John Sievers Sleek Natural Pouch Thong Review Rating: 9.4/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: Fabric is super soft, the definition of the pouch is great for all-day wear, the number of colors available for purchase

Cons: The tapering at the pouch and back strap can pinch if you don’t get adequately settled, could be worn with you pointing up, but there will be a lot of excess pouch material for just your testicles.

I bought this pair after seeing it online for a while and liking the look for some time. I was able to get a little extra income recently and decided to splurge and “Treat Myself.” I purchased the neon green pair and waited about five days for the package to arrive during the “Corona-pocalypse” of 2020.

Initial Thoughts: This pair is bigger than I figured it would be. What I mean is it was larger than some other things I have marked as a medium. The green color popped and was super bright, and you’d definitely be noticed if someone saw this, male tail or sexy time. The fabric was very slippery, being88% polyamide, 12% lycra will give the slippery silk effect, but the fact it was so soft was what caught me by surprise. I rubbed this fabric a few times cause they just felt so nice, inside, and the outside parts. The waistband is large, 1.5 inches, and the logo is centered on the front to make sure those you want to know can find this brand by the name. The waistband has a good stretch and is also really soft.

Tryon: The pair is a mid-rise on the stomach and sits high on the back, similar to a Cocksox triangle. Once everything was situated, the pair was comfortable. The pouch is a natural style where everything hangs down slightly and is pushed out. I say it hangs, but the pouch elevates but not in a fashion that would be considered enhancing. The waistband is soft for a band, and due to the larger look, it stretches but doesn’t cut in. As a man with a lot of dad bod, it didn’t create a huge muffin-like some of my other pairs. The fabric is super soft, as expected, and is really nice to the touch. The one thing I noticed was where the pouch connects to the back strap, the elastic tapers in rather quickly. I didn’t believe this would be an issue, but it was noteworthy, a rash on the taint isn’t fun to deal with.

Daily Routine: Considering how we are on lockdown currently due to COVID-19, I couldn’t go out and do my regular routine, so I spent the day cleaning, doing a home workout, and getting up and down a lot dealing with my children. I did a light run and walked my dog that day, and never really noticed any issues with the thong as all. The Tapered spot I mentioned didn’t run at all and stayed in place, although I did have some slight pinching to my sack once I readjusted after a bathroom break, I never noticed it again.

Final Thought: If you sometimes need a natural hang, these are perfect for you. With all my thongs, I would prefer a defined pouch, and this delivered on that front. The fabric is top-notch and really soft to the touch; you or a partner might not want to take the hands-off. Everything considered I would recommend as daily wear for anyone that likes thongs or someone who wants to try a thong. This is a great pair and well constructed. Be careful though; if you’re not into maletailing then wear a belt cause the back does come up rather high.

  • PAIR: John Seivers Sleek Thong
  • COLORS: Black, White, Neon Green, Navy, Steel Grey, Honeysuckle(darker pink), Hot Pepper(Hot Rod Red), Lagoon(light blue), Marigold(orange), Power Purple(eggplant purple), Regal(Royal) Blue, and Tuscany(nude)
  • FABRIC: 88% polyamide, 12% lycra
  • SIZES: Small – Extra Large
  • COST: $26.95, exclusive


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