John Sievers Underewear


John Sievers is one of those lines that I feel is under the radar. It’s well known in certain circles of the underwear world but in others it’s unknown. The John Sievers line is know for it’s amazing pouch. We have covered the line for years. I have quite a few pairs as well and enjoy them immensely. If you love a great pouch, this is the pair for you and if you pack a little in the front, this line is definitely for you. It’s made so you feel so comfy no matter what your size. You hang free and feel amazing all day.

The new line is the Stretch Mesh Natural Pouch line. It comes in two styles, a brief and boxer briefs. Sorry thong fans, there aren’t any in this line. However, the line does has several thongs! The colors of this collection are not in your face but a little on the classic side and I like the three they picked.

Crafted in sports mesh for the very first time, the John Sievers Natural Pouch Brief will forever change the way you think about your underwear. Unlike the old fashioned pouches on most other briefs, the revolutionary John Sievers “Natural Pouch” has a special, deeply-contoured shape that conforms perfectly to your male anatomy. The perforated mesh material is lightweight with 4-way stretch that forms to every muscle while remaining breathable and comfortable

Crafted in sports mesh for the very first time, the John Sievers Natural Pouch Boxer Brief will forever change the way you think about your underwear. Unlike the old fashioned pouches on most other boxers, the revolutionary John Sievers “Natural Pouch” has a special, deeply-contoured shape that conforms perfectly to your male anatomy. The perforated mesh material is lightweight with 4-way stretch that forms to every muscle while remaining breathable and comfortable

Get these pairs of John Sievers from International Jock.

John Sievers Sleek Natural Pouch Thong Review Rating: 9.4/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: Fabric is super soft, the definition of the pouch is great for all-day wear, the number of colors available for purchase

Cons: The tapering at the pouch and back strap can pinch if you don’t get adequately settled, could be worn with you pointing up, but there will be a lot of excess pouch material for just your testicles.

I bought this pair after seeing it online for a while and liking the look for some time. I was able to get a little extra income recently and decided to splurge and “Treat Myself.” I purchased the neon green pair and waited about five days for the package to arrive during the “Corona-pocalypse” of 2020.

Initial Thoughts: This pair is bigger than I figured it would be. What I mean is it was larger than some other things I have marked as a medium. The green color popped and was super bright, and you’d definitely be noticed if someone saw this, male tail or sexy time. The fabric was very slippery, being88% polyamide, 12% lycra will give the slippery silk effect, but the fact it was so soft was what caught me by surprise. I rubbed this fabric a few times cause they just felt so nice, inside, and the outside parts. The waistband is large, 1.5 inches, and the logo is centered on the front to make sure those you want to know can find this brand by the name. The waistband has a good stretch and is also really soft.

Tryon: The pair is a mid-rise on the stomach and sits high on the back, similar to a Cocksox triangle. Once everything was situated, the pair was comfortable. The pouch is a natural style where everything hangs down slightly and is pushed out. I say it hangs, but the pouch elevates but not in a fashion that would be considered enhancing. The waistband is soft for a band, and due to the larger look, it stretches but doesn’t cut in. As a man with a lot of dad bod, it didn’t create a huge muffin-like some of my other pairs. The fabric is super soft, as expected, and is really nice to the touch. The one thing I noticed was where the pouch connects to the back strap, the elastic tapers in rather quickly. I didn’t believe this would be an issue, but it was noteworthy, a rash on the taint isn’t fun to deal with.

Daily Routine: Considering how we are on lockdown currently due to COVID-19, I couldn’t go out and do my regular routine, so I spent the day cleaning, doing a home workout, and getting up and down a lot dealing with my children. I did a light run and walked my dog that day, and never really noticed any issues with the thong as all. The Tapered spot I mentioned didn’t run at all and stayed in place, although I did have some slight pinching to my sack once I readjusted after a bathroom break, I never noticed it again.

Final Thought: If you sometimes need a natural hang, these are perfect for you. With all my thongs, I would prefer a defined pouch, and this delivered on that front. The fabric is top-notch and really soft to the touch; you or a partner might not want to take the hands-off. Everything considered I would recommend as daily wear for anyone that likes thongs or someone who wants to try a thong. This is a great pair and well constructed. Be careful though; if you’re not into maletailing then wear a belt cause the back does come up rather high.

  • PAIR: John Seivers Sleek Thong
  • COLORS: Black, White, Neon Green, Navy, Steel Grey, Honeysuckle(darker pink), Hot Pepper(Hot Rod Red), Lagoon(light blue), Marigold(orange), Power Purple(eggplant purple), Regal(Royal) Blue, and Tuscany(nude)
  • FABRIC: 88% polyamide, 12% lycra
  • SIZES: Small – Extra Large
  • COST: $26.95, exclusive

I think the John Sievers brand is one of those little know gems of the underwear world.  It’s not a brand you see guys on IG posing in or hear a lot about it.  We have covered it for a few years, but not as much as we should. 

Why is it such a hidden gem?

Well, the pouch is fantastic.  This brand is made for guys who need and want a bigger pouch. The design is ergonomically designed.  Speaking from experience, the pouch is one of the best ones on the market.  

Why hasn’t it caught on as much?

The reason is it’s only available at International Jock. It is one of their store brands.  So you won’t see it in retail stores or online stores.  This means if you don’t shop at IJ you probably have never heard of it before.  

Why should you try it?

Outside of the fantastic pouch, which should be reason alone to try it.  I digress, and the line comes in so many different styles.  You can get a thong, trunk, brief, and even swimwear.   My personal favorite is the briefs because they give you full coverage in the back.  

Check out the entire John Sievers line at the International Jock site 

One brand I totally love and is way under rated in the world of underwear is the John Sievers brand from International Jock. I think a lot of you guys who read UNB know of the brand because we have talked about it for years. But if you’re not aware, its a brand only at International Jock and have a pouch made for guys who need extra room up front.

The newest pair, which I plan to snag a pair for summer is the Natural Pouch Mesh Brief. As you can see it’s a sports mesh that is shows off a little bit of everything.

Crafted in sports mesh for the very first time, the John Sievers Natural Pouch Brief will forever change the way you think about your underwear. Unlike the old fashioned pouches on most other briefs, the revolutionary John Sievers “Natural Pouch” has a special, deeply-contoured shape that conforms perfectly to your male anatomy. The perforated mesh material is lightweight with 4-way stretch that forms to every muscle while remaining breathable and comfortable. When you pull on a pair of natural pouch briefs, your genitals hang gently and naturally in the pouch, providing a feeling so comfortable that you’ll swear that you’re not wearing anything at all. The back of the pouch softly hugs the area behind your scrotum with just enough tension to lift your genitals up and forward, preventing your boys from falling between your legs and providing a natural bulge-enhancing effect.

Pair: John Sievers Natural Pouch Mesh Brief
Color: Black & White
Fabric: 90% polyamide, 10% lycra
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $26.95

One brand that has been known for it’s pouch is the John Sievers line from International Jock. I still feel, even a few years later, this is one of the most under rated brands of underwear on the market. Those who know this brand and wear it, LOVE it, myself included. It’s one of the best pouches on the market.

Over the last few years, thongs are not a design that was made by John Sievers, until now. Many of you out there are going to love it this thong. This new collection is called the Sleek collection. This is what they say about the new thong:

The SLEEK John Sievers thong will forever change the way you think about your underwear. The lycra microfiber fabric is lightweight, moisture-wicking, soft and supportive, and offers 4-way stretch for a body-hugging fit. Unlike the old-fashioned pouches on most other thongs, the revolutionary John Sievers “Natural Pouch” has a special, deeply-contoured shape that conforms perfectly to your male anatomy. When you pull on a natural pouch thong, your genitals hang gently and naturally in the pouch, providing a feeling so comfortable that you’ll swear that you’re not wearing anything at all. The back of the pouch softly hugs the area behind your scrotum with just enough tension to lift your genitals up and forward, preventing your boys from falling between your legs and providing a natural bulge-enhancing effect.

If you are a thong fan, need a larger pouch, or just love a great pouch. You need to run not walk to International Jock and try out this new thong. I know a few people that are going to love this thong! Try it out NOW!

Pair: John Sievers Sleek Thong
Color: Black, Steel Grey, Hot Pepper, Lagoon, Regal Blue, and Tuscany
Fabric: 88% Polyamide, 12% Lycra
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $26.95

We haven’t updated the Endowed series in a while. I was surfing the International Jock site and noticed there were new pairs of John Sievers collection released. If you are an endowed guy and haven’t tried the John Sievers line you are missing out! It’s one of the most amazing and underrated brands on the market. I think that the pinnacle of a brand is to get guys to take selfies. It’s very rare when I’m on a “dating site” that I see guys in John Sievers!

What makes this brand so special? The pouch is made for guys who are packing. Readers who don’t have as much in front have commented the pouch is too big for them. It’s bad for average guys but great for us endowed guys! The new line is called the Sleek line. The official description is:

These SLEEK John Sievers briefs will forever change the way you think about your underwear. Made from a nylon/lycra microfiber fabric, these lightweight briefs are moisture-wicking, soft and supportive, and offer 4-way stretch for a body-hugging fit. Unlike the old-fashioned pouches on most other briefs, the revolutionary John Sievers “Natural Pouch” has a special, deeply-contoured shape that conforms perfectly to your male anatomy. When you pull on a pair of natural pouch briefs, your genitals hang gently and naturally in the pouch, providing a feeling so comfortable that you’ll swear that you’re not wearing anything at all. The back of the pouch softly hugs the area behind your scrotum with just enough tension to lift your genitals up and forward, preventing your boys from falling between your legs and providing a natural bulge-enhancing effect.

The Sleek line comes in Lagoon, Neon Green, Magenta and Steele Gray. I think my favorite is the Lagoon. I love the blue color. But all would make a great addition to your underwear drawer. They retail for $26.95 available exclusively on International Jock!

If you are a fan of underwear with amazing pouches. You, no doubt, know all about John Sievers Underwear from International Jock. We, at UNB, have profiled this brand a few times over the years. I am a big fan of this brand. It’s like the best-kept secret in underwear. Each year more and more guys are being let in on the secret. I keep hearing more and more guys talk about the brand on social media.

One of the newest collections from John Sievers is the Sleek line. The briefs appear to be cut a bit higher on the hip than other pairs. Including the Gold line that I own. I am liking the almost bikini cut of the briefs. The fabric is a nylon/spandex microfiber. Fabric, is one area that the John Sievers line has always excelled. They are some of the most comfortable pairs I have ever owned.

The pouch. Well, where do I begin? It’s an anatomical pouch. Meaning it’s designed to fit you in a natural way. It won’t push up, constrain or restrict you in any way. You will forget that you are actually wearing underwear. As you go throughout the day the support and comfort will make you feel amazing.

This line is available in two different styles. They are the brief and Boxer Brief. It also comes in four different Colors. The colors are Lagoon Blue, Neon Green, Magenta, and Steel Grey. The waistband will be a contrasting color.

These are some bullet points from the International Jock page:

  • Designer Features: John Sievers logo centered on waistband; waistband contrasted with body; revolutionary “natural pouch” design
  • Pouch: Anatomically correct
  • Waistband: 1-3/8-inches-wide soft, plush, lightweight elastic waistband; easily stretches to softly hug your waist without cutting into your skin
  • Fabric Content: Silky-soft lightweight blend of 88% Polyamide, 12% Lycra. Soothing and sensuous, with just enough stretch to prevent sagging without constricting your male profile.

John Sievers line is only at International Jock. If you try a pair we don’t think you would be disappointed.

BRAND: John Sievers
COLORS: Lagoon Blue, Neon Green, Magenta, and Steel Grey
FABRIC: 88% Polyamide, 12% Lycra
SIZES: Small – XLarge
COST: $26.95 and $28.95

prldUnderrated Underwear—Is this Even Possible?

Let’s be honest—the men’s underwear world has a very expansive repertoire of brands displaying the latest fabrics.  A wide array of cuts, and prices that range from a couple of bucks to well over a hundred dollars a pair.  Conduct a simple web search of “men’s underwear brands” and you come up with a seemingly never-ending list of choices.  It’s safe to say that the market is inundated with new designers constantly emerging.

Because of this, some of the greatest brands out there are often overlooked. Causing them to fall into the “Underrated Underwear” category.  Being that my current fascination is the anatomical/ergonomical pouch brief (see post from March 6, 2016 BRIEF TALK –THE RISE OF THE POUCHES BY UNB TIM AND SALVATORE). I constantly troll the Internet for exciting and new briefs that allow my package to hang naturally as the creator intended.  This has led me to find what I believe to be a hidden gym and all too often overlooked brand—John Sievers sold exclusively by

John Sievers is not your ordinary underwear line.  The colors are bold.  The fabrics are soft.  The cuts are classic. Most importantly, the pouch is to die for.  The next several lines of text will be devoted to enlightening readers to the genitalia utopia that John Sievers has to offer. Your most prized organ through fabric, cuts, colors, and pouch design.


Fabric is important to the overall feel and durability of any underwear that you purchase.  You can immediately tell if you have gotten your monies worth by how well the cloth your underwear is made of feels to the touch of your most sensitive areas. John Sievers mainly offers a blend of Modal and Lycra.  However, there are several Cotton and Lycra crosses in the line.  Both blends are extremely soft, moisture wicking, and honestly sexually charged when holding on to your loin area.  The designer has done a wonderful job of selecting fabrics that offer stretch-ability and durability.  I think you will love how the fabric fits.


The cuts are classic, modern, and appealing to the eye.  John Sievers offers two different side seam length; one that is 3 inches and one that is 5 inches.  The 3 inch side seam is similar to a low rise high cut brief that you would find in other brands.  It’s not quite a bikini, but doesn’t look like a full cut brief either.  I love the version known as the “Natural Pouch Brief.”  The 5 inch side seam is a cross between a full cut brief and a square cut boxer brief.  Known as the “Natural Pouch Freestyler,” this design looks similar to a full coverage swimsuit that was popular in the 1950s.  I see this option as perfect for the guy who enjoys the coverage of a boxer brief. But doesn’t like the constant riding up the legs that most boxer briefs offer—that sounds like me; wait, it is me!

**Of note, is the very comfortable 1 inch waistband that might be the softest on the market.  The very bold print “John Sievers” brand name is scribed all the way around on most selections. It offers a masculine appeal to the manliest of men.



The John Sievers brand offers the normal range of blues, blacks, white, grays, etc.  However, what I find most appealing are the very odd colors that I just can’t find in any other brand.  Persimmon, Marigold, Orchid, Lilac, and Grotto Blue are just a few of the bright hues offered in the line.  I really enjoy a variety of color in my collection and consider rare colors a must have for my undie drawers.  John Sievers definitely offers that.


For me, the Pouch of a brief is the most important consideration when purchasing.  After all, great underwear can cost upwards of $25 to $35.  Your manhood should be fully satisfied if your going to pay that much money for something very few people see.

The John Sievers pouch is described as natural.  That’s because the pouch in every one of the briefs or freestyler designs is ergonomically constructed. To allow you to freely hang without restriction and binding.  Scientifically, this offers all kinds of benefits from sperm production (if you are straight and want to make babies) to full erection while wearing the briefs (if you happen to have one of those moments that spontaneously happen beginning around age 12).  THE POUCH IS AWESOME.  If I had to rate the pouch on a scale of 1 to 10, I would definitely go with 10!  Why you say? I haven’t purchased any other anatomical underwear that combine the feel of fabric with pouch size and true natural hang that John Sievers.  The brand is simply underwear bliss for me.

To Sum it Up:

I recommend that every underwear enthusiast out there try this brand.  Sadly, they are sold exclusively by International Jock and have not competing interests forcing a sale on the items.  You can expect to pay around $25 a pair.  International Jock runs a sale occasionally and is a great company to work with.  I’ve never had any issues ordering from them and have enjoyed over the top friendly customer service.

In short, give John Sievers a shot!  Hope to see you in some form of a Natural Pouch Brief soon!  If you have any questions or want specific advice on pouches, hit me up on Twitter @manatomicallyme.

newjohnsieversOne of my favorite brands has some new underwear out. The John Sievers line from International Jock. There have been a few of us here who sing the praises of the brand. It’s well made and perfect for the guy who needs a good solid pouch. Its been a favorite of mine for over a year.

If a comfy, natural fit is what you look for in men’s underwear, give John Sievers a try! The all-new John Sievers Highlite brief is named after the thin stripe of color on top of the waistband – not to mention the way it ‘highlights’
your package!

Each pair of John Sievers underwear is made of super-soft modal fabric and features a unique, deeply-contoured shape that conforms perfectly to your body. The pouch softly hugs the area behind your scrotum with just enough tension to
lift your genitals up and forward, creating a natural bulge-enhancing effect.

Pull on a pair of John Sievers underwear and feel the difference! Now available at International Jock in brief and boxer brief cuts in a variety of colors.

Unknown-29One of our most popular posts is the Endowed Guys Guide to Underwear. It was written a few years ago by Brandon and his personal experience finding underwear for the guy who needs a bigger pouch. That original post is a few years old and I don’t think any of the pairs are still available for sale! So what’s an endowed guy to do? Well I’m taking up that torch and creating a series for guys who need more room in the front! We should have a series soon for those who need extra room in the trunk!

There is one brand of underwear that is underrated. It’s not well known to many of our readers I bet, unless you happen to need more room in the front. That brand is John Sievers, an exclusive brand from International Jock. I had seen the brand on the site but never gave it much thought. Then UNB Brandon posted about how awesome they were and  got a few of these and convinced me to try a pair. I couldn’t believe how comfy and roomy the pouch was!

I don’t know if the brand was made for the endowed guys initially or not but it has been given the reputation as a pair with a great pouch. More guys I have talked to who are endowed who say they wear the brand. This is because they have a very comfortable pouch. It’s not one that will push up, have c-rings or any gimmicks. The line has a pouch designed to hold a guy naturally.

One of the big things I like about this line is there are a few different designs and every color in the rainbow. Color is very important to me and I hate it when there are only a limited amount of colors. And even worse if it’s the basic colors only. Color is a way to really enjoy your undies and feel great! Well, for me it is!

The two styles in the collection are briefs and trunks. Each one has a fun waistband and the natural pouch I described earlier. Most of the waistbands are pretty standard except for the California Gold. The California Gold has a bright gold band! It will definitely draw attention peeking over the top of your jeans.

If you are looking for great undies if you are endowed or even if you aren’t check out the John Sievers Collection at International Jock!

Over the last few years we have a set of posts that gets traffic long after the pairs on them have been retired. Those are underwear for endowed guys. I think these posts are so popular because endowed guys face a challenge in finding underwear that fits. Speaking from experience, it sucks when you see an amazing pair of underwear and then think to yourself “There is no way that pouch will contain me”

This has happened so many times to me. Its hard to find underwear that fits and gives amazing support. That is not to say its impossible. Over the last year I have tried some new brands and have some standards that every endowed guy should own. And the pairs are not all about showing off, its about great comfort. Comfort is the number one factor for me finding underwear.

I am going to give you some brands to go research that will make it easier to shop. I will mix it up the styles because not everyone is a brief fan like I am.

B7a12saIMAEEYl6Sukrew – When they first came on the market they had pairs without any pouch. All your business just hung out. I was skeptical of how this would work. But their briefs and trunks came out and have an amazing pouch. It’s one of the most comfortable pouches of 2015. I reviewed a pair of the Tartan briefs. When I slide them on I knew they would be amazing. The pouch really conforms to a guy and gives you such amazing support. The way the pouch was designed it can fit guys of all sizes not just the endowed. I will say I didn’t notice too big a bulge in my pants but its a pair that is just amazing and I will be buying more of these.

9623 _6_Andrew Christian – Not only does Andrew Christian have one line but they have two lines that are great for endowed guy. The two lines are Trophy Boy & Almost Naked. The Trophy boy is made for the super endowed guy. Meaning is you are way above average these will fit. Where as the Almost naked isn’t marketed for endowed but has an ergonomically designed pouch. The Trophy boy I call the Magnum condom of underwear, guy want to brag they can fill them out (not that its a bad thing!). I like the Trophy boy line but is a little looser cut and not as much support to me as the Almost Naked. But this is a personal preference and you may like the cut and support of the Trophy Boy. This however is not a factor for me not to buy them. I have a few pairs and do enjoy them.

gold2International Jock John Sievers – This brand is one that is a hidden gem at International Jock. I think very few of the mainstream population knows this brand. It’s very well made and has an amazing pouch. While not specifically marketed to endowed guys, it is one of the best on the market for us. I haven’t seen this brand out in the wild that much, meaning i don’t see guys posting pics in them or guy wearing them out. Don’t let that fool you thought. They have a massive amount of colors and the most popular cuts. The line is designed and sold exclusively at International Jock. I have a pair of the Gold and I was more than pleased with the pair. Each time I talk to a guy who has tired them, they swear by them. Take note they aren’t the cheapest undies but finding a pair that fits, sometimes price isn’t a factor.

blue_miniBig Boys Pants – The name says it all here! These pants (UK for underwear) is made for big boys. This brand I have reviewed a few times here and is a lot more classic in their cuts and colors. So if you like to be a little more conservative in your underwear this would be a great brand for you. The materials and pouch are top notch. I have tried the boxers and briefs, each totally exceeded my expectations each time I tired them. The best thing about the brand is they designed a pouch specifically for them. Next, each pair is made out of modal so it feels so damn amazing on your skin.


Cocksox – Where do I begin with this brand? It is one of the first pairs I have even tried. The CX01 bikini is a staple in my underwear drawer. I love wearing it! But one of the things you should know is that you will show off everything you have! That is with the original Cocksox. The pouch is like a wonder jock for women. It takes everything you have and shows it off to the world. There are some situations where this would be a problem but sometimes you want the attention. As in most underwear brands, I prefer the briefs more. But all their underwear is great. I have tried I think everything they have in their catalog. Each fit very well and you won’t have any problems with it being too small.

These are just a few brands right now I swear by. There are more on the market such as Ergowear (which I will be getting new pairs to review) and Obviously. More makers of underwear are making pairs for this market. Which is a great thing. As I try more brands I”ll let you know!

Last night I think the Holiday party season really got kicked off. It made me think of what would be great pairs to wear to a holiday party. Now I am not one for the kitty over the top holiday prints. A few companies like aussieBum do them very well but the ones at big box stores I usually stay away from. No cartoon characters or elf prints for me.

So this got me thinking what would be 5 great choices to wear to a holiday party and be in the spirt but not be over the top. I also wanted them to be pairs you could wear the rest of the year because let’s face it wearing Merry Xmas undies in July is just sad. So I put my brain in over drive to come up with what would be 5 great pairs.


1. 2(X)ist Tartan No Show Trunk 

This pair is a mainstay at 2(X)ist every holiday season. It’s just festive enough to be considered holiday but can be worn year round. The new cranberry stripe is just fun. Before they had a plaid print and a solid. I think this addition is a great one. Available at the 2(X)ist site for $24. Also available in a brief and long johns.


2. John Sievers Natural Pouch Brief in Racing Red

I personally think the John Sievers line from International Jock is one of the most under rated brands on the market. You don’t hear about it much but its some of the most amazing underwear. Especially for those who have extra up front. The pair I have I just love. So when I saw the Racing Red this is perfect to wear under your holiday best. It will keep those endowed guys super happy all night and look great while doing it! The pouch is one of the best on the market, hands down. Available at International Jock for $24.95

2209 (2)

3. Clever 2209 Soccer Boxer – Green

I know we have many fans of the boxer brief and the long boxers are one of the biggest trends in men’s underwear right now. This one from Clever is perfect for wearing to a party and coming home and lounging around in them after. Made out of a sports mesh you could wear it to the gym outside of the holiday season or during your favorite sporting activity. Available from GDD World at Candyman Fashions for $31.48


4. Mosdus Vivendi Masai Boxer Red 

Not everyone wants a long boxer for Holidays, they can be a little uncomfortable under a suit. The Masai Boxer from Modus Vivendi would be great under a suit for your company holiday party. It won’t give you any crazy underwear lines under your pants and has a low waistband that will keep you comfy all through the night. Plus the color is bright and festive. A tip, wear a tie that matches your undies for the holidays! Available at Modus Vivendi for 25.50€


5. Andrew Christian Almost Naked Arch Jock – Holiday Collection

We had a brief, trunk, long boxer and boxer. What would the holidays be with out a jock? Not everyone wants to wear something traditional. The Almost Naked Arch Jock from the AC holiday collection would be great under jeans you would wear to any party. The pouch will give you great support through out the night and if anyone saw it it would be a conversation starter to say the least. This is a limited edition pair and is available at the Andrew Christian site for $26.93

These are a few suggestions we’d love to hear more of your choices on what you should wear or what you did wear to a party!

Note: the Andrew Christian link is a affiliate sales link


One of the best perks in writing an underwear blog is getting really great and free underwear. Granted I work hard at the blog but it allows me to have an up to date underwear drawer. So it’s rare when I actually go out and purchase a pair of underwear. That is just what I did with the John Sievers California Gold Natural Pouch Brief. I heard from Brandon how great the line was and finally decided I needed to give them a try.

I placed my order and with in days they were shipped to me. I will admit I was really excited to try this brand. The first thing that I LOVED was the gold waistband. This is where the style gets it name. Each pair in the line is trimmed out with the same waistband with John Sievers stitched in. It felt as great as it looked too, but more on that in a few. The materials were super soft.  Made out of 95% modal and 5% spandex. When I put them on it just felt amazing.

The International Jock site says, “When you pull on a pair of natural pouch briefs, your genitals hang gently and naturally in the pouch, providing a feeling so comfortable that you’ll swear that you’re not wearing anything at all.” I’m always skeptical of this but they were spot on.  The pouch really fit me like a glove. it held everything in place all day!  I am a guy that needs a little extra room up front and it never felt I was being constrained or squished.

I decided to give this pair a real work out. The day I wore them it was a busy day when I knew I would be on my feet a lot. They held up really well.  I was expecting to like them but not as much as I did. They lived up to the “you’ll swear you’re not wearing anything at all.” That to me is the best sign of a great pair of underwear. The pouch has to be in the top 5 of my all time underwear of all time.  I ran around work in the warehouse and after work did some shopping. Never once did I have an issue with the pair.

The sizing was pretty much spot on the sizing guide. My new waist size is a 36 and I bought a large which fits a 36-38 waist. It should conform to normal sizing and I feel strongly you can trust the sizing chart.

What did I like about this pair, pretty much everything. The pouch is one of the best I have ever worn. Second, is the modal blend. Modal feels so good on your skin. It also allows your body to breathe. Next, is the gold waistband. Waistbands are something to me that sets a pair off, when it’s made of gold and fun like this one is, it just makes me smile. Things I didn’t like, the only thing I can think of is I don’t own more of these!


  • Has an amazing anatomical pouch
  • Super soft Modal material
  • A fun gold metallic waistband


  • I only own one pair


  • Daily Fit – A
  • Sizing – A
  • Construction/Materials – A
  • Styling – A
  • Daily Performance  – A
  • Overall: A

I purchased my pair from International Jock for $26.94. It is also available in White, Black, Navy and Steel Grey.



Strike it rich with the new John Sievers California Gold collection! It’s available now in briefs and trunks in four classic colors: white, black, navy and steel grey. All styles are sold exclusively at International Jock, making these a truly one-of-a-kind find.

Each premium-quality style is made from ultra-soft modal fabric and features the revolutionary John Sievers “Natural Pouch.” Unlike the old-fashioned pouches on most other underwear, these innovative pouches have a special, deeply contoured shape that conforms perfectly to the male anatomy. When you pull on a pair of John Sievers underwear, your genitals hang gently and naturally in the pouch, providing a feeling so comfortable that you’ll swear that you’re not wearing anything at all. The back of the pouch softly hugs and lifts you up and forward, preventing your boys from falling between your legs and providing a natural bulge-enhancing effect.

Designed for the real male body, the California Gold collection offers masculine details and polished styling. The metallic waistband contrasts with the neutral fabric colors and creates a very visually interesting pair of underwear. With quality construction and an unrivaled fit, the John Sievers California Gold Collection will make you look and feel like a million bucks.




I’ve always been interested in trying what the market has to offer when it comes to  “Anatomical” or “Natural” pouches. Thus, I’ve come to one of the perhaps lesser known brands is John Sievers, who seem to want to make their name on what they term their “Natural Pouch” design. So I bought the John Sievers Cotton Natural Pouch Brief (in “Orchid”) from and wanted to review it for your consumption.

This particular brief is made of 95% cotton and 5% Lycra and features a logo waistband. For the most part it is a comfortable pair of briefs that run fairly true to size. My pair was a Large which is labeled for size 36-38 waists and fit my 37-38″ waist  comfortably. It is important to note that this brand “jumps numbers” on its size chart and if you are one of the odd numbers out (31, 35, 39) I would recommend sizing up.

As I said these briefs fit my waist well, and the cotton is certainly high quality which provides a nice, non-stretch fit throughout the day. In terms of overall fit, these briefs fit like most low-rise bikini cut briefs do. They are made to fit low on the hips with high cut leg openings and full coverage in the rear. The “Natural Pouch” fits how you would expect it to, but for men who are more well endowed (as I am), the cotton pouch isn’t as big as I would like it to be and that caused some various sitting-to-standing problems during the day.

Construction wise, this brief is fairly sound. The “Natural Pouch” is created by additional material held together by an additional seam or stitch that falls just behind your package, but the cotton does create a less mold-able pouch compared to its Rayon or Modal counterparts. The Color Vibe Brief from Andrew Christian is another cotton brief that features a natural pouch and gets this design right as the pouch is larger, as an acknowledgment of cotton’s limitations. That is not to say that this pouch isn’t comfortable, I wore them for an entire day with hardly any discomfort.

The style or look of this particular pair is honestly what attracted me to them. This brief comes in at least seven colors from standard blacks and grays to this Orchid color. Aside from the color, I like the fact that this is designed much like a traditional y-front, with the contrast white piping. Outside American Apparel, you don’t see many designers sticking to the traditional version of this design. It’s nice to see a hybrid of a traditional looking brief with a new design (a contour or natural pouch) aspect.

I would recommend this particular brief to everyone, but particularly men who like anatomical or natural pouches. Additionally, this brief given its use of cotton would be especially good for those men who enjoy how such pouches let them hang, but don’t necessarily have the endowment to fill those pouches out. While I probably won’t buy another pair, I will certainly come back to this brief when I want a change of pace.


  • Good Fit
  • Solid Construction
  • Stylish


  • “Natural” Pouch could be slightly larger


  • Fit – 4.5
  • Materials – 5
  • Construction – 4.5
  • Style – 5
  • Daily Wear – 4.5
  • Overall – 4.7

Find this pair at International Jock

Don’t miss the newest mens underwear designs from John Sievers: Over 30 superb new “Natural Pouch” styles are designed to fit comfortably, feel great and offer natural bulge enhancement. Available now are briefs and boxer briefs and the unique John Sievers Freestyler for an unequaled wearing experience. The John Sievers collection is available in super soft and luxurious fabrics (either Modal or Cotton/Lycra) for the ultimate in comfort and are shown here being worn by male model Tyler Lough.


This week we are featuring John Sievers Natural Pouch Brief.  This pouch isn’t like other pouches as it has a special, deeply contoured shape that hugs your member perfectly.  When you put these one, everything goes right where it is suppose to and with perfect comfort.  You might even forget you have them on they are so comfortable.

These are great for showing off what you have or for just a little enhancement to catch the right person’s eye.  😉

This wonderful brief is made of 90% Modal / 10% Lycra.  They should be washed in a cool, gentle cycle and tumbled dry on low heat.  They come in four colors: white, black, navy and pink and can be found at International Jock for just $24.95.