Mundo Unico always makes good stuff and the Fresco is certainly an example of that fact.  Being form fitting, it’s extremely comfortable and rather stylish.  This is a perfect pair of underwear and it’s always a treat to wear.  If you’re someone that likes athletic shorts and whatnot, then you will love this underwear.

The pair survived the typical test and it did so with flying colors.  It was nothing but the best from Unico.  That wasn’t unexpected.  I attribute most of that to the design that Unico has mastered and the unique mix of 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex.  This is one of those rare pairs that earned a five on each rating for good reason.

Unico knows how to make seriously good underwear. It’s super comfortable and the pouch isn’t intrusive.  It’s not so much a pouch as it is great front support.  The other part is the breathability.  The mesh factor is something I really enjoyed and haven’t seen much of in underwear these days.

Materials 5
Put Together 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 5
Overall 5

You can get the Fresco from the Unico Website.  A full range of sizes is available from S-XL.

Mundo Unico provided me with this pair of underwear to review.


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