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This week’s Underwear of the Week is one we think is a classic. Yeah, it’s kind of strange to say its a classic but the 2(x)ist Y-Back thong has been around for about 10 years. It first hit the underwear scene back in the 90’s and has become of one the most popular thongs aroun.

I remember getting one back in the 90’s and raced home to try it on. The design was new and innovative and I had not seen anything like it at the time. The one thing you should know about the thong is the pouch is amazing. I have been impressed with the support I have received by wearing it. It is extremely well made and holds up over time. I had a pair that I must have had for 7-8 years and only got ride of them because I out grew them. I believe I gave them to a friend, who still has them.

Mark on our site has this to say about the thong:

2(x)ist Y-back is a thong that, if worn, might just convert you to thongs for life.  The “Y” back construction and ample room in the pouch help eliminate the riding up of the back.  It is made of soft cotton.  It has a low profile which virtually disappears when you wear it.  You can find it for $12.00 at Skiviez.  It comes in black and white  Check them out and try it the next time you wear a suit.  It might turn out to be your new love in undies.

Written by Mark and Tim


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