bike-10-jockstraps-throwbackWe are going to post as a group 12 pairs we love and think every guy should own. It was originally 12 pairs every guy should own but after going through some of the selections there were several pairs no longer in production so it’s a mix of pairs we love and pairs you should own. This is Alex’s first post!

When I was asked to pick two pair of undies every guy should own I thought to myself what undies do, I own the most of. It didn’t take me long to think of the Bike jockstrap the only pair of undies I own where I have the same pair, in the same color.

The Bike Jockstrap has been a staple of locker rooms and men’s drawers for decades. This classic jock isn’t about frills of fancy fabrics or flashy waistbands, everything about this jock is made for use. The elastic and cotton pouch hold your boys where they need to be, while still showing off a nice bulge. The waistband is wider than most jocks making sure it stays in place. The leg bands lift and support your butt giving a great profile. Even with all these great features the best part to me is the classic, masculine, blast from the past look of this jock.

The Bike Jock has been reinvented in recent years with new colors other than the white and black of the past. These colors add a little more fun to the other options, but still holds the classic design.

I use my Bike Jock for both sports as well as every day wear. The support and classic styling are unmatched. This jock is a must have pair!

Pictures from Jockstrap Central (Contains an affiliate link)


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