We just had an article from Ryan talking about some of the thought and logic that goes into how he picks which underwear to wear each day. Here are some of the ways I do it.

For the most part, I pick out my clothes each morning, and my underwear almost always is coordinated with something I’m wearing. I have a lot of “Blue Mondays” where shirt, socks, and underwear always contain blue. I usually try to participate in Thong Thursday as well. I’ll even swap shoelaces to red, blue, green, etc. on some days and tie that into my color choices. Every once in awhile someone at work will comment how my laces match my shirt. I always get a laugh, thinking “if only you could see what else matches 😉 “

Those are some of the little things that give me something to look forward to when I’m picking out what to wear.

The type of clothes I’m also wearing usually factors into my underwear choice. If I’m wearing jeans or pants that are pretty slim and tight, I’ll pick the smallest, skimpiest underwear I have. In the dead of winter, I might grab some boxer briefs first just to have the added warmth and compression on my legs. And sometimes I’ll purposely pick something totally opposite of what else I’m wearing just because it’s my own little secret. For example, I might be super casual in jeans, boots and a flannel but I’ll have a lace bikini on too. I love thinking how shocked people would be to see the whole picture!

The other side to choosing underwear is dealing with rotation in a huge collection. Most people here have collections in the dozens, if not hundreds of pairs. How to get through that amount of choices requires logistics and planning as well. My underwear drawer(s) are definitely stacked with some sort of preference to favorites going towards the top. However, every few days I’ll still flip through the stacks to see what I haven’t worn lately. As much as I’d love to exclusively wear my absolute favorites, I know that wearing and washing underwear is a good way to put a lot of wear and tear on them. I like to make sure everything gets into the rotation, otherwise, it’s not even worth keeping. Plus, pulling out something that hasn’t seen the light of day in a few weeks is a good way to get reacquainted with a pair that you might have forgotten about.

That’s what goes on in my head every time I go to pull out a pair of underwear. How about you?


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  1. That’s pretty much how I choose as well. I do however lean heavily on the rotation method. No don’t wash until I am wearing my last pair. I used to launder weekly but now it’s a month and my collection continues to grow!

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