It was reported widely in the press that Jason Giambi, of the NY Yankees wears a thong when he’s in a slump. Not just any thong but a gold lame tiger stripe thong. Which we know i love all things undies and I’d love to see this beefy stud in that thong. It makes me wonder, does he wear his jock over it? HMMMM

Not only has he worn it from time to time but other players have worn it too. Here is what he told

“I only put it on when I’m desperate to get out of a big slump,” he confides.

Over Giambi’s checkered career in the Bronx, he has left the “golden thong” in the lockers of slumping teammates Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams, Johnny Damon, Robin Ventura, and Robinson Cano. “All of them wore it and got hits,” he reports. “The thong works every time.”

Now hot beefy baseball players in hot undies is what I call HOT. I wish they had pics of him in the thong. But I bet you’ll never see it. We all know I like undies and something like this story is rare, a big hot str8 guy telling he wears a thong.

I want to know how he got started wearing the thong to get out of the slump. It has some speculation it was like Bull Durham, but nothing I have seen gave a reason.

If I hear more I’ll let you know!

Here are some really hot undies I found that James Winston Company is relaunching soon. I really like the cut and the pouch on these. Here is what they have to say:

Finally… we are ready! Product is in and is being quality checked at the point of each purchase (so we live up to our boasts!) and the main international launch will actually happen end of next week. This will coincide with a fully complete website and image gallery – which ‘will’ be very nice indeed!
So, before we start the cycle of publicity hype (BTW our website hit rates have gone up 500% on our June ’07 launch ‘without’ any real promotion??! ) here’s our way of celebrating this mini-launch with you :-

**** The Jameswinston Co. Mini – launch special ! ****
Here’s our very special mail list deal if you order over this weekend :-

Buy any three ‘S’ (Venom special editions) or Petit – briefs (or combine a total of three) and receive a 5% discount plus FREE carriage ( over a 15% total saving for our international buyers!)
Please enter the code – GOOD1 in the shopping cart update box to obtain your discount.

Now we’ll leave you all to decide whether you buy a pant that will definitely live up to the forthcoming hype! 🙂

Check them out, I may have to get some of them too! I really like them

Hi everyone, I posted an episode to my podcast, Terminally Single Podcast.

Click this link to check it out:
Terminally Single Episode 30 – The ruined podcast of the Month

– Timothy M

Terminally Single Episode 30 – The ruined podcast of the Month
Sunday , March 23, 2008

I am joined by cohost Ryan and Ness from We’re Mean Because You’re Stupid.

We start off talking about the new posiition on iTunes Personal Journls. yes I”m on page two and have a new review by Big Fatty.

Also i think there should be a “Big Fatty Ruined Podcaster of the month and year award”

We do a quiz on first dates and in the tabulation me and Nessa talk about the reality tv: Top Chef, Supermodel and such.

We talk about Gay Days and the plans for it. I maybe down there.

Then we talk about the logistics of 4 ways and it goes down hill from there. And what ever else we can chat about and we have SIX count them Six voice mails!

Thanks again.

Ryan is located at::

Enjoy your week!

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I was watching the SEC Swimming and Diving meet on Fox Sports South today. And I have noticed something. Virtually none of the swimmers were wearing speedos. This for some of you may not be anything to take concern about, but for me I was like DAMN!

Most of them are wearing the Jammers, which are like the bike short type, or even more were wearing the full body suits. Which in the whole scope of things, still is hot to me, but for me, who came to love seeing swimmers in speedos, its like the end of an era.

I remember watching the Summer Olympics of 84 and 88 and lusting after the swimmers. I would make a point to watch the swimming. Granted the divers and water polo teams are still wearing speedos. So I’m still covered. I noticed all of the divers today were wearing speedos. Which is a very good thing.

I understand why the swimmers are wearing the jammers or full bodysuits, they make them faster in the water and with the technology, a second off your time is the difference between first and fourth places. I’m glad I still love guys in spandex as well. So I”m still covered and will continue to watch.

So this August when the Olympics start back up, I am watching the swimming, not because the speedos but for the Hottie McHot, Michael Phelps. I still think he’s one of the hottest swimmers out there. I know he’s not drop dead gorgeous but there is something about him that I love. And I hope he breaks a few world records while he’s at it.

My main focus will be on the divers and water polo teams. From my reasoning in both sports its the best thing to wear. Drivers need the agility and freedom of movement a speedo gives. Imagine diving and wearing board shorts, the drag and the possibility of getting caught up is greater.

While in Water Polo, if you wore shorts, it would be easy for your opponents to grab them and yank them down. Which I hear they do with speedos but it takes much more effort to yank a speedo off then board shorts. Trust me I know all too well. And I”m not sure Jammers would be good for treading water.

Well that’s my take, and I will keep you updated on any hot swimmers from the SEC or the Olympics!

“Our purpose is to provide modern men with ultra comfortable, contemporary swimwear, beachwear & underwear products.” Created in soft, supple fabrics and engineered into timeless designs. High quality products at affordable prices, for every men’s need! Looking good & feeling great!

I found this company on My Space when the owner added me as a friend. We started to talk and one thing lead to another and here we are. I found out the owner is a regular reader of my blog. What an incredible compliment!

The site is relaunched and I must say the site is very easy to use and has some incredible products. And some awesome pics, what can I say I love some good eye candy! The site is concentrating on more swim wear but will ad more underwear over time. The reason for this is that summer is upon us, up here in the Northern Hemisphere and time to show off what you have.

What is IQONIQ? Well they are a company that focuses on athletic style products made from high quality, high end soft & quick drying fabrics. They want to do this in a new and interesting way. That is from design and quality aspects. If you keep your customers happy with both of those you will have them come back for more. I have heard of them before and believe their main focus is on the customer and the customers experience with their products.

One thing I’m really excited about is in my talks and though all the materials I’ve seen is this year they are going to have many new styles and lines come out this year. So you will have to stay tuned and keep checking my blog and their site. I will keep you updated as new things are relased.

IQONIQ has a philosophy to Provide top quality products at reasonable prices. Which is a great philosophy. How many times have you bought something from either a big designer or boutique, paid a fortune for it and then been let down by the quality or workmanship of it? I know I have.

This line really strikes my eye due to the fact it is exactly what I like. I like very body conscious form fitting gear. And everything I’ve seen in the new line lives up to that. You know me and how I love undies so this posting is one of my favorites. Its great also to promote something new and someone who believes the same things I do!

One of the really cool things about IQONIQ is that they have appeared in DNA, which is one of my favorites ,GUS, Instinct, Manner, Aktueek, Mate, FHM and as they grow more and more magazines show case their great gear.

The current website and photo shoot was done in a pacific topical island. Which made the ideal location for showing off the new lines of swimwear. Which the combination of the very hot guys and the sexy gear made for a winning combination. In this posting you will see some of the captures from the website. And tomorrow, and you heard it here first, the Hot Guy of the Week, is going to be all images from the shoot. I am honored that IQINIQ has given me permission and blessing to use them.

For all you American’s the website is using Euros as currency, just head over to yahoo to see the exchange rate and I know you will not regret getting some great IQONIQ gear. It’s well worth them money and the comfort and quality will make you forget about it and you’ll be back for more.

Their press release is I think its brilliant! I know so many of us here in the US are very self conscious about wearing a speedo. Even with gay guys the popularity of Speedos are declining. More and more are wearing boxer/trunks or square cuts. Its time we bring back some of the fun in swimwear. I think the marketing for them I awesome. I’m going to have an interview with them on my podcast soon. And I hope I’m not speaking out of turn, but I believe they are more concentrated in Europe. But hopefully we can get them more in the US soon.

CHALLENGE THE FEAR ! Afraid to wear speedo-style swimwear…? Afraid what your friends will say ? Please…get over it!..and challenge your fears!
Is the brief losing its magnitude & its power too the Board shorts….? Well not if it depends on IQONIQ™. Even if IQONIQ™ might also launch the popular Board Shorts in the near future, the brief will be the popular choice for IQONIQ™. In Europe the brief is as popular as always…but IQONIQ™ hopes to see the brief becoming more popular in the USA. With slogans like : “Get what you want, by showing of what you’ve got”, “Wear it….Love it…!” and very importantly “ITS ALL ABOUT HOW YOU WEAR IT !” IQONIQ™ is out to set its own course in the swimwear market. So come challenge any fear you might have and join us! IQONIQ’s swimwear & beachwear briefs are getting great reviews for its comfortable fit, and its athletic & stylish look! this due to the high quality of fabrics & good design. This has never been overlooked by the driving force &founder of IQONIQ™. Challenging the fear that many well- known brands seem to have, by always choosing the safe & standard ‘(dark)blond haired & bleu-eyed model’ type, is an issue that IQONIQ™ never had to challenge. Just take a look at the gorgeous men from all corners of the world IQONIQ™ has chosen for their worldwide campaign! Basically this proves there is nothing to be afraid about. Come and join us in Living the IQONIQ™ way of life !!

I hope you will check them out and if you buy anything tell them I sent you. I don’t think you will be disappointed! I will do updates often on IQONIQ very soon!

Ok, this is a total underwear week. I didn’t intend it to be but it just turned out that way. Hence no Midweek Beef. 
The gout in the knee is bothering me bad and just took some drugs and will be out shortly. But I got these in my email and had to share them. The first one is from Which is an awesome underwear brand, HOM, and that’s all they sell. They are based out of the UK I believe and to me what’s hotter then a cowboy in some hot undies. 

This pic is from Pacific Jock, which I believe is out of Canada. But they are having a 20% to 50% off some of their undies. Which a sale is always good. 

Let me know if you want to hear about underwear sales. I’m trying to do more with it. I was going to open my own blog but it takes a ton of time to do it the way I want but specials every so often and new undies would be fun to blog about. Leave some comments or email me!

Yes, I think it’s underwear week. I haven’t written this much since I used to post for one of the underwear blogs. But hey, what you going to do. But 2(x)ist released these last week. And I must say they look kinda cool, The brief in the main pic looks pretty cool. I got this picture in an email from International Jock. 2(x)is always makes great undies that are comfy. It’s one of my top five brands. 

I hope to get some of these soon and I’ll let you know how they are but. I’m glad color is coming back to undies. I hate just white, black and grey! If anyone out there has some let me know!

I have to share one of my favorite magazines. If you’re in Australia you already know about it but here in the states, I’m not sure how many guys know about it. It’s DNA Magazine. And let me tell you it’s HOT!

We all know I like all things underwear and speedos. Well this magazine, as Kathy Griffin would say “Delivers like Domino’s!” It’s a gay magazine, yeah go figure. I just got a edition, #95, the pic you see with the guy in the White Andrew Christian Phys. Ed. suit. Yes HOT HOT HOT.

The magazine is a mix of clothes, music, actors and super hot pics of some of the hottest underwear and swim wear on the planet. if you’ve read the blog a while you know I like collecting underwear ads, starting back with the original CK Tighty Whity ad, and DNA has some really great ones.

And the best thing is, if you watch the Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency, the photo shoot for Rufskin, which was very homoerotic, well that shoot is in this magazine. Granted it’s only like 5 pages but still, it’s very hot. And in the words of Janice, “It doesn’t get any gayer then this.” Boy she wasn’t lying.

To give you a glance at this magazine, which I have bought it a few times, but at $9.99, it’s a magazine I only get when I find something hot, or in this case, I needed a little pick me up. Some of the stories featured are:

  • Olyvia Newton John
  • Christian Bale
  • 3:10 to Youman
  • Spamalot
  • Bad Twins – Porn twins
  • Celebrities in swim wear – (yes most are speedos)
  • Outting Dad – A True Coming out story
  • Swim Brief Fashion
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Rufskin

Which is a pretty good magazine. When I get that high paying job, I’m def getting a subscription. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Out Magazine is giving away a free gym membership for a year. And lately I’ve wanted to join a gym and figured, hey what do I have to loose? So I entered, and we’ll see, not even thinking I have a remote chance in winning but hey, just something to pass the time. But this is sponsored by Calvin Klien Underwear, which leads me to my post, which I wanted to but have been too lazy to do. The New CK Steel Undie!

I have to say the CK Steel briefs are some of my new favorite undies. There was a time when I really didn’t care for CK Undies because they didn’t have a good pouch and their boxer briefs would bunch up and I figured why wear undies if I have to deal with this. But over the last few years CK has really done some great stuff. The picture above is from their Steel Line and it’s the brief, boxer briefs and thong. I want to try more, I have the brief in gray. It fits great and wears very well.

CK has come out with some good stuff in the last few years and I hope they keep it up. I just hope we get more colors rather then the white, black and gray. I know in other lines they have red, blue and a few other colors. But if you haven’t checked them out, go pick up a pair and you won’t be sorry.

This is a company if saw in our local gay paper, Southern Voice, and this listed as a great Xmas present and I totally agree. The undies look hot and these are screen shots from their site, I think it’s VERY HOT. They Are Ristefsky Macheda

This is thier bio on the site:

It’s not just designer underwear and beachwear. It’s not just modern luxury or refined living. It’s the fashion attitude that blends European sex appeal with that relaxed Australian lifestyle. Welcome aboard. This is the RM lifestyle revolution.

Launching RISTEFSKY MACHEDA (RM) in 2005, designers Stephen RISTEFSKY (left) and Vincent MACHEDA (right) have created an international cult following for their men’s designer underwear and beachwear collections. Combining the style and sophistication of Europe with the well ragged masculine Australian lifestyle, RM has put underwear and beachwear in the fashion fore.

Both designers hail from European backgrounds yet have immersed themselves in the iconic Australian way of life. The synergy of the two cultures yields and brand like no other. Collections that define fashion, campaigns that ooze sex appeal and a lifestyle to be envied.

The last pic is a pair that I think is hot so I”m going to have to order some soon and let you know how they fit. Check them out!

The Nutty Buddy is a new cup that is out there. The local news paper the Atlanta Journal and TV station, WSB Channel 2 here both had stories on the Nutty Buddy cup. Click here for the AJC and here for WSB.

As you can see its a different design for cups. And yes I have one, like that is a shock. Its a different up that fits different too. It takes some getting used too and to wear it you have to wear compression shorts and then the cup and jock over. Of you can do like I did and just wear it under a jock. It’s not cheap, they are $19.99 but they are definitely a conversation piece!

If you’re into gear, I would recommend this to you and give it a try, it also give you a different look in gear as well! Check out their promotional video!

If you’re a long time reader of my blog, you will know that I have written about are there str8 guys into undies. Well at I met one. One of my fellow correspondents, Jay McGee. I will say me and him have hit it off and have some really great conversations. I asked him to answer a few questions for my blog and here goes:

When did you first notice you were into undies?

  • I first took interest when Fruit of the Loom had fashion colors back when I was in Middle School. In college I fully bloomed into the passion when I discovered the plethora of online web retailers of underwear and swimwear.

What are some of your favorite undies (Companies or styles)?

  • My all time favorite brand is N2N. They have great everyday sexy styles with enhancing designs and then something special for those passionate nights!

What do girls think of the undies?

  • Most love them! All of them say that they didn’t think that there was more than Boxers on the market. I’m out to show the world that there is more to life than cotton boxers!

Do any of your friends or family know your thing for undies? If so what do they say? If not how do you hide it from them?

  • Only a few random friends, all of them first made a obligiatory comment about my sexuality, but they’ve gotten over that!
  • I have huge tubs of underwear in my room, if anyone were to snoop they would discover all the hidden treasures!

How man pairs do you have?

  • Ummm… Too Many to keep in drawers!

What is your favorite pair you can’t do with out?

  • N2N Tropics Boxer Brief. Its so soft, tight fiting , dips low in the front, and has an ample pouch.

What’s the wildest pair you have?

  • I have a Koala Swimwear thong that is meant for the pool, Its like a regular thong style, but has a wire in front the lets the fabric dip low near the base of my unit. Kind of like Jennifer Lopez Grammy dress like.

What’s the funniest thing a girl said about the undies?

  • Hmm… what fun packaging to unwrap!

What do you look for in undies?

  • BBuilt-in 3D pouch, Stretch and something unique, color, style etc. I like boxer-briefs, trunk briefs, hip briefs mostly and in darker colors, black, burgundy, navy OR neon colors

What kind of fabric you like best?

  • Stretch Blends, yeah, I’m picky about pouches,

Last, is there anything else you want to share?

  • Add me on Dlist! and check out the blog at

Jay McGee, Underwear Correspondent @

Hey guys. I just wanted to pass along some information to you. I know a lot of you out there are big into undies. Well you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t! But I have looked for a long time and Unico finally has a company web site. Its really cool because now you can see the entire line of Unico undies and where to buy them. On the main page you have where you can buy around the world. Also they have the entire Unico collection on there, I’ve been looking for the Unico thong but no one seems to carry it. So maybe now I can find it. Check them out at