This review is of the Nukleus Water Series Mekong Micro bikini. This brand of underwear initially attracted my attention due to their company’s emphasis on environmental protection.  They use a new fabric called Lenzing Viscose, which is made sustainably from wood, and they recycle all the by-products of production, minimizing their impact on the environment.  Colors available include Navy blue, royal blue, red, black and yellow.  I am sucker for bright colors, so I got a three-pack of yellow ones, for $16.50 including shipping. Their sizing tends to follow European sizing, so I bought one size up (medium) and tried them out. First impressions were:  “damn, they make me look hung” and they also fit my more than ample butt—-which can be a challenge to fit sometimes.

I wore the Nukleus all through the day at work, which has me getting up and down often, as well as sitting in several meetings. After work, I went to the gym for a weight-lifting workout with my trainer. I was very impressed with the comfort of this pair—at times it felt like I was hardly wearing underwear while still giving me the support I expect from a bikini. Even through a tough leg workout at the gym, they still maintained their shape, did not ride up with wear, and still made me look hot when changing in the locker room. The lenzing material is naturally sweat wicking, and in this case, actually helped keep me dry during the workout.

I was really impressed on how the cut of Nukleus appeared to augment the size of my plumbing. Andrew Christian may have his nearly naked briefs, but Nukleus figured this out several years prior, and at slightly more than $5 each, you can’t beat the price. Keeping me comfortable while working out and looking good in the locker room afterwards were unexpected bonuses as well. Many brands claim to be “sweat wicking” which usually means you end up with wet and soggy underwear after the workout. Nukleus’ claim to keep you dry actually was the truth.

The main disadvantage of buying Nukleus is the lack of a US seller.  They can only be purchased over the internet from Malaysia, and the lag time for delivery can be as much as 3 weeks. Also, I purchased another three-pack after my initial review, and ever though I ordered the same size, they were significantly smaller than first ones I bought, despite being labeled “medium”. Not sure if that indicates a problem with their quality control or if it was a one-time fluke.  Given my initial impression of their product, it’s not enough to scare me away from buying more. The overall comfort, shape, body enhancing cut and sweat wicking of the material helped make this become one of my new favorite pair of underwear.


  • Price ~$5 each
  • Body enhancing shape
  • Sweat wicking
  • Bright colors available


  • Delay in delivery
  • European sizing
  • Possible quality control issues










Daily Wear




*OUT of 5*

You can find this pair at and three-packs are available for $16.50 at their site.

Note: UNB-LJ is a new reviewer who is based in the US and travels the world and always picks up new undies where ever he goes. He’s going to share some reviews of those pairs and how he finds great undies all over the world.


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