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UNDIES ROCKSLazy-river pools, gambling, organic grass-fed stake, cool ass designers, and lots and LOTS of underwear. Sums up my experience in Las Vegas for the 2016 MAGIC convention. The MAGIC convention is a biannual trade show for fashion designers/brands. To feature and build distribution for their products. You can find everything from small entrepreneurial designers. Barely scraping their name in the industry.  To big-name, well-established brands like Levis and Calvin Klein. It is comprised of manufacturers of men’s and women’s apparel, footwear,  and accessories. Of course, we can’t forget the most important category: underwear and swimwear! It’s pretty much a big deal so I am super to stoked to have attended and even more excited to report back to you guys!

MAGIC is a one-stop shop for retail buyers. To survey the wide variety of vendors who are hoping to expand their name. I am not a retail buyer and I wouldn’t say that fashion rules everything around me.  I am just an underwear blogger who received this sweet opportunity to go to Vegas during the work week. To attend something new and fun. My goal for this trip was to speak with all of the men’s underwear brands. Speaking to them on a personal level and pick their brains on their new designs and creative process. This is by far my favorite aspect of blogging. Being able to speak to a plethora of brands in one space and time was pretty damn awesome. I attended the last day of the show. That’s when the brands start to let their hair down.  Have a little more time to chit-chat with friendly bloggers.  I have to say that was exactly the case. I met with 12+ brands and each one had something different and unique to offer.

Speaking with the brands was less of an interview process. It more of an open discussion for all things underwear.  I cannot hate on that. As I spoke to them about the features, materials, and cuts I dig. The brands would respond with just as much enthusiasm. With stories about their trial and errors in design. Also, their process for continued growth and improvement. Some brands even divulged their manufacturing processes, machinery, fabric technologies, and printing techniques with me. Which was super awesome and insightful especially for someone who is constantly doing research and development for a living. One feature that a few brands were a introducing was the keyhole pouch technology. Which essentially makes boxer briefs actually comfortable by completely isolating the package and eliminating the potential for chaffing. This has always been my issue with boxer briefs.  It was interesting to know that many of brands that are marketed online seem like they are larger than life. Making beaucoup amounts of cash.  In reality, they are humble designers operating in a very micro level. With many of the times just themselves running the whole show. Many of the brands that I spoke to were just down to earth cool people. Dishing out their artwork and hustling to make their dreams a reality.

Take note gentlemen, ladies really dig guys who wear comfortable and stylish underwear. Can we all just ditch the juvenile, uncomfortable, “how-is-this-a-good-idea” boxer shorts already? Which brings me to a couple of points:

– Ok, so they come in a 5-pack for $10 but are they really doing you any good? The answer is no, no they are not. Many of the brands are aware that men do not want to spend exuberant amounts of money on underwear. Many of them were featuring rad boxer briefs that are insanely comfy and affordable. $20 for a pair of boxer briefs or any pair of underwear for that matter may seem like a lot. These garments are made of quality fabrics with meticulous construction. The best part is they won’t turn into a disintegrated, wrinkly napkin, after one wash. Like your Hanes counterpart.

– Women are rocking the men’s underwear game! It’s awesome to see that they share the same feelings with the current state of men’s underwear market as I do. These women are dedicating their life’s work to giving men options for flattering, comfortable, and stylish underwear. Yes we too deserve to wear sexy undergarments. I want to pat these women on the backs for pushing the boundaries of social norms. It was awesome to meet a couple brands that are owned/represented by females.

MAGIC is a mecca for all things trending in the fashion industry.  Prior to meeting a brand, the products are just mere objects. There is no personality or humanity to the underwear. These are just items that you add to your cart and proceed to checkout. But being able to speak with and understand the brand’s vision for their product. Brings whole new light and appreciation to mine or anyone’s’ interest in underwear. Some people may think that stylish men’s underwear is a taboo subject to speak about. These designers are so relaxed and casual with sharing their vision for creating comfortable and fashionable underwear with the customer in mind. Simply put, they just dig underwear.  I respect what they do. Especially given how repressed the male figure/underwear scene is in States. It’s nice to know that there are people on the front lines pushing the boundaries of style and comfort. That is exactly what I experienced at MAGIC 2016.

Below are some brand highlights and what to expect to see from them in the near future. Each brand was so awesome and different and I hope to share more in-depth in future posts:


– 2(X)ist

This was the first vendor I met with and the president, Tom, was just an awesome and passionate dude to speak to. They were a great brand to start the day with. Great people, great products. To me, 2(x)ist is such an iconic brand.  Growing up, I would always see their stuff in the store but couldn’t afford it.  Now that I’m and adult not only can I afford them, but I had the opportunity to meet with the CEO; how great!

Moving into 2016, expect a wide range of new items from 2(x)ist including some sweet and super stylish women’s athletic wear and underwear (my girl was a total fan). duffle bags, socks, and not to mention their impeccable functional and stylish men’s underwear. And new athletic wear for Spring 2017!  One thing that I found interesting during my meeting with Thomas. Was that men’s knit swimwear (square & brief cuts) are taking off.  Congrats gentlemen, it’s about the time I hear this!  Swim briefs are king, and 2(x)ist has some hot new swim briefs, which I know I’ll be getting my hands on.  Overall, great brand, great people.

BWET 2eros Supawear1

– 2eros

This Australian brand is famous for their fun and interesting prints. That include a beachy- vacation-like vibe, and bright color blocking. Some of their designs include their iconic emblem of the two converging circles that are strategically placed on the butt.  For an enhanced, rounded look. If you are looking for something more muted and classic. Don’t worry because they offer an array of chic briefs, trunks, and swim shorts for the more conservative of hearts. Be sure to check out their underwear too because they are bold and bangin’. Not to mention they have activewear! I met with the lovely Kathy who represents 2eros and a couple other brands which leads me to:

– Supawear

This brand definitely has a fun vibe that doesn’t take itself too seriously. With their comic superhero references to bold colors and sharp color blocking. It is no doubt that this is a brand with a sense of humor. OH! I cannot mention Supawear without speaking about “Fruitopia.” Their watermelon inspired brief which I need in my life. To fully illustrate the love I have for my favorite summertime fruit.


If you are into bright, bold, color blocking. But don’t want to sacrifice quality for style than this is the brand for you. BWET features “The Portside Collection.” Portside showcases four swimwear identities that are inspired by famous ships… Super nautical, right?! They offer three classic styles. Including the brief, trunks, and shorts to fit any personality and lifestyle. Plus they use cool UV protected material.

Papi 3D Waist

– Papi

Ok, so one of my first ever thong purchases was from Papi, so it’s kind of like we go way back. This brand is based out of Miami so many of the designs are inspired but the South Beach culture. They are heavily influenced by its Hispanic Heritage. I am not from Miami nor am I Hispanic. That doesn’t matter because they are dishing out some unique and colorful underwear prints with awesome details in the waistbands. Papi is continuing to “celebrate the spirit, strength, and sex appeal of today’s man.” You gotta love that!

Junk Under Jeans 15

– Junk Underjeans

Cool swimwear alert! This brand is known for their masculine boxer briefs and activewear.  They are really dishing out some cool swimwear. Total curve ball, but in the best possible way. For Spring 2017 their swim briefs are showcasing a number of cool patterns. Such as strips and geometric shapes, vibrant gradient colors, unique features such as zippers, dual and waistband.  Lastly fun materials such as Neoprene used for their Hammerhead brief. All of which are saturated with taste and class, which is right up my alley! Oh, and check out their runners! These man leggings look comfy.

Rounder Bum1

– Rounderbum

It was awesome speaking with this brand. Learning about their product since I have never heard of them before. Their representative was awesome enough to sport the product all day long! Must be nice get paid to wear underwear all day. This brand is known for their padded technology (front & rear). To enhance the shapeliness of the butt and package. They are constructed well and give you the option to remove the padding. While still maintaining and awesome fit. You can find these in multi-packs too!

My Package3

– MyPackage

This brand is the cool guy of men’s underwear. I do admit that they have an Under Armour vibe to them. They are super stylish but simplistic. In my opinion, are targeted for the younger millennial generation. This brand features ultra lush modal fabric. Pucker paneling to essentially make critical seams disappear. Ergonomic flat locked stitching. No rub tags and the most interesting of features: the keyhole comfort technology. This is a 3-D internal pouch that provides support and comfort by cradling the package. Eliminating the need for adjustments. If you are looking to work out in true effortless cool-guy style, then this is the brand for you.

My Package3

– Playboy Men’s Underwear

This brand was unsuspectedly amazing. I was not expecting the quality of the Playboy underwear to be nearly as impeccable as it actually was. They exclusively feature seamless construction with the use of nylon and spandex. The seamless underwear is awesome. Seeing it  and being able to speak to Dilson, the VP of marketing and sales about the manufacturing process was super insightful. To say the least its quite process oriented and requires a lot of infrastructure. These guys know what they are doing and expect awesome stuff from them. The construction of these underwear is just immaculate. With careful thought in making them comfortable and practical. They feature the classic boxer brief, brief and trunk that come in awesome colors and patterns.



This was another brand that featured the keyhole, or as they call it, the “Joey Pouch.” This pouch is designed to fit your entire package to deliver the perfect fit. It prevents unwanted skin contact. They also use the “No-Drip-Tip” technology to help maintain optimal body temperature while promoting accelerated moisture evaporation for added comfort. If briefs aren’t your cup of tea and prefer to wear boxer briefs than you need to check this brand out. 2UNDR features four total designs suited for any lifestyle including: the Dayshift for compression, the Swingshift for quick drying, the Gearshift for a silky fell and pill resistance, and the Powershift for ultra-durability. Interesting enough the brand name 2UNDR is derived from the owner’s love of being on a bike; 2 wheels under your legs.  Expect fun patterns and prints for Spring 2017 collection.

Jack Adams1

– Jack Adams

“Defined by the man who wears it” is this brands motto and could not be any truer for underwear enthusiasts. This is a brand that has always This brand features the top fly versus the conventional and uncomfortable side fly.


– Eugene’s

This was a brand that was not originally on my list but I am happy to have met with the designer Clay. Based out of Georgia, this is a brand that is taking comfort to the mainstream by taking classic styles. Pairing them with the luxurious feel of a modal fabric. They are dishing out cool apparel too that includes modal u-neck t-shirts, tank tops, crew necks, and v-neck. They offer the classic boxer briefs, boxers, and runners. Most importantly, these guys are offering plus sizes! How cool is that? Everyone deserves to wear comfy and stylish underwear. It’s refreshing to see a brand think outside the box and make this happen for your bigger-boned buddies!


– Gregg Homme

This is a brand well known for their iconic fetish pieces. But don’t worry because anyone can find something that they like from his vast array of products. If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary but sexy,then you need to visit this website. It was interesting to find out that their products are still manually sewn by seamstresses in their home-base of Canada. Some interesting features to their underwear includes cockrings, and a pseudo version of the keyhole pouch. Need something leather, sheer, lacy, stringy, or barely there? Then you need to check out Gregg Homme.


– Wood

Female Designer Teresa Zimmerman has gracefully helped evolve the tighty-whitie loving men. Into discretely stylish and sexy underwear enthusiasts. She has developed a brand that features simple yet stylish briefs, trunks, and apparel. That includes a handsome Henley, V-necks and drawstring lounge shorts.  Most importantly, she has recently introduced the thong style to her collection. Be sure to check that out for Spring 2017! Her designs, patterns, and colors are inspired by nature (hence the literal brand name with an innuendo touch) as well as collegiate color influences.

– Saxx Underwear

This brand is well known for their paneled fabric hammock that separates the package from the legs. To eliminate any uncomfortable chaffing. This is a brand that focuses on the athletic lifestyle in mind. Their products range from running and training shorts to compression items. One thing I enjoy about this brand is that their marketing materials feature’s men and women. Since there is such a social stigma on men’s stylish underwear. Especially in the United States. I think this is a great way of introducing and enticing the heterosexual males to become more open minded about trading their uncomfortable and dated underwear. For something that looks and feels good.

MB3-16-3N2N MB3 Milan Sport Brief was furnished by N2N Bodywear

Rating: 9.2/10

  • Daily Fit: 9.5/10
  • Sizing: 9.5/10
  • Construction: 8/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: Perfect fit, fun design, conservative cut but edgy style

Cons: Material

UndiesRock recommendation: If you’re looking for swimmers with a conservative cut. But like edgier, youthful designs then this is all you!  I can’t stress how much I love these swimmers, and I know you will. By far my favorite swim brief of 2016, hope you enjoy my review as much as I dig these spot on swimmers

Hey fellow underwear fans. It’s UndiesRock reviewing another unsurprisingly awesome pair of N2N swim briefs.  As we start to hit the brakes on summertime. It’s important to have a great pair of transition swimwear to help cruise into the cooler months. These MB3 Milan Sport Swim briefs by N2N are the way to go!  First off, let’s take some time to applaud N2N. They debuted some of the coolest and innovative swimwear designs we’ve seen all year.  I mean, these Milan swimmers are just impeccable. Grom the sporty, tight, classic full-coverage fit, to the trendy color options and clean stripes. We have ourselves the ultimate sport swim brief.

Ok, we all know that comfort is the ultimate criteria for reaching swim brief nirvana. The comfort meter on these suckers is off the charts. The 83% nylon/17% spandex material allows for liberal stretch with sustainable form. I own a medium sized pair which is made for a 32-34″ waist and it definitely fits true to size. The fit is snug in all the right places but does not restrict or pinch any areas of the body. The fit on the butt is textbook; snug and tight, which doesn’t become baggy when wet. In my experience with other swim briefs, the leg openings tend to be quite tight with little give which then allows for the hem to dig into the skin. This Milan pair does not do this whatsoever!  This pair is equipped with an inner draw chord. Which provides the option to conceal the strings so they are not visible. But also allows for unlimited adjustability. Also, one thing that everyone should be aware of is that this swimwear is unlined. So be prepared for some transparency post swim. I personally don’t mind the single layer of material. It allows for almost underwear-like comfort. It can definitely be revealing if you are in public situations. Even though the pouch is single ply. It still retains the right amount of support for the package. but with a little extra freedom of movement.  And I cannot stress this enoug.  For sure your package will have a little more definition. Which is totally cool.

The design on the MB3 Milan Sport combines a classic cut with an edgy appeal. This swimwear is substantial so if you are looking for a pair that is full coverage. Then these are the ones to purchase.  But don’t be fooled by the conservative cut. Because these bad boys are far from mundane. They have so much character with the three-panel, tricolor, gradient, color-block design.  That is offered in blue, red, and green (the option I own). The sides of the swim brief are roughly 2.75″ in length providing a mid-rise waist. I cannot write this review without giving a shout-out to the seamless pouch design.  As you all know, I am a sucker for seamless fronts because of the clean/sharp aesthetic and added comfort points. So this pair definitely hits the spot in this department.  Although the front is seamless, I think it’s important to mention that there are horizontal seams where the colors transition.  At first I thought this might bother me. But honestly it didn’t faze me the slightest, but I could see how this could be bothersome to some dudes.  N2N can definitely level up with a fully seamless design, but I feel like I’m getting too nitpicky.  One aspect of this pair that was a little disappointing to me is that the material tends to wear down rather quickly after just a couple washes.  Here is an image to show you what I am talking about:


As you can see the material tends to fray and get pulpy – I don’t know if this is an accurate adjective, but you get the point.

Those who have been following N2N throughout the years know that the brand has legacy cuts that are reissued with different patterns and material each season. But these N2N Milan swim briefs are brand new to the lineup.  For this being the first generation, N2N hit a grand slam with these swimmers and I hope these are here to stay!  Definitely a huge success of a style.  I applaud N2N for these tasteful and flattering simmers.  Right now you can catch these directly from the N2N site for $30 large.  At this price point this pair is a total steal and a no brainer purchase.  You definitely get a whole lot of swim brief for 30 bucks. Which is a small price to pay to turn heads at the beach. Especially when you can easily drop $100 for a decent pair of swim briefs in this day and age.  Personally, I haven’t had much of a summer due to my work life. My August is starting to free up.  You better believe that I will be out on my paddle board with my girl soaking up the sun and salt in these perfect M83 Milan swim briefs from N2N.


PAIR: MB3 Milan Sport Brief

COLORS: Blue, Red, Green

FABRIC: 83% Nylon / 17% Spandex


COST: $30


Where to buy:

n2n Bodywear DaredevilN2N Bodywear furnished the  B65 Daredevil for review


  • Affordable
  • Seamless anatomical pouch
  • Ample side string


  • Material easily scuffs
  • Not for every occasion


Overall – 8.8/10

  • Fit –9/10
  • Sizing – 10/10
  • Construction – 8/10
  • Styling – 9/10
  • Performance – 8/10

Undies Rock Recommendations: The B65 Daredevil is a risqué cut pair of swimmers. That is a total hit for more intimate occasions. So if you are in in search for the perfect string bikini. Then post up and add these swimmers to your shopping list, now!

Undiesrock rock here coming at you with another N2N review for a saucier pair of swimmers. The (B65) Daredevil; the name captures it all.  This daring pair isn’t remotely for the conservative of heart. Let me tell you if you are looking for some straight up sexy swimmers then look no further.

For those of you who have been following N2N for years. You know that the daredevil cut has existed for quite some time.  It’s essentially N2N’s version of a string bikini swimmer.  I know I have been praising this generations of N2N’s gear quality to the max with my previous reviews. This pair is the top of the mountain. I personally purchased the last three generations of the daredevil cut. This latest release is exactly what I have always wanted for a string bikini briefs!  They nailed everything from the seamless, roomy, comfy pouch to the sufficient amount of string bikini for the sides. To the secure fit (tight but not to the point where the side strings dig into your hips). One of my biggest pet peeves with string bikinis is that there isn’t ever enough string on the hips. Typically for string bikinis the photo(s) of the model wearing the product differs drastically from what you get in real life. Usually you only get an inch or so of “string”. Long story short, the Daredevil has serious string bikini game.

I received my Daredevil in the color Ice Blue in size medium. I have mentioned before, the construction of this pair is rock solid.  The 83% nylon and 17% spandex material provides the right amount of give and support. It has sort of a metallic look to it.  N2N’s pouches are always impeccable and this string bikini is no exception.  It has a sufficient amount of room and has an anatomical vibe. Which I found to have more of a narrow fit, but who cares, because this bikini has a seamless front! Which is all that matters ;-).  The entire bikini is unlined. Which I really dig, though it can be a transparent when wet. So just be cautious if you don’t want your junk all the way out there.  Though this feature was a huge hit with my s/o.

I have a 33” waist, and I reviewed a medium which is sized for a 30”-34” waist. The fit definitely hit the spot in all the right places.  In previous versions I have owned. I found that the butt was a little too high rise and just in general had an awkward loose fit in the pouch.  This pair resolved all of those issues.  The pair I own is in Ice Blue. It has a contrasting black trim and muted metallic sheen, which I find to be a nice aesthetic touch.  You can also get this pair in White and Goldenrod, which also have the black trim.  If you’re into prints. Then you’re in luck because N2N offers the B70 Daredevil Prints which have a tropical/Hawaiian flower vibe. That come in Havana Red and Malibu Blue.

The only downside to this pair is minor scuffing on the material after just one wash.  I simply wore the pair to the beach under my shorts (these seriously double as underwear perfectly). After I machined washed on light and hung them out to air-dry. I found that there were little scuffs markings. Which I washed with other swimmers that were come out perfectly fine.  It’s only noticeable when the pair is right in your face, so it doesn’t look tacky.  I recommend hand washing them only since they are delicate.

Right now these are going for $26 directly on the N2N website. Which really isn’t a bad price, considering that a good pair can cost you upwards of $100 these days.  Also please keep in mind that if you’re into prints the B70 Daredevil Prints are $28.  The B65 Daredevil is a risqué cut pair of swimmers that is a total hit for more intimate occasions. So if you are in in search for the perfect string bikini. then post up and add these swimmers to your shopping list, now!

BRAND: N2N Bodywear
PAIR: Daredevil Swim Brief
COLORS: Goldenrod, White and Daredevil Ice Blue
FABRIC: 83% Nylon / 17% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $26.00

Where to buy:


CS7-16-2N2N Bodywear Furnished the Cotton Sport Runner for review.


  • Overall – 9.2
  • Fit –10
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 9
  • Styling – 9
  • Performance – 9


  • Incredibly comfortable material/fit
  • Amazing front/pouch
  • Great style


  • A little short for tall dudes
  • Pricy

Undies Rock Recommendation: The combination of material that is breathable, light and Stretchy. A style that is flattering for all shapes and sizes are the key components for comfortable pants. N2N hit it out of the ball park with this pair.

Undies Rock here, about to drop knowledge on one of my personal favorite pieces from N2N!  Behold, the perfect “I’m working from home” bottoms – the CS7 N2N Cotton Sport Runner pant. As many of you know. I am a huge fan of the N2N brand.  It’s no surprise that their active/loungewear is as amazing as their underwear and swimwear. Gentlemen, if your ultimate goal is to work at home in class and comfort, than these pants are your fix!

First off, this pant is pretty much the men’s version of a legging.  I know this might be a little taboo. All I have to say to those “real/tough/whatever men” out there, don’t knock it till you try it. If you don’t think these are the most comfortable pants you could try on, then you need get real.  Trust me, for all of those “manly” guys out there who are too scared to wear form fitting, legging type pants. Then you are straight up missing out on: 1) absolute comfort, and 2) the ultimate display of your manhood. So go ahead and continue wearing those slopping, unflattering, excessive basketball shorts. But don’t come running to me asking where I got these sweet-ass man leggings because guess what?…I told you so!  Alright I said my peace, and enough with the rant and on to good stuff!

As I previously stated. The Cotton Sport Runner is essentially the men’s version of the legging. It’s a tight fitting, low rise, sporty, knit pant that hits lower to mid-calf (I’m a taller dude at 6′-5″ and it sits mid-calf on me).  I can’t emphasize the tight fit enough. These are supposed to conform to your body, and they totally will.  And as a disclaimer, if you are afraid of undie lines and plan to wear these out. Then you might want to pair this pant with a thong or g. This pant is incredibly low rise, so if you’re a brief guy then maybe a sport bikini might be a good option.

I have the heather grey color option in size Medium. I am roughly between a 33”-34″ waist and I’d say it fits true to size since the medium is rated for a 32”-34.”   The material is relatively thin. The 94% cotton and 6% spandex material allows generous amounts of movement while retaining the right amount of support for all dudes of different sizes. One of my favorite features is the flat, seamless front; HUGE plus in my book.  This flat front design naturally conforms to your package with just the right amount of support. Without being overbearingly tight. The construction of the whole pant is quality. I have machine washed and dried these pants at least three times and I have to say that this pant is resilient. The material is still elastic and the color has remained true.  I have been a huge fan of N2N for quite some time. One of my biggest pet peeves with the brand is the quality control on sizing/cut.  I will say that all of the pieces I have from this current collection are spot on with the sizing and fit. So I would like to applaud N2N for stepping up their game.  This generation of runner is currently offered in a hunter green, royal blue, and heather grey.  I have the heather grey. Which is a little transparent, but honestly I kind of dig it, and so does my girl 😉 The other color options are darker so I’d bet they are less revealing.

Right now you can catch this awesome runner directly on the N2N website for $46 large.  I know this is a little of an investment, but entirely worth it if you aspire to bask in total comfort.  I am huge fan and collector of runners. This is definitely my go to pair for those days when you are hanging around at home.  The combination of material that is breathable, light and Stretchy. A style that is flattering for all shapes and sizes are the key components for comfortable pants. N2N hit it out of the ball park with this pair.  Thanks for answering my prayers, N2N!

BRAND: N2N Bodywear
PAIR: Cotton Sport Runner
COLORS: Hunter, Heather and Royal blue
FABRIC: 94% cotton / 6% spandex
SIZES: Small – XLarge
COST: $46.00



The Indy Racer Brief is furnished by N2N Bodywear


  • Fit –9
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 8
  • Styling – 8
  • Performance – 8
  • Overall -8.4


  • Edgy design
  • Secure anatomical pouch
  • Tight butt


  • Center seam
  • Pricy

Undies Rock Recommendation: This may be on the slightly pricier side for a cotton brief but the style and cut will not let you down. This pair will leave you feeling and looking great

Hey underwear fans, it’s been a while since I’ve been at it. I got a little consumed with my personal and work lives but I’m glad to be back with some kick ass reviews. I’m really excited for the next few reviews I have lined up because they are for one of my favorite local brands, N2N!

Right now, I have for you the RS1 Indy Racer Brief by N2N in white.  Let’s start off by saying this brief is all pouch and butt!  As you might assume from the name, the brief is more on the sporty side. The thin breathable material is comprised mostly of cotton (90%) and with 10% spandex for extra movement and snug fit. The design is breathable with a single-ply, slightly transparent design. N2N’s “patented” Xtreme pouch design provides just enough support for your package. It allows for great comfort especially for those who are well endowed. Without being over restricting. The cup acts as its own protective barrier by isolating your package. Preventing it from chaffing.  This is a huge plus in my book, as having a pouch where the sides don’t stretch out is essential.  I will also add that the pouch has more of an anatomical and slightly narrow fit. With a center seam (always a turnoff).  One of my favorite aspects of the brief is the cut of the butt. It’s a mid-coverage, saucy design that sits low on the waist. It has a snug tight fit and doesn’t stretch out and lose its form or move around during the day.  I test drove a medium, which is rated for a 30-34 inch waist.  I am roughly a 33 inch waist, and like I said this brief is right on point.  The butt is super secure, and pouch has well defined perimeter with an anatomical vibe.  The construction is rock solid, and they have held up quite well to numerous washes.  Ultimately you can’t go wrong with a great tight fitting pair of white briefs.  They are so basic and always hit the spot!

The cotton construction has a sporty vibe. The two contrasting racer stripes on the sides and supportive cup. If you are a fan of exercising in cotton underwear, you will definitely dig this pair. Otherwise, it’s just an overall awesome pair for most activities, including long work days.  Personally I like this brief for lounging around for its comfy and sexy style.  If you are a more conversations underwear fan but are curious about edgier styles. This Indy Racer Brief is a perfect introductory pair. The style includes 2 inch sides and as mentioned before, low rise, mid coverage design.

The Indy Racer Brief comes in three colors. It has contrasting stripe/stitching options. The colors are white with blue, navy blue with yellow, and heather gray with orange. All of them look sweet and are sure to be winners. This pair can be found on the N2N website at $22 each. This may be on the slightly pricier side for a cotton brief but the style and cut will not let you down. This pair will leave you feeling and looking great!

BRAND: N2N Bodywear

PAIR: Indy Racer Brief

COLORS: Navy, Heather White

FABRIC: 90% cotton / 10% spandex

SIZES: Small – XL

COST: $22.00


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UNB Tim & Undies RockWelcome to a Brief Talk between UNB Tim and one of our newest guys Undies Rock. We hope you enjoy this honest talk about underwear!

UNB Tim – Undies Rock, First welcome to the site! You are our new resident straight guy, well one of three! So we had a text conversation the other night about social norm and how both gay and straight guys have very similar stories. It was like preaching to the choir and we have very similar views but from very different places. Being gay it’s fully accepted that I can like undies, whereas you being straight its not culturally acceptable.  How did you discover your love of underwear? Have you heard people say you must be “gay’ for liking underwear? 

Undies Rock – Hey UNBTim, thanks for having me on, it’s been a blast so far! I want to start off by saying that was a solid convo we had, and I’m looking forward to sharing our view points.  You know, I don’t know the exact point in time when it clicked for me, because I have always been fascinated by underwear, but I knew I was hooked when I bought my first pair of bikini briefs in high school.  I couldn’t believe how comfortable they felt and how dope they looked.  Ultimately, in the back of my head, I knew how “uncool” and socially unacceptable they were (are).  Language such as “they’re gay” is typically what people are conditioned to think when they see a pair of men’s bikini briefs, and though I have not been explicitly called gay for the type of underwear I choose to wear (mostly because people don’t have the opportunity to see them), I know that people could assume this from my underwear selection.  This stereotype has always frustrated me, not because I’m afraid of people thinking I’m gay, I couldn’t care less about anyone’s opinion of me (life’s too short), but what frustrates me is that a group of people who do no harm to anyone have had to suffer such social injustice. First of all, I don’t even know whose business your sexual orientation is, or how it even matters; personally I don’t want to know. Second of all, I certainly can’t rationalize the correlation between fashionable/comfortable underwear and gay men, other than the fact that they have the confidence to strut killer undies, which is admirable.  Why do you think people assume underwear fans to be gay?

UNB Tim – That’s a simple question with a complex answer. When the blog started it was read by gay guys. I would assume about 100% were gay. I think gay guys are more open to talking undies and sharing what feels great. This, when noticed by society, lumped undies into the “gay” category of fashion. This is reinforced by entertainment. When they want to have a funny person in undies, they do something really off the wall. Look at the Borat thong he wore. Also, most times a bikini or thong are made fun of rather than seen as no big deal.

Even without movies, I think the general public has a notion that underwear that is skimpy is made for gay guys. They consider it too much like women’s underwear. I won’t go into the whole lace debate, but bikinis and thongs are considered feminine to a large amount of men in the states. Hell, even prints and pouch briefs are lumped in this category. Real men wear boxers or boxer briefs. No self respecting man would be caught dead in man panties.
This attitude is changing. This is due to the of the Metrosexual. Metrosexuals allowed guys to break out of the jeans and t shirts mold guys were accustomed too. It now allowed them to wear clothes that were flattering and develop their own style. This also includes underwear. Why would you wear great clothes but still get underwear at a big box store? Guys are trying undies through their own or through wives/girl friends. Underwear has become a fashion accessory. Its not longer something you just put on.

What do you think the biggest hurdle of guys from trying great undies? What changes do you see happening in society to make underwear more acceptable?

Undies Rock – These are loaded questions, and are topics that I have struggled with for quite some time.  There really isn’t an easy answer, and I hate to get philosophical, but I really think it boils down to social conditioning.  In a similar manner to how men have been conditioned to be accustomed to uncomfortable and ugly underwear, we need to work to open the conversation to men that fashionable and comfortable underwear are socially acceptable, and desirable.  Continual conversation and positive exposure in the media outlets will help foster the mindset that it’s oaky for men to shop openly and own sexier underwear.  I stand by this, and decided to join the conversation by blogging for UNB.

As you mentioned previously, people associate swim briefs and skimpier underwear with the outlandish portrayal in entrainment such as Borat, Wild Boyz, etc,.  These gross over exaggerations ultimately engrain the notion in men that if you wear a swim brief or bikini underwear, this is how you will be viewed by society.  Though these portrayals are far out, they possess the power to influence the mass, which they have.  To further my position, what I find interesting is that for women it’s the antithesis.  I feel this has been fostered from decades of positive press.  Let’s not forget that only a few decades ago, it was a mortal sin for women to expose their skin.  Let alone be 90% naked at the beach with nothing but a skimpy triangle top and swim thong to cover up. I have a strong feeling that if women’s swimwear and underwear was portrayed in a similar fashion to men’s (e.g. an unattractive female wearing a tacky swim thong) then I bet it wouldn’t be socially acceptable for them to wear skimpy intimates.

I know it won’t happen overnight, but if more men come to the realization that awesome underwear exists, and that it is masculine to shop for it, I think the social epidemic we are currently facing on this front will diminish.  If you had to guess, when do you think men as a whole will accept underwear and swimwear?  Do you think we will start to see more men wearing swim briefs in a couple years or decades or not at all?

UNB Tim – That’s a great question. I think every year we get more and more advancement in what guys will wear. I mean, the boxers are finally going down in popularity. The brief is picking up steam and the bikini is making a strong come back. I mean a few years ago you’d never hear much about bikinis and now its starting to spring up all over!

It’s like the 80’s all over again. Back in the 80’s more guys wore bikinis and swim briefs. It was pretty much a non issue. I remember changing for gym and being self conscious about wearing bikinis and there would be several guys in them in the locker room and it was no big deal. Even one of the big men on campus wore them.

Next, guys want to be comfortable. I have heard more guys talk about how uncomfortable boxer are to them. They give you no support, I don’t get boxers. I have worn them and given them a go but Its never a go to pair and I only have prob 3-4 pairs. More guys need support through out the day and discover if you get a good pair of trunks or briefs it keeps everything I place and you don’t have to worry about having to constantly adjust.

Lastly, guys want to be more fashionable. As we have said in this post several times I think. Why spend $100 on jeans to to wear $4 boxers under them? Wear something that matches your clothes.

I’m electing you to speak for the straight community! Why do you think are a few reasons straight guys are holding out on wearing great undies? What do you think can be done to encourage more guys to wear good undies?

Undies Rock – These are all great points that you’ve identified, and I couldn’t agree more.  Hopefully we will see the switch sooner than later.  But for sure it seems to be true that men as a collective are deciding more and more to wear comfortable yet fashionable undies.  As they should.

Specifically for straight guys, there are a couple of reasons why men are apprehensive to indulge in great undies. I hate to circle back to this, but I feel a lot of it boils down to what men feel comfortable with.  Though I don’t relate to this, I have recognized that a lot of men are susceptible to popular opinion.  I think that all of the negative press on cool undies (ultimately equating to a derogative stereotype) has put a damper on any progress and development.  I also think that it is an exposure issue.  Not a lot guys have had the privilege to swim in a CA-RIO-CA bikini, or had the opportunity to wear a JM thong, or to divulge in the (what seems to be) hundreds of options (on a micro level) of underwear.  With this in mind, men have no clue how to adequately judge and form an opinion on what is actually good, other than to accept the norm.  Which is why men actually believe that curtains of shame (aka boxers) are in fact underwear (not shorts! LOL) and that they are comfortable and cool.  This is our current state.  Sigh.

There are a lot of actions we can take for the cause.  I don’t want to make this sound like this is a strategic endeavor, but we have to be smart with our actions in this day and age.  I think one element that will help the straight community is conversation.  As more men talk about underwear, it becomes less taboo and more casual.  I think men in this day are fairly open, and I think once a positive conversation is started, a lot of progress can be made.  As I have stated numerous times, this one of my main motivations to blog for UNB.

Also, it would help if big brands start to offer bikini and better cuts of underwear, with a wider range of comfortable fabrics such as modal, nylon, polyester, etc .  Big retail brands have the power to influence the mass with what is socially acceptable.  And their statement of approval is simply making the product.  This may not always be true, and I know consumers drive market trends, which they can bring to life or kill.  But I think if big retail brands such as Gap, American Eagle (FYI they just started a body positive campaign – AE isn’t my thing, but power on!), might be surprised at the response they receive  if they start to advertise and showcase cooler underwear.  I can’t say this absolutely, but I have always felt like there is this bubble that is waiting to pop on this front, and I think when one mainstream company takes the helm, the rest will fall in line.

I think it will also help the straight community to have solid support and appraisal from women.  Women possess the power to make men feel self conscious or confident with their wardrobe and body.  Funny enough I met with Andrew from N2N and he mentioned the greatest blowback he has received is from women.  This kind of had my head my head spinning.  Apparently they are the first to taunt and tease men for their swimwear/underwear selection.  Personally, my girlfriend raves over my undies, and I know that she is not the only female out there who can appreciate a solid pair of undies on her man.  In fact I think more women would than not.  Just because a few loud mouth hater chicas disapprove, holds no weight in this war at all.  I think a lot of ground will be covered if women start to voice their approval and desire for better underwear and swimwear for men.

Concurrently, I think this also holds true for brands.  Instead of brands advertising group photos of men together wearing underwear, I would like to see more photos of men in swim briefs with a female counterpart.   We see this in brands such as Corka, Charlie BMZ, Clever, and other brands that advertise men and women together, and it looks hot.  The imagery is enough for straight guys to interpret the approval and support from brands and women to feel it’s acceptable to have dope underwear.

Also I think time is a huge factor.  As trends become obsolete, previous generations die that drove trends, etc., room is created for new designs and styles.  Ultimately it up to us to set the trends, and be the leaders for progressive underwear for men, and if you’ve read this far into this post, your helping us step in the right direction (and THANKS for the support!).

Lastly I think that gay men and straight men need to unite on this front.  We are divided, and there is no reason we should be.  Division on such a mass scale only hinders progress.  Numbers matter and our voice holds that much more weight as a collective.  I get it, the mere fact that I am even acknowledging that straight men have different needs than gay men doesn’t help.  My goal is to at least address the reality of the situation and draw attention and opinion to greater area of concern; amalgamation.  Honestly, call me dense, but I haven’t ever been able to figure it out.  Who cares if you’re straight?  Who cares if you’re gay?  I really don’t know, but somehow it’s still an issue.  So let’s get with the program dudes.  IT IS 2016 – NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR SEXUAL ORIENTATION.  Not because it’s irrelevant, but because sex is sex, and believe it or not, people have sex with whomever ever they wish (as long as it’s mutual), and it should be no one’s business to delineate otherwise.  But if you do care, spare yourself the shame and humility of publically acknowledging that you actually have the time to trouble yourself with such a trivial matter.  We are people.  We are men.  Guys lets unite, and bring back cool underwear. Enough ranting lol.

Not to dwell on your previous response too much, but you mention how it’s almost like the 80’s all over again with the trends that are starting to catch.  I found this interesting, not because I love the 80s (which I do!), but because it seems like progress was made in the 80s, but that it was dismissed in the 90s, for us lone undie fanatics to deal with the aftermath of poor decision making.  I mean if we stayed on track with the trends from the 80s we probably wouldn’t be having the convo is the first place haha.  Why do you think the trends in the 80s didn’t stick?  How can we stop this from ever happening again? Lol I bring this up because I would hate for the undie community to lose all of the progress we’ve gained in the 2010s in the 2020s.

UNB Tim – I would say what stopped the trend was the Boxer. The boxer became the default underwear for guys in the 90’s. I know many people reading this would say they didn’t wear them. I think I bought one pair of boxers, which drove me crazy. I didn’t understand their popularity due to no support. It was like I was wearing shorts under my Khakis. This also lead the way to the Boxer Brief. The hybrid that changed the world of underwear too.

Going forward we need to let guys pick what ever they are comfortable in, not just be fashionable. If you love a thong, wear it, bikini wear it, boxer brief, wear it. That’s what UNB is for, guys who love undies and want to share it. Its about your passion and enjoying it.

Good things are happening in the world of undies. The rise of the Jockstrap in the 2000’s is the world of undies shifting. Also the creation of more hybrids. The biggest example is the jockbrief. Baskit lead this revolution and it’s pretty much a mainstay style in a lot of brands. Then we come to the rise of the thong again. Thongs have always had their die hard fans over the years. But more guys are trying them and finding they love them. We have had few guys say they wear them to the gym for the support they give. This isn’t just gay guys its straight guys!

I would like to say we are going through a revolution in underwear. No longer is it just gay guys caring about underwear. Straight guys and women are wanting something better. Its making them step outside their comfort zone and find something amazing. I have long said that once a guy tries amazing undies they don’t go back. They have a preconceived notion that they are uncomfortable and made for showing off rather than wearing. Once they slide them on they find out, underwear makers want their underwear to fit like a glove and your goods were made for them. Where would we be if all brands just made underwear that looked amazing but uncomfortable to wear? We wouldn’t be here!

How do we get it from happening again? I say let them discover underwear. I think more guys now are trying different style from the 80’s. I think the market was way smaller then. Now its HUGE. I mean we have how many blogs dedicated to men’s underwear? Plus we need to be more open about our love of underwear to our friends. As soon as you have just a conversation about underwear like it’s no big deal it won’t be a big deal!

Other than UNB, how are you spreading the word about underwear? What do you think guys can do to make underwear a topic that’s not taboo?

Undies Rock – Way to put me on the spot UNB Tim!  Sorry, I had to J but that’s actually a great question.  To date, I think that one of my greatest contributions has been all of the underwear purchases I have made.  I have quite an extensive collection (don’t hate), which some may say I have a problem, but let’s face it, every man is allowed to have a hobby, and I just so happen to dig undies.  I think all of the purchases I have made have been a voice for more fashionable and comfortable underwear and will hopefully drive market trends.  As consumers we have purchasing power, and though you may not be able to find a cool pair at Macy’s, Kohl’s, or other department stores, cool underwear does exist.  There are countless amounts of brands with awesome styles and cuts for every activity, and they need our support.  I am also a huge proponent of swim briefs, and I strut them shamelessly at the beach, pool, etc.  I will continue to press on with wearing swim briefs in hopes that I will inspire guys who are on the fence but lack the confidence to strut them due to fear of being marginalized.  Hopefully in time, more and more men will realize that it’s actually way better to swim in comfort and style.  Also at times I have given friends recommendations on underwear for various activities.  It’s usually a little suspicious to them as to why I am so knowledgeable but I could care less, and really, anyone who knows me understands this haha.  I also have an Instagram account dedicated to underwear (@undierockla).  I’ll be honest, I haven’t used it much, as my life has been a little hectic, but as the summer roles in, I plan to share all of my UNB reviews on it as well as other undie related topics.  Ultimately the small things do help, and everything I mentioned that I do above are things that all men can do and ultimately the more small things men do collectively play a greater part in the revolution of men’s underwear.

A lot of the taboo around men’s underwear has been due to the desexualization (I think I made this word up, but you get the point) of the male body in American culture.  For women in America, it’s the antithesis, as they female body is almost over sexualized.  American men have been conditioned to unreservedly accept the norm due to a multitude of reasons, but I think (as I stated countless times) that keeping the conversation in combination with positive press will go a long way.  Every year, I see more men wearing swim briefs, and the men’s underwear market is continually expanding and thriving, which are all positive signs to me that progress is imminent.  At this point I think we have covered a lot of ground on this issue; do have any closing thoughts that you would like to share UNB Tim?

UNB Tim – I just hope we have a lot more talks between the guys on the site and our readers! It’s time we have real conversations about underwear no matter if we are gay/bi/straight. Let’s make undies mainstream.

0605 (2)

Hey undie nerds, Undies Rock here with another review.  Those of you that have been following my posts know that I am a huge fan of swim briefs. Or as I refer to them as “swimmers.” Which is why I am stoked to review Clever’s Tropical Colombia swim brief in white (0605). Furnished by Candyman Fashion.

First off, this pair will meet your expectations for everything a swim brief should be.  It’s a solid pair of swim briefs. The construction and material are quality.  The material is comfortable, and the cut and print are cool.  I have to be honest, for the longest time I haven’t been a fan of Clever.  Due to bad experiences I have had with their thongs.  Though their thongs are constructed well, as all Clever products are. I find them to be uncomfortable.  Specifically the trim is made of a rough material that tends to be abrasive on my skin. Let me put it this way, you don’t want to be wearing one during a long work day. But these swimmers have changed my perspective on Clever. They are highly comfortable for both lounging and water activities.  I took a dip in the ocean with this pair and it did not lose its form and dried quickly. Which I was worried about since the front and back are fully lined (which just reiterates the quality of construction).

The cut is conservative with full butt coverage and mid-rise but remains stylish and fun with its colorful, tropical print. I am usually not into this cut/style of swim brief, but these ones worked out quite well for me.  I’m a in the 32-42 inch waist category and I wore a large which is rated for a 32-34inch waist.  The suit fit snug and felt true to size, without any unfortunate tight or loose areas.  The sides are 3.5 inches with a 1 inch white waist band. The pouch is comfy, my package fit like glove, but I could see for bigger guys that it might be uncomfortable.  One aesthetic of the pouch that I found unappealing is the center seam.  Always gets me lol.  The 85% polyester 15% spandex material feels soft and luxurious.  I wore these briefs for a majority of a day without any discomfort. The elastic drawstring is thin and has metal medallions on the ends which is a cool feature. But can be annoying when tying a knot.  Also the drawstring ports are reinforced with metal rings. Which are more durable than sewn edges. But can get hot and burn when sunbathing.  I feel like I am dragging on with my aversions, but I actually really like this pair.  It doesn’t blow my mind, but I definitely approve.0605 (1)



–        Fully lined

–        High quality material (soft and malleable; doesn’t lose elasticity)

–        Well built

–        Comfortable and supportive enough for lounging and activities


–        Center seam

–        Medallions on drawstring


  • Fit –8
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 9
  • Styling – 7
  • Performance – 9
  • Overall -8.4

Find the CleverTropical Colombia at Candyman Fashion for $53.48. For this price you certainly get what you pay for, and without doubt this pair will hit the spot.

PQ150005 (2)


Hey undie lovers. Undies Rock here with another review for Petit Q’s Hawaii Yellow Bikini (Furnished by  Petit Q is known for pushing the boundaries of men’s underwear with saucier designs. This bikini is no exception.  From the cheeky minimalistic cut to the vibrant tropical pattern. This pair is total sexiness.

I have been a fan of Petit Q for quite some time for their fun and exotic styles. When they released their latest collection I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this bikini.  I love string bikinis, and though they aren’t my go to style, there is definitely a time and a place for them.  One aspect of a string bikini that either makes it or breaks it for me is the length of the side string.  I hate it when the string length is only an inch or two.  For a string bikini to be considered a string bikini to me, it has to have a generous string length for the side.  This bikini sets the bar as the string goes completely from the crotch all the way to the rear.

I for sure feel a little more in touch with my feminine side with this pair as it has more of a lingerie vibe than an underwear vibe.  The pouch and butt are extremely low rise, with just enough material to cover you manhood and crack.  The butt is incredibly cheeky, and definitely makes you feel sexy.  The pouch has a narrow design, and positons my junk in the center, but it maintains a solid pouch.

The 85% nylon 15% spandex material is thin, stretchy, and comfortable. But nothing special or out of the ordinary.  I wore a size large which is rated for 34-35 inch waists.  I am in the 33-34 inch range, and this pair fit perfectly.  I think I could size down for a tighter fit if I was in the mood, but for sure this was the optimal size.

I test drove a pair for a day and there were a few things that I wasn’t a fan of.  I found myself adjusting the butt throughout the day as it would ride up and down. Which became annoying.  Also, the elastic trim is not the softest. I only say this comparatively speaking to Groovin’s string bikini. Which is crazy soft and comfy.  Though this bikini is fine for office work and intimate occasions. I doubt it would be the right choice for athletic activities or lounging.  The overall construction is good. But I can tell that it’s not the most solid. For a $20 pair of underwear I expected something that doesn’t feel like it was made in China.  Also it’s always a pet peeve of mine when the crotch has a full center seam.  Since the crotch is so minimalistic. Your package fits tight, and the center seam was irritating.

Currently you can find these on Amazon for $20, which is a little pricy for what you get.  But if you’re looking for a wild to pair to spice things up, look no further. Because the Petit Q Hawaii Bikini is the perfect choice.


·       Fun/sexy style

·       Minimal coverage

·       Thin elastic microfiber


·       Abrasive elastic trim

·       Butt tends to move around

·       Not appropriate for every occasion


·       Fit – 7

·       Sizing – 8

·       Construction – 7

·       Styling – 10

·       Performance – 7

·       Overall – 7.8

Find this pair at Candyman for $21.00

CA-RIO-CA Runway Show 2016Hey guys, Undies Rock here back at it with some more updates from the LA underwear scene.  Since I came on board in January, one of my primary roles has been to serve as the LA codependent for local underwear brands.  This is really exciting for me because I get to attend events and meet with designers and owners of brands I love.  Most recently I had the opportunity to meet up with Gil from CA-RIO-CA, who not only is the coolest dude but happens to own a badass swimwear company.  Exiting my recent interview, Gil invited me to his 2016 runway show.  As fate would have it, I had to schedule a last minute business trip to Europe, which conflicted with the show, but luckily I was able to adjust my flight home to arrive the afternoon of.  I’m not going to lie, it was pretty tough transitioning from 25+ hours of traveling to the LA nightlife, but damn, I’m sure glad I powered through the jet-lag because the CA-RIO-CA show was KILLER!

This was my first ever runway show, so I had no clue what to expect.  Honestly I thought it was going to be in a medium sized room with less than a hundred critics and media folk, but boy was I wrong. Turns out the show was outside in the courtyard of the Pacific Design Center off of Melrose Drive, during fashion week.  It was everything you would imagine a LA night event would be like. The venue was beautiful – donning palm trees and trendy architecture, the place was packed with stylish people, there where spot lights, a live DJ, expensive booze, a red carpet, and a serious amount of photographers.  Quite simply, this event was ‘super profesh’. Also the runway was substantially larger than I imagined.  It was at least 100ft long and it was surrounded by water, kind of like a moat, to add to the beach/resort vibe.  It felt like walking into a movie set.

The event was supposed to start at 8pm, but in true “just my luck” fashion, my plane landed later than expected. By the time I went from LAX to the show (stopping at Simbal to refuel and reset) we didn’t arrive until 9pm.  I was a little worried at first but we made it just in time for the first swimwear designer’s show, The 8th Continent swimwear by Suzuki Kenso.  Her set lasted for 20 minutes, then there was a 15-20 minute interlude and then the lights dimmed: the Brazilian dance music kicked in, beach balls branded CA-RIO-CA were tossed out into the runway and audience, and the crowd goes wild – the show was ON.  Gil’s brand CA-RIO-CA is notorious for its vast collection of prints and styles.  Dozens of new styles were showcased and as I have mentioned in the past, this collections is a little more dynamic with some vibrant pieces as well as some classic-neutral toned prints.  My favorites has to be the California Sunset print because what can I say, it is truly the best state. The models were particularly entertaining: one guy came out wearing a pair of board shorts, I thought to myself “pass” but as he approached the end of the runway, he pulls the shorts down and revealed a sweet pair of CA-RIO-CA swimmers. Another model came out with a beach cruiser bike which hoisted over his head. The models sported a lot of CA-RIO-CA accessories: jewelry, hats, tanks etc. The show definitely showcased and highlighted the dynamic and well-made brand. The show’s setting could not have been more appropriate for Gil’s aesthetic; it was outdoors, moonlight illuminating the palm trees, amazing weather, and most importantly- great vibes. It was evident that Gil’s goal of achieving a fun-California-summer- vibe was appreciated by the volume of cheers heard.

To end the show, all the models walked out in swim briefs featuring ‘Rio 16’ on the butt. This was Gil’s fun approach at maintaining that Brazilian pride, home of the CA-RIO-CA sunga. Gil came out, total class act, dressed like a normal dude in a black polo shirt and jeans, and waved and bowed to the audience and the show phased out.  Interestingly enough, half of the audience jetted after the CA-RIO-CA show ended; the MC had to ask everyone to stay for the final show. It was clear that CA-RIO-CA was the night’s crowd-pleaser.

One thing I will mention about the CA-RIO-CA models is that they came across as very classy and causal. I like the neutral statement that Gil has with his brand to make straight guys and gay guys feel comfortable with his products.   And man, was it such an eye opener to see how popular cool men’s swimwear is.  All this time you feel like a minority because not that many dudes wear cool swimwear, but to witness such a massive production showcasing a brand I’ve come to love, really shines light on how much momentum the scene is gaining.  I think that a lot of guys, straight and gay, aren’t accustomed to runway shows, but this first experience was quite remarkable and I think everybody can at least appreciate all the hard work that goes into such a production.  Looking forward to the next one!


10579173_10153823797421501_1322744664_oHey guys, it’s Undoes Rock here back at it with another review for the Navy Brief from Ca-Rio-Ca.  I picked up this swim brief up not too long ago when I met the owner and designer of Ca-Rio-Ca.  We hit it off right from the get go. After three hours of bonding over what I refer to as “undie talk”. I walked out with quite a few goodies including a swim brief which I am pleased to review.

During my meeting Gil continually stressed how important the quality of his products is.  If you own a Ca-Rio-Ca swimmer, you know this is true.  Let me put it this way, when I try on my Ca-Rio-Ca sunga I feel like royalty.  No joke. This swimmer is the total package.  The construction is impeccable.  The material is soft, and sets the bar in my book.  The designs and prints are edgy and are seemingly infinite.  I had such a hard making a selection from all of the endless choices. I spent quite a substantial amount of time scoping out all of the different prints, colors and patterns.  But I ended up with the Navy brief, which makes my list of “top ten best life choices”.  Believe me it wasn’t the easiest choice, but the navy print clicked for its classic yet edgy and fun vibe.  Ca-Rio-Ca offers five cuts: bikini, brief, low rise, classic, and traditional (sunga). Bikini being the skimpiest cut and sunga being the most conservative.  I went with the brief because I like the minimal yet adequate coverage and the classic cut.  Though at the time, selecting the navy brief wasn’t such a straightforward choice. it’s easily become one of my favorite printed briefs in my collection.


The 85% polyamide 15% spandex material set the standard for the ultimate luxe material. The fabric provides the perfect balance between support and flexibility.  The entire suit is fully lined with a 100% polyamide layer.  When you first feel a pair, right away you will be able to tell that they are an incredibly comfortable pair from how soft the material is.  The suit seems a little thick to the touch initially, but once I was in the water they felt like any other swim brief.  I mean they aren’t racer status. But if you get the right size they don’t feel heavy in the water or like they are dragging at all.  The waist band and drawstring design is great at maintaining tension and grip. I was able to swim laps in a pool just like I would with a pair of Nike or TYR suits.

As I have repeatedly stated. This pair is designed for comfort. Believe me, it’s truly the perfect lounge/relax brief.  There were no pinch points or any exceptionally tight regions.  I have a ~34” waist and the medium I was wearing (rated for 32”-33” waist) fit like a glove; not too tight or loose.  The material is stretchy so if you like our swimmer to be a little snug, I think it is safe to size down with this pair.  Though I love suits without a center seem. I was a little concerned with this suit as there isn’t a lower crotch seem/relief.  I look for this in a swim brief to guarantee a good pouch that maintains a solid cup for my package. While providing the seamless flat front look.  It’s a huge pet peeve when the crotch in a suit starts to sag and my package starts to overflow/slip out. Much to my surprise, this pair maintained a good cupping effect the entire time.

Currently you can find these perfect lounge swimmers directly on the Ca-Rio-Ca webpage for $99.  I know this a hole your wallet, but the quality and style is well worth the price.  If you’re a swim brief fan, this pair is an absolute must, no exceptions, as this a center piece in my collection.  Personally I can’t wait for summer to kick in so I can spend as much time in these Brazilian swimmers as I possibly can!


·       Impeccable construction

·       Incredibly soft, breathable fabric

·       Great print

·       Perfect lounge swimmer


·       Pricy


·       Fit – 9

·       Sizing – 9

·       Construction – 10

·       Styling – 10

·       Performance – 7

·       Overall – 9

Find the Navy Brief on the Ca-Rio-Ca Site

image006What do two dudes eating açia bowls on Santa Monica Boulevard on a Monday night have in common?  Can you say Sunga?  That’s right, I had the privilege of hanging out with Gil Even. The designer and owner of Brazilian swimwear brand Ca-Rio-Ca.  How cool, right?  Because it totally was!

Though Ca-Rio-Ca has only been around for roughly five years. It has grown to be a well established brand in the men’s swimwear market.  To give you a little history behind the company. The multi-dimensional name Ca-Rio-Ca struck Gil when he met his friend’s chocolate Labrador named Carioca.  Gil has always wanted a chocolate lab, hence the logo and name.  Carioca is the Brazilian word used to describe the stereotypical beach bum.  I bonded with Gil on this because at my previous job I worked with Brazilian surgeons who referred to me as a “carioca” for my native Californian tongue.  Gil saw the opportunity to add depth to word by incorporating dashes. In a similar fashion to how you would see a word phonetically hyphened in the dictionary.  The dashes distinguish “Rio”, depictive of Rio de Janiero in Brazil. The “Ca” representative of his California heritage.  Both reminiscent of sun filled, beach swept regions where you can find his product worn.


Ca-Rio-Ca’s flagship cut is the Sunga, which is simply a square cut swim brief.  In Brazil, sungas are incredibly popular for men.  I found out from Gil that sungas often times serve as both underwear and swimwear.  This is due to the fact that Brazilians never know when they are going to be taking a dip, so it is better to be prepared. With this in mind, it’s evident how sungas need to be able to comfortable to transfer from everyday wear to swimwear and vise versa. Currently, Ca-Rio-Ca offers 5 cuts: bikini, brief, low rise, classic, and traditional (sunga); bikini being the skimpiest cut and sunga being the most conservative.  Gil’s business model is not to offer dozens of constantly evolving trendy cuts. Instead, his goal is to offer a fixed number of classic styles but have dozens of options for colors, prints, and patterns.

As a fan of men’s swimwear, Gil came up with the brand after he noticed a void in the men’s swimwear market for high quality products.  He also noticed that Brazil wasn’t receiving much love in the swimwear market.  Australia has Aussiebum, Italy has Armani, America has N2N and Andrew Christian, and the list goes on.  But Brazil wasn’t wasn’t on the map.   So Gil decided to draw attention to the adored sunga from the region. Which has grown to receive international recognition and praise.  What I find interesting about the brand is that half of Ca-Rio-Ca’s press and coverage doesn’t come from him reaching out to people and promoting.  Instead the brand has gained popularity through random television shows and news clips where you can find his swimmers being worn by famous actors.


One of the most admirable aspects of Gil and his company is his determination to deliver quality men’s swimwear.  As someone who has a high appreciation for quality, this resonated with me. Quality always sticks out to me and Ca-Rio-Ca swimmers meet and exceed my standards.  Not one detail is left without thought.  The material is thick and luxe and the construction is spot on.  Trust me, you’ll feel like a king when you slip on a pair of Ca-Rio-Ca swimmers.  Details such as, not incorporating metal finishes to prevent burns when in the sun. Having the drawstring from the back so it can be hidden or exposed, are well thought-out.  Though they might not strike you immediately, they add to the overall comfort of the product.  Even though Gil has been advised to drive down cost. Ultimately diminishing quality. He is determined to see his intentions through of creating a quality Brazilian swimwear.  Every cent Gil makes, he puts back into the company to expand the products.  Latest designs have more useful features such as a pouch for keys or a credit card.  A zipper phone pocket (which can fit the width of an iPhone 5 I know because I tested it). As well as aesthetic enhancements such as stitching the Ca-Rio-Ca logo into the drawstring.

What I found to be the most intriguing aspect of Ca-Rio-Ca is the company itself.  Literally Gil and one assistant, man the entire company.  Everything from design, production, marketing, sales, and customer support, is taken care of by them.  The fact that it’s pretty much a one man operation blew my mind.   When I browse through swimwear and underwear companies online they appear to be larger than life.  Maybe this is part of the game. But I still imagine the company having a design team, a marketing team, an operations team, and so on.  Not the case.  Most men’s underwear/swimwear companies are small operations.  Headed by individuals who are passionate for their products.  I must say it is admirable to be able to do all of this professionally like Ca-Rio-Ca has done.


Gil recently opened a store in Santa Monica, CA, which is where we initially met before he took me out for an açai bowl.  Gil utilizes the store as a creative space, office, and warehouse.  Gil previously managed Ca-Rio-Ca from a smaller location is Santa Monica. He decided to expand to a larger space in Santa Monica were he could capitalize on his endeavors to create an all-inclusive, all in-house, swimwear operation.  I have discovered that I love shopping for underwear and swimwear in person. His store was pretty much heaven.  The layout of the store is simple with all of his swimwear on hangers organized by cuts, colors, prints and collections.  It didn’t hit me until I was in his shop that he has a lot of prints.  There had to be over a hundred different options to choose from.  If you are in the area, I definitely recommend you check it out.  Gil is a generous guy, so you might walk out with some extra goodies with your purchase.

As fate would have it, during my visit Gil gave me the run down for his 2016 collection.  I don’t want spoil the surprise. I will say though in the past Ca-Rio-Ca swimmers have been bright and colorful. I found that he incorporated more neutral tones and vintage vibes in his 2016 collection.  Which is right up my alley.  Gil does all of the designs. He has created more personal prints such as a collage of his favorite albums.  Prints of his favorite beaches, as well as his support and love of the Olympics.  Needless to say there are still are plenty of eye catching vibrant options for those who like to live life on the wild side.  As well as an endless rainbow of solid colors and beach inspired prints and patterns.  Definitely something to look forward to, and if you can’t wait for the release, tune into the runway show tomorrow!

Speaking of runway shows, they aren’t common in the world of men’s swimwear.  But like everything else that Gil does, he is continuing to push the bar.  So naturally he has done two this past year.  Gil recalled how stressful it was to put together his first show.  He was asked to do his first show on short notice due to a cancelation, and he had 24 hours to produce the entire event.  Luckily he was able to fly a friend from New York to help coordinate. At the eleventh hour, they were able to source everything from picking the models, the music, and the styles.  You can catch showcases of Ca-Rio-Ca sungas online where you can witness one of Gil’s model doing a back flip on stage. Fun, right? Though these shows tend to be stressful for the designer. They are a great way to introduce new collections in a formal setting, on real people.  I have been invited to attend the upcoming show tomorrow and Gil has assured me he will get me front row seats. Needless to say, I am pumped and you’ll probably be hearing all about it from me after.


Looking into the future, Gil is planning on releasing an underwear line entitled Gostoso.  In Portuguese Gostoso is term that women use to refer to as a handsome/attractive man.  Gil already has made some headway with the brand as he just recently received the waist band design.  Waistband design is one the most critical and expensive aspects of designing underwear. With this in the works hopefully we will be able to see his creations in the near future. Also besides selling sungas, Ca-Rio-Ca also offers a line of jewelry, hats, tanks, and lip balm, which my girlfriend absolutely loves.  All high quality products as you would expect.

For a man who started off with only 10k in his back pocket. Gil has solely and strategically grown his company to be an international sensation in the men’s swimwear market.  His passion and dedication for creating immaculate swimwear is obvious in the quality and attention to detail invested in his products.  There is no doubt that Ca-Rio-Ca will continue to elevate the world of men’s swimwear for years to come. Here’s to Gil, a genuine and generous guy, and another to Ca-Rio-Ca sungas, making us all feel like tanned Brazilian beach bums.  And ALWAYS remember, “real men wear sunga” 😉

Underwear-20150922Hey guys, Undies Rock here back at it with another review for the new Tommy John Move 360 sport boxer brief (furnished by Tommy John).  I’m not a huge advocate of boxer briefs. I have heard good things about Tommy John and I have yet to try any of their products so I figured I’d give them a shot.

First off, whenever I get a new pair of underwear one thing that always sticks out to me is the quality. Right from the get go I could tell that this was a high quality pair of underwear.  From the construction, to the material, to the waist band, everything was as solid as it could be.  They are definitely designed for athletic guys in mind to withstand the most rigorous activities and multiple washes thereafter.  Unlike the other boxer briefs I have tried, this pair provides substantial amount coverage.  The length of the leg sits a couple inches above your knee, and the waist sits at your navel.

The 84% polyester 16% spandex material is smooth and soft. It doesn’t feel cheap, and provides the right amount of support and flexibility.  It is also anti-microbial and anti-odor technology, which is great for athletic wear. The legs are constructed with, I would describe, as a traditional microfiber fabric. While the crotch and butt are more of a mesh (cooling zones) material for additional breathability. The material is offered in three standard colors: black, dress navy blue, and turbulence grey.  They aren’t the most flattering, but they are good for everyday wear.

One feature that impressed me about this pair is the strong yet soft and not too restricting tagless waistband. Tommy John is stitched into the front center of the waistband. While the remainder of the waistband is detailed with dashes.  Which I find adds an edgy vibe to a pair that would otherwise feel like traditional boxer brief.

This pair also has some unique features such as a utility pocket.  It’s reinforced around the opening lips for added strength.  I know it’s not a deal breaker when buying a pair of underwear, but this could be useful for stashing keys when on a run.  Also the opening for the crotch is from the top. Which makes it more functional compared to the traditional side entry.

To get a feel for the pair, I test drove them through a normal day at work.  The soft material and waistband maintained comfort throughout the day.  There were no pinch points or any exceptionally tight regions.  I have a ~34” waist and the medium I was wearing (rated for 31”-34” waist) felt true to size. Not too tight and not too loose.  One observation that I made with this pair is that I was constantly adjusting myself throughout the day. I think this may be true for most boxer briefs for me, so it might be a symptom specific to all boxer briefs.  The crotch has a lower center seam to aid the cupping effect of the pouch and give the appearance of a seamless crotch. Which is a huge plus for me.  However, I found the crotch to slide down throughout the day. Instead of the pouch providing support, it just pushed my junk against the side of my leg.  I knew I would start chaffing if I didn’t adjust, so I had to, which became annoying after awhile. For a pair that is advertised as requiring no adjustment, I was a little disappointed.

Currently you can find these directly from the Tommy John webpage for $34.  This may be a little pricey, but the quality is well worth the price. Overall, although this isn’t an ideal pair for me (I might dig them in a brief). I can definitely tell from the construction that this would be a perfect pair for athletic guys who prefer a modern kick to the boxer brief.


·       Solid construction

·       Soft, breathable fabric

·       Comfortable waist band


·       Pouch tends to slouch

·       Only three color options


·       Fit –6

·       Sizing – 9.5

·       Construction – 9.5

·       Styling – 8

·       Performance – 7

·       Overall -8

The Tommy John 360 Boxer Brief retails for $34 at the Tommy John site.

IMG_8404I want to start this segment by acknowledging that (hopefully) years down the road. The stigma associated with swim briefs will be extinct. and this post will merely be a record of our archaic social state.  I know that was a little heavy. Let’s face it, swim briefs currently are not socially acceptable in the States.  Americans are fearful of the “banana hammock” style swimmers. It’s not only a damn shame, it’s an epidemic. Which is why I am inspired to write about my first experience wearing my swimmers at the beach.

I remember the experience quite vividly. It was Labor Day weekend and my girlfriend and I went to Zuma Beach to celebrate her birthday.  We got a hotel for the weekend and while I was packing my bag for the trip. My girlfriend encouraged me to bring the slate grey swimmers (swim briefs) I bought from Manus.  As apprehensive as I was to wear them, I decided to bring them along in good faith.  As fate would have it, my girlfriend swindled me into wearing them under my board shorts, aka parachute pants.  Just in case I worked up the nerve to sport them.  When we got to the beach, it was a typical scorching hot California summer day. My black board shorts weren’t making the cut.  Within an hour of being uncomfortable in my board shorts. I decided to make a utilitarian decision and opted for the breathable and unrestricting swim briefs. In lieu of the baggy, rigid, hot, unsupportive board shorts.  Let’s just say that since I’ve made this decision, I haven’t worn board shorts again.  It was crystal clear to me why swim briefs exists, and not just as a cliché laugh to conservative America.  Initially the swimmers felt a little foreign to me. Due to displaying parts of my body that have never been exposed to the public. But that was short lived as the comfort factor set in. Prior to this experience I only ever swam in shorts. So I had no clue how awesome they were to swim in, which is why I refer to swim briefs as “swimmers”.  The revelation was earth shattering.  From then on, it has only made sense to wear swimmers.

As an underwear fanatic. I had always been curious to wear swim briefs. It’s interesting to me why I was so fearful of wearing them in public in the first place.  There are many theories as to why the social stigma surrounding swim briefs exists.  I am not going to bore you with them. But I want to at least want to clarify that there is a derogative association with swim briefs in the States.  Men are afraid that the moment they put on a pair of swimmers. The whole world is going to point and laugh/taunt them. Their picture will be published on all social media outlets.  Not the case.  Now that I wrote it out, it seems a little narcissistic and insane, but it’s the truth; men think like this.  It didn’t take me long to figure out that no one cared about me, let alone what I was wearing.  It could be because I live in LA and everyone is too cool for each other.  It could be because I wasn’t the only person in Malibu wearing swimmers.  It could be because people were too preoccupied enjoying time with their friends and families to worry about my swimmers.  It could also be because no one genuinely really cares. All of my worries were internalized fabricated fears.  I know my experience might not always be the case with wearing swim briefs. There may be an occasion where some Joe Shmo feels it necessary to speak his opinion in public to discourage you from wearing swimmers.  If you think about it. Someone who actually has the time to be concerned with your wardrobe and makes the effort to call you out. They clearly has no respect for individuality. The guy certainly doesn’t have the capacity to know how to act in public.  At any rate, I just want to clearly make the point that after I ripped off my board shorts (as self-absorbed as it may seem). I was a little self conscious and I felt that all eyes were on me. But in reality no one cared and it didn’t take me long to come to this realization.

Since my first experience, I have worn my simmers to beach countless amounts of times.  My collection has expended quite drastically.  One of the pros of having so much swimwear is that it incentivizes me to wear them. I want to look good in them, so I am more motivated to make time in the week to exercise and maintain my body.  Now that I exclusively wear swimmers. The excitement and liberating effect of wearing them is nearly gone. As they seem natural and normal to me.  What has remained is the empowerment of choosing to wear what I want to. Because that’s what I want, and I’m going to do it with confidence.  As a man, it’s empowering to be proud of my manhood, not in a chauvinistic prickish way.  But in a comfortable and modest sense.  Just like how women have the confidence to display their bodies at the beach. Men should be comfortable enough with their bodies to wear more revealing swimwear.  It’s like my girlfriend states, “do you think men would find women attractive at the beach if we wore shorts that went below our knees(?).”  Probably not for most dudes, and it makes sense.  Most guys are programmed to think if women see them in swimmers, they will be considered gay.  But can’t men also assume that at a primal level, wouldn’t a man’s package be of interest to the opposite sex?  Just like women’s breasts and butts are to men?  Just food for thought on the swim brief angle. While I’m on the topic I want to clear up one last stereotype associated with swim briefs.  It is not true to assume that someone who is wearing swim briefs is gay.  I could write a novel about the derogative association of swim briefs and gay men. But I’ll save it for a “Brief Talk” segment I am working on with UNB Tim.  I will say that I think it is true that more gay men have the confidence and choose to wear swim briefs. But there is no direct correlation between being gay and wearing swim briefs.  All men can wear swim briefs.  And they should.

Whether you’re gay, straight, bi, big, small or whatever. As men we need to unify and be proud of our bodies and have the confidence to display it.  Typically in America we are ahead of the times. We drive the current technologies and trends. But we are far behind on this front; especially compared to many other countries.  Maybe I am being optimistic, but every year I see more men wearing swim briefs.  Hopefully it won’t be long before all men agree to wear comfortable, supportive, and fashionable swimwear.

N2N Sale FrontAttention all N2N junkies (or feens?) out there, this post is for you!

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending N2N’s Los Angeles factory sale. Which was literally a dream come true.  Not only did I get to shop around and browse dozens of styles in person. (which is never the case, given the strength of the online market). But I got to meet and talk with the owner and designer Andrew.

I know it’s not a wildly known event.  But thankfully my editor (not pointing fingers UNB Tim) filled me in.  Which is why I want to share my experience with you.  As I previously mentioned, Andrew opens up the store front and organizes his products by price ranging from $5 undies/swimmers in baskets to $20 activewear on hangers.  Generally I would compare the shopping experience similar to how women feel shopping at Victoria Secret.  Because the products were laid out professionally for viewing and I was able to try them on to confirm they fit.  Don’t get me wrong I love ordering online.  From my experience I have had too many mishaps with sizing and material. Just being able to view them and try them out was refreshing.  Also the environment in the store was spot on.  Andrew is a down to earth, straight forward, genuine kind of dude. Though you might think it would be awkward to shop for stylish underwear.  It felt more natural than anything.

N2N Sale Left

I’ll be honest here. This was an N2N sale, so I had to go all out. With a little encouragement from my girlfriend.  I stocked up on over a $100 of undies, lounge shorts, and swimmers and I’m not remotely disappointed with what I purchased.  I went a little overboard with my undie selection. Believe me, I would have bought styles if my size was available. I ended up with an Air G in red, a Vintage G in grey, a Classic Cotton G in red, quantum bikini in orange and a Net G in red.  Also, since my loungewear collection is a little dry. I splurged a little and got two Track Sprinter Shorts in grey and black, a Cotton Sport Runner in navy, and a Sleep Short in black stripe.  I also bought two swimmers: the Catalina Bold Trunk in coral, and the Safari X Sport in coco (for my spicier side).  My favorite purchases are the Air G. I LOVE thin seamless front undies, as well as the Sprinter Track Short, which are my new go-to lounge shorts and my girlfriend can’t get enough of me in them.

N2N Sale Right

Shopping at N2N was awesome, but I also got to connect with the owner and designer Andrew.  I initially introduced myself as a blogger at UNB. He knew who I was, but we didn’t hit it off until the end when I overloaded his counter with my purchase.  We talked a little about the market, as well as the social stigma associated with swim briefs (states only). The one thing that I really took from my conversation, is how N2N came to be.  I don’t know why, but learning about people’s roots with their craft/art has always interested me.  What I gathered from our conversation is that N2N has been 19 (!!!) years in the making.  Andrew started the project in Miami making his designs by hand, and as time would have it. His brand ramped up to full production.  As a newbie to the men’s underwear market, Andrew is very inspirational and is just saturated with passion for his company. It’s no wonder that his hard work and perseverance have come to fruition.

n068L1754-2“This weather… am I right?” – the classic go-to conversation starter that never fails to break the ice in any awkward elevator ride.  Honestly, this weather definitely has me longing for warm summer days. Even though we may be in the heat of winter (bad pun). It doesn’t mean you can’t start considering what you’ll be strutting around in the warm days ahead.  Thankfully Teamm8 recently released their 2016 swim line. Which is sure to grab your attention. As a new UNB blogger, I want to make it crystal clear that I am huge supporter of swim briefs. (I am going to launch a campaign; stay tuned). So there are some pieces in this collection that are right up my alley.  The 16’ collection features swim briefs, swim shorts, and board shorts.  Available in three sophisticated collections: Podium, Pier, and Marine. Each inspired by a unique theme.

The Podium collection couples an Aztec-inspired pattern with a black and white print. Which makes for a more subtle mature look.  This collection is available in swim briefs and swim shorts. In this collection the swim shorts have a snap waist.  The combination of the intricate pattern and neutral color pallet makes the Podium collection perfect for the day where you want a little edge. But not to be too loud.

The Pier collection combines a clean nautical color pallet.  White and teal, with a modern chevron print.  This collection features swim briefs, swim shorts and board shorts. Which all have a tie waist.  When I look at this pair, I definitely envision myself cutting through waves on a sail boat in the Mediterranean… we can all dream.

Last but not least. The Marine collection blends aquarium-inspired colors into an arrowhead print, for an edgier look.  Unlike the Podium and Pier prints, the Marine print is characterized by a stream of blue hues accented with coral highlights throughout.  This collection features swim briefs, swim shorts, and board shorts. if you’re not into the Marine print, there is a solid board short option. I definitely recommend the Marine collection to those adventurous guys who want to give off great ocean vibes.

Regarding the deeds.  The briefs are cut with a 3″ hip width as well as a solid contrast waistband.  Which is a more classic/conservative fit and look.  The elastic tubular tie-cord is finished with metal tips and eyelets. Which are crucial for a good pair that will hold up for years of use; I love this feature on swim briefs.  The 80% nylon and 20% elastane material is bound to provide a comfortable for all day activates.  While the back of the brief is unlined, the front is lined for the extra support and coverage.  Currently you can find these directly from the Teamm8 website for around $74 AUD (~$52 USD).  The only beef I have with this brief is the center seamed front pouch.  Again, this is preferential, but it’s my #1 pet peeve with swim briefs. I will continue to fight for seamless briefs!  Are you with me?!

Besides the swim briefs, this collection also includes two cuts of shorts.  Standard short and board short, both of which are made of 100% polyester and have an inner lining for added comfort.  The board shorts have a longer inseam (knee length), while the swim short let’s your skin breathe a tad bit more (mid-thigh length).  The waist bands on both cuts are fully elastic.  The front has reinforced tabs for added durability.  Also like the swim briefs.  The elastic tubular tie-cord is finished with metal tips and eyelets.  Both cuts have two side pockets and one back pocket, all of which are finished with accented trims. but the swim shorts feature a zipper for the back pocket.  Like the swim briefs. You can catch these directly from the Teamm8 website (both cuts) for $79 AUD (~$56 USD).

While I can appreciate all of the cuts offered in this product line. I’m obviously biased towards the swim briefs, because they ROCK. My taste is more drawn to the Pier collection as I can be a sucker for simple chevron patterns, but to each their own. I definitely need to squeeze my derriere into a pair of these sweet Teamm8 swimmers, kick it at the beach with my girlfriend, and chain-drink pina coladas. Don’t hate, you guys can’t deny their deliciousness