Modern ClassicsI’m going to start this article like some would start a cheesy wedding speech and define the word classic. The word classic is “used to say that something has come to be considered one of the best of its kind.” Simply “something that has been popular for a long time”. When it comes to men’s underwear fashion, there has definitely been one tried and true “classic” style in every sense of the word. The jockey brief, who just celebrated its 81st birthday has remained the go to underwear option for many men for many years. With good reason too. The basic brief covers all the fundamental functionality of underwear. But over the years there have been some many great upgrades to this style that will help cement it as a classic option for years to come.

First off let me mention this is one of my favorite styles of underwear. It has always been a display of simple almost humble masculinity to me. Subtle yet sexy. Simple but functional. My drawer has always been full of basic designer briefs. I can’t really think of an outfit where a basic brief couldn’t be an option. I to have had to get with the times and retire some of my favorites to make room for these modern classics.

In the last 81 years there have been some vast changes to men’s fashion. Some great technological/scientific advances that have changed the brief in many ways. With the introduction of the low-rise pant, the low-rise brief was soon to follow. This cut will sit just below your natural waist and the combination will help keep your undies hidden. They have also introduced enhancing technology, whether it be in the rear or front. Also, science has proven its important to keep your berries cool, and non-restricted. This revelation has often led designers to ditch the traditional y-front for a front seam or pouch. Here are some examples of brands paving the way for this classic style.


The Wood Hip Brief is a perfect example of a classic style but chock full of all the goodies listed above. They are becoming one of my favorite brands for their simplistic attitude. This particular brief is cut high to show more thigh which helps mask brief lines in a suit or slacks. Plus, the rear is tapered to give you butt a nice fit look. Here they decided to ditch the y-front for a total flat front with no seem. Which allows your boys to sit comfortably. The fabric is made from a tree cellulose that is super breathable. Actually has some subtle moisture wicking properties. These modern classics were meant to be worn all day! The waistband is combed to feel extra soft and bears their name in an understated gold off to the side. Almost all of their colors bear a white waistband helping further that classic vibe. This brief is available from the Wood website for $20.


UN12-15-FullThe Classic Cotton Pouch Brief from N2N is another example of a classic that has had a modern facelift. These briefs are handmade in Los Angeles, and are one of the softest briefs I have ever felt. These are made from mostly cotton with just a bit of spandex to help contour the body and lift the butt. This is going to feel like more of a classic brief. Another hip cut, this will help stay hidden throughout the day. My favorite part of these briefs is the Nhance pouch. This is one of the most visually appealing and comfortable pouches I own. Unlike most, it offers a very open pouch that provides a more natural mobility. That combined with the extreme softness, I find myself grabbing these out of the drawer often. These bad boys are available on the N2N website for $19.


5219 (14)

It’s hard to poignantly describe the Clever classic brief when they have done so well on their website. “Basic, but don’t ever call it plain”, a great mantra for modern classics to date. Clever 5219 Classic Brief features another cotton/spandex blend. That’s made to stay cool and comfy all day. For the simple soul, these could completely replace your daily underwear drawer. Hip cut with a sexy contouring design. Once gain, this cut helps give the rear that tight fit look. The simple front seem front makes for a simple roomy pouch. Nothing too crazy in design that helps make this an easy transition for the classic lover stuck in his ways. This is a perfect example of a classic style that has been upgraded in all the right ways. This brief is available on the Clever website for $27.

I could list a thousand great examples. Between the new styles and technology, there’s no reason not to upgrade to some modern classics. I guarantee you’ll notice a huge difference! The men’s underwear market is ever evolving but some styles never change. They just need little updates here and there. It’s nice to know that there is a market out there that loves the classics like I do. This will always be one of my favorite styles. Keep an eye out on UNB as I will do my best to keep you up to date on any additions to the modern classics roster!


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