A lot of guys have shared their underwear journey on UNB. A common theme for straight and bi guys has been the fear of being judged for their underwear preferences. I’ve experienced that. 

You might think that the biggest fear is being called gay by another guy. Maybe they see my skimpy briefs in the locker room and make a joke. Yes, that was a fear at one point, and it probably is a reason why more straight guys aren’t getting into underwear. For me these days, I don’t mind what other guys think. I’m comfortable being in a jockstrap in the locker room and have started to see more straight guys confidently wearing underwear that might have been made fun of by other guys ten years ago. 

I still worry about being judged by a woman in the bedroom. Yes, I know that if a woman is going to judge me for my underwear, they’re probably not the right woman anyway, but there is still that fear. I typically stick to trunks on a first date, so there’s no issue. But later in the relationship, they’ll inevitably find out I like thongs. I never try to hide it, but I am not always upfront about it.

The UNB community makes me optimistic that this won’t be a concern a few years from now. We know from the Reader Survey that about a third of the readers on UNB are straight, and thongs are the most popular style. That means there are a considerable number of straight guys wearing thongs. Hopefully, with more people being brave, there will be less fear of being judged. 

I’ve already mentioned in past posts that my theory around why many straight guys don’t care about underwear is that they’re stuck in a rut with Hanes and Fruit of the Loom. They rightly think of that underwear as average at best, uncomfortable and annoying at worse, and apply that thinking to all underwear. They probably don’t know that there are better options out there. 

It can be hard to know where to start. Unless you live in a big city, there aren’t many stores specifically selling men’s underwear (Portland, Phoenix, Dallas, LA, and New York come to mind). And I hate to say it, but these can be intimidating stores and often are geared towards gay men. Still, I would do it if you could go to one of these stores. I had a great experience as a straight guy at Off Chute Too in Phoenix. I got to try pairs without judgment, and the store folks were very welcoming and gave great recommendations. 

Option 2 is department stores or Target. Target is a good option as they are starting to get more types of styles that are better made and not too expensive if you don’t like a pair. You can usually see and feel the pair before buying it, which is helpful. 

Option 3 is online. This is probably where most guys buy their underwear, but it can be hard to know where to begin if you aren’t very familiar with different brands. I know I wasn’t. 

I tell all of my buddies who are just now starting to up their underwear game that MeUndies is the place to start. You’ll immediately be able to tell the difference and know better underwear is out there. Underwear can be fun, comfortable, and attractive. Plus, MeUndies has excellent customer service and makes returns easy. So they’ll make it right if you try something and don’t love it. 

Happy to share other recommendations for other straight guys thinking about expanding their horizons and exploring new types of underwear.

I was first exposed to jockstraps as a kid when playing sports and seeing other boys wear them in the locker room. I didn’t think much about them until I got older. During college, I started working out a lot and playing intramural sports. I could never find the right underwear. Briefs or boxer briefs were either too tight or didn’t handle sweat well. 

This is how I was reintroduced to jockstraps. They solved both of those problems and improved my performance on the field and in the gym. I don’t wear them too often outside of working out, but I see the appeal. Out of every type of underwear, jockstraps require the least amount of adjustment throughout the day and provide the most support. They are breathable and look good as a bonus. 

I think other straight guys have had similar experiences. Jockstraps don’t have the same bias against them as thongs because they are associated with sports. In the 2017 UNB Reader Survey, 30% of straight readers wore jockstraps. Hard to know if this is for everyday use or just limited to sports, but I think more and more straight guys are wearing jockstraps in everyday life. MeUndies, Wood, Nike, and Bike make jockstraps that can appeal more to straight guys for everyday use. 

This is another step towards normalizing underwear of all types for straight guys. Everyone should wear underwear that makes them comfortable and feel sexy. And jockstraps are more comfortable and less restrictive for guys with a more active lifestyle.

I know the UNB community is a huge fan of thongs. I’ll admit that I wasn’t until fairly recently. It was the hardest underwear stigma to get over as a straight guy. I could wear pink briefs, but thongs felt like a bridge too far. I was afraid to wear the same underwear style that my girlfriend would wear. 

When I was 16, and my underwear interest was starting, I was much more willing to experiment with underwear. I heard about the Joe Boxer thong multipack at Kmart and bought a pair. I still remember the woman checking me out who said, “hmm… interesting choice.” I was embarrassed and threw out all the pairs after trying them on. Until about halfway through college, I stuck to boxer briefs after that experience. 

Side note: those Joe Boxer thongs were great pairs of underwear, considering they were sold at Kmart and were inexpensive. Excellent material and a surprisingly comfortable pouch. Almost bikini brief style if anyone else remembers them. 

Once I overcame the mental barrier of wearing thongs during college, my other issue with thongs until recently was that I never found the right pair until recently. Thongs can be some of the best underwear, but if you get the wrong team, they can be some of the worst underwear. For example, if the fabric strip between your legs is too thick, it’s very uncomfortable. I remember wearing a pair during a final exam in college. I was sweating, and the strip was chafing me. Not fun!

I wonder if other straight guys have had the same issue. They are willing to try thongs but unsure about the best pair. That’s why UNB is so helpful to guys! Maybe I’ll review a few pairs in the coming months. 

I’ll talk about some of the brands and pairs that have recently changed my opinion on thongs. We’re in a golden age of thongs, and brands like MeUndies releasing thongs are starting to attract more straight guys to give thongs a shot. 

UNB Marco is back. Hey everyone, it’s been a while. I was a regular writer for UNB in 2016, sharing my perspectives on underwear as a straight college guy. My love of undies (and my collection) has grown even more since then, and I’m excited to be back exploring new areas and answering questions that straight guys have about underwear. 

Tim and Patrick’s recent podcast on bisexuality and underwear struck a chord with me. Mainly the idea that the type of underwear you like has no bearing on your sexuality and shouldn’t be in other people’s eyes. Unfortunately, we are not quite there yet.

The Reader Survey said that 32% of UNB readers are straight. That is great and a massive increase over the last ten years—one step in getting to a place where guys can explore the underwear they like without judgment. 

I hope that by engaging even more straight guys on the site, we can expose more straight guys to different types of underwear and brands and show people of all sexualities and genders that everyone can (and should) have underwear that they love. I know UNB was a massive part of my journey in branching out and trying different brands. While I’ve grown to love thongs and jockstraps over time, I first found UNB because I wanted to go beyond Hanes and Fruit of the Loom and found some articles about different brands with trunks and boxer briefs. That is a starting point for many straight guys. 

I’ll post a new article as part of the “Straight guys &” series every month. For example, next time, we’ll explore “Straight guys & thongs.” I’ll also focus on brands that seem to be targeting beyond just gay guys because many are doing innovative things with underwear that everyone should know about. I would encourage everyone to read, even if you’re not straight.

I’ll admit that, despite my self-proclaimed underwear obsession, I’ve never tried a jock thong. I love jockstraps because of the support and how they make my butt look, and I love thongs because of the sex appeal, but I’ve never really understood putting them together. Obviously, there’s something that guys like about them because they’re quickly becoming one of the more popular styles. More and more brands are starting to include them in their collections, such as heavy hitters Andrew Christian, Jack Adams, and PPU.

There are several positives that intrigue me about jock thongs. Of course, they’re perfect for when you want something skimpy, but they also add the uniqueness factor because they’re still not as mainstream as briefs or jockstraps. I like to workout wearing jockstraps, and I know several of my fellow writers enjoy wearing thongs while hitting the gym, so the jock brief would obviously work well in that setting. In addition, it’s an easy solution for when you can’t decide between a jockstrap or a thong. Personally, I like both the strap between my legs and the straps under my butt cheeks, so this would give me both feelings.

Looking at brands that offer jock thongs, there are several things I noticed. The pair from Jack Adams, consistently one of my favorite brands, features a roomy pouch and a thinner thong strap, which makes it good for those who still aren’t completely sold on thongs. PPU has many different types of jock thongs that are mostly provocative and feature many different types of straps in the back, so there’s something for everyone’s tastes. Andrew Christian, a brand I’m sure most are familiar with, has numerous lines that have a jock thong available. In my opinion, I’m most excited about trying these because I’m sure they’re comfortable like other pairs from Andrew Christian and can be worn for any occasion.

Really jock thongs sound like you’re getting the best of both worlds when you wear them. Jockstraps are great for accentuating the rear end, while thongs are great for showing off your package. The jock thong combines these two and gives you the perfect amount of lift everywhere. Overall, the jock thong seems like an interesting hybrid that I’m excited to try in the future.

Photo by Andrew Christian.

This might be a controversial opinion, but I think everyone is a little bi-curious subconsciously. Even though I consider myself straight and have a girlfriend, I know there is a small part of me that is curious about guys. I think that my interest in underwear is how that part of me is expressed.

Guys, though they might not admit it, are constantly thinking about their package. Size is something guys think about probably every day, and it’s usually in a context where they’re comparing themselves to other guys. An example of this would be worrying you aren’t going to measure up to a previous lover of your partner. This type of thing likely stems from bicuriosity on an unconscious level.

I think I first realized this aspect of me on a conscious level when I was walking down the underwear aisle at a store. I couldn’t help but stare at all of the different models on the boxes and their ripped physiques and stylish underwear. Most notably of all, my eyes went directly to the bulge. I think this phenomenon relates to other guys being curious about what other guys are packing, something that underwear marketers surely tap into when designing their boxes. For this reason, wanting to know how you compare to other guys is not gay, it’s human nature.

To reemphasize, though I wouldn’t necessarily want to have any type of relationship with a guy on an underwear box, I often find myself attracted to his underwear and bulge. I think it comes down to the mystery aspect of underwear. It hides what is underneath and leaves the rest to the imagination, which really can be quite alluring. I personally wouldn’t want to look at a naked guy, but a guy wearing underwear is completely different for that reason. It allows you to think about how you compare without actually seeing someone’s package.

I’ve been much happier since I’ve embraced this side of me, not worrying about if looking at a bulge or wearing a particular type of underwear is going to make me gay. It’s okay to be curious. It’s even better if you find a positive thing to channel that part of you into instead of suppressing it. The moral of the story is to not worry about what others think, be confident in your sexuality, and pursue what makes you happy.

College guys have begun to branch out and try all different brands, styles, and fits of underwear. One variety that hasn’t caught on with younger guys as much as it has in other communities, however, is the brief. A recent poll from AskMen found that only 16% of men wore briefs, and judging from my experience, this number is even lower for college-aged men. Despite it being one of my favorite varieties of underwear, other guys my age don’t seem to want to give it a shot due to a combination of the perception that they’re like tighty whities or that they’re too skimpy.

To address the tighty whitie complaint, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and that becomes clear the second you start doing any research. Of course, the underwear aisle at Target might be filled with similar pairs to what guys wore as kids, but that is not representative of the larger market. One reason that tighty whities are so maligned is that they sometimes rise up close to your belly button and are baggy. Low rise briefs completely negate both of these problems. They sit right at your waist and the less material ensures they are form fitting and don’t stretch out in weird places. Then, of course, there’s the white part, and this isn’t a problem because most good brands have a wide variety of colors to choose from, from sleek black to bright blue.

Even when guys are aware of these better briefs, some complain that they’re too skimpy. The extra coverage of boxer briefs is great sometimes, but if you want to dress to impress, briefs are the only way to go. From experience, I know that girls like them even more because it makes your bulge and rear end look better. Considering probably no one else would care about what underwear you wear, this is an obvious pro to wearing briefs. Once you get used to the skimpiness, it is a great experience that you might never look back from.

I hope my fellow college guys will catch on to this.

One style of underwear that is often overlooked is the bikini brief. Many would just wear briefs if they wanted that cut of underwear, and others would wear something like a thong if they’re going for the exoticness factor. I know some are hesitant to buy bikini briefs because the name implies they’re feminine in some way. But I believe you really can’t get much better than bikini briefs. I love them because they’re somehow exotic and unique, yet still comfortable and supportive.

For one, they make you feel and look sexy. They kind of remind me of what a bodybuilder would wear in a competition, which is very appealing to me. Like a good pair of briefs, they allow you to show off your thighs. Overall, it’s clear that when others see you in this pair, all eyes will be on you. If you don’t feel the above when wearing one, it could be used as a good motivator to get fit.

Usually the material used in bikini briefs is more of a polyester blend, which is something I personally like. This is also beneficial for hotter climates because it provides more ventilation. For this reason, they’re also an ideal underwear for working out. My ideal pair is underwear I can wear running errands, working out, and when I’m about to make love and it works perfectly for each. Bikini briefs definitely fit the bill because they’re very comfortable due to their cut and material, good for working out because of the breathability, and good for making love because it’s sexy and skimpy. Few other pairs could say the same thing.

I hope that more brands start making bikini briefs and more guys realize how great they are. Even cheaper brands like Fruit of the Loom make good bikini briefs, which says a lot about how comfortable and appealing they are.

Garcon Model furnished the Elite Sport Trunk for review.

Rating: 8.2/10

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 8/10
  • Styling: 8/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10

Pros: Length of trunk, material blend, stylish

Cons: Color selection, cost

UNB Marco recommendation: An all-around good trunk that doesn’t have any major downsides. Comfortable, sexy, and good for any occasion.

Between the two Garcon Model pairs I had worn prior to this trunk, a Sport Brief and a boxer brief from their older line, I had an ambiguous attitude toward the brand. I really liked the Sport Brief, but the boxer brief was not my favorite pair. I hoped this would be more like the Sport Brief since it’s part of the same line, and luckily I was not disappointed. Right out of the package, I could tell this was a comfortable and stylish pair of underwear.

Wearing this pair over an entire day was a very pleasant experience. It was comfortable and, at least after the first day I wore the pair, the legs did not ride up. I couldn’t even tell I was wearing underwear throughout the day at work. It was a decent pair of underwear to work out in, but that wasn’t really where it shined. Still, I liked how it was tagless and the fabric was breathable.

I absolutely loved the fabric blend. I think bamboo is a really interesting fabric and makes for a good pair of underwear. Adding the 5% elastane was a smart move because it gave it more stretchiness and made it very form-fitting. As with the Sport Brief, the pouch feels natural and doesn’t require any readjustment over the course of the day. It was also the perfect length for a trunk, and although I haven’t tried their older trunks, they looked a bit too short for what I would normally consider a trunk. I will note that I wasn’t too excited by the color selection because it really only comes in very bright colors with the exception of Navy. I would have liked to see a gray or black pair. That didn’t bother me too much because the comfort and style definitely outweigh that.

This pair is definitely true to size and it’s stretchy enough where it would be comfortable even if you ordered a size lower or higher. It really fit like a glove without being too tight.

What struck me most with this pair was its balance. By that, I mean the pair was not overly flashy, but also not boring. The waistband is bold and modern, but not gaudy. Overall, it would be a great addition to your underwear drawer simply because it shows off your assets and is comfortable. Although I wish the price were a bit lower, it’s not ridiculous by any means and I still wholeheartedly recommend this pair.

BRAND: Garcon Model

PAIR: Elite Sport Trunk

COLORS: Purple, Orange, Pink, Green, Navy, Red

FABRIC: 95% Bamboo/5% Elastane


COST: $32.00

FURNISHED BY: Garcon Model

Where to buy:

D.Hedral furnished the Seamless Trunk for review.

Rating: 9.6/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: Luxurious material, Anglefit technology, ridiculously comfortable

Cons: No defined pouch (more of a personal preference)

UNB Marco recommendation: This is hands down one of the best pairs of underwear I’ve ever worn. Completely worth the extra expense.

I first reviewed the Seamless Briefs from D.Hedral, so my expectations were very high for their trunk. In most ways, it’s similar to the brief, but in the end, this pair was better on all levels in my opinion. After these two pairs, I may have found a new favorite brand. D.Hedral is, of course, an Italian brand, which gives it that suave European style, and they really go above and beyond with design, quality, and innovation.

As with the brief, this pair would work well in any context, but the fabric is specifically designed to be ideal for exercise. I particularly liked wearing this pair to work, because it is perfect under a suit. The Anglefit technology and contouring design make it almost feel like you got your underwear tailored, so it’s meant to be. I can’t say enough about the comfort level of this pair of underwear.

I really liked the fabric blend on this pair, 92% polyamide and 8% elastane, which makes it stretchy, lightweight, and sleek. I noted in my brief review that that pair kind of rode up above one of my butt cheeks by the end of the day, but that was not a problem with this pair at all. That’s likely because this was a trunk and the leg elastic was well-defined, so it just was inherently not a problem. That pretty much removed my only complaint about the brief, so the trunk definitely comes out on top. I like how low rise the pair is because it complements your body and adds to the allure of the pair.

Although it’s called a trunk, the inseam is more like a boxer brief, probably around 6 inches down the leg. That’s really the ideal length for a pair of underwear in my opinion. As for sizing, there are only two options, small/medium and large/XL. My small/medium fit me well, and I’m a 31” waist, which is in the middle of the 28-34” range they suggested, a good sign. Go for the size you’d normally choose, and it will definitely fit because of the stretchable fabric.

Although it might be a bit less convenient to get a pair of D.Hedral due to international shipping, it’s completely worth it. This pair, or really any from this brand, will be a great addition to your underwear drawer.


  • BRAND: D.Hedral
  • PAIR: Seamless Trunk
  • COLORS: Black Grey, Navy Red, White Anthracite, Powder Grey
  • FABRIC: 92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane
  • SIZES: S/M, L/XL
  • COST: About $35 USD
  • FURNISHED BY: D.Hedral
  • Where to buy:

D.Hedral furnished the Seamless Brief for review.

Rating: 9.2/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 10/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Styling: 8/10
  • Daily Performance: 10/10

Pros: Luxurious material, Anglefit technology, waistband

Cons: No defined pouch (more of a personal preference), didn’t stay in place all day

UNB Marco recommendation: I am in love with this blend of materials and the classiness of this pair of briefs.

D.Hedral is one of those brands I’ve always wanted to try, but because it’s a European brand that charges shipping and is a bit on the pricey side, I never ended up making a purchase. Within the first minute of putting on the pair, I knew I had been seriously missing out.

When I first saw the pair, I assumed it would be more of a fashion pair and not made for going to the gym, but after wearing it, I realized I was wrong. The material is lightweight, breathable, and dries quickly, so it’s actually ideal for high-intensity activities. In addition, as its name says, it’s seamless, so that allows for more freedom of movement for various exercises. But I also think it’s  perfect for those lazy Sunday mornings spent lounging around the house because of its sheer comfort. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s one of the most comfortable pairs of briefs I’ve ever worn. It fits like a glove, has soft fabric, and doesn’t constrict any part of me.

My favorite feature of this pair is D.Hedral’s Anglefit Technology. Basically, it’s like an invisible Y back that contours your rear end and results in a perfect fit. There’s no lifting or uncomfortable straps, it simply acts as a second skin and shows off your silhouette. Overall, the seamless construction works well, definitely better than other seamless pairs that kind of choke your package due to the lack of built-in pouch. Every aspect of this pair is elegant and modern, especially the contrast waistband that adds an extra layer of style.

As for size, there’s actually only a Small/Medium and a Large/Extra Large. Normally this would present a problem, but the pair allows for ample stretching, so you should be safe basing your size off of their waist size ranges.

I suspect that within the next year or two, D.Hedral is going to become a major player in the American underwear market. That’s because it’s extremely comfortable, makes you look good, and has a classic yet unique look that appeals to every type of guy.

  • BRAND: D.Hedral
  • PAIR: Seamless Brief
  • COLORS: Black Grey, Navy Red, White Anthracite, Powder Grey
  • FABRIC: 92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane
    SIZES: S/M, L/XL
  • COST: About $32.50 USD
    FURNISHED BY: D.Hedral
  • Where to buy:

I’ll admit that one of my guilty pleasures is seeing guys bend over or raise their hands and getting a peek at their underwear waistband. To me, I love learning about what underwear other guys are wearing. Interestingly, waistbands have become almost a status symbol, with companies trying to make their waistbands stand out as the focal point of any pair of underwear. If you’re looking to impress with your waistband, these are brands and pairs that will definitely do the trick.

Calvin Klein – Iron Strength

This is one of my all time favorite pairs, and the waistband is a lot of the reason I like it. Fitting with its name, all of the waistbands in this line are bold and masculine. It has the legendary Calvin Klein name in the front and six horizontal lines running around the rest of the waistband. Overall, it kind of reminds me of racing stripes, which definitely makes a statement.

Saxx – 3Six Five Boxer (Charcoal Polka Dot)

I always think of Saxx when I think about waistbands, and one particular pair stands out to me. Like the previous pair, it has the brand name and then horizontal stripes, though these are red, white, blue, and gray stripes of different lengths. It’s a nice contrast and it makes this pair of underwear.

2(X)IST – Graphic Modal No Show Brief (Black)

This line has a lot of different types of waistbands, and my favorite has to be the black pair. Though the pair is solid black, the waistband has a unique pattern that reminds me of leopard print but isn’t overpowering. It overall gives up a luxurious vibe that is indicative of the brand.

Andrew Christian – Trophy Boy

This is a classic example of a statement waistband. It exudes confidence and sexiness and anyone who sees it would likely agree. The word “trophy boy” written in bold capital letters against the black waistband conveys a clear message that you’re a guy who is assertive and strong. This is a waistband I always try to show off when I’m wearing it.

Emporio Armani – Magnum

This line’s waistband comes in different colors, but the common theme between them is the two-tone horizontal stripe and Emporio Armani written with the signature eagle logo in the middle. The coolest part is how the font changes to be the opposite color when it crosses the line between the two tones. As fans of Emporio Armani know, this is one of the classiest brands on the market today, and this waistband shows that. (Picture by International Jock)

I love that brands are putting more thought into waistbands. It really shows an attention to detail that elevates any pair of underwear.

Many readers have asked me to go more in-depth about what the best pairs of underwear to wear when working out are. I think there are a lot of great pairs that could benefit UNB readers, so I wanted to share a few more specific exercise scenarios and my recommendations for what underwear they require.

Yoga: Jack Adams MUV Sports Brief

I like yoga because it helps eliminate stress and improves my flexibility. For that reason, a pair that gives you a full range of motion is crucial. Jack Adams is another brand that specifically designs their pairs for athletes. Any brief from them is good for the purpose of motion, but I love the MUV line because of the support and the mesh panel over the pubic area that help keep you feeling fresh. It’s made with 95% cotton and 5% elastane, which I think is good for yoga because it’s especially comfortable. The roomy pouch and the aforementioned mesh panel are absolutely perfect. The Jack Adams MUV Sports Brief retails for $33.00

Running: Pump! Touchdown Boxer Panther

This is one of my all time favorite pairs of underwear, and definitely, my go to for when I go running. For that reason, I doubly recommend it because you can wear it as everyday underwear and as a workout pair. It’s somewhere between a boxer brief and a trunk, which I personally think you can’t go wrong with. The construction and material are simply perfect, with legs that don’t ride up, a sporty mesh and cotton blend, and a double-lined pouch. I especially like how the pair is stretchy, yet has that form-fitting compression feel. Plus, importantly for running, it moisture wicks. The Pump! Touchdown Boxer Panter retails for $33.00

Swimming: N2N Bodywear Condor Sport Swim Brief

I can’t get enough of N2N underwear, and when I decided to try their swimwear, I was just as enamored. Some of their skimpier bikini pairs wouldn’t be great for swimming laps, but this pair hits the sweet spot in terms of sleekness. I like how there is no drawcord, liner, or seams in the pouch on this pair. The fabric is quick-drying, lightweight, and true to fit, so pretty much the gold standard of swim briefs. The signature pouch offers great lift, support, and enhancement, which I personally like because it avoids any cold water package embarrassment. The N2N Bodywear Condor Sport Swim Brief  retails for $30.00


Hunk2 furnished the Apollo Roux2 II for review.

Rating: 8/10

  • Daily Fit: 6/10
  • Sizing: 8/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10

Pros: Makes behind look great, excellent material, pockets

Cons: Pouch was too small

UNB Marco recommendation: This is a great pair all around, with the material and unique cut being particular pluses. I would recommend it for the confident and classy man who is looking to spice things up.

I am thrilled to be reviewing this pair of trunks from Hunk2. This is a brand I’ve always been interested but have never actually tried. When I put this pair on, I knew that I had been missing out this whole time. Although it’s different from the types of underwear I normally wear, the Apollo line from Hunk2 is made of the best materials and is undeniably sexy.

To get the whole experience, I wore it for an entire day, during which I went to the gym, sat in class, and went on a date with my girlfriend. It was excellent for the gym due to the polyester material and it worked fine for errands and other general daily tasks. The pair really shined when it came time for date night. It really showed off all of my assets and the skimpiness was great in a way that increased my confidence. It’s constructed in a way that anyone who sees you in it can’t help but look at your package. Notably, this pair has two pockets, which I thought was helpful for storing a condom.

I can’t say enough about the fabric and the construction of this pair. The seams are unobtrusive and the material is clearly high quality. I liked that there was no obtrusive logo and the elastic waistband was narrower, which is a nice change of pace from pairs I usually wear. One thing I wasn’t thrilled about was that there’s not much of a pouch and the material isn’t particularly stretchy. By the end of the day wearing it, my sack grew sort of uncomfortable. It could just be since it’s a new pair with a different cut that I’m not used to, and the pros still outweigh that one con by leaps and bounds.

I got this in a medium, and I’m relatively thin with a 31” waist. It’s definitely true to size, though based on this pair if you’re on the border between one size or another, it could be good to go a size up to get a slightly larger pouch.

Hunk2 hit this one out of the ballpark. With all of the different vibrant patterns for the Apollo line, the pockets, and the premium material, among other things, you can’t go wrong with this pair.

BRAND: Hunk2
PAIR: Apollo Roux² II
COLORS: This one is white with red and pink pattern, but the Apollo line comes in 14 other unique designs
FABRIC: 78% Polyester, 22% Elastane
COST: $23.99
Where to buy:

Many of you have probably seen that YouTube video called “100 Years of Men’s Underwear” where a sculpted gentleman changes in and out of pairs of underwear, tracing the history of my favorite article of clothing throughout the past century. Therein lies the reason for this article: the history of underwear.

The underwear we all know and love today has its roots in the 1930s when guys everywhere chucked out their union suits in favor of boxers and briefs. This was a change on par with the invention of sliced bread, spurred on by the invention of elastic. Jockey, although it has been outpaced by more fashionable rivals nowadays, began making briefs in 1930, complete with the famous Y-vent in the front. Briefs were in vogue, although they might as well have been tighty-whities compared with what we are fortunate to have today. Regardless, to me, they evoke a classic, masculine, and simple style that was surely nothing short of revolutionary in those days.

Fast forwarding past World War II, the industry became more and more innovative, with different colors and patterns being produced. This was when underwear began to be a fashion statement, think those leopard print bikinis from the late 1960s. Even still, most guys still wore white cotton underwear.

Finally, by 1970, spandex and lycra became part of underwear blends, which opened up a whole new world in terms of fits and styles. This opened the door for designer products that we know today, such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. Whether it was Tom Cruise in Risky Business or Mark Wahlberg’s immortal Calvin Klein ad, men’s underwear started to become a pop culture phenomenon.

After a dark period in the 1990s when many guys reverted back to Joe Boxer-esque boxers, underwear reached the point where we are today. Underwear has gotten skimpier, perhaps fueled by the gay market, but this has been embraced by an increasing number. With online shopping, we now have access to any size, color, style, or brand with just the click of a button. It’s also striking how now there are varieties of underwear for almost every occasion, from sports to romance, to enhancing underwear.

Where will underwear go next?

As a college guy, it’s important to me to stay fit. I’ve experimented with a lot of different pairs when going to the gym, and have realized not all are created equal. In addition, I’ve found that certain pairs are better for certain exercises. The following lists what underwear I recommend you should wear to maximize your gains and get swole.

Strength Training: Aussiebum Wonderjock Pro Jock

When lifting weights, it’s important to have support, not have your junk swinging everywhere, and have a full range of motion for exercises like squats. That’s why I always go with a jockstrap. Although some guys are turning away from the jockstrap for workouts, it was the tried and true choice of guys exercising for decades, so there’s obviously a reason for that. I’m especially partial to the Aussiebum Wonderjock Pro, which is more comfortable and supportive than any on the market today. It’s integrated with 90% cotton and 10% elastane, which is soft and able to handle excess moisture. It’s very affordable even being shipped from Australia, which is a major plus for me. The extra lift from their patented pouch enhancing technology is the secret weapon, because it will definitely give you a confidence boost in the gym. Guys will probably stare in the locker room!

Endurance Training: Saxx Kinetic Boxer Brief

I’ve found that a lot of guys focus too much on pumping iron and ignore endurance training. This can include things like spinning, Zumba, or high-intensity dancing. Doing these types of exercises can improve your cardiovascular, muscular, and respiratory endurance, allowing you to withstand pain and fatigue. To do this, it’s crucial to have the right pair of underwear, especially one that can deal with sweat. Saxx is one of my favorite brands, and they make a pair specifically designed for high-output activities. The Kinetic Boxer Brief is loaded with patented technology like the BallPark pouch, antimicrobial technology, and Three-D Fit, which is form-fitting around the glutes, thighs, quads and hamstrings. Since it’s 90% nylon and 10% spandex, it’s moisture-wicking and quick-drying. You can’t go wrong with this pair for really any type of intense workout.

Core Workout: BaskitWear Active Jockbrief

Ab workouts are by far my favorite day of my workout rotation. My go to pair for these workouts is a jockbrief from Baskit. This line is specially made for active guys, and I like the jockbrief style because it has the same level of support and comfort of a brief but offers extra freedom to move. I actually have it in all three colors, Super White, Navy Blue, and Cement, because it allows me to wear this same pair every core day if I haven’t done laundry. It’s 90% Micro Modal and 10% elastane, a classic blend for workouts. Perhaps my favorite aspect is how the colors and waistband are inspired by those shorts worn by boxers in the early twentieth century.

It’s no secret that Andrew Christian has a reputation for being a brand geared towards gay men. Just open their site and you’re bombarded with pictures of chiseled models wearing skimpy underwear that showcases their prominent bulges. For the average straight guy, this makes it difficult to shop on the site, and wearing their underwear carries the same issues. I don’t fault anyone for that because as I’m writing this article, their website homepage has a photo of a guy in a cage wearing only a jockstrap being fondled by other similarly clad men. Irrespective of their marketing, Andrew Christian makes some of the most innovative, comfortable, and stylish underwear on the market today that anyone, gay or straight, would like if they gave it a chance.

A few years ago, there was a video on YouTube called “Straight Guys React to Andrew Christian Underwear.” There were the predictable confusion and giggles regarding some of the more exotic pairs, but interestingly some said they would wear it if their girlfriend wanted them to. Another comment that stuck out to me was a frat guy who said he could see some of his brothers wearing a pair like this because it would show they’re confident in their masculinity and that they’re an alpha. Indeed, their line of Trophy Boy underwear would reflect just that.

When I first tried a pair, it was a completely positive experience. It was a blue Almost Naked brief, about as conservative as they come with this brand. The design and cut made me feel bigger down there and my package was no longer squeezed or pressed against my body. I had never worn underwear as comfortable and undeniably sexy as that pair. At that point, I could have continued with the attitude that Andrew Christian is a gay brand and so I shouldn’t be wearing it, or I could have been rational and realized that their products are amazing. I decided to go with the latter and haven’t looked back since. If I had gone with the former, I would have just been contributing to homophobia and not allowing myself to be comfortable. My girlfriend also likes the brand, so has regularly picked out pairs she likes for me to wear. If you want to take the first step, you can buy Andrew Christian on Amazon in order to avoid going on their website if it makes you uncomfortable.

Hopefully, my fellow straight guys can get over this stigma. Wearing Andrew Christian cannot make a straight guy gay. In fact, the only thing it can make a straight guy is sexier.

Every once and while, I get a glimpse of my male friend’s underwear, either in the laundry room or when their waistbands are visible. Even in this booming era of underwear marketed towards straight guys, and with increased interest noted in the media, the vast majority are still wearing the same Hanes and Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs that they’ve been wearing for years. This is simply mind-boggling to me.

When I first discovered a brand that wasn’t Hanes or Fruit of the Loom, I switched to that and never looked back. It was easy for me. I understand that others, however, might need to take baby steps on the road towards underwear nirvana. So I’m not advocating for all straight guys to immediately throw out all of their underwear and spend hundreds of dollars to replace it with Andrew Christian. Instead, I believe that every guy needs to start with one high-quality pair and go from there. I would aim for spending $20 on a popular brand like Calvin Klein, MeUndies, Under Armour, or Mack Weldon. There are very few guys new to the underwear world who could pick out a pair from one of these brands and not like it. While this may seem pricey, I’d rather spend $20 on a great pair that will last longer and make me look great compared to $2 on a pair with a waistband that wraps after one washing and isn’t form fitting at all.

Once you’ve realized what you’ve been missing, it’s time to start fixing that underwear drawer. Whenever you feel like you’re able, buy another pair of underwear and throw an old pair out. After a while, if you want to branch out, start looking at trunks and briefs. I’ve found that women like these styles the best because guys usually look best in them, particularly when they’re something beyond whitey tighties. Do some research on different brands and discover the one that’s right for you (UNB can help with that). If you’re a college guy on a budget like I am, it’s still possible to afford better undies. You can check out places like TJ Maxx, where there are usually upscale brands on sale, and CheapUndies, which offers daily deals on great brands.

Together, we can break loose from the chains of Hanes and Fruit of the Loom. Most of us would not wear ill-fitting, cheaply made, or drab clothing, so why would anyone do that with underwear? Guys, step your game up. Your girlfriend will thank you. Your package will thank you. And even your wallet will thank you in the long run.

There has been a lot of discussion about straight guys who love underwear, including thongs, on Underwear News Briefs. While this shouldn’t present a problem in and of itself, telling your girlfriend you like thongs can be a trickier matter. For me, it was a little embarrassing coming clean about wearing thongs when she doesn’t even wear thongs herself.

Out of the blue, I had decided to go all in and wear my favorite Joe Snyder thong to our fourth date. I remember feeling the thong and getting more and more excited about the big reveal as the night went on. When the time came, we continued doing what we had been doing as if nothing changes. This was very heartening and such a relief. Underwear is a big part of my life, so it felt great that I could be now be open with her about it without fear of rejection. Although my thongs were a relatively harmless secret, with that there were no more secrets between us.

After the fact, I asked her what she thought of the thong. She said she already had an idea I had unique tastes in underwear because of my large underwear drawer, so she wasn’t shocked by any means. In addition, she added that since it made my bulge look great, showed off my backside, and was something I liked wearing, she couldn’t complain. I couldn’t have asked for a better reaction.

To any guys in a similar situation, I would say that you should never be afraid to put yourself out there and share your underwear love with you significant other. If they react badly, then the relationship probably wouldn’t work out anyway, because they should like you for who you are, not what you wear. In the end, I realized you should never be embarrassed by your underwear preferences because underwear is meant to be comfortable and stylish.

Picture by Joe Snyder US.

MeUndies is a brand that I think doesn’t get nearly enough acclaim as it deserves. There have been a total of five articles about MeUndies on this site in the six years since it was founded. One was about socks. Only one was an actual review.

One thing that attracted me to the brand was its simplicity. They sell only boxer briefs, briefs, trunks, and boxers in one style each. Each of those styles comes in classic, bold, or adventurous colors and patterns. The classic and bold are solid colors such as Dark Sapphire or Spring Green. Adventurous, on the other hand, comes in bright and unique designs such as Desert Daze, and my personal favorite, Pizza. The waistband is free of any obtrusive logos and adds to the minimalist design.

The pair of boxer briefs I own from them is unquestionably one of my top five favorite pairs of underwear. I can’t say enough about their attention to detail and innovative design. They claim their fabric is three times softer than cotton, and I definitely concur with that assessment. It’s a blend of 92% MicroModal and 8% elastane, which gives it a lightweight feeling and prevents pilling. The pouch is also a highlight, as it provides just enough support without being too roomy or tight. Though I’ve been fooled by brands who say the legs don’t ride up, this has been true thus far for MeUndies, and the quality has not decreased as I’ve washed it more.

You also can’t go wrong with the trunks. The length really hits that sweet spot in terms of trunks, with just enough coverage on the leg. It perfectly conforms to the shape of your body and is especially good for guys with larger butts.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the same type of infatuation with the briefs they sell, as they’re a bit too high cut and square cut for my tastes. This is, of course, a personal preference, so it’s still worth a shot to try in my opinion. The briefs still have the same supple fabric and cradling pouch that makes me love the boxer briefs.

There’s literally no risk to trying MeUndies, since they have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so definitely consider trying out this “ridiculously comfortable underwear.”