why-we-love-underwearI’m sitting here planning the future of UNB. I know it seems sometime we just fly by the seat of our pants, but I’m actually looking at the future and where I want us to be as a blog. It got me thinking why do we love underwear?

For most of the guys in the world underwear is something you wear because your mother told you to wear clean underwear in case of an accident. Those who read this blog have many other reasons. We all, regardless of sexual orientation, have fallen in love with undies.

Here are some reasons I came up with why we all love underwear –

  • Personality – Its a continued statement as who we are as a man. Sure the world sees our clothes daily but we want to show more personality with our underwear. Some guys have to wear a uniform, whether its a mechanic in coveralls or busines executive in a suit. You may not have much say on what you wear to work. Underwear gives you a chance to wear something bright in color, skimpy in design, luxrious fabrics or all the above.
  • Fashion – I have talked to guys who fell in love with undies because its a continuation of their fashion sense. They wear the best shirts and pants and would never think of wearing nothing but the best underwear. Plus with the low rise jeans trent having a great pair showing over the waistband was a fashion statement.
  • Comfort – Underwear in six packs never give you much comfort, they loose their shape and drive you crazy after about 4 hours. Great undewear gives you amazing support and makes you feel amazing. I know not everyone is a fan of briefs, but they are what I love best. Once guys find what fit he loves most, its rare he will change his daily go to pair.
  • Sex appeal – This can come in two forms. The first is you had a partner who bought you something sexy and one trying it, you loved it. I have talked to so many straight guys who got into underwear this way. Their wife/girl friend got tired of the ugly boxers/briefs and bought something. Reluctantly they tried them and then fell in love with the fit. Not to knock the straight guys but I have done this to many guys I have dated too, but it reminds me of a lot of guys I have talked too recently. The second is one thing I experinced. Seeing underwear and wanting to feel that sexy wearing them. WHen I was younger I saw bikinis and thought they were sexy and wanted a pair. When I got a pair I feel i love. It’s the old addage that you want to look as good as the model in the picture.
  • Dare – This is another way I heard guys found undies. In college or something a buddy/friend dared them to wear something such as a bikini, brief, etc. They accepted the dare and discovered that what they were dared to wear, they actually like. Thongs are the most loved pair in this category. One reader told me his college buds dared him to wear a thong to a party one night. He accepted the dare got one and wore it to the party. While wearing it he realized how great they were and went out that week and bought more. Now, he did keep them from his buddy but it changed his mind about undies. I don’t think this happens too much but it does happen
  • When in Rome – This one our very on Gabe discovered. It deals more with swim briefs than underwear. He went on vaction and most of the European visitors wore swim briefs and kinda gave him the look most who wear swim brief in the US get while wearing them on a public beach. He ventured out and bought a pair and wore them the rest of the trip. There were no judgements or sneers. It was generally accepted with the people on the beach. This then turned into his love of underwear.

These are some reasons why we love undies. We would love to hear your story on how you fell in love with undies, what were the reasons that got you to buy/get that first pair? What was your first pair?  Feel free to email us or post here in the comments. Our Email is info@underwearnewsbriefs.com


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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  1. My love of underwear started as a child even though I couldn’t get what I wanted until high school. Seeing guys in their underwear or a jock was an allure to me that I couldn’t stay away from. Looking back now I can see it was for me the awakenings of my my sexual orientation. So sex appeal… seeing guys in sexy underwear that I wanted to wear to feel that way too.

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