It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I am an avid fan of hot underwear.  Most of my collection consists of various briefs.  Everything from colorful low rise to classic tighty whities to a skimpy bikini or two.   Briefs are my go-to choice for daily wear.  But lately I’ve been wearing jocks more and more, not just for the gym or athletic activities.  So I was really excited to receive this jock from Joe Snyder to review.   I already have several other pairs of underwear from them and one of their jocks, so this makes a great addition to my collection.   As with many of the jocks that Joe Snyder offers, it is “one size (28/38)”, and is microfiber 80% Polyamide 20% Elastane.

I absolutely loved wearing this jock all day.  As soon as I put it on, I knew this was the start of a great relationship.  The fabric blend is amazing and feels great.  And the support…ooh the support.   I cooked breakfast (doesn’t everyone cook in their underwear?), did some work in my office, and then took off on my day.   The day included a little retail therapy, a coffee date, and a dance class.  I had on jeans to start the day, athletic pants to wind it down.  This  jock felt great underneath both.  I didn’t experience any chafing with the straps, and the pouch kept me in place all day, even while I was kick-ball-changing my way through class.

Joe Snyder loves to create underwear with something extra.  This jock has a cutout in the front.  Think of it as a little peek-a-boo, giving a hint of what lies beneath.  This drew an inquisitive glance or two in the locker room.  Which for anyone who wears things like this is not a problem.  And I am sure if you wear this jock and get into an intimate situation it will definitely add some spice!

This jock fit me really well.  Which leads me to wonder just how the “one size” fits guys with a larger waist.  I imagine that the waist might be a little tight for someone with a larger waist size and that the straps might feel tighter and little more binding.


  • Fantastic feel
  • Peekaboo opening
  • Good support


  • One size fits all


  • Fit – 5
  • Materials – 5
  • Construction – 5
  • Look – 5
  • Daily Wear – 5
  • Overall – 5

This jock was provided by Joe Snyder and is available for $26.25 at


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