In the history of UNB there has always been an interest in fetish wear. It allows us to get have a lot of fun with our underwear and not be so plain and boring. I have heard of many guys wearing these to work, but these are more for fun nights out when you definitely want people to see your underwear.

We are profiling 5 companies that are in the fetish space that you need to know. They are doing some really great things in the fetish space and do some really amazing and fun stuff.

nasty-pig-fetishwearNasty Pig

Nasty Pig has to be one of the brands synonymous with fetish wear. They are best known for their jocks. As you can tell they really take the jock to the next level and don’t just make simple jocks. Some of the jocks they have crated are:

  • Pattern Jocks like the Systematic Jock ($25.00 in center)
  • Fetish materials materials such as rubber with the Rubber Jock ($35.00 on right)
  • They haven’t forgotten traditional jocks with the more simplistic like the Take Down jock ($22.00 on left) in yellow.

They have ventured outside of jocks to other underwear including briefs, trunks and long johns. To find these and more styles shop the Nasty Pig Site –

Slick-it-up-fetishwearSlick It Up

If you’re looking for HOT with not much left to the imagination then Slick It Up is just for you. I have known about this brand for quite a few years. They haven’t ever hit the mainstream but I think that’s because it’s not something you could wear every day. Like I mentioned above it’s made to be seen or worn in a bar or club. They make hoods, pants and body suits in spandex that looks like leather and rubber.  Some of their gear is:

  • The Cobra ($34.00 on left) a thong hybrid. It’s a half thong with a pouch.
  • The Gladiator Trunk ($42.99 in the Middle) is a large mesh brief that is totally see through.
  • And lastly  is the Scropio suit ($134.00 on right) that is cut shot in the arms and legs and mesh on the side.

If you are shy you may want to not check them out. They are made to show off EVERYTHING. They make some really cool gear! Find Slick It Up at their site –

modus-vivendi-fetishwearModus Vivendi

Modus Vivendi has marched to their own drummer since their inception. They have never been afraid to make underwear that feature their Greek Heritage. Modus Vivendi has done some really fashion forward underwear in their day and they will continue to do so. Their fetish wear is in the Fisherman line, which is a line that is about fun and has a leather/rubber look. Their fetish wear is a mix of shirts, and underwear.

  • Latex bodywear 11282_black (79.80 Euros on left) is a mix of a jock and shirt making a fun body suit.
  • Jocks as you see are always big in fetish and the latex jockstrap 11211_black (26.60 Euros in Center) is one that has a super wide waistband.
  • Lastly we have the latex bottomless boxer 11221-1_black (30.90 Euros on left) is a boxer with a jock back. This has become one of the newest styles that the fetish wear makers are embracing.

This is not all the pairs they have that are fetish related, but find them at their site


Manstore may not be a brand you are familiar with, we have covered them a few times on UNB. They are a European based company and all their stuff is skimpy and fun. The only bad thing about that is their site is in, I believe, German. Which makes it a bit hard to read more about them, but sites like Dead Good Undies also carry the line. Everytime I have seen ManStore they are super skimpy and fun cuts. Here are some styles they make.

  • Wrestler (63.90 Euros on left) is a deep cut singlet with a racer back, singlets are big this year.
  • Spider string (29.90 Euros in middle) is a thong with a jock thong back with a few extra straps.
  • Click Pants (39.90 Euros on right) is a rubber like trunk with a snap front.

The ManStore has some great European styling in their undies. It’s one we think our US readers should know about! Find them at their site


Fetishwear is becoming more accepted in the underwear world. Timoteo has created a new line that focuses just on fetish wear, and that line is Cellblock13. It has been around for about three years and has come on strong in the fetish world. Cellblock13, to me, has a big of a sports vibe with the singlets and football inspired pairs. Some of their gear includes:

  • Renegade Defender Pant Jock  ($68.00 on left) is a hybrid of a pant and jock. The football inspired pants has the front and open back. Available in three colors
  • Grappler Jock – Fetish line isn’t complete with out a jock ($22.00 in middle). It’s a traditional jock cut with a 3 inch signature waistband and stretch mesh pouch.
  • Ginglet Jock – Singlets have always been big in the fetish world. ($50.00 on right). Cellblock13 has taken the singlet and made fun with the open back.

Cellblock13 is one of the newest brands in the fetish world but putting their own spin on the fetish wear they are making. Find them at their site

This is not the end all be all list of fetishwear companies. This is only a few we think you should know. Also, each brand has way more styles then those we listed. We only did a few, go explore each site to find what fetish wear you love. If you have any fav fetishwear site let us know!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years


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    • you are correct, I was thinking their Twitter which is Cellblock13la not their site! thanks for letting me know

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