Underwear of the Week


z4ffa7303425bc_cx01_camo_front_72Cocksox is a favorite of the staff here at UNB. I don’t think we have many staff members who don’t like the brand. One of my favorite pairs is the traditional CX01 brief. It is one of the most comfortable briefs I own. In the past they have kept the style solid colors. This includes the traditional red, black and white. They have added bolder colors with Orange, Pink and Green. How ever the newest one I will say is one of my favorites they have come out with. It’s a really new and unique camo print. It’s not the traditional green, but a green, grey and black camo. I would say Cocksox put their own spin on camo.

Underwear of the Week doesn’t have to be a brand new design. They can be classic pair or a reworked pair. This pair is the latter. They have taken their mainstay brief and made it over with a great new fabric!

Reasons why this pair is the Underwear of the Week:

  • Really great camo print
  • Made with the amazing cocksox pouch
  • A bikini style cut that moves with you through out the day
  • Rework of a mainstay brief in the collection
  • It’s just FUN!
  • Made out of 95% Cotton 5% Lycra blend

This pair can be found at the Cocksox site for $28 AUD.


9696This week’s Underwear of the Week is the Candyman 9696 Black/Silver/Blue Zipper brief. We just celebrated Valentine’s Day and this pair could have been really fun on a date. It was just released as part of the first collection from Candyman. It’s really fun and I wouldn’t say it was for every day wear but a date night or anniversary would be ideal.

The reasons this pair made our underwear of the week is:

  • Low rise brief cut
  • Has a modern design with lineal cuts in three different colors with metallic finish
  • Side zipper that gives a modern twist
  • Elastic edges around the waist and legs for a good fit.
  • Composition: 93% Polyester, 7% Spandex.

This pair is retailing for around $25. It just came out and should be appearing at retailer on the net and in stores!

Timoteo-Sport-2.0-Long-JohnsThe Underwear of the Week this week is the Timoteo 2.0 Long Johns. Many places are having massive snow storms. Its time to be warm and fashionable. I first saw these at Magic in August and fell in love with them. They are colorful and fun. Long Johns are no longer white and boring. These are available in the blue in the picture and also in black and white!

We feel that is makes the perfect pair for the week! It’s great to see more and more underwear companies put their spin on classic pairs.

Reasons this is our underwear of the week:

  • It’s both form and funciton (Fashionable and keeps you warm)
  • Can be worn at long johns or lounge wear
  • Made of cotton spandex for a great fit and strecth. Super comfortable.
  • Features the newly designed Timoteo Sport 2.0 waistband in Royal Blue, Kelly Green and White
  • Available at the Timoteo website for $36

Let’s face it they are fun. Find these and more at the Timoteo Site

228177_10151464640174744_864285407_nThe fourth week of the month means it’s time for boxer brief week on Underwear of the Week. The pair we chose this week was one with some color and fun waistband. That pair is the 2(X)ist No-Show Trunk. When we saw the the line, we knew that it had to be our underwear of the week. The colors are bright and fun! I think that when you love underwear like our readers, you don’t want anything boring. You want color, fun and not ordinary!

One thing that 2(x)ist is doing that I really like in the last few collections are the waistbands. They are not doing simple branded waistbands. They are using silicon imprints, colors and designs on the waistband. At times it seems like the waistband is most forgotten part of undies.

Reasons this pair is our Underwear of the Week!

  • Available in 5 Colors – Black, Pro Blue, Turquoise, White and Poppy Red
  • Made out of the (X)-Pel Wicking Fabric – 89% Nylon / 11% Spandex
  • Has the Original 2(X)ist contour pouch
  • Dual-printed logo waistband

Available on the 2(x)ist website for $28.00



It’s Friday and Underwear of the Week. This week is Jock wee and we wanted to bring you one of the newest jocks as our pick this week. The pair this week is the Baskit America Jock. I first saw this a year ago in Vegas at the show and have been anxiously awaiting the release of this line. One of the main reasons for picking this pair is and from the Baskit website “We’ve sourced amazing fabrics and waistbands here in the US to bring you our first ‘Made in America’ collection. All the quality and style you’ve come to expect from baskit but now made in the great state of Colorado.” It’s Made in America!

Reasons the America Jock is our Underwear of the week:

  • Made in America
  • Has a jock brief styling
  • Multi color pattern that is available in 3 comibnations
  • Really nice waistband with the Baskit logo centered
  • Baskit Logo at the top of the leg straps.
  • Made out of 95% Cotton 5% Elastane

Find this at the Baskit Site for $24.00.



This week’s Underwear of the week, we decided to so something that is a classic. The 2(x)ist Essential Thong is one that has been a staple in the 2(x)ist catalog. This is one of the first thongs I ever bought. It also is a thong I will always have in my collection.

Several things make it the classic it is. The first is the Y back, which made it the first thong with the back. Second it was one of the first thongs made by a main stream company. In the late 80’s/early 90’s there were boxers, bikinis and briefs and the beginnings of Boxer Briefs. Then thongs for men came onto the market, and for a big company like 2(x)ist it was a big deal at the time. Before that to get a men’s thong you would have to order them out of the back of a magazine or catalog (No there was no real internet at the time).

Here are our reasons for making it underwear of the week

  • A classic in the world of men’s underwear
  • Has the Y-Back design that makes it disappear under clothes
  • Made out of 100% cotton
  • Available in black and white

You can get this thong on the 2(x)ist website for $14.00


If you are a fan of jocks, then you know jocks should be fun! They aren’t just for wearing to the gym or to play sports in any more. You can now wear them under jeans, khakis or even suits! Fashion jocks came onto the scene about 3 years ago and since that time everyone has come out with jocks in all colors and materials!

The pair we choose this week is the Gregg Homme Charged Jock! Gregg Homme is known for making super sexy and fun underwear. This jock lives up to their standards. I have always said “Gregg Homme does sexy and does it well!” This is a jock you will be able to wear out to a special date or a day at the office! Gregg Homme makes underwear men love to wear.

Reasons its our Underwear of the month:

  • Great branded waistband – With two see through sections!
  • Incredible materials – Gregg Homme pics super soft materials that feel great and conform to a mans body
  • Available in Five Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow and White.
  • Made out of 91% Polyamide and 9% Spandex this smooth and breathable hi-tech micromesh material

This jock is available at the Gregg Homme site for $45.95



If you are like me, where ever you are has turned COLD! Some of us may even be breaking out the long johns! However, I wanted to find a fun pair of underwear that would be a great Underwear of the Week. I saw this pair back at Magic in the Fall. I really loved the color combinations and fabric. So I find it fitting that a company out of Australia would be our Underwear of the Week this week. That brand an pair is the 2EROS Jock Series Brief.

Underwear should be a lot of fun. Since you are a reader, we assume you feel the same way too! Here are reasons why this made our Underwear of the Week:

  • Great color combinations, specifically the Blue pair is striking with the red contrast.
  • Breathable fabric which is good for an active guy. “It’s made from ‘Tactel’ (a type of Nylon) with wicking and elastane. This treatment to the fabric allows sweat to be pushed away from the skin, keeping you drier for longer and you will definitely love how soft it will feel.”
  • Fashionable waistband inspired by the British Union Jack!
  • A Brief cut that isn’t too Brief.

You can find this pair on the 2EROS website for $32.95 AUD. So check for currency rates!

0001-c-in2_fw12_4500_navy_f_yogagrip_mens_sports_short_bottom_1_1This week’s Underwear of the Week, Boxer Brief edition, was an easy choice. It’s the C-IN2 Yoga Plank Short. The reason why is this is an pair of underwear with a purpose. You maybe saying, well all underwear has a purpose. The purpose is what the name suggests for yoga. However it can be used for anything active. We will be posting a review next week on this pair!

Reasons this pair is underwear of the week

  • Longer legs to give you more coverage that won’t ride up in yoga or  other activities.
  • Wide waistband with “GRIP” written across it
  • Made in Black and Blue
  • Specifically made for yoga/active lifestyle
  • Made out of 86 Nylon; 14 Spandex

This pair is available from the C-IN2 Website for $60.


It’s time for Underwear of the Week! This week is Jockstrap Week! The holidays are in full swing and we wanted something a lot of fun to round out the year. I think we found it with the Diesel Fresh & Bright Striped Jocky Jockstrap. It’s got a colorful waistband and a striped pouch. It’s definitely not your typical jock!

Reasons this is our underwear of the week:

  • It’s not the typical jock. It can be worn every day under jeans or dress pants
  • Colorful and fun – The jock is just a lot of fun. We all love undies just for that reason. A classic jock has its place but so does a colorful striped one!
  • Has 1 1/2 inch waist band. We know not everyone wants a 3 inch waistband. Again this can be worn under anything and now show like a traditional jock would.
  • Made out of a 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane blend.
  • Other colors are: Grey & Blue (shown), Turquoise, Black & Grey and Pink

You can find this pair at International Jock for $25. The picture used is from International Jock



It’s Underwear of the week and the second week is Thong week. As Brandon has said on the site, every guy needs to try a thong regardless of who you are. We agree and think we should give every underwear a chance. Heck I am even going to review a boxer soon! So stepping out side your underwear comfort zone is a good thing.


We think this thong, the N2N Bodywear Air G is a perfect first time thong. The Air line is one made out of super light weight material that seems like you aren’t wearing any underwear at all. We have reviewed several of the other in the line and all performed great. That means it will be made to fit will be just as great!

Reasons this thong is our underwear of the week:

  • Made from super light weight material
  • Great almost there fit of the Air line
  • Perfect starter thong for the guy wanting to try them
  • Low rise fit and smaller waist band
  • Available in Black, White and Cream
  • 60% polyester/32% Rayon/8% spandex

You can find the the N2N Air G on the N2N Bodywear Site for $19. Also we welcome nominations from readers! So send us your suggestions!

The Underwear of the Week this week is the Personal Fit Factor Shower Brief. This is a pair that Greg from C-IN2 was telling me about at Magic. This pair is one that uses the trophy shelf technology to give more room up front. For those of you who need it, it will be a welcome addition. Also the pouch has extra pleats to give the extra room, so it can stretch with your body. It’s great to see an underwear company pay attention to the male anatomy. Each guy is different, some need more up front, others need it in the back. That is true for the staff members here!

The reasons this pair is underwear of the week is:

  • Uses the Trophy Self pouch
  • Inverted pleats allow for EXTRA room as needed
  • No Center Seam
  • 95 Cotton; 5 Spandex/Elastane/Lycra
  • Available in white and black

You can find this pair on the C-IN2 website for $24.00. Also check out the other pairs in the line as well!

This week’s Underwear of the Week is a great new boxer brief from Cellblock 13. As always we have the underwear genius of Timoteo to thank for the Cellblock 13 Fugitive Short.

Once again, we are presented with a bold hybrid of traditional activewear and stylish fashion, dare we say fetish, wear. Cellblock 13 is never shy and doesn’t back away from form or function. Available in eye-catching colors and constructed of an 80/20, Nylon/Spandex combo, this pair is as comfortable under your night-out clothes as they are under your workout gear.

I cannot wait to get my hands on this new line, but in the meantime the reasons below are why the Cellblock Fugitive Brief are our Underwear of the Week:

  • Mesh panels are great for both ventilation and for turning heads
  • Great contour pouch
  • Sturdy 2 inch waistband
  • Interlocking rear stitching that provides lift and support
  • Available in Red/Black, Blue/Black, and Yellow/Black combinations

Get your pair from JockstrapCentral for $38.

The third week of the month is Thong week! I know there are many out there who are not fond of thongs but we hope this week will get you to consider some of the thongs we feature. Brandon on our site said every guy should wear a thong once! We couldn’t agree more! The pair we chose as Underwear of the Week is the newly released Gregg Homme Venom Thong .

Picking jut one pair from Gregg Homme is never an easy task. There are so many great pairs to choose from. The Venom line  has a snake embossed print, which is Gregg Homme’s take on snake skin. This thong would be great under a suit or on a date night!

I have said it before and it remains true with this line, Gregg Homme makes sexy underwear that you can wear everyday.This is why its so hard to pick just one pair. If you haven’t ever tried Gregg Homme I would say you should start with this pair and try others. Some of their best sellers have been thongs! So, they know how to make really great thongs.

Reasons why this thong is our underwear of the month

  • Great fabric – 95% polyester and 5% spandex
  • The pouch is scaled with a matching center seam to provide support
  • fabric is made from a highly breathable material and culminates into a Y-back
  • 1 inch elastic waistband
  • Available in Red & Black
  • Retails for $33.95

Find this on the Gregg Homme site.

A note for next week, being Black Friday our Annual Swimwear Guide will be released. We will be having Underwear of the Week on Friday and the following Monday will be out Underwear of the Month Voting!

This week’s Underwear of the week is the Cellblock13 Grappler Jock from Timoteo. Over the last two years, jocks have really come into their own. Before jocks were either made for athletics or fetish. Granted, the Cellblock13 is borderline fetish wear, however the jock is built for comfort and made so you can wear it under your work clothes. This jock isn’t relegated just to the bedroom.

The reason this pair is our underwear of the week is that it’s both form and function. There is a growing trend in men’s underwear to mix fetish wear and every day wear. This trend is only going to grow over the next year. Its very fun to wear something unexpected under your clothes. The Grappler Jock is not the old fashioned jock. It is made out of new materials that breathe and gives you great support. The colors will also be eye catching for anyone who you choose to show it too!

Here are reasons why its our Underwear of the Week:

  • Has Classic 3 inch waistband
  • Made out of Stretch Mesh
  • Leg straps are made out of nylon/rubber elastic
  • Available in 3 colors: Black/Blue, Red/Black and Black/Yellow
  • Retails for $22

Find this at the Cellblock13 Website!

This week’s underwear of the week is the Gregg Homme Venom Briefs! These are perfect for those who like a fun, smaller cut brief. Every pair of Gregg Homme we have had here at UNB, have been really great pairs. The reviews have always been stellar. I have said it before but they have make underwear for men. They pay attention to how it fits and holds up through out the day.

The new collection has just been released. This pair is one that is really fun but not over the top. Reasons for it being our Underwear of the Wee:

  • The subtle pattern of snake skin printed on it gives it a little something extra and fun.
  • Made out of 95% polyester and 5% spandex
  • A great pouch made to conform to your body and gives great support through out the day
  • The fabric is very breathable
  • Available in Red and Black.

Find this pair on the Gregg Homme Site for $36.95.

We were going to quit with our schedule, but we heard from a good number of people who said to keep it. So due to popular demand we are going to keep the schedule: Week 1 Brief, Week 2 Thong, Week 3 Jock, Week 4 Boxer Brief. S

Its Friday and we hope you made it through the work week! This means the weekend is about to start and it’s time for Underwear of the Week. Every week we have a theme but going forward we are going to have a great pair regardless of style. Previously we have done a Brief, Thong, Jock and Boxer Brief. Now every week may have one of those. It’s just easier to pick when new lines coming out every week. But this will be a Boxer Brief and one we think you will love. It’s the Cocksox Active Long Boxer.

Cocksox is known for their briefs and great pouch. But did you know the boxer briefs/trunks also have a great pouch? They have carried it over and made a super comfy boxer that any boxer fan would love. The Active line is made for guys who are into sports or very active.

Reasons this pair is our underwear of the week:

  • Great Cocksox pouch
  • Cotton Lycra fabric mix
  • Length is above the knee and won’t ride up
  • Available in black and blue

You can find this pair at the Cocksox site for $30

Starting Monday you can vote for the Underwear of the Month for November! So stay tuned!

It’s Thong week here at the UNB Underwear of the week! We were looking for a few good thongs to recommend as the underwear of the week. The staff batted around a few ideas and then I got to talk to Joe Snyder this week and it hit me the Bulge Thong would be perfect for thong week. Thongs are supposed to be fun and sexy. This one is definitely sexy and fun. This maybe a good thong for those who have never tired them to give them a chance. Even our own Brandon said all men should have to wear a thong!

This pair we chose because its sexy and has a great pouch! It shows off what you have in the front and in the back! Also what ever color you want it in, they probably make it. They make over 21 colors and patterns.

Reasons the Bulge Thong is our Underwear of the week:

  • 80% Poliamide 20% Spandex Lycra
  • Provides very minimal coverage
  • Give your package a lift up and out – creating a very noticeable bulge
  • 21 Colors and patterns

You can find this pair at the Joe Snyder website for $24.00

This week is the jockstrap edition of the Underwear of the Week. We thought it would be a great thing to profile the most prolific jock around. That jock is the Bike #10 Jockstrap. This is the jock that started it all. It’s a timeless classic in the world of underwear. Not many pairs can make that claim. When you look back through the history of men’s underwear this jock is always there.

If you haven’t tried this jock then we suggest your run out and get one. Made out of cotton, nylon and rubber. The waist band makes sure you don’t move and the pouch, while not a modal or microfiber, breathes through your activity.

This is one pair I think every man should have in his drawer. Not only is it good for wearing with sports but it can be worn daily. They are getting rarer to find and only one place I have seen them is at jockstrap central. Here are the reasons it’s our Underwear of the Week:

  • Classic styling that jocks today are based on
  • Has the original 3 inch striped waistband with bike tag on the front
  • Available in 5 Colors: White, Black, Red, Blue and Yellow
  • it’s just a classic!

Find the Bike #10 Jock at Jockstrap Central for $16.95.

This is the first week of the month and it’s time for brief lovers to rejoice. This is the week we profile a really great pair of briefs. This week it was hands down an easy winner. Big Boys Pants sent us three pairs to review. If you are a fan of our Facebook Page, then you saw the Instagram picture of the three pairs we received.

The Mini Briefs have an amazing fit and were ergonomically designed to move with you all day. It’s great to see more and more companies designing underwear to really fit a guys body.The brand, not only this pair, do a perfect job of this. If you are a guy who likes a great pouch in his underwear then you should definitely check this pair out!

Here are some reasons why this made UOTW!

  • Pair won’t ride up
  • High Cut Leg
  • Made of super soft modal
  • Available in 7 colors
  • Ergonomically designed pouch

You can find these at the Big Boy Pants site for £12. We have a review that will be out this weekend. So stay tuned.

It’s the last Underwear of the Week! That mean’s its Boxer Brief week. For this week, we decided to do something classic, but with a twist. This pair looks like your everyday ordinary boxer brief, but it’s made out of Modal. Modal is a great fabric that has great qualities when made into underwear. The first is it keeps moisture away from the body. The next is it feels super soft. No one likes rough underwear. It may looks simple but it is perfect for anytime of athletic activity you may do.

Calvin Klein is one of the very first designer underwear companies. They haven’t slowed down since they first hit the scene in the 80’s. They keep making great pairs like this boxer brief. Some of the reasons its our underwear of the month:

  • Made out soft micro modal
  • Has a soft microfiber logo waistband
  • Designed contrast color piping
  • Constructed with a contoured pouch
  • Available in Black, Blue and Red
  • 90% modal 10% lycra

You can find this at underwear retailers online and in retail stores across the country. It is listed on the Calvin Klein Website site for $26.

It’s Friday so that means that its time for Underwear of the Week. The third week is a jockstrap! This week we choose the Candyman Two Shades Jockstrap! The reason this wins this week is it’s just FUN! I got a chance to see this one in Vegas and I really love the way it looked!

Over the last few years jocks have become their own category in undies. I think before that it was always considered a part of the “fetish” world. Now they are front and center in many collections. Companies are making jocks in fun colors, different materials and are not just creating “classic” jocks. This is not a “classic” jock but a new take on a classic pair of men’s underwear.

Reasons this pair made underwear of the week:

  • Two tone pouch is new and fun
  • Branded leg straps
  • Available in two color combinations
    • Blue & White
  • Polyester/Spandex fabric blend
This pair is out in stores now. So check it out and let us know what you think!


It’s Underwear of the Week day! I am so happy how well this feature has taken off with our readers. The second week is a thong or something really fun. This week it was hard to finding a really fun thong. Last week I had such an easy time narrowing it down to one where, however, this week not so much. I know a few good potential thongs I saw at Magic/Curve but many of them aren’t out yet. So, this had me go back and think of the recent reviews we’ve done in the last few months.

Then one stood out and that thong is the N2N Bodywear L.A. Haze G. It’s the same cut as the Odyssey  thong they discontinued but now with a fun and funky color pattern. This cut is a favorite of our thong reviewer  UNBThongGuy. He says the style is one of the best thongs he’s ever had and he knows his thongs. It’s been my experience as well that N2N really knows how to design underwear for men.

Reasons for making it our underwear of the week are:

  • Super comfortable design
  • Really fun hand dyed pattern fabric
  • Each design is different and individual
  • 90% cotton/10% Spandex
  • $19.00

Find this pair and more at the N2N Bodywear Site! You can always email us suggestions for Underwear of the Week at


We hope you are enjoying the new feature of Underwear of the Week as much as we are, it gives us a chance to check out new and classic pairs of underwear we think would be great for you guys to check out. I asked the staff this week which should be our Brief this week and ATL Briefs suggested and it was agreed upon that the Diesel Andre Brief would be perfect.The specific pair is the Andre Brief.

The reason this is underwear of the week are:

  • Part of the Throwback Basics line from Diesel, very much a classic
  • Available in other colors as well, including stripes and solids
  • Retro styled Waistband
  • Low rise style with a nice pouch
  • Colors: Black and Ivory
  • Cost: $18.00

You can find this pair at Men’s Underwear Store, who we thank for the picture used in this post.

It’s Underwear of the week time! This is the fourth week, which means we pick a great pair of boxer briefs. The pair we choose is the Cocksox CX12ST, which is the Cocksox Stripe Boxer. Cocksox has been one of the favorites here at UNB. The CX12ST has the fit of a boxer but the pouch of a brief. It is perfect for wearing to work, out on the town or playing sports.

  • Made with the Cocksox Branded Waistband
  • Available in Ahoy (blue/black) and Club (Red/Black)
  • Features wrap around support and the famous Cocksox pouch
  • Great silhouette accented by the stripes
  • Breathable, Fast Drying
  • Draws moisture from the body
  • 94% Cotton 6% Lycra

If you haven’t tried Cocksox then we recommend you get this pair! This pair is available from the Cocksox website for $37.00

Make sure you vote next week to see which of these last four pairs will be Underwear of the Month for September!