briefs, and thongs. You really don’t like to wear boxer briefs, trunks, and jock briefs.

The last question for today is your favorite colors of underwear. We let you pick several different colors. Going forward we need to add a few new colors like Camo, Animal print, and more. I think we need to break out some more types of prints. The top colors are:

  • Blue, Black, Red and white
  • These don’t really surprise me but I thought Pink would be way higher.

We will have more on Friday, tomorrow we will have a new episode of the UNB Podcast.

Can I say finding graphs that like have been a pain? If anyone out there knows a great graphing program let me know. I”m back to Excel. But it’s about the data right?

It’s no surprise that you guys mainly buy every few months. The last few surveys, this was the case. Very few buy weekly or every few weeks. Underwear is expensive and most guys wait to buy.

It’s good to see the majority of you buy at on sale and regular price. I think there are brands that you love and will get no matter what the price. And there are new brands you want to try and buy on sale.

I think you guys hit it right, 20-25 bucks is about the regular price of most brands. Yes, there are some higher and lower but on average it totally agree

Price is always important when shopping for undies. It always has been and will be. I”m still working on the series of data and wanted to have more but didn’t have it completed. There is tons more coming.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the 2020 UNB Reader Survey. I love doing these and I know it’s a long survey so kudos to everyone who ventured into it. We constantly change the survey by adding questions and taking others away. I am arms deep in Excel going through all the questions, so if you think answering the survey takes time, imagine the tabulating the data!

This is just a brief overview of the first set of questions.

The only surprise is that our straight guys have fallen from a high of 33% a few years ago. I don’t know if it’s the readers have fallen or if they just didn’t participate in the survey. Our audience is mainly gay but we welcome everyone!

Aren’t graphs sexy? This is the range of sizes of readers. It’s no surprise that most readers are size medium. The second size is Large. We added XXL for the first time in this question.

Where are you guys located? Well, we are based in the US and have a major US following. I have been wanting to expand to other countries and that is on the road map. I would love a guy in Australia, Europe, and Japan. Just to give a different point of view.

How many pairs are in your collection? This is always an interesting piece of info. Note the 151 should be 151+. It’s cool to see that 151 or more is at 17%. It stair-steps down and then jumps up. The one thing that I am adding in this year are blanks. Blanks are guys who didn’t answer the question. They won’t be in every question but it is interesting to me to see which questions guys skipped.

These are the first few questions. I’m working on more of the data, some will take a while to compile. But over the next week or so you will get to find out how your answers stack up against other readers.

If you are a long time reader of UNB, you know every year we do a reader survey. It’s usually in May but this year we are doing it in July! You maybe asking why are we doing a reader survey?

  1. Helps us make content you guys love reading
  2. Gives us data to show brands the success of our posts
  3. Helps us reach new brands with data and demographics of readers
  4. It gives you guys a look into other readers!

This year we have changed things up a bit. Instead of a long list of questions, we have broken them up to different pages. It’s just as long but the pages/sections will break things up. More questions are click a button rather than fill in a long or detailed response. After three to four years of data, we have the main choices in a lot of categories and you can still write things in the other section.

One thing to note is we are not getting any identifiable information. We are not collecting names, emails or phone numbers. So you can be 100% honest and no one will know who you are! I know many do not want to let the world know they love gear.

One question we are asking is if male or female. Our Google Analytics says that more women are reading the blog so we want to see how many will fill out the survey.

We will be sharing the results. Now that the survey is less interpretation, it will be able to be reported a lot sooner than previous years.

Take our Reader Survey (remember to scroll through it all)