Underwear Review


PQ150015_Green_1CandyMan Fashion furnished the PetitQ Two-Tone Green Floral Lace Bikini for review.

Rating: 7.6/10

  • Daily Fit: 6/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 7/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 6

Pros: Sheer, lace, true sizing, great print.

Cons: Abrasive fabric.

SALVATORE Recommendation: I was excited when word got to me that Candyman Fashion supplied the Spring PetitQ line for the UNB team to review. I’ve never worn PetitQ and couldn’t wait to give it a try. When the very skimpy pair of lace briefs arrived in the mail. I immediately planned a time to wear them during several activities.

Not only had I never worn PetitQ, this was my first time to wear lace. Before anyone decides to stop reading because you think lace is for women, give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed. After all, I’m not talking about a frilly lace (although, if that’s your thing, there’s nothing wrong with it). I’m talking about a very masculine lace that is two tone in color. It gives a very cool transparent look to your curves!

The PetitQ Two-Tone Green Floral Lace Bikini is very appealing to the eye. The fit is true and dynamically hugs the body. I typically wear an XL. The brief was true to the sizing chart supplied by the manufacturer. When I first slipped into the lacy greatness. I was concerned about how low cut the thin waisted elastic band was on the hips. Then I realized that I need to pull them up which created a cheeky affect on seat of the briefs. I thought this would bother me, but did not. I tried out my normal review “tests” by attempting to wear this pair like I do with everything else I review:

  • All day in jeans: I wish I could tell you that I made it all day in jeans wearing these great looking briefs. I didn’t! The lace fabric was so abrasive (not soft) that I had to take them off after only a few minutes under the jeans. I was bummed because they look so great on my body.
  • To bed: I definitely looked great when I dressed for bed that night. I snuggled in to for a great nights sleep only to realize that I couldn’t tolerate sleeping in the fabric either. At this point in my review experience. I was getting a little frustrated with the feel of the fabric. How could something so appealing to the eye feel so horrible up next to the skin.
  • At gym during workout: I knew this wouldn’t work out (no pun intended) well. I didn’t even try.

Because the first thing that I look for in a pair of underwear is the pouch design. Is it anatomical or not. I was excited about the room in the pouch of the brief. I would not classify this pouch in the purely ergonomical category. I would say that it is roomy enough to be very very close.

Other than the lack of softness in the fabric, the construction on the brief is top notch. The pattern is eye catching. The pouch is roomy. The leg bands and waistband are comfortable. The sizing was spot on for what was advertised. Unfortunately, the fabric is hard to overcome.

SO WHAT DO YOU DO WITH SOMETHING SO GREAT LOOKING THAT CAN’T BE TOLERATED AS AN EVERY DAY PAIR?: I say buy it anyway and find an occasion wear you will wear it as part of a costume.  For a very brief period of time (if you know what I mean), or as a Fetish Friday fun pair. Great underwear serves a purpose. Most of the time, the good ones are for something specific. My underwear journey is helping me to be more open-minded. Thank you CandyMan Fashion and PetitQ for getting me outside of my normal “MODAL” box and into the realm of the unkown—LACE.


PAIR: Two-Tone Green Floral Lace Bikini

COLORS: Two-Tone Lace (As pictured)

FABRIC: Body: 50% polyester, 40% nylon, & 10% spandex

SIZES: Small – XL

COST: $25.48

FURNISHED BY: CandyMan Fashion

Where to buy: https://www.candymanfashion.com/products/petitq-pq150015-bikini-color-green-5

andrew-christian-valenties-peek-a-boo-briefFirst let me start off saying this pair maybe out of stock. But, there are other colors than the limited edition pair. We got a lot of Andrew Christian to review. Over the next few weeks you’ll see them. I choose this pair because it was limited edition and for Valentine’s Day.

Andrew Christian to me makes really great underwear. His Almost Naked and Trophy Boy are some of my favorite undies. They fit me great and are made for a guy with extra up front.

There are several reasons why I choose this pair to review. The first was for the color. The Valentine’s Day inspired pair is red/pink with white mesh in the back. I don’t have any fun pairs for Valentines Day.  The second reason is the pouch is a separate piece and allows easy access. It seems to be a trend to create just pouches that either aren’t attached or just a pouch.

I said above I chose this, knowing I didn’t like pairs with pouches that detach or enhance. When I got to put this on I realized this and thought, “oh no I maybe in trouble.” I slide the pair on and the leg openings were a little tight. It made me wonder if it was too tight through out the day. After I pulled it up, it didn’t feel too tight. I just hoped it would last! Second, I slid my junk through the opening and put it in the pouch. The pouch really worried me. I was worried I would all our and through the day it would require constant adjustment.

As the day went on, I kind of forgot that I was wearing pouch underwear. The initial fears didn’t come through. The pouch was supportive and held me in place all day. I was really impressed. They did a great job on this pouch. The bonus was going to the bathroom all you had to do was lift the pouch up and then put it back down. Next the leg openings didn’t feel tight. I have had pairs in the past that drove me crazy and had to go!

I wore this pair running errands. I knew this would put the pouch to the test. It was about 6 hours of running around and driving. About an hour in I forgot about my concerns and just enjoyed the pair. It amazed me how well the pair felt. There was just the right amount of tension to keep the pouch in place all day. The mesh in back was a great touch too. Its sexy but not over the top.


  • Fun Valentine’s Color
  • Great fit
  • Loved the mesh panels, sexy for Valentine’s day


  • Pull off pouch – some may not like the fit
  • If you have large thighs the pair may be too tight


  • Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 8
  • Construction – 9
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance – 8
  • Overall  – 8.4

This pair was furnished for review by Andrew Christian. It may not be available but find similar pair in different colors on the Andrew Christian site.

Also contains an affiliate sales link




The pair I am reviewing today is the Booty Brief by Gregg Homme. When I got these I was surprised how thin they looked. Pulling them out of the package made me worry how they would hold up against my bubble butt, the material seemed really thin. I was also worried about the white pouch as if it would be see through. This was my first pair by Gregg Homme so I wasn’t sure what to expect, I just knew he does some wilder styles. It comes in red, black, green, blue, purple and the white I got.

I wore this pair to work where I sit for most of the day. I also wore it out to IKEA and then building a dresser. They got a nice work out for a day. They occasionally would slip down on my ass some but then I would pull them up and it was fine. I actually liked pulling them up because it would cause the middle strap to slip between my cheeks and feel like a thong. After the day I gave them I think they would hold up to an active day.

I had the small size of these briefs which covers a 29 to 31 inch waist. The sizing was really true to size. I am a 28 to 29 waist normally so they fit me good. I think part could be my bubble butt helps to hold things into place more too.

I really liked how different this pair looked. They are unique and will get me lots of attention. I really liked that the middle strap would go up my crack and make me feel like I had a thong on but also briefs as well. The pouch was amazing as well. It clung to me perfectly and showed off the goods. The thinness of the fabric on the butt really made me nervous. I don’t feel like it would hold up for everyday use if  I wore them often. I think I would have felt more comfortable if the middle strap was thicker so that when it rides into the crack you don’t worry about it ripping.


  • sexy looking and comfortable material
  • pouch fits extremely well


  • material felt thin
  • slits made the butt kinda cold


  • Daily Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 10
  • Construction/Material – 8
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance – 7
  • Overall – 8.6

This pair was furnished for review by Gregg Homme. Available in Black, White, Red, Purple, Khaki and Sky Blue. Retails for $41.95

Note: Bryce is one of the newest guys on the site and this is his first review!

See all the pics below


Over the last year 2EROS has really come into their own. I remember their launching in 2006 with some great colors and photography. They really made me take notice. Jason over there keeps designing amazing undies that always surprises me. I got to try them for the first time last year and loved each and every pair.  This time I get to try the Neo Jock.

My first impressions were it’s pretty cool. The color I got was the Red color. The mix of the black and bright color was an amazing contrast. The second thing I liked was the pouch. There is a fly that is fully functional at the top of the pouch. At first I thought this was crazy but after wearing it was really cool. I wondered if it would sag or not be functional through out the day. Another impression is the straps are lower then traditional jocks. It’s more a brief cut that is a jock, it’s almost full cut across the front.

I wore this pair for some errands and a busy day so I knew a jock would be perfect for the day. I slide the pair on and the straps take a little work. I’m used to the straps getting on right form the start, these took a little work to get in the right position. I had the worry that because it was different position it would be annoying, But once on they stayed in place and felt great. So, I want you guys to know the straps are a little different. The pouch is great. I even used the fly. Not to be crude but the waist band is high and to go to the bathroom I said what the heck, I used the fly and put everything back in and it never felt like it lost its shape.

The sizing is a little smaller then we expect but not really bad. I wear a 36-38 and wore an X-large. But double check the sizing charts. The fabric on these felt great. It’s a modal blend and really feels amazing. Modal has fast become one of my favorite fabrics for underwear. Because it’s soft and feels amazing!

One last thing I forgot about is there is a rubber tag in the back. It’s interesting and fun. I felt it a few times but to me it wasn’t bad. It’s a cool thing they added to make it a little more fun. So it’s mix of fun and fetish!


  • Great Color Combinations
  • Incredible Modal Fabric
  • Fly is fully functional


  • Straps may bother some – I found them good after adjusting
  • Rubber Tag some may not like aesthetically


  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 8
  • Construction/Materials – 9.5
  • Styling – 9.5
  • Daily Performance – 9.5
  • Overall:  9.1

This pair was furnished by 2EROS. Available for $32.95 at the 2EROS Site. I believe that is Australian Dollars.





I’m sad to say this is my last Gregg Homme review. I really love them and their take on undies. The previous reviews were for the Cowboy Thong and Baller Boxer. This time I have the For Play Brief.  Anytime I get to put on a pair of Gregg Homme I always get excited to see what they have done. This pair was no different.

The pair I have today is the For Play briefs which are a fun low-rise pair. The pair  has an interesting V design in front. Meaning, most briefs have a straight line where the waistband is, this one the elastic kinda wraps around you and then continues on to the leg band. It’s a fun design.

The material is similar to that of the Baller Boxer. It was very light and stretchy and conforms to your body and was semi-sheer. I think a bit more sheer then the Baller, but that could be because of this pair was black. The description on the Gregg Homme site is: The FORPLAY brief by Gregg Homme is a classic-coverage undergarment made from an elegant, stripe-textured semi-transparent hyperstretch material, featuring a two-tone folded elastic running diagonally above its center-seamed pouch. The FORPLAY brief has a center-seamed seat for added definition, ¼-ich waistband and Gregg Homme logo tag at back center.

I wore these around the house and errands and then a night out. During the day they fit great. My biggest concern was the pair was would be too low cut and would that bother me?  Luckily it didn’t cause any fit issues. During the day I wore regular jeans but changed into the same jeans I wore out  with the Cowboy Thong review. Being low cut and the low rise jeans were a perfect combo. Not once did the undies show over the waistband.

Sizing with these as I have said are spot on. You shouldn’t have any sizing issues they fit my 36/38 inch waist in an XL. But double check the sizing charts to be sure.

One thing I want to note about Gregg Homme. They make very well made underwear. They are pricy but they hold up. I think every pair I have ever bought is in my line up still. The materials and construction are some of the best in the industry. So when you get a pair you’ll have it for a while, so don’t let the price scare you off. I think the oldest pair is 3-4 years old and still holding up awesome.


  • Great low rise design
  • V Front makes it super sexy
  • Amazing Materials


  • Pricy for undies, but will hold up over time
  • Semi-sheer so not for the conservative/shy guy


  • Daily Fit – 9.5
  • Sizing – 10
  • Construction/Materials – 10
  • Styling – 9.5
  • Daily Performance – 9.5
  • Overall: 9.7

This pair was furnished for review by Gregg Homme. The For Play line has the brief in Black, White, Purple and Grey for $34.95. Also available in a string, boxer and t-shirt in the same colors. See more pics below:


Its not every day I get a pair of underwear that costs $100. Yes you heard me right, I got a pair of Frigo that retails for $100. Our friends over at Fresh Pair gave us this pair to review. So I was kinda excited to really put on a pair that has been profiled on the Today Show and other news outlets. This is a pair that I think will have a market but it will be highly specialized and those who wear it will love it and be worth every penny. Be warned this will be a LONG review.

The pair I got is the Frigo No. 1 Exclusive Boxer Briefs. The pair has been designed amazingly. When I took it out of the package the quality of the material was evident. Have you ever buy a pair of undies and when you feel them you know it’s high quality? That’s what I got with the Frigo. It was a very strong nylon/spandex blend. Which I personally love. I looked at the pair and there were air holes, mesh panels and a really interesting pouch. The mesh panels are not ones that are see through to show off but for cooling. This pair is designed for intense sporting activities.  The technology behind the pair is amazing. You can tell they spent time on the pair. I was really excited to try the pair, but my question was, will it hold up to every day use?

FRIGO-Pouch-breakdownI put the pair on and the first thing you notice is the pouch. It’s an interesting design that you put your junk, for a lack of better word, in and the pouch is adjustable. I forgot to mention that earlier, but you can adjust it to fit, so this is great for bigger guys. Adjusting is not bad and is done with a button rather then Velcro so it won’t slip or get messed up the way it does sometimes after a lot of wear. It took me a minute to get adjusted in the pair, but after getting situated it felts great. I will admit I’m not one for crazy pouch designs but this is something new, it kinda reminds me of Saxx but it’s a bit more advanced in design.

Boxer briefs are not my favorite style. One of my biggest gripes is that the legs ride up and loose their shape. Nothing can ruin a pair for me more then legs bunching up and having to pull them down all day. This pair avoids that by the implementation of silicone on the leg openings. It grips your legs and the pair won’t ride up. I was a little worried it would grip too tight or rip the hairs out of my legs but it didn’t. I’m telling you the thought put in this pair just blows my mind. Frigo did some research on how to make underwear for men!


I hear you saying yeah this is a great review but $100 buck price tag is hard to over look. I hear what you’re saying. I think these are for guys who are athletes or heavily involved with more intense athletics. I really see this taking market share from UnderArmour. I say this because they have engineered this so well and a lot of the UA gear I have tried doesn’t have a lot of support, especially the boxer briefs.  So, basically I see them as a high end athletic brand, which I think will do well.

Ok back to the review. I wore them around the house and errands. Which I don’t think did the pair justice. I should have gone out to run a marathon, do cross fit, or a triathlon.  The FreshPair.com site says guys wear it for every day. As I said the fit was amazing and felt great. These will be in my everyday wear let me tell you.

The pouch I liked, but like I said make sure you get in the pouch. Through out the day I would forget and have to go back and adjust. So it will take a little bit of work to make sure its all good.  But once in it I had no issues at all.

The nylon/spandex material just fit well.  Ok, not well I loved the feel of these on. They are basic black and if you were to wear them to the gym or else where you’d never get a second look. I said above that there were mesh panels. Which are on the side of the legs. They are the same black and it’s a sports mesh not a sheer mesh. It will keep you cool but not draw attention to you in a locker room. Most probably wouldn’t notice the very well engineered undies. They would think they were just run of the mill athletic undies.

Sizing in the pair was pretty spot on. I’m at an odd size I maybe could have gone smaller but that’s more on me then the Frigo. The legs have a tight fit and the pouch isn’t a bulge pouch, meaning it won’t show off and enhance what you have but support it. It may sound odd but I enjoyed it. As with all undies, make sure you double check the size guide before ordering.

This is the longest review I have ever written for UNB but there is so much about this pair that you can say. It seriously has blown me away the work that was put in this pair. The workmanship and material definitely justifies the price tag. I don’t think you will be disappointed.


  • Amazing technology and design
  • High quality materials
  • Innovative pouch design
  • Silicone on the leg to prevent riding up
  • Classic styling


  • High price tag may turn guys off
  • Maybe too athletic for many guys daily wear
  • Only available in black, if you’re a guy who loves color


  • Daily Fit – 10
  • Sizing – 10
  • Construction/Materials – 10
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance – 10
  • Overall: 9.8

This pair, as I said was furnished for review by Freshpair.com. Frigo has a lot more pairs then just the $100 pairs, they also have T-shirts and other boxer briefs for around $30. Definitely check them out if you’re an avid sportsman.


112505-02-far-frontI continue my reviews of Gregg Homme the next pair I get to review for you guys is the Baller Boxer.  The first thing you notice is that the Baller boxer is tiny in the package. Meaning the boxer came in a pouch that easily fit in the palm of my hand. I originally thought it was a brief till I took it out of the package. I was a little worried because it has a thin waistband and super light material. I have tried similar styles from other brands and half way through the day they were falling off… Would this happen with Gregg Homme?

Well I should have known my fears were unfounded. The pair performed amazing. First let’s tackle the waistband. Yeah, I was worried it wouldn’t hold up. It didn’t fit super tight like I usually like. However, it stayed in place all day and never moved out of place or sagged. Which was my biggest concern.

Second the material, which is super thin. I always am amazed with what Gregg Homme does with materials. The hyper stretch material just conforms to your body. I love tight spandex blends that conform to my body. So when I first put this on it was looser then I usually like but through out the day it was super light and really felt like I wasn’t’ wearing undies. Note that the material is also semi sheer, so if you don’t want to show off a little you may not like. It made me think that this would be an awesome summer pair under shorts.

Lastly, the pouch. I’m a stickler when it comes to pouches. This one is defined and I will say I’m amazed at the support I had in it. I wasn’t expecting it to hold me like it did. All I have to say is that I’m blow away by the pair.

I wore the pair to run around errands, around the house and to dinner. Each of these situations it performed above my expectations. I think the material is made for an active guy. It’s hard for me to describe with anything other then amazing.

Now on to the sizing. You are asking what is the sizing? It’s pretty standard with US sizing. I received and XL which fit my 36/38 waist pretty well. I gained a bit of weight back over the holidays but working it off.  As with any brand always double check the size chart on their site, because some brands do change sizes!  I think Gregg Homme has been pretty standard.


  • Amazing stretchy material
  • Fit like a second skin
  • Good pouch support


  • If not a fan of looser fitting materials you may not like
  • The pair is semi-sheer for those who are modest


  • Daily Fit – 10
  • Sizing – 9.5
  • Construction/Materials – 10
  • Styling – 9.5
  • Daily Performance – 10
  • Overall:  9.8

Gregg Homme furnished this pair for review. It retails for $34.95 on their site. It is available in black, white, grey and purple. Also check out the brief, thong and string in this line.

See all the close up pictures below

1124-Cowboy-Ambiance-1I will be the first to admit I’m not a “thong guy.” Not saying I don’t like them but my usual go to pair is a brief. But, when Gregg Homme sends a thong to review, I knew I had to give it a go. The pair they sent is the Cowboy Thong. When I saw it in Vegas I loved it. I just wish I had the chaps to go with it! But I only got the thong!

Gregg Homme has consistently made amazing underwear. Every pair I have ever received have fit amazing and been able to wear through out the day with any problems. So, anytime I get a new pair from them they come from a high standard! I will admit I was kinda excited to try this pair. Why you ask? Well the thong has a pouch that is sheer but has a design laid over it, so it doesn’t show your business but is super sexy.

When I pulled it out of the package the first thing that concerned me was the pouch. Yes, I love a great pouch and need the room up front. Previous pairs have been made out of super stretchy material and I never worried, this one was more rigid, for a lack of better word, material. There wasn’t a lot of give so I hoped it would fit. I slid them on and they did fit pretty well. I will say it amazed me how well it fit. The pouch as supper supportive and felt great.

I decided to wear these to two different holiday parties. I will say my chief concern was would I show a whale tale in my jeans, I wore lower rise jeans and it could definitely show when I bent over. But I wore a longer shirt and I don’t think it showed. As the night went on I could tell it haven’t worn a thong often. The string bothered me a little when I sat and leaned forward. But it wasn’t annoying I think I was just not used to wearing one. When I was standing and mingling I really forgot I had it on. I really felt super sexy wearing this and no one knew what I had on!

That is prob the best thing about wearing super sexy undies. It makes you feel amazing. I think we need to treat our selves with undies like these every so often. Also, it’s great to step outside our underwear comfort box and wear something we wouldn’t wear in a normal day. Mix it up and have fun.

The sizing in Gregg Homme is pretty spot on with the size guide. I wore an XL with my 36-38 waist. The sizes can range from XS to XL so check the size chart but I don’t think you will have much issues with sizing with them.


  • Great Design that is super fun
  • Good supportive Pouch
  • Just fun to wear to a party


  • String bothered me a little


  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction/Materials – 10
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall: 9.4

If you’re a thong fan I would say get these, or if you want to step outside your comfort zone try them out! Gregg Homme furnished this pair for review. It is available on their site for $38.95. Also available in the colors, Steel and Sand. The pair I reviewed was the Sand.

See more pics below:


This is second pair of underwear from Joe Snyder that I’ve attempted to use as an everyday pair.   The last time I tried this was with their ‘Pride Frame’ bikini.  The results were mixed.  The issue I encountered was its practicality for everyday use.  Given my disposition and frequent use of skimpy undies when engaged in bedroom recreation I found it really distracting to try to pull off a normal demeanor while secretly donning male strip-o-gram undies.

I’m glad to report this time was different.  The ELA bikini takes a tiny step away from the edge that separates ‘skimpy’ from ‘too-skimpy.’  I should back up a moment and explain that I tend to be a traditionalist when it comes to men’s underwear.  Think Jim Palmer and Jockeys circa 1976.  That style was definitely skimpy for its day but it wasn’t so skimpy as to become off-putting.  In today’s market we have so many pairs that border on dental floss that the Jockey’s of yore seem downright… proper.

So with that in mind, I will say it was a much better experience with the ELA.  If the Pride Frame is just a tad bit too adventurous for you, then I recommend you try the ELA.

The facts: Made in Mexico.  80% polyamide/20% spandex (basically a speedo).  Apparent good construction.

The waistband has been updated and instead of featuring the words ‘Joe Snyder’ it simply features an embossed JS symbol which you can only see up close.  Aesthetically, it works great.  The contrasting white color of the waistband is the only visual ‘trick’ employed.  Not splashy at all, which I really like.  The only other visual statement is made by the cut itself which is just awesome.

An important note regarding sizing:  All JS pairs I’ve ever tried seem to run just a bit small.  This might just be my perception as they are intended to be skimpy regardless of size.  But just be warned that you may need to go up a whole size depending on your build. Otherwise your front may be having a fight with your rear for who gets coverage and who doesn’t.

Unlike my last encounter with JS, this time I succeeded in wearing the pair for a full day at the office.  I was concerned that the pair would become uncomfortable after a short time, just because comfort and good looks are so often mutually exclusive.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  It was perfectly fine the whole day; snug but not uncomfortably so.  Most surprising, the waistband did not give me a permanent JS tattoo.  The inside surface of the band is soft and has no discernible marks or patterns so the ‘tattoo effect’ is kept to a minimum.

The best part about this pair (if you’re like me) is that you can go about your day without being constantly reminded of this tight banana hammock thing beneath your clothes.  They’ve succeeded in making something look hot but feel more like a pair of low-rise briefs.  At the end of the day when you take your clothes off you may say to yourself “damn… that’s what I was wearing?”

To sum things up:


  • Excellent cut with minimal ‘flashy’ elements
  • Surprisingly, not too snug in spite of the materials
  • The most perfect waistband


  • May need to up-size if you have any meat on your bones


  • Daily Fit         9
  • Sizing         7
  • Construction/Materials         8
  • Styling         10
  • Daily Performance         10
  • Overall         8.8

Joe Snyder furnished this pair for review.

abcunderwear_2272_10887956I am really excited to get back into the swing of UNB by reviewing this jock. I had a hiatus this summer because I was working at a job with no internet connection…and then moved across the country. So this undies writer is now a Seattleite 🙂 In my new apartment’s mailbox last week, arrived this gem. I had never heard of NDS before I got this jock. I had no preconceived notions, but I was very excited from what I opened. When I first took it out, I saw that it was going with the “new” cut of jock (referring to not just the pouch in front, but more of a brief cut in the front). And the back is a traditional jock (not the brief jock that looks like a brief in back with a porthole cut out) with straps.

I googled my jock and found that it is available in black and a really vivid purple (I got the black).

Upon fondling the pair a bit before trying it on, I became really eager to see how it fit. The fabric is a 95% Viscose 5% Spandex blend, Viscose being the derivative of Rayon (a great man-made substitute for silk made out of cellulose fibers (wood pulp mostly). I’m a sucker for Rayon, it just ends up having a better feel to it than cotton. The pouch definitely had room in it, but the straps felt secure. Obviously, you can’t see this pair without noticing the BIG DEAL, the sexy 1 1/4” gold waistband. It’s pretty bold, but I’ve never shied away from bold undies before. Another few things I like about the undies are the fact that the butt-straps are cut WITH the front pouch, as in, there is no seam where the butt-straps get sewn on. The fabric from the front pouch just glides up and over the hips and then thins out into a butt-strap. The front pouch has a VERY comfortable front seam down the center. I literally had to check with my hand cause I couldn’t tell just by wearing it.

So now, let’s get to putting it on. It fits very nicely, snug without being tight. I am a 34-36 underwear size kind of guy, and Tim sent me a Large which is listed as 34-36”. Perfect fit. NDS makes this pair in small through 2XL, but they do have a 2$ materials surcharge for cuts above XL (I find that a bit annoying, 2$, really?). The butt-straps are pretty much perfect, they are comfortable, sit just at the right place without really needing to do any manual adjustments (except for the first trying on moment, but that’s the case with any jock right?). There is no chance of awkward tag-sightings, because they sewed their label right above your junk. I didn’t even know it was there, I’d risk to say if you go for the “bald” look down there, maybe you’ll notice the tag.

I wore this around town, and to a hot yoga class (more than once). It is probably my new favorite jock. It fits in all the right places, has room in all the right places, doesn’t need constant strap adjustment. The fabric feels great, even after 2 rounds in the laundry (I washed it just like I do all my clothes, cold water wash, medium heat on dryer). My only real negative I can think of is maybe it’s a bit too roomy in the pouch, but I think that’s a personal thing (I’m not small, but I’m not one of those droopy elephant trunk kind of guys either)


  • Sexy waistband/butt-straps.
  • No midday/midyoga adjustments needed.
  • Great feel on skin.


  • Limited color range
  • I don’t own more of them
  • Seriously, I can’t think of any.
  • Maybe a little too roomy in the pouch.


  • Daily Fit: 9
  • Sizing: 8
  • Construction/Materials: 10
  • Styling: 8
  • Daily Performance: 9
  • OVERALL: 8.8

Abc Underwear furnished this pair for review.


abcunderwear_2272_8458693This isn’t the first time we have reviewed NDS Wear. To me they are the little brand that could. Meaning that they make some really great underwear that is underrated. It has been a few years since we reviewed them so I’m glad we have them back! In the previous reviews the sheer brief I reviewed, was one of my favorite pairs. It had a great pouch and an amazing fit. But, I lost 75 pounds and can no longer wear it.

The pair I received was the Gold Status Brief. When I took it out of the package, I immediately noticed the gold waistband. The waistband is one of the most favorite things on a pair of underwear to me. So right away I loved it. Then I noticed the color, the black material really sets off the waistband. It is made with an ergonomically designed pouch. Again something I love and really wanted this pair to live up to the hopes I put in it!

I wore this to work and I really have to get a new routine to test underwear. But let’s face it; most of us wear our underwear to work more then anywhere else. So it’s not a bad test. If you’re like me, if you ever wear a bad pair to work it will drive you crazy. But the pouch really held up well.  I was very pleased with it. It held everything in place and felt good. It never rode up or gave me any problems. I would dare to say you could wear this pair being a bit more active or even to the gym. But the gold waistband may catch a few eyes.  The only real problem was the waistband had a tendency to roll a bit.

Sizing in this pair was pretty good. I received a Large. I am roughly a 36-38 right now. It wasn’t too tight on me. I probably should have asked for an XL since the sizing is 34-36. But it wasn’t band. This pair also goes up to XXL. Which is great for guys who are bigger and want some great undies. XXL is a 40-42, which is my old size, well more on the 42!


  • Great Gold Waistband
  • Erognomic Pouch
  • Made out of soft Rayon/Spandex Blend


  • Waistband seemed to roll some


  • Daily Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 8
  • Construction/Materials – 8
  • Styling – 8
  • Daily Performance – 8
  • Overall – 8

ABC Underwear furnished this pair for review and retails for $24.95


Over the last year or so, Joe Snyder has become one of my favorite brands. The new Pride Frame line bikini is probably in the top 10 of my favorite pairs right now. When they refreshed the line, I was super happy to have another pair of them. The newest release from Joe Snyder is the Activewear Line. It’s one they told me about over a year ago and I was very excited to hear about it.

The Activewear is a bit of a departure from Joe Snyder. This one features a more defined pouch and a signature waistband. Previous lines rarely had a branded waistband. Granted they had a few but none that entire focus was the waist band. This one it’s front and center and carried through all pairs in this collection. I personally love this new design features. Nothing sets off a pair of undies like a waistband.

One of the best things about Joe Snyder is the quality of their undies. They make them out of really great fabrics and the construction is always made great. Joe Snyder makes fun yet very masculine underwear.

I wore the pair to work when I knew it was going to be an active day. I figured since I was in a jock why not put it to the test right? It held up very well. I loved the construction of the leg straps and the nylon/spandex pouch. The waistband which i loved, was a bit tight at the end on the day. I should have gone up a size. I”m right on the boarder of the size chart. But if you’re an underwear fan you know sometimes it can be hard to pick the right size. The pouch fit well too. As many of you know pouches are very important to me. I prefer contoured pouches and this one fit me well.

The sizing if you follow the guide should be pretty much on. I am right on the boarder between sizes. As I said above, when you are at the cut off for brands it’s hard to actually pick a right size. Also gaining a few pounds didn’t help the matter. But if you follow their guide you should have no problems with this line. They are out of Mexico so the sizing on other lines may run smaller.


  • Love the new design, they stepped outside their box
  • Great new Waistband
  • Bigger pouch
  • Great bright color selection


  • I’m in between sizing so was a little small


  • Daily Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 7
  • Construction/Materials – 8.5
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Wear -8
  • Overall – 8.1

Joe Snyder furnished this pair for review. They can be found at the Joe Snyder Website.


Marcuse is a brand I had never heard of before receiving the test pair.  It is yet another import from an Australian company. AUS seems to be home to a growing number of designer underwear manufacturers.  This review covers their ‘bounce brief.’

This pair is made in China from a blend of 90% modal/10% elastane.   I am a fan of modal blends which are really soft and have a lot of stretch to them.  The fabric used in this pair is extremely thin, almost sheer.  It is very comfortable, but the use of such thin fabric has some tradeoffs which I’ll get into later.

The cut of this pair is closer to what I’d consider to be a bikini than a brief.   The sides are quite narrow, tapering down to about 1″ (excluding the waistband thickness) and creating a higher arch along the edge of the leg hole as it moves back.  I don’t mind that cut, but figure someone considering purchasing this pair should realize what it is.

I do like the manufacturer’s choice of color panels.  These pairs have a two-tone scheme which is not completely apparent in the photos since the alternate color panel only exists in the few inches of your… ahem, how should I phrase it… taint region?  Again, not completely visible, but I think it’s a nice touch.  Similarly, the exterior stitching in the contrasting color is aesthetically pleasing.  Not too garish.

I had an extremely easy day wearing these.  I did very little physical activity.  I essentially sat at my desk for 9 hours and then drove home.  In spite of this relative softball of a day the underwear had a hard time staying put.  It didn’t ride up at all, but what I found was that the narrow parts of the sides and front became a bit twisted or bunched up on themselves.  Looking at how this pair was made I see two possible culprits.

First, going back to the fabric, like I said it is very thin which is comfortable, but I also suspect limits its ability to retain its shape over time.  I would love to see them use a slightly heavier gauge of the same fabric and see if it makes a difference.

Second, the trim around the leg-hole has an unusual detail near the hip.  Instead of a making a continuous loop about the leg-hole, the trim stops, makes a 90 degree turn north, and makes a B line for the waist band.  I think was more for looks than any functional reason, but I think that discontinuity in the reinforcement of the leg hole seems like somewhat of a weak link, letting the fabric do whatever it wants.  Perhaps it’s the traditionalist in me, but I would much prefer to see how the pair would perform if they made that detail continuous.

Last, I would note that the pouch design, as with several other pairs of late, follows the trend of pushing things up and out.  I’ve come to accept that this is a theme in designer underwear that will not go away anytime soon.  Personally, I could do without it, but I would not call it a deal-breaker given all the other nice aspects about this pair.

To sum things up:


  • Nice use of contrasting colors.  Conservative, yet interesting
  • Incredibly soft material


  • The softness seems to let things creep pretty easily, even with light activity


  • Daily Fit         8
  • Sizing         9
  • Construction/Materials         7
  • Styling         9
  • Daily Performance         8
  • Overall         8.2

Marcuse furnished this pair for review


Howdy folks. This is Phillip here, the new kid in town. Today, I bring you my review of the Joe Snyder Activewear G-String in blue, on of the many cuts available in the new Activewear line, to include the bikini, jock strap, and boxer. Having tried a few different items from Joe Snyder, I was a little apprehensive, as I never have been a huge fan of the brand. However, a pair of underwear never intimidates me, so in I jumped. Upon first glance, I noticed that the fabric was different than the other undies I’ve worn from JS. Made of 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane, which felt smooth to the touch. The blue color that I received was very attractive looking as well, leading me to believe that the numerous colors and the camo print would look just as great. All in all, I was impressed on first look.

I chose to wear my review pair first thing, without washing. Spent most of the day sitting through classes, so pretty much casual type of environment. I then wore them to work later that evening, which doesn’t require a lot of movement. Once washed, I then took them for a spin at the gym. Overall, I didn’t have any issues while working out, or just sitting and walking, making the Activewear G-String a suitable piece for multiple uses.

I’m a bit of a large guy, in fact, that’s the size I usually wear in most brands. Joe Snyder runs a bit small in their sizing, it seems, cause it felt a little too snug for my personal preference in the waist. The tag reads that a large is 36-39 inches, which fits with the American sizing of a large being 36-38, for the most part, but it was just a little snug on me. I would honestly recommend wearing the next size up from what you normally wear in order to find an accurate fit.

Joe Snyder’s biggest plus, in my opinion, is their availability of colors for their underwear. I love the fact that, instead of the common black, white, red, and blue that you get with most brands, you also have options such as yellow, green, pink, purple, and even mesh, for the Activewear line of products. Everybody needs a bit of color to liven up his top drawer. I will also note that even though I expected it based on past expierence with Joe Snyder thongs, there wasn’t any “grinding”, as I call it, or rubbing of the area right above the crack. I’m also a fan of the waistband type of Gstrings and thongs, so bonus points for me. The biggest issue was that there was “gaping”, or where the fabric in the crotch doesn’t stay on the skin on the sides, instead leaving a little space between the skin and the edge of the underwear.

All in all, the Joe Snyder Activewear G-String was a decent pair of undies. Based on past expierences with this brand, I wasn’t expecting too much, and will say I was surprised to find that I liked them a little more than previous efforts from the company. Is this my all time favorite pair of underwear? Not by a long shot, but I will give credit where credit is due. Enjoyable and comfortable, with an appealing aesthetic that is sure to catch the eye.


  • Awesome color selection, to include camo and mesh options
  • Smooth Fabric
  • Stylish Waistband


  • Sizing not exactly correct
  • Gapping issues


  • Daily Fit- 70
  • Sizing- 40
  • Construction/Material-90
  • Styling- 90
  • Daily Performance-80
  • Overall- 74

Thanks for hearing me out. I’m very into not just undies, but to try and spread the word on whats good and whats not, and I only hope I can help somebody out there avoid a trap I’ve fallen into on more than one occasion. The most important piece of clothing is the underwear the put on first thing, and if I can help make that choice the best for somebody, I’ll consider myself a success. Until next time, this is Speedosoldier85, signing out.

Joe Snyder furnished this pair for review.


The pair of underwear I am reviewing is the Joe Snyder Mini Shorty in shiny black with white trim.  The shiny black fabric is a nice color with the silver waistband and white side areas and trim.  The mini shorty has a contrasting silver waistband with Joe Snyder sewn into the waistband in bold lettering, but not centered above the pouch on this pair.  The waistband has a metallic sheen to it and the pouch is slight.

After trying them on, the waistband is comfortable at two inches in width.  The slight pouch was conforming and defining with a two piece formation.  While this is a trunk, it is called a mini shorty due to the visual appearance being that of a pair of retro gym shorts.  There is no fly in this mini shorty which is the new norm and who really used a fly anyway.  Do not get mad if you did.  Just saying.  The mini shorty was pieced together in multiple pieces to create the pouch and rear to provide a better fit and make it more conforming.  The seat is two panels and it seems to be contoured to fit close to the skin.  Trust me.  You know the rear seam is there as it is made to really highlight the rear.  The pouch functions normally and is a good size for the average guys.  You guys that constantly talk about needing more room will need more room in these.  These fit well and create a nice line.  This is my second or third pair of Joe Snyder underwear and I enjoyed them.  These would be a really nice pair of underwear to wear under jeans as they sit low on the hips and are tight.

While wearing this pair of boxer briefs, I went about my normal Monday morning of late breakfast, teaching class, and relaxing at home afterwards.  It was a typical day for most guys, I suppose.  The pair fit well, looked nice, did not bunch up, but felt a bid odd as that rear seam really wanted to define my rear a bit more than my rear wanted to be defined.  This pair of underwear would be good for wearing under shorts or loose fitting pants as I wore them under tighter clothing and I barely felt them.  I would consider wearing it as workout wear as they were tight and supportive.

I received a size large in this mini shorty.  This size should cover a 32-24 pant size.  Sizing was a bit off as I am a size large in the vast majority of underwear and these are a bit tight.  This pair can be found for around 30-35$ on most websites and in stores in black, white, red, and turquoise.

I enjoyed the color combination, the metallic silver waistband, the white side panels, the white trim, and the way the pouch fit.  80% Polyamide and 20% Spandex fabric combination makes this a stretchy and conforming pair of underwear that I enjoyed.  This mini shorty had nothing major about it that I could complain about.  I did find the rear seam to be slightly annoying.  The cut of this pair of underwear may be better suited for guys that are more lean with perfectly straight sides versus an average guy, like me, to wear.

Overall, this was a good pair of underwear and I felt comfortable while wearing them.  The design is conforming to the body and creates a nice profile from the front and the rear.  I enjoyed this mini shorty and look forward to wearing them again.


  • Style
  • Fabric
  • Pattern/Color


  • Fit (rear seam was a bit tight)
  • Price

· Daily Fit – 8
· Sizing – 8
· Construction/Materials – 10
· Styling – 10
· Daily Performance – 8
· Overall – 8.8

Joe Snyder furnished these for review.


File under B… for bedroom.

Joe Snyder is not something I would typically use as everyday underwear.  It might just be mental barrier I haven’t broken yet, but I associate underwear like this exclusively with doing the grown-up behind closed doors.  The only pairs of JS that I’ve ever owned were for that express purpose.

These reviews we generate are based on a uniform set of evaluation criteria, which incorporates a full day’s test drive.  Well, I tried it. For reasons I’ll go into later, I don’t know that my results will really offer you an apples-to-apples comparison to other pairs of underwear.  But honestly 90% of this is subjective anyway.  So here goes.

First the facts: Made in Mexico.  80% polyamide/20% spandex.  Excellent construction quality.  The cut is definitely on the skimpier side, probably the skimpiest thing I’ve ever worn.  If you’re like me this is probably right on that edge between ‘skimpy-flattering and ‘skimpy-non-flattering.’ Maybe this is a hint that Mexico thinks we should exercise more.  Or maybe they want us to stop sending them McDonalds.

In the right context the pride frame bikini is f***ing hot.  I read nothing into the word ‘pride’ and simply took it at face value.  Pride as in be proud of your junk.  Because if you wear these your junk is going to be the only thing people see.  Through some clever pouch design and accent stitching JS has found a way to make that part of your body seem twice normal size.  The exterior contrast stitching does this ‘swoopie’ thing where it comes down from both sides and wraps around underneath, creating a ‘genital shelf’ if you will.  But unlike the Cocksox pair that I wrote about earlier in the month, the pouch does not force you into the ‘tent-pole’ configuration.  For me, that is a huge bonus, since I’m not a fan of the tent-pole.

The normal review criteria we look at include things like “daily fit” and “daily performance.”  I might have a hard time rating these because I didn’t wear these over the course of a full day.  I wore them for the same amount of accrued time, but broken up into smaller pieces.  Mainly because… well, I didn’t want to have an enormous bulge at work that day.

What I can say is that, due to the materials and cut, there is positively no creepage of any kind on this pair.  I would compare it to wearing a speedo under your clothes.  One that is as supportive, softer, and waaaaay skimpier.  If it was still 1987, Cher could use this pair as part of her tour wardrobe.

If I could turn back toooooommeeee…. (yes, I said tome)

Joking aside, if you choose to wear this as daily underwear I don’t think you’ll have any complaints about comfort or creepage.  But be mindful that the only thing separating the world from the male-stripper version of yourself is a single layer of pant material.  If you have the mental agility to balance these two sides of your persona and keep it under control in public then more power to you.  Guys like me have no choice but to relegate this to the bedroom only.

To sum things up:


  • You will turn into a sex machine in the bedroom


  • You will turn into a sex machine anywhere you happen to be


  • Daily Fit         7*
  • Sizing         8
  • Construction/Materials         9
  • Styling         9*
  • Daily Performance         7*
  • Overall         8

*please take this with a grain of salt.  I can’t wear these for a full day, so your score will probably differ greatly from mine.

Joe Snyder furnished this pair for review.


As I opened the package I was overcome with the excitement of what was inside. The Dylan Ribkoff Yeah You trunk was soft to the touch and had a stretchy wide elastic waist band that proclaimed its designer.

I day of running around on the weekend was ahead of me. I put them on under shorts and a T-shirt and went on my day. They were snug and moved with me all day. They were so comfortable! The hugged me in the right places. The only down side was the tag in the back was the most annoying tag that I have ever worn. I ended up cutting it out ½ way through the day. The rode lower on the waist and were comfortable in gym and on a run. They have a solid construction and are stitched well and the knit stretched in every direction.

The  Large fits a 36-38. They were low on the waist and comfortable. They supported you like a trunk/athletic trunk should. It was nice that they were made in Montreal and not China.  These were one of the most comfortable trunks I have worn.


  • Comfortable
  • Solid construction
  • Great for the gym
  • Made in Canada Eh!?




  • Daily Fit – 8
    Sizing  – 9
    Construction –10
    Styling – 10
    Daily performance – 10
    Overall 9.9

These were furnished by Coveops for review.

688904-605-fI wear jocks regularly.  I am definitely not one of those guys that wears them just for athletic activities.  So I was eager to try out this one from Papi. I love the briefs I have by them, and knew the jock would be a great addition to my ever growing underwear collection.  Created in Miami for the guy that likes a little flair, Papi always produces some great styles and patterns.  The Pride collection has a rainbow colored waistband that shows your pride.

I wore this jock on a pretty average work day for me.  A quick stop at Starbucks to get my morning fix and then off to the office for 8 hours of fun.  Sitting at my desk with the occasional lap around the office to stretch my legs.  Exciting, right?  Throughout my day, I loved the way this jock felt in the front.  Papi underwear does a great job of supporting without flattening things out, and this jock held true to form in this aspect.  I did feel that the support straps in the back felt a little looser than I am used to.   Had to give them a tug a couple of times for adjustment.

The Pride Jock is available in black and red.  In a size medium, the colorful waistband was a good fit on my 31” waist.  Their size chart says a medium is for 32 to 34 inch waists, which may explain why the straps felt a little loose for me.  I feel like for those of us with the awkward waist size of 31” (really, who carries a 31 in anything these days?) a small might be a better overall fit.


  • great support
  • bright colored waistband
  • polyester/spandex blend feels great


  • leg straps felt a little loose


  • Daily Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 8
  • Construction/Materials – 10
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance  – 8
  • Overall: 8.8

This jock was provided by Papi Underwear and is available for $20 at http://papiinc.com.


I LOVE Cocksox and when I reviewed the Backstage Waistband brief I knew I was going to have to review this pair. Cocksox has really out done themselves with this line. They have taken their classic styles and made them with a new fabric. It’s been a gamble that may not have paid off. But like most gambles when it does it’s amazing.

The Backstage Bikini is made out of the same material as the Waistband Brief a 95% Modal 5% Spandex blend. Which is super light and very breathable. It feels like you’re wearing nothing. One thing about modal, and I said it in the other review; I was worried that it wouldn’t hold the shape of the famous Cocksox pouch.  Not only did modal keep the shape it felt amazing. Since I had already tried the waistband brief , I wasn’t too worried about this one. The cut was a little higher then I normally wear, I’m not a big string bikini wearer. I wasn’t sure how it would look on me. To my surprise it didn’t look too bad. I have tried other string bikinis before and when I looked in the mirror I was like this is just for my eyes only! Luckily this one didn’t do that to me.

Much to your surprise I didn’t wear this pair to work. I know you guys are super shocked. Instead I wore it on a weekend. Specifically a Saturday when I knew I would be running around.  The pouch just feels amazing. I love the way it conforms to my body. I don’t know how they came up with the pouch but it’s one of the best ever. Being active throughout the day it held up great. The modal material breathed and in the hot Atlanta weather you definitely need something that doesn’t drive you crazy.

Sizing as with most Cocksox is pretty much spot on. They follow their sizing guide pretty well. So if you get the size listed you should be fine. They also follow standard sizing. In the last few years I haven’t had any issues with them at all.

Several things I really liked. The first one is the Modal fabric. This was an amazing choice for Cocksox to use. When I felt the samples at Magic in February, I knew it would be great. Next is the pouch. As I stated the pouch only made the pouch better. It’s perfect for working out or having an active day. Next is the waistband. I love that they created a branded waistband that was different. Their previous ones have been Cocksox in the center, but this has a silver band with new font for the Cocksox name. This matches the metallic luster of the fabric.  The only thing I didn’t like was I hope they make more colors in these!


  • Amazing Modal Material
  • Great Cocksox Pouch
  • New Waistband


  • Need more colors


  • Daily Fit – 10
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction/Materials – 10
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance  – 10
  • Overall: 9.6

Cocksox furnished this pair for review.



I love working with Mens Underwear Store. They are a retailer, in the last year,  that we have been working with on many projects. They approached us about doing a review and the pair they furnished was the C-IN2 Hand Me Down Brief. I got the pair and the first thing I noticed was a new package. C-IN2 has created a new package for online retailers. It’s smaller and easier to mail. Which is a good thing on shipping costs.  This may not seem like a sexy thing but its great to know companies are taking shipping and recycling into account for the public.

The pair itself had a burn our type of material, meaning it was sort of see through. But not so see through to make it wild.  The color was the second thing I noticed. I’m not really a fan of brown underwear. It’s just a personal thing with me. I prefer much brighter color underwear. This how ever won’t interfere with my review. The pair itself felt really good. I wore it to work for the day. I was super excited to try these. The fit was better then I expected. I have had plenty of C-IN2 but this one had a fit that lives up to the name Hand Me Down. The distressed cotton felt like it had been a pair of mine for a while. It just felt amazing. This was the first time I had any from this line and won’t be the last time I get some!

During the day the pouch felt great and didn’t constrict or bind.  The brief held it’s shape and felt as good at the end of the day as the beginning. I definitely think this will be good for office days and also active days.

Sizing fit me pretty well in this pair. I think, and I’m still trying to confirm it, that the sizing for C-IN2 has changed over the years. If I remember correctly it was typical sizing for the US, but this pair I received was an XL and fit my 36/38 waist perfect. I have reviewed some other pairs that were Large and they didn’t fit as well.  Large is listed as 34-36 and extra large is 37-39. So make sure you pay attention to the sizing chart when buying your pair.

Things I loved about this pair are quite a few things. The first is the fabric. C-IN2 has done a great job picking this fabric (60% cotton/40% Polyester). The first time I put it on it reminded me of some of my favorites that have that broken in feel. Its one of the few times I have put on new underwear and this has happened. Next is the pouch. Too many times I get a pair of underwear only to have the pouch not fit right, be too small or bind me. This one did none of those things.  The last thing I liked that I didn’t think I would be was the waistband. It was a little thick and rough at first. But after I put it on it felt great and didn’t bind or roll.  Whereas, the only negative of the review was the color of the brief. Which is really minor but it won’t stop me from wearing it.


  • Incredible Fabric choice from C-IN2
  • Great contour pouch
  • Comfortable waistband


  • Color and that’s just a personal preference


  • Daily Fit – 10
  • Sizing – 8
  • Construction – 10
  • Styling – 8
  • Daily Performance – 10
  • Overall – 9.2


Mens Underwear Store furnished this pair for review. It retails for $22.00 and is available in 9 colors. I reviewed the Voodoo.

interview IV league

The pair of underwear I am reviewing is the Inter View IV League Brief in Red (also available in white).  Before trying these on, I enjoyed the feel of the cotton and spandex fabric as I took in the overall style and construction of the brief.  The fabric was extremely soft and stretchy with two strips of red piping running along the left and right side of the pouch and a small seam holding the pieced pouch together.  The waistband is approximately 2 inches in width with the brand name in bold white lettering woven into a red stripe going around the waist.  The red stripe has white, black, and blue stripes above and below the red one.  This is my first pair of Inter View underwear and I loved being able to try them.

As I put these briefs on for the first time, I felt something odd in the pouch area.  So, being the curious sort, I looked.  Wow!  There is a built in pouch inside the pouch.  Hmmmm…how do I work this?  After a few seconds I had it figured out.  Now, with everything inside this pouch that their website describes as a pouch enhancer I was set to go.  I have to say that the pouch enhancer was a nice surprise and did work as intended as everything was up front and at attention in a nice manner.  The inner pouch is more of a loose pocket than a pouch.  It was comfortable and nice.  I have other enhancing underwear that I do not wear because it rubs my skin and causes chafing.

While wearing this pair of underwear, I went about a normal day of traveling to work nearly an hour from home and being there several hours.  Overall, I spent about ten hours in this pair.  It was a busy day filled with lots of movement and activity.  The pair fit well around the waist without being all tight and nonstretchy.  It was very comfortable all throughout the day.  The leg openings were quite comfortable and stretchy enough to conform and were just right.  The pouch consisting of two pieces of fabric sewn together with a center seam is soft, comfortable, and conforming.  The inner pouch was comfortable all day with zero problem feeling weird or odd while wearing it.  You could wear it without using the inner pouch, as well.  The fabric is 95%Cotton and 5%Spandex and extremely soft and conforming.  I was surprised it was so soft, actually.  I liked that this pair covered the front and rear fully.  This seems to be a reinventing of the basic brief in a new and modern form that I have not seen since the late 90s brought on more and more briefs with no fly.  The crotch area is rather slim, which I love, where the pouch and rear meet and fits tight to the body.  I believe this pair would hold up well during normal and active use.
I received a size medium in this brief.  This size should cover around 34 pant size.  Sizing was probably not true to size as I am a true large in underwear.  This is the first time I have ever said to size down in underwear.  LOL!  Seriously, check their sizing chart carefully.
I loved the soft fabric as it was stretchy and conforming to the body.  The pouch and inner was perfect and should accommodate any guy without any major issues.  The leg openings were comfortable and larger than normal, it seems.  The way the crotch area felt between my legs was nice and fit well making sure everything was in place and not bunching up like your typical brief.  The waistband was nice and created a visual interest with the red, white, black, and blue stripes.


Overall, this was an excellent pair of underwear and I felt sexy comfortable while wearing them.  Inter View has hit on a great product and everyone should try them.  Check out their website as they have a sale going on.


  • Style
  • Fabric
  • Fit
  • Inner Enhancer Pouch


  • None


  • Daily Fit – 10
  • Sizing – 8 (they were a medium and I am a large or extra large in all other underwear)
  • Construction/Materials – 10
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance – 10
  • Overall – 9.6


Inter View furnished this pair for review