I know the UNB community is a huge fan of thongs. I’ll admit that I wasn’t until fairly recently. It was the hardest underwear stigma to get over as a straight guy. I could wear pink briefs, but thongs felt like a bridge too far. I was afraid to wear the same underwear style that my girlfriend would wear. 

When I was 16, and my underwear interest was starting, I was much more willing to experiment with underwear. I heard about the Joe Boxer thong multipack at Kmart and bought a pair. I still remember the woman checking me out who said, “hmm… interesting choice.” I was embarrassed and threw out all the pairs after trying them on. Until about halfway through college, I stuck to boxer briefs after that experience. 

Side note: those Joe Boxer thongs were great pairs of underwear, considering they were sold at Kmart and were inexpensive. Excellent material and a surprisingly comfortable pouch. Almost bikini brief style if anyone else remembers them. 

Once I overcame the mental barrier of wearing thongs during college, my other issue with thongs until recently was that I never found the right pair until recently. Thongs can be some of the best underwear, but if you get the wrong team, they can be some of the worst underwear. For example, if the fabric strip between your legs is too thick, it’s very uncomfortable. I remember wearing a pair during a final exam in college. I was sweating, and the strip was chafing me. Not fun!

I wonder if other straight guys have had the same issue. They are willing to try thongs but unsure about the best pair. That’s why UNB is so helpful to guys! Maybe I’ll review a few pairs in the coming months. 

I’ll talk about some of the brands and pairs that have recently changed my opinion on thongs. We’re in a golden age of thongs, and brands like MeUndies releasing thongs are starting to attract more straight guys to give thongs a shot. 


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