Problem: How does an underwear conscious straight guy in college not only feed his desires for the finest quality underwear available while living on a budget?

Solution: To save money buying underwear, one must be patient and buy clearance undies, take advantage of designer sales, and buying from wholesale department stores when possible.

To love high quality, super fashionable underwear while living on an very tight and almost miniscule college budget is a very difficult scenario with which to be faced. Unfortunately, I am currently faced with these budget constraints; however, I still find a way to buy the undies that I like by never overspending on a given pair. I would estimate that most guys waffle between buying new undies or some other essential product a few times throughout the year. Unfortunately, this is a harsh reality of the real world, but a tight budget should never deter any man from buying the undies that he desires. Through being a very patient shopper and having the savvy to know when sales are throughout the year will yield major savings on underwear. In the following paragraphs, I outline a few techniques which I use to ensure that I am always wearing high-grade undies while still being able to pay my rent.

Chances are that if you are a frequent visitor of the Underwear News Briefs website, you know that wearing the best underwear is not a cheap proposition. You can quickly find yourself spending upwards of $100 dollars on only few pairs of underwear. Doing this while living on a college budget is nearly impossible so you must be patient and wait for products to reach the clearance rack. By doing this I have purchased a great deal of my favorite briefs for a fraction of their original price. Recently, I purchased one pair of Andrew Christian ‘show it’ low no show briefs and one pair of C-IN2 low no show briefs for $12 each on clearance from Which  is 50% off of the original price. There are pitfalls to this money saving strategy such as a very limited selection of colors and sizes.

Online sites keep our top drawers fresh and diverse with new undies. Being an underwear junkie, I look forward to wandering various online retailers of undies and find new styles and cuts from my favorite designers. Large semi annual sales featuring brands like 2(x)ist and Calvin Klein are the times where I try to buy new underwear. For instance, during one of 2(x)ist’s 25% off all their products’ sales over the summer, I purchased three pair of their touch no show pouch briefs for $18 each. I have also found equal savings during CK’s 25% all products’ sales and most recently picked up two X micro limited edition hip briefs for $18 per pair. I understand that resisting the urge to purchase just released undies is incredibly tough, but through waiting for the big designer sales throughout the year, you will be able to match my savings.

Discount and wholesale department stores such as TJMaxx or Marshalls sometimes carry great undies from Calvin Klein, 2xist, Hugo Boss, and and Diesel, but it is usually tough to find the perfect pair since these stores feature closeout and clearance items from designer’s factories. For example, I am a thin guy and I wear size small underwear. As a result, I usually don’t find the undies that I am looking to buy. Even though this is very frustrating, you must not let this stop you from checking these stores often because each week they receive new shipments of products. As a result, you will eventually find undies that suit your preferences at a price which is very modest for designer underwear. In the past, I have purchased brand new CK X Cotton and X Micro hip briefs at TJMaxx for $7 per pair! This is less than a third of the price that designers and other retailers charge. Granted this does not happen often, but underwear scores at wholesale stores are very exciting. When you don’t have much money to dedicate to buying undies, finding cheap briefs in a TJMaxx or Marshalls store makes for a wonderful day.

Wearing the best underwear available is not something that is always super affordable, but it should be a right for all guys. As underwear aficionados, we understand and deal with this. There are ways to do it affordably. As long as you the consumer know what you are buying and when to buy undies, you will save a large amount of money. Just make more intelligent purchasing decisions. Don’t sacrifice underwear quality because of your budget.


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