papi360x500Cityboyz Fashions has some great new Papi underwear in stock. Are you ready to see whats new? If so head over and check out the great new lines from Papi.

Papi is a term universally spoken, utilized and understood to celebrate the spirit, strength, and sex appeal of today’s young man. Papi Underwear is a premium brand that targets todays young consumer where luxury is important in all aspects of life.

Enter the world of Papi where excitement has no end!

Papi’s, famous underwear is available at your fingertips from


Jameswinston Co. is one of the companies that ended before we started this blog. Which makes us upset because we always thought that they were very fashion forward and had some of the most incredible advertising around. It was sexy but also focused on the prodcut. They have started a Facebook Group, Should they live or die? This is the first time I have known an underwear company, or any company to do this. I urge you to check it out and join. Here is what they sent out this week:

Dear All,
We currently have a Facebook group set called ‘Should Jameswinston Co. live or die?’ This is a little bit of fun while there are still a few avenues being explored commercially.
  1. All you need to do on Facebook is type in ‘Jameswinston Co’ in your search box (top right hand corner) and the group will come up.
  2. Then leave us your answer on our ‘wall’. It’s been great seeing faces put to names so thank you to those who have already joined!
Feel free to invite as many friends and  family to join as you wish. Should you require any specific product ranges please try :- or in the first instance.
Kind regards
Brian James

Please go check them out and join and leave your answer. We hope they come back soon! We wish Brian all the luck in the world.


Our second choice for Underwear of the Week are the Hawaiian Brief from DMK Designs. If you’re not familiar with DMK Designs, they are a fashion forward underwear company with a use of mesh and great colors an patterns. They make underwear for the man who’s not afraid to show off what he has!

The Hawaiian brief with a great pattern and some strategically placed hawaiian_anton_back_72_webmesh panels. This is an exciting and fun pair of underwear. They will really show off a body you have been working out hard. Imagine the reaction when you drop your pants and your special person catches a glimpse. Why not wear something that they will enjoy as much as you do! The briefs retail for $30 and can be bought directly from the DKM Designs site.

There hasn’t been much out there like it. DMK is really doing some innovative designs. They are always coming out with new designs and have some of the best photos around! We have profiled some of their Valentines models here this month. As they expand we hope to bring you more.

Jockstrap Central is having a great sale on some sexy Valentines wear

For some, Valentines is all about love but for others it’s simply a perfect time to let someone you know that you have the hots for them. So, forget chocolates and forget flowers, give them a mesh jockstrap so there’s no mistaking what your intentions are. The best part is it’s pretty well implied that you will be giving a personal fitting.

To help you carry out your lusty pursuits, we’re giving you 15% off our entire collection of mesh jockstraps from Go-softwear, N2N Bodywear, Raw Studio, Joe Snyder and Kinkwear.

* a word of warning, mesh jockstraps are see-through and unlike most companies, we show them as they’re meant to be. No air-brushing or sexless mannequins for us.

10percent has some naughty undies, that you may or may not want others to see you in. From sheer, leather and shiny! They have plenty to choose from. With Valentines day around the corner these maybe just want you need for Valentines nite!

And now for the nice! 10percent has the line of Timeoto, one of the hottest new brands around! We posted a few of their pictrues this week, why not try them out.

Global Guys Gear is now carrying Bone Wear, Gym, sleep and Swim. Bone is a very eclectic brand. With many colors, patterns and styles to choose from. If you’re not familiar with them, go to the Global Guys Gear site and check it out.

They have also announced their Global Rewards program. If you do a lot of underwear shopping you may want to check this out. Why not get rewarded for buying underwear. Here is what is on their website:

Introducing……. Global Rewards from

What are Global Rewards?
An exclusive new Rewards program from Global Guys Gear. The more you spend the more you are rewarded.

How do I get Rewarded?
Every purchase you make at Global Guys Gear goes towards earning you a Reward.

What is the Reward?
Once you reach $50 you will be rewarded with a $5 Credit. For every $50 you spend after that, we will contribute $5 into your account.
For example, spend $50 and receive $5, spend $150 and you will be Rewarded with $15, or Spend $200 and recieve $20 and so on.

When do I recieve my Reward?
We track every order you place, and as soon as your total orders reach $200, we will send you a $20 Prepaid Visa Credit Card directly to your mailing address. Its that simple!

Do my Rewards expire?
NO. The Reward amounts you have earned, remain in your account until your total orders reach $200. Your balance rolls over to start the process again. For example, if your total orders reach $213, then the $13 rolls over into your account and builds to $200 again, at which time we will send you another $20 Prepaid Visa Card.

Is there limit to my rewards?
NO, the more you spend the more you are rewarded. If you spend $400 in a month, you will recieve $40 worth of Prepaid Visa Credit.

Where can I spend my Prepaid Visa Credit Card?
You can enjoy the flexibility of shopping at millions of different Visa locations around the world. It can be used where ever Visa is accepted, you can even use it to order more product from Global Guys Gear. The choice is yours!

How do I know what my account balance is?
After every order, we will send you an account balance summary, detailing a list of of all your orders and the total amount of Reward you are entitled too, and or how much you need to spend to achieve your next Reward.

How do I check my account Balance?
You can contact us via email at and we will provide you with a copy of your most recent Account statement

Terms and Conditions
a. The Program is administered by Global Guys Gear (Australia) P/L. Click here for more details about us.
b. Your Reward is provided via a Pre Paid Visa Credit Card. You will need to activate your Credit Card online to be able to use your Reward.
c. Your Reward is not redeemable for Cash, or Vouchers.
d. Your first Reward will be distributed once your total orders reach $200
e. The Reward is offered in Australian Dollars (AUD) and as your orders accumulate in Australian Dollar amounts.
f. Personal shopping only. Wholesale customers are exempt
g. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Hey guys, As you can tell this is going to be underwear focused. I have moved my personal blog to here and the podcast blog is here. This blog will be changing names as well. I have both personal blogs named Terminally Single, this Blogs new name is Underwear News Briefs and you can go to the domain to get here.

I”m going to be working solo on this for a while so I”m still getting a lot of information together and will be doing a more personal take on underwear and my way of doing things. I’m always looking for people to write so if you’re up for writing send me a message at

Thanks for your interest and future enjoyment

As you can tell I’m taking a more underwear focus. I want to do more then just post about sales. I would love to have a few guys that are passionate about undies to help out. I want to find guys who will bring new ideas to the table and not be afraid to try something new.

If you’re interested email me termsingle at gmail dot com.

Ok, as you can tell by all the posts, the vote I received was 92% of the people who answered the poll like the underwear posts. I am enjoying doing them. I hope to do reviews of undies as well and keep you up to date on what happening in undies.

I am planning a few feature articles, one I’m working on is advertising in underwear, I have the company picked and their approval to use their images. I also want to do another Underwear on a Budget story. With the current financial situation it would be great to find some great deals on good quality underwear. Which seems harder and harder to find.

Let me know what you want to see on here. contact me at termsingle (at) gmail (dot) com. I would love some feedback.


I have started a new blog for the podcast, which you can find here, Terminally Single Podcast. But I put up a poll (at the top on the right) and wanted to know what you think of the underwear posts. If you like them or not.

If you’re not familiar with them, I say who’s having sales and info like that. I would like to do more but wanted to know what you, my readers think. I think I am going to move most of my personal stuff to the podcast blog and use this for more pictures and underwear stuff.

Let me know!

Ok, these are the undies I like! I know you’re probably getting sick of my undies posts but that’s my love! These so remind me of briefs I had in the ’80’s. Small and tight. I love that they have actual colors, rather then just white black and gray. I hope to get some of these. The picture above is good enough reason too.

So if you’re like me check them out at James Winston‘s website!

Universal Gear is having a model search for their Demin photo shoot. Hey I like guys in undies but a guy in a hot pair of jeans is good too, especially if his undies waist band shows over the top of the jeans. YUM. DO you think you have what it takes? if you send in your pic and make sure to send it to me too and we’ll track your progress through the contest

They have a fantastic selection of men’s swimsuits in stock right now at – with gorgeous new square-cuts from Pistol Pete, hot ultra low-rise bikinis and trunks from N2N Bodywear, beautifully-designed bikinis and trunks from Go Softwear, stylish Diesel tie-front square-cuts, sporty pouch-front trunks from JM and the spiffy new Timoteo swimwear collection!

Be the best-dressed man on the beach this summer with as your personal stylist!

You know I love undies. Well Audace is having a sale on Papi, swimwear and C-IN2. I haven’t had a chance to get any papi but I hear it’s pretty good. And it’s summer and prime swim wear season and if you need a new suit, get over there and check it out! Lastly is the C-IN2 sale for $9. Which for them is CHEAP, and who can’t use a new jock? I know I can always use one!

Hi everyone, I thought you might enjoy my podcast: Terminally Single Podcast

– – Timothy M

Terminally Single Episode 45 – Bringing on the Thunder!
Thursday, May 29, 2008

I’m joined by Jonathan and Chip from the Q Thunder Boys.

We get the new boys in podcasting on the show to talk about it all. Consider it the View but with less women and just as much talking.

We talk about Entertainment, the Entertainment podcast. How the boys met and they bring a verision of WTF to my podcast and I do the “Getting to Know Us”

Then things take a turn to the Raunchy and you learn more about me then ever before and maybe never again.

Then we get a surprise guest, Mary from a Drink to be Sober

THere are no voicemails or emails, no one loves me


Thanks again.

Enjoy your week!

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