Drink plenty of water
Drink water throughout the day.  You body need water to function and operate.  There are so many guidelines for recommendations of how much water to have in the day.  I suggest having a glass right away in the morning before you do or eat anything.  Then carry on the rest of you morning routine be it breakfast (which you should be eating anyway).  Take a water bottle with you as much as possible.  You should have a good mouthful of water every 30 minutes or so.  If you every find yourself thirsty you are already dehydrated so don’t ever get to that point.  If you are doing a lot of activity (workout) and causing you to sweat you will need to drink more water to replace.  Remember that drinks like coffee, some teas, alcohol, and pop (drinks with a lot of sugar and or caffeine) do not count to your water intake.  Drinks like natural juices, and coconut water are a good way to mix it up but still water is the best.
Drink a cup of green tea a day
Having a cup of green tea once a day and replace a can of pop or a cup of coffee will help detoxify your body.  There are numerous antioxidants in green tea that help clean the body.  Without changing anything else in your diet or your activity levels this one change will help you body be healthy and thus stronger.  Your organs and body functions will run much smoother and cleaner with green tea daily.  we are exposed to daily toxins in life through the environment, the air we breathe, and food we eat.  Drinking green tea will help out body’s rid those toxins out.
Eat Good Healthy Fats
There are a lot of fats out there and some of them are terrible for you.  But you body does need some fat to function so select good fats and you will benefit your overall health.  Olive oil, Avocodo oil,and coconut oil are great fats to have. For the most part you can substitute them in where any other type of oil or magerin is used. Remember that too much of a good thing is still bad.  Just because these are healthier choices does not mean use twice as much.
Make these small changes in your everyday life and you body will thanks you.  You will have cleaner skin, more energy, and better sleep.  Who does not want that?
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