I was first exposed to jockstraps as a kid when playing sports and seeing other boys wear them in the locker room. I didn’t think much about them until I got older. During college, I started working out a lot and playing intramural sports. I could never find the right underwear. Briefs or boxer briefs were either too tight or didn’t handle sweat well. 

This is how I was reintroduced to jockstraps. They solved both of those problems and improved my performance on the field and in the gym. I don’t wear them too often outside of working out, but I see the appeal. Out of every type of underwear, jockstraps require the least amount of adjustment throughout the day and provide the most support. They are breathable and look good as a bonus. 

I think other straight guys have had similar experiences. Jockstraps don’t have the same bias against them as thongs because they are associated with sports. In the 2017 UNB Reader Survey, 30% of straight readers wore jockstraps. Hard to know if this is for everyday use or just limited to sports, but I think more and more straight guys are wearing jockstraps in everyday life. MeUndies, Wood, Nike, and Bike make jockstraps that can appeal more to straight guys for everyday use. 

This is another step towards normalizing underwear of all types for straight guys. Everyone should wear underwear that makes them comfortable and feel sexy. And jockstraps are more comfortable and less restrictive for guys with a more active lifestyle.


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  1. They offer the best compromise between going commando and offering full support. I think men that don’t wear them are broadcasting their body insecurity or internalized homophobia.

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