I was given a pair of Papi Cool Pass United Trunk – Mexico to review and was very excited as this was the first pair of Papi Underwear that I’ve worn.  They were incredibly comfortable and showed off all the good things in life.  When I first put them on, I heard a little stitch popping but never saw any evidence of it.  I was a little concerned that I might have received a pair that was a too small for me but that was not the case.  After several washings and wearings, I can say they have held up nicely.  🙂

These are great undies and I love the colors.  My wife thought I was wearing Christmas undies because of the red, green, and white color scheme.  When she saw the number on it, she realized they were a sports trunk supporting our brothers south of the border (in Mexico) and she really liked how they showed things off “south of the border”.

This great pair of undies hugs the boys and keeps everything right where it needs to be.  There is a pouch front that gives good support and provides a great profile.  They are made of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex.

If you are looking for a great trunk and want something that would be great for the holidays then check out Papi Cool Pass United Trunk – Mexico.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to try these and I really did fall in love with Papi!  So check out all that Papi has to offer at You won’t regret it.

Fit: 5
Materials: 5
Put Together: 5
Look: 5
Daily Wear: 5
Overall: 5

Thank you, Papi, for providing me with this pair of underwear to review.

So I was wondering what the different styles of underwear are and did some research and discovered the following on Wikipedia.  Now, I know that Wiki is only as good as the information provided but this was very helpful.  I hope this helps clarify things for you if you didn’t know what was what.

Bikini Underwear

Usually worn with the waistband lower than the wearer’s waist, and often at the hips, with the leg bands ending at the groin. Men’s bikini briefs normally have no fly.

  • High-sided bikini underwear
  • Low-sided bikini underwear
  • String bikini – consists of two triangular pieces connected at the groin but not at the sides, with a thin “string” around the waist connecting the pieces.


A type of thong consisting of a narrow piece of material that covers or holds the genitals, passes between the buttocks, and is attached to a band around the hips.


A type of thong which has no material around the sides other than the waistband.


Has a narrow strip of material along the center of the garment’s rear which sits between the wearer’s buttocks and connects the front or pouch to the waistband behind the wearer. Thongs are sometimes worn to reduce “panty lines” when wearing tightly-fitting trousers.

Boxer Briefs (Trunks)

These are similar in style to boxer shorts, but are generally shorter and form-fitting like briefs.

  • Athletic-style boxer briefs – similar to cycling shorts, these are skin-tight and usually have no fly.
  • Pouch boxer briefs – these have a pouch for the genitals instead of a fly.


These have an elasticized waistband that is at or near the wearer’s waist, while the leg sections are fairly loose and extend to the mid-thigh. There is usually a fly, either with or without buttons. The waistbands of boxer shorts are usually wider than those of briefs, and often bear the brand name of the manufacturer.

Boxer shorts with colorful patterns, pictures of cartoon characters, sports team logos and slogans are readily available.

  • Knit boxers
  • Woven boxers


These have an elasticized waistband at or near the wearer’s waist, and leg sections that end at or near the groin.

  • traditional briefs – these have a Y-shaped fly.
  • Diagonal-flap briefs.
  • Double-seat or double-back briefs.
  • Low-cut or low-rise briefs
  • Pouch briefs.


Consists of an elastic waistband with a support pouch for the genitalia and two elastic straps affixed to the base of the pouch and to the left and right sides of the waistband at the hip. In some varieties, the pouch may be fitted with a pocket to hold an impact-resistant cup to protect the genitals from injury.

  • Strapless pouch – consists of a support pouch for the genitals and a waistband, with no securing straps.

We hope you have enjoyed our run down of the different types of Underwear. The pictures used were from International Jock!

I have been a facebook fan of Tribe for sometime now.  When I was given the awesome privilege to review Tribe’s Printed Mesh Trunk, I jumped on it.  I am so happy I did.  They are a super comfortable, black, white, and lime green sheer trunk.  Anyone who has followed UNB for any length of time probably knows I love sheer undies, that is, as long as I am able to have the support and I am able to show off for my wife at the same time.

I love the design of the fabric.  It gives coverage and style.  The pattern is fun and has a splash of color that gives it an extra punch.  There was no binding and no riding…simply pure comfort from the time I put them on in the morning until I took them off that evening.

These undies are stylish, comfortable, breathable, and made of soft, stretchy mesh material.  The front pouch is lined with 100% Natural Modal for extra comfort.  It seems that Australia really knows how to produce underwear and here is additional proof!

Fit: 5
Materials: 5
Put Together: 5
Look: 5
Daily Wear: 5
Overall: 5

Thank you, Tribe, for sending these awesome trunks for us to try.  I really enjoyed them.

I was recently asked to review some Candyman Fashions from their 2009 collection.  One pair I picked to review was the Sailor Boxer.  They are very comfortable and hold everything where it belongs.  I love support and was very pleased with what they provide.  I am not a big boxer brief fan as I prefer less coverage but these were awesome.  The legs were comfortable and did not bind or ride up.  I totally forgot I was wearing boxers.  They are festive and fun.

My family has a history with the U.S. Navy and I grew up around water so I have an affinity to anything nautical.  I love the sea air, the sounds of the ocean, the smell of the salty breeze and the joy of swimming in the bay.  These undies bring that all back to me.

These undies are fun and eye catching with a gold chain at the front of the waist and a little gold anchor decal on the leg.  They are made of 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex.

Fit: 5
Materials: 5
Put Together: 5
Look: 5
Daily Wear: 5
Overall: 5

Thank you, Candyman Fashion, for sending these awesome boxers for us to try.  I really enjoyed them.

The final pair of Candyman Fashion underwear I chose to review was the thong (9512) in red.  This is a fun pair with decorative rings at the waist and three rings in the back, forming a “Y” type of strap.  I was a little concerned about the rings in the back but there was no need for concern at all.  I am not used to thongs but I totally enjoyed these.  They were so comfortable I almost forgot I was wearing a thong.  The material was soft and held everything in place and the strap in the back wasn’t cutting or anything.

I so enjoy the variety of undies out there and the chance to change it up every now and again.  It is fun to try different styles and brands and learn new things and find different fits that I never knew existed.  I am learning that underwear should fit you lifestyle, provide you comfort and give you an all around good feeling.  If all thongs are like this pair, send them my way please!

These undies are sexy, comfortable, and extremely fun.  They are made of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex.

Fit: 5
Materials: 5
Put Together: 5
Look: 5
Daily Wear: 5
Overall: 5

Thank you, Candyman Fashion, for sending this very sexy thong for us to try.  I really enjoyed them.

Another fun pair of Candyman Fashion underwear I chose to review was a brief.  These have a very supportive black pouch with the rest in a black and white zebra strip pattern.  Everything about this brief was comfortable.  There was no binding and a lot of support.  It was fun wearing them as they are sexy and nobody knew I had them on until later that night when my wife saw me undressing for bed and showed her appreciation.

Some day I hope to take a trip to the African safari and see zebras, elephants, giraffes and lions.  These undies remind me of the things that are wild and free.  Maybe when I go on my safari, I’ll take this awesome pair of undies and show a little bit of my wild side – one never knows. 😉

These undies are made of 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex.  They are stretchy and supportive and oh so comfortable.

Fit: 5
Materials: 5
Put Together: 5
Look: 5
Daily Wear: 5
Overall: 5

Thank you, Candyman Fashion, for sending these amazing briefs for us to try.  I really enjoyed them.

I was pretty skeptical when asked to review undies from Male Power.  I am not use to extreme undies and, to me, these were EXTREME!  When I received them in the mail and showed them to my wife we were both pretty skeptical.  She thought they were going to be extremely uncomfortable because of the material.  I haven’t tried many thongs but I was given a pair of Grip & Rip Thongs to review from their Extreme Collection.  I thought, “Okay, I’ll give them a try and keep an open mind about the whole thing.”  With one eyebrow raised, I put them on and wore them all day.

I was concerned about the Velcro bothering my skin or getting caught on other articles of clothing and coming undone.  That became a non-issue.  I was also worried about placement, but that was soon dismissed.  The thong fit nicely and, I must say, it was an all around good experience.  The material was a comfortable “cire” – which was new to me.  I had to adjust the way I “ride” in undies as the pouch was a little low and the grab strap did not help keeping things in place.  I would not recommend these for all day wear as they would be best for a special, plan ahead to wear, event.

Put on the Male Power Extreme Grip and Rip Thong, grab a strap, and hang on tight as it will take you for a wild ride!  These are made of matte finished polyester and spandex with an added tear-away front pouch for easy access.

Fit: 5
Materials: 5
Put Together: 5
Look: 5
Daily Wear: 2
Overall: 4

Thanks to Male Power for sending these for us to try.  I really enjoyed the Extreme experience and so did my wife later that evening!

For this week’s Undies of the Week, we are featuring the B*Boy Jock Strap Brief.  The strap brief is offered in black or white and the straps are a cool combo of the two.  Jock straps are a fun, sexy, and revealing choice to add spice to your life personally and outwardly.

I like these because they have black and white rear leg straps, which sets them apart from the “normal” jock strap.  The waist has a little of the black and white thing going on, too and it is sporting the “B” logo.

This great Undies of the Week is made of 93% cotton and 7% Lycra.  You can find this item at Check it out and check out all the other great undies they carry.

Okay, if you have been following me for any amount of time here on the site you know I have a true affinity to anything sheer.  This week’s Undies of the Week are no different.  It is N2N Sheer Mesh Pouch Boxer N10.  I love everything about this boxer.  It has an awesome pouch, low cut waist, full leg coverage and IT IS SHEER!  J

The N2N Underwear collection is created from a soft stretch sheer net fabric.  It features their signature pouch which provides comfort, support and enhances your profile.

The boxer is made of 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex.  You can get it in different colors like Black, White, Brown and Nude.  You can find them at for $19.00.  Check it out and check out all the other great sheer undies while you are there.

Being a novice at men’s underwear and loving the opportunity to try different pairs I have learned a lot about what I like, don’t like, want to try, etc.  I have seen different brands and styles and have looked at them with a raised eyebrow of confusion or with an intrigue and longing to try.  Writing for this blog has provided me some great opportunities to “test drive” some undies and report back my thoughts, findings, etc.

I am proud to have had the opportunity to wear a pair of James Tudor underwear.  When I first received them I wasn’t sure about how the button fly and easy access went together but figured I would give them a try and see.  To my amazement it was not difficult to access.  All I had to do is pop the top button and I was able to take care of personal business.  Buttoning them back up was not that difficult either.

The material is 95% cotton and 5% Lycra.  The piping creates an amazing frame around the hips.  The tags are placed in non-irritating locations and are not rough to the touch, indicating great thought and design in the creative process.

Fit:                                5
Materials:                        5
Put Together:                5
Look:                                 5
Daily Wear:                     5
Overall:                         5

You can find these boxers at  The price, in US dollars, is $30.00.  These boxers were provided for review by James Tudor.

Check out this week’s Undies of the Week.  It is a new arrival at Go Softwear.  An exciting new design:  Mesh scoop thong.  It is a scoop thong that is a hot seller for obvious reasons.  Look how nice it is!  It has a thong back with mesh side panels and a “scoop” pouch that gives it a European flare.  The waist is made of soft elastic for your pleasure.

These are great looking with a little peek-a-boo key hole on either side of the front.  It adds a great point of interest to this thong.  Also, I like them because they are sheer.  I just like sheer, what can I say?  The look is awesome and interesting and my wife likes it a lot, too. It’s a win/win situation. It’s a great pick for Undies of the Week and a fun look for us to enjoy.

The thong is made of 46% rayon, 46% polyester and 8% lycra.  They are made in the U.S.A.  You can find them at Go Softwear for $19.00.  Check it out and check out all the other new arrivals while you are there.


This week we are featuring John Sievers Natural Pouch Brief.  This pouch isn’t like other pouches as it has a special, deeply contoured shape that hugs your member perfectly.  When you put these one, everything goes right where it is suppose to and with perfect comfort.  You might even forget you have them on they are so comfortable.

These are great for showing off what you have or for just a little enhancement to catch the right person’s eye.  😉

This wonderful brief is made of 90% Modal / 10% Lycra.  They should be washed in a cool, gentle cycle and tumbled dry on low heat.  They come in four colors: white, black, navy and pink and can be found at International Jock for just $24.95.


Here is a bright pair of undies for the Undies of the Week.  Check out the Clever Lime Thong.  It is fun and sexy and a great color!  It is made for guys who want a seamless look under a nice pair of fitted pants.  It features a grey waistband with the ‘Clever’ logo.  You can also wear this great thong for sports or at the gym as it will support the boys during any activity.


This great thong is made of 91% cotton and 9% spandex.  The waistband measures about 1.5 inches wide.  You can find this at Malestrom’s online store for only $16.50.  While you are there, check out all the other styles and brands that Malestrom carries and pick the ones that are just right for you.  As for me, I’ll stay with these great Clever Lime Thongs.


Marc Ouest knows how to do undies.  Not only that, he knows how to do sheer undies – which is my favorite kind.  He is adding some great new items to his collection.


MARC OUEST MAN 1 is a low waist, high sex appeal classic cut boxer.  It is made of stretch cotton body hugging material with a sheer panel in front.  Its waistband carries the name of Marc Ouest “so you know who to blame.”  The introductory price is $24.95.  Why not check it out now and also see what other MAN undies they have to offer.


Another new item to note is 4LUV swim.  It is a smoldering boxer swim with word of love in a dozen languages and a rainbow of colors.  It is an unlined swim made of a nylon/spandex blend.  We all know that what the world needs now is “Love, sweet love.”  The introductory price for this great item is $34.95.  These are made in Canada.  Be sure to look at all the other styles of LUV as well.


The final feature item is MARC OUEST MAN 7.  This is another play of Man 1.  It is cotton/lycra in the front to show your “serious” side and see thru micro mesh back to show off your “playful” side.  See, I told you to check out all of the MAN collection.  Marc Ouest knows how to show off and have fun while still being serious.  These are being offered at an introductory price of $22.95!  AWESOME!

Be sure to check out Marc Ouest’s site at for these fabulous undies and more.


Here is this week’s undies for the Undies of the Week.  We are featuring OBOY’s Rip Silver fitted boxer.  It comes in 4 colors:  Black, White, Purple and Khaki!  You get full coverage of high fashion.  It has a double waistband for added comfort and the trunk is of ribbed material.

It is made of 95% cotton 5% Elasthan and can be found at OBOY regularly $28.90 EUR but they have recently been on sale so be sure to check it out before the sale ends.  While you are there be sure to check out all there other great undies.  You never know, you just might find your new favorite pair there!

As you all know, I am new to the world of great undies.  I have wanted to try various pairs and see how they differ from the ones I would normally buy at my local retail store.  I stumbled upon this site and began communicating with the editor who, in turn, asked me to join the team and give a straight man’s perspective on undies.  I agreed to do my best.

I was recently given an opportunity to review a pair of briefs by Bone Wear.  The editor knew of my love of all things sheer and when he received this pair, he of course thought of me.  They are a great brief with sheer panels on either side of the pouch area.  The sheer mesh is a light green in color.  When I opened the package, I immediately had to show my wife.  She liked them and could not wait to see them on me.  Of course, I wore them the next day and modeled them for her appreciation.


The briefs are constructed of 100% Spandex.  They support everything very nicely and due to the fact that they are spandex, they form to the assets, showing them off nicely.  The elasticized waistband is very comfortable and shows off the brand of undies well.  I needed to adjust the leg openings slightly in order to be completely comfortable. Once that was done, they rocked.

Fit:                               5

Materials:                     5

Put Together:                5

Look:                           5

Daily Wear:                  5

Overall:                      5

These briefs, along with an assortment of other Bone Wear undies, can be found at Dead Good Undies for approximately $34.68 US Dollars.  The briefs were generously furnished by Bone Wear for review.

Note: the Bonewear store is being redesigned and you can get them at Dead Good Undies


The undies of the week are Pikante Tropical Jungle Brief.  Pikante is a spicy underwear by the makes of CLEVER.  The brief is a colorful and fun pair that would spice up your wardrobe like Pikante sauce! This would be great to wear every day or something really fun under a suit! Granted, this probably wouldn’t pass the gym factor for most but every so often you have to step outside your comfort zone and go for it.

If you are looking to add some excitement into you undies wardrobe check out Pikante at ERGOENOS and add a little spice to your life.  The briefs are $18 and you can also get the same pattern in a thong or boxer! While you are there check out the other Pikante styles.

6148019M-White-1 6148019M-White-2

This week’s Underwear of the Week is one we think is a classic. Yeah, it’s kind of strange to say its a classic but the 2(x)ist Y-Back thong has been around for about 10 years. It first hit the underwear scene back in the 90’s and has become of one the most popular thongs aroun.

I remember getting one back in the 90’s and raced home to try it on. The design was new and innovative and I had not seen anything like it at the time. The one thing you should know about the thong is the pouch is amazing. I have been impressed with the support I have received by wearing it. It is extremely well made and holds up over time. I had a pair that I must have had for 7-8 years and only got ride of them because I out grew them. I believe I gave them to a friend, who still has them.

Mark on our site has this to say about the thong:

2(x)ist Y-back is a thong that, if worn, might just convert you to thongs for life.  The “Y” back construction and ample room in the pouch help eliminate the riding up of the back.  It is made of soft cotton.  It has a low profile which virtually disappears when you wear it.  You can find it for $12.00 at Skiviez.  It comes in black and white  Check them out and try it the next time you wear a suit.  It might turn out to be your new love in undies.

Written by Mark and Tim


I was given a pair of Extreme Ring Brief from Undergear® to review and they can be purchased for $16.99.  At first I thought it was a swim suit as the material reminded me of swimsuit material.  I examined the brief and realized that indeed it was undies.  It has a material inside that you use to keep the boys forward to enhance and create a nice eye catching bulge.  However, the pouch that is suppose to house the boys once through the ring seemed a little low and I had to make adjustments to make the boys comfortable.

It’s in an army green and I really like the color.  Once I had them on I enjoyed the material as it is soft and flexible and supportive.  The cut was nice and comfortable but I don’t think these are useful for all day wear.  They would be great for a date night or special occasion.  Every time I had to take care of personal business I had to re-feed the boys through the ring and adjust the pouch just to be comfortable.

Fit:                   5.0

Materials:         4.5

Put Together:    4.0

Look:               5.0

Daily Wear:      3.0

Overall:            4.3

You can get the Extreme Ring Thong directly from UnderGear. They are currently selling for $14.99. You can get it in a bikini and boxer as well.

ObviouslyThis is the first pair of thongs I have tried in a while and, I must tell you, I was a little unsure about wearing it.  My wife bought me a thong for our honeymoon many years ago and it had a basic string back.  This pair had about an inch worth of material instead of a string.  I was not sure how comfortable it would be having that much resting in the vertical smile.  Obviously for Men has done it right and you can purchase it for $22.68.

The material turned out to be amazing!  The softness of the Modal is something I haven’t ever felt in men’s underwear.  I put the thong on and it hugged the boys nicely.  The strip in the back rested nicely and I was off for a full days work in the office.  I did not notice the thong back as it was so very comfortable.  I loved the bright green color and the little design on it was a nice touch to add interest.  They were so comfortable I wanted to keep wearing them the next day but refrained.  My wife really appreciates them as well.  She likes the color and snug fit.  They will become a regular addition to my daily wear and I can’t wait to wear them again as they are that comfortable.

Fit:                   5.0

Materials:         5.0

Put Together:    5.0

Look:               5.0

Daily Wear:      5.0

Overall:            5.0

Head on over to Obviously for Men and check out their entire collection.  You won’t regret it.

JSCheekBoxerI was given the pleasure of trying Joe Snyder® Mini Cheek Boxer.  Upon first inspection, I wondered how I was going to get them on and wear them.  I did a little modeling test run for my wife before we went to bed and was surprised how well they fit.  Later in the week, I decided to give them the full days run and was not disappointed.

It took a little getting used to such a low-rise boxer but they did not hug my cheeks as shown in the picture.  I was somewhat pleased by this as I didn’t want to be spending all day running to the restroom to adjust the back for more comfort.  I am used to things sitting at my waist rather than down around my hips but these felt great.  They are well put together.  The sheer material is very nice and they have a little “JS” logo on them.

There was enough room for the boys and there was no binding around the legs. They did not ride up much and the waistband didn’t curl.  All in all, it was a great experience and I was so glad I was given the opportunity to review them.  They washed well and never lost their shape.

Fit:                   4.8

Materials:         5.0

Put Together:    5.0

Look:               5.0

Daily Wear:      5.0

Over All:          5.0

Check out Underwear Station and see the huge selection Joe Snyder Underwear!

207313B-kiwi 207313F-kiwi

207313B0-white 207313F-zino

Underwear of the Week is MANStore’s tactic string jockpant from Dead Good Undies.  It comes in a variety of colors (black, kiwi, purple, white and zino).  The material is soft and stretchy so as to not smother the boys.  It has a 2.5 cm thong back but is still considered a pant as it allows for full coverage in the front with your cheeks fully exposed.  These fun undies are £34.78 (approximately $57.58 with the exchange rate).

Check out Dead Good Undies site and look under MANstore for an exciting collection of extreme and funky undies that are sure to liven up your evenings.   While you are at it be sure to check out our give-away of items from this collection.

Dead Good Undies Manstore Logo

As you may know, this site is covering some extreme fashions in undies.  One store that offers some extreme undies is MANstore at Dead Good Undies.  They have a large selection of styles and materials.  You will be able to find studded mini-pants or a thong, sheers in all sorts of styles, and a slew of other things to choose from right on the web.

MS207541-2 MS207350-2

No matter what you are into or what your partner/loved one is into, you should be able to find it here.  They have ratings from customers who’ve purchased the products and rated them for the site so you have some personal opinions and not just a “pig in a poke” type of purchase.  Most of these are probably not daily wear but are considered special occasion wear. Nothing is saying you can’t wear them all day if that is what you would like.

Coming at this from a straight guy’s point of view, it is not something I would normally consider.  I would, however, sit down with my wife to see what she would like to see, and together, make a decision as to what to purchase.  I am all about doing things to spice up our relationship and, if she wants to see me in something special, who am I to say no?

A couple of the items we find of interest are MANstore hysterie x jock, MANstore thriller lasso pant, and MANstore mastercut jockstrap.  These look like fun and exciting items and my wife would greatly enjoy seeing me parade around in them for her.  The other items are great and accentuate different things depending on what you want to show off.  Check out the site, have fun, and buy something extra special for yourself and your loved one. Maybe include them in the decision making.  It will be fun times for sure.



I am fairly new to my undies obsession even though I have had a lifelong interest in them. I have been doing some online research of the different companies that sell various brands of undies. In years past, because I would get bored with my current undies, I prd_ergowear-max-light-jock-blackwould search out different sites to see what I was missing. I wasn’t always successful in finding online companies with a good variety. Two sites I have found that I think are worthy of keeping in my favorites are UnderGear and International Jock.

These two online stores seem to carry the best and most diverse selection from the many companies. I love the fact that you can go there and select your shopping preference by style or brand. If I am in the mood for bikinis, I don’t have to go through all the other styles to pick what I want. If I find a nice brand, I can see what else they have to offer.

Both sites are pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. This makes for an enjoyable shopping experience. With UnderGear, once you become a member, you will be able to add things to your shopping cart and return later to make the purchase. I love that I can take my time in making my decisions.

International Jock is nicely laid out and you can make your selection(s) of brand or style from the left hand column.  It is easy to navigate and find what you desire. I did not see anything that indicates it saves your shopping cart when you close your browser but I did a little test run and it seems to do just that.


I love internet shopping and it is becoming easier every day.  These two sites show true customer service in the way they are laid out and how they save your shopping cart for when you return to complete your purchase.  You don’t have to deal with cashiers who have had a bad day.  You don’t have to ask a sales clerk if there are more in the storeroom.  You don’t have to wander the aisles looking for the perfect pair of undies in your size.  That said, the next time I have some expendable cash, I will be making a trip to these two sites to find my next pair of undies.

EDITORS NOTE: Mark is just discovering underwear and he’s going to document his discovery through underwear. This includes brands, shops and sites he’s discovering and interested in.

neon_jockShopping online is easier and more private than shopping for undies in a store.  I would much rather purchase undies online because of this fact.  Buying anything other than boxers, boxer briefs or briefs always made me uncomfortable.  I would choose my string bikini, and then try to find either a person I wouldn’t care knew (which wasn’t likely) or a U-scan register that I could use to check my own purchase.Pulse-red

Why was I so embarrassed by my purchase?  Why did I even care if someone knew what kind of undies I wore?  I don’t have a clue, but I did.  I guess I didn’t want people to know my “private” business.  When we lived in KY, I knew a lot of people and would run into them all over town. If they saw or knew what kind of undies I bought, they might wonder what I was wearing the next time we met (I know not a logical neurosis but what can I say?).

Pulse-blueBeing able to buy online will allow me to maintain anonymity. I can also buy whatever kind of undies I want without a care in the world as to who might know because they had to fill the order.  The person filling the order doesn’t know me from anyone else in the world.  Now, I can procure sheer undies, mesh undies, fun undies, or anything that might just interest me and/or my lovely wife.  The only thing that is keeping me from purchasing online right now is the cost of the product as well as the shipping. In due time, I will we be in a position where I can buy what I want without having to consider this a factor.

The previously mentioned reasons are why this is such a great site. It provides all kinds of links, information, and ratings so that I can make an informed decision on what would be a great buy and when it’s best to buy due to free shipping, great discounts, and super specials.  How awesome is that!