ObviouslyThis is the first pair of thongs I have tried in a while and, I must tell you, I was a little unsure about wearing it.  My wife bought me a thong for our honeymoon many years ago and it had a basic string back.  This pair had about an inch worth of material instead of a string.  I was not sure how comfortable it would be having that much resting in the vertical smile.  Obviously for Men has done it right and you can purchase it for $22.68.

The material turned out to be amazing!  The softness of the Modal is something I haven’t ever felt in men’s underwear.  I put the thong on and it hugged the boys nicely.  The strip in the back rested nicely and I was off for a full days work in the office.  I did not notice the thong back as it was so very comfortable.  I loved the bright green color and the little design on it was a nice touch to add interest.  They were so comfortable I wanted to keep wearing them the next day but refrained.  My wife really appreciates them as well.  She likes the color and snug fit.  They will become a regular addition to my daily wear and I can’t wait to wear them again as they are that comfortable.

Fit:                   5.0

Materials:         5.0

Put Together:    5.0

Look:               5.0

Daily Wear:      5.0

Overall:            5.0

Head on over to Obviously for Men and check out their entire collection.  You won’t regret it.


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