With Tim rallying us this previous weekend, he mentioned our theme for the week would be “magic”. I immediately began thinking how I could add some “magic” to my week. Looking over my schedule for the week, and then digging though my underwear drawer i began to think this might be difficult. I did have a concert coming up on Tuesday I was really looking forward to, and wondered how I could maybe include it, without just geeking out about music. I felt like running out and buying some exotic underwear was forcing it and wouldn’t truly capture any magic. I knew I was expecting my underwear subscription (3 pairs) but I had already glanced over what I was getting and didn’t think much of it.

Tuesday morning arrives and I wake up thinking how to get this day going. To begin with, concerts are my holy grail, my church, etc. I take them very seriously and am very detailed oriented about it just like everything in my life. (ha Im more fun than I sound I swear!) Lying in bed planning my day I hear my mailman shove a package between my front door. “Undies! Score!” I exclaim! I take the package upstairs and start opening it, only half excited because again I half knew what I was expecting. I never know the colors I’m going to get so I’m always a bit curious. A quick glance to see the colors then I go back to planning my day.

When putting my outfit together I decided id bust out a new pair I had just received and thought the red and yellow PUMP! Brief seemed like a cool color scheme so I’d go with it. I nonchalantly opened the package and my fingers immediately notice. “Holy Crap!” this was a mesh brief. Something very new to the what now seemed like a mundane brief selection in UNBBrady’s old drawer. I thought what better way to spark some magic, than to step out of my comfort zone in most comforted of zones. This was sure to be an interesting concert if at least for my outfits sake.


I slide the fire truck red mesh brief on and giggle a bit at how airy it is. The word PUMP! In red across the bright yellow waistband only cause more giggles. Of course my first mesh brief had to be loud as hell as far as color. The mesh itself is pretty normal. I’m not sure of the fashion term but its comparable to a basketball jersey. The design otherwise, pretty standard for a new men’s fashion brief. Nice center seam front and great lift in the butt. Amazing red and yellow color scheme with white trim. The elastic around the thighs isn’t too invasive, but is tighter than some of my other briefs. With that being said the waistband is extremely comfy. I did notice on the label that these briefs suggest air drying. Unfortunately, this will cause them to get worn less because that tends to be somewhat of a pain.

Once I had them on I starred at myself in the mirror for a bit. At first I was in awe at how exposed I felt. Then I nervously began to think, “what if I met a girl after the show?”. I started to think that maybe this wasn’t the best forum to try out my new adventurous brief. “Let’s just keep it safe “I thought. My mind then goes to Tim’s pump up before and I remember there’s no magic in safe! I quickly slide my jeans on before I change my mind.

First foot out the door I catch a breeze between my legs and right across my arse. I quickly hustle to the car and laugh at how fun this already is. At the bar throughout the beginning of the evening I catch many a wind. These briefs are definitely not for the cold winter, but that’s somewhat to be expected. Honestly, every time it simply excited me and reminded me of my little secret I’m wearing below. I even leaned over to grab a beer an exposed the bright waistband which immediately garnered a conversation. I wasn’t up for the whole mesh brief explanation so I left it at the color and cut. Most of my friends know me as the underwear snob so it’s not too odd of a topic.

I knew I was up for some fun and maybe some chills but I had no idea how applicable these briefs would be at the show! The mesh kept me so cool down there! I can remember leaving shows in the past and after getting real sweaty down there and then stepping outside into the freezing cold and being miserable. These gave me the perfect transition! These might become my official concert undies! If you want to add a little more magic to your underwear drawer you can buy these briefs at the PUMP! Website for $28.UNB Magic Week indeed!



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