Ben Cohen



After the success of their initial collaboration in 2012, masculine men’s underwear brand Bluebuck has partnered with England Rugby Champion and current Strictly Come Dancing contestant, Ben Cohen, on a range of special edition underwear. The exclusive collection is produced in support of Ben’s StandUp Foundation, an anti-bullying charity of which he is chairman.

The range features Bluebuck’s traditional trio of styles – brief, boxer and trunk – and subtly updates with trim in turquoise and white, to represent the StandUp colours.  It also features the high quality fit and feel the brand has come to be known for, all produced in the environmentally responsible manner that lies at the brand’s core.

Since launching in 2010 Bluebuck has proved it is an underwear brand with a conscience. Using the cleanest of energy sources to manufacture their products in Europe and choosing land rather than air to transport goods and raw materials, the brand is proud to avoid the far-flung supply chains favoured by others.

Ben’s love of outdoor sports and dedication to his StandUp Foundation makes for a perfect match with Bluebuck’s values of outdoor adventures, men being men and climate friendly production.

Find more info mation at http://www.bluebuck.net/ or http://www.standupfoundation.com/


We posted last week we need an Underwear Hero. Which stated we need a mainstream spokesman for underwear. That being said we are not at a loss for underwear models. We wonder who you favorite underwear model is currently.




Felipe-Jimenez_by-WalterAS_005 juan-esteban-for-joe-snyder-31

The choices are (left to right and by rows):

  • Jon Varak – Andrew Christian
  • Ben Cohen – Bluebuck Underwear
  • Will Grant – Previous work UnderGear
  • Steven Dehler – Timoteo
  • Colby Melvin – Previous work Andrew Christian
  • Phillip Fusco – Gregg Homme
  • Felipe Jimenez – Joe Snyder
  • Juan Esteban – Joe Snyder/Vuthy/and more

Or did we miss your favorite model? Let us know who you want to see more of in undies

We have another entry into the world of men’s underwear. International Rugby star Ben Cohen has entered the industry to benefit his Stand Up Foundation. If you know of Ben you know this isn’t the first time we’ve seen him in undies. He’s was the model for Sloggi back in the day.

Flash forward about 4 years and been has turned his attention to GLBT community and at risk youth from bullying. Ben is an athlete that has turned his name into helping others.

The underwear will be shown for the first time on July  12 during Provincetown Bear Weekend special event at the Foundation.  Styles available will be a trunk, brief and boxer and only colors will be blue and white. The underwear is retailing for$32-38 and all proceeds will benefit the Stand Up Foundation.

The underwear is in pre-order on the site right now. To find out more about the foundation or underwear go to the Stand Up Foundation Website.