A few weeks ago I overheard a few of my buddies talking about underwear. Naturally, this piqued my interest so I started listening and then engaging. Well this wasn’t just any normal discussion about boxers vs. briefs but instead it was about the opposite, no boxers or briefs, or thongs for that matter too. Going commando was the center piece and to my shock and surprise, it’s a new thing that many are doing. Granted I am an underwear fanatic, but I really just don’t understand why anyone would want to wear no underwear throughout the day. How do guys going commando not get completely irritated by the lack of male anatomy support? What about skin abuse caused by pants rubbing against bare skin? Finally, not wearing underwear is completely unhygienic and honestly pretty gross.

This discussion caught me off guard but maybe I was just behind the latest trends. I now ask you all, do you occasionally go commando? If so, give me some feedback as to why you do this and if there are times that you prefer this. Continue the discussion by either commenting directly to this post or via my personal twitter account @UNBJon.

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  1. C.r. Medina Reply

    I usually go commando at night, I like to relax and I just wear some shorts, especially when the weather is hot

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