A lot of guys have shared their underwear journey on UNB. A common theme for straight and bi guys has been the fear of being judged for their underwear preferences. I’ve experienced that. 

You might think that the biggest fear is being called gay by another guy. Maybe they see my skimpy briefs in the locker room and make a joke. Yes, that was a fear at one point, and it probably is a reason why more straight guys aren’t getting into underwear. For me these days, I don’t mind what other guys think. I’m comfortable being in a jockstrap in the locker room and have started to see more straight guys confidently wearing underwear that might have been made fun of by other guys ten years ago. 

I still worry about being judged by a woman in the bedroom. Yes, I know that if a woman is going to judge me for my underwear, they’re probably not the right woman anyway, but there is still that fear. I typically stick to trunks on a first date, so there’s no issue. But later in the relationship, they’ll inevitably find out I like thongs. I never try to hide it, but I am not always upfront about it.

The UNB community makes me optimistic that this won’t be a concern a few years from now. We know from the Reader Survey that about a third of the readers on UNB are straight, and thongs are the most popular style. That means there are a considerable number of straight guys wearing thongs. Hopefully, with more people being brave, there will be less fear of being judged. 



  1. My wife doesn’t like my thongs, but she understands and accepts me for who I am. Hopefully it will be more common and acceptable in the next 10 years

  2. Adam if the women you are with don’t like your thong, but you like it then they are the wrong women. My wife likes my thongs. I wouldn’t tell her she couldn’t wear something, unless it was inappropriate for the situation why should she tell what I can wear when no one but her will see it. Just my two cents

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