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As the season of goodwill is approaching we thought it was about time we did a little something for all the ladies out there. So throughout November DGU customers will have the chance to treat their favourite lady to a gorgeous example of Jockey women’s underwear.

For a limited time only, buy any three Jockey men’s styles and we will send you a free pair of ladies knickers. Just let us know which dress size you require in the customer notes section at the checkout when you place the order – we have stock available from sizes S-XL which covers UK dress sizes 8-16.

Please note this offer runs only while stocks last, so buy soon!

The Jockey women’s range, which includes lovely knickers, thongs, camis, vests and bras, cannot be purchased from DeadGoodUndies. For more information and your nearest stockist please Jockey direct on 01625 419600.

Also while you are there check out the Ergowear, Olaf Benz and the Man Store Guywear! Ergowear if guy a pair you can get an Ergowear scarf! Then check out the new wear from Olaf Benz and Man Store


The Contest is over! I want to thank everyone for entering! But Fear now, We have a new contest that will begin in the next week or two and a few more in the works. The next contest you won’t want to miss! But that will be announced next week, so on with the winners! Here they are:

  • Kevin H
  • Johnathan R
  • Brenden B
  • Al M
  • Bryan M
  • Eric N
  • John G

I have all your addresses and will send it out next week! Thanks again for all who entered and keep checking back for more. If you want to get advance notice join our email list. It is on the right side bar. We will announce it there first before anywhere else. We have to give a big thanks to Dead Good Undies for supplying the undies. We think you guys ROCK! Thanks again!

207313B-kiwi 207313F-kiwi

207313B0-white 207313F-zino

Underwear of the Week is MANStore’s tactic string jockpant from Dead Good Undies.  It comes in a variety of colors (black, kiwi, purple, white and zino).  The material is soft and stretchy so as to not smother the boys.  It has a 2.5 cm thong back but is still considered a pant as it allows for full coverage in the front with your cheeks fully exposed.  These fun undies are £34.78 (approximately $57.58 with the exchange rate).

Check out Dead Good Undies site and look under MANstore for an exciting collection of extreme and funky undies that are sure to liven up your evenings.   While you are at it be sure to check out our give-away of items from this collection.


Brand new! NiLS BOHNER SPECIAL at Oboy – Highly fashionable underwear up to 50% off – only for a short time & as long as stocks last – Save now!

Brand new! MANstore ADVISOR For a new game of seduction… Exclusive underwear made by MANstore Now at OBOY.

Brand new! NiLS BOHNER NO.1 The new exclusive underwear line by NiLS BOHNER in exquisite laurel wreath design. Crown yourself with this exclusive creation – now at OBOY.

  • Top seller: Fashion highlights by XTG
  • Must have: OBOY RETRO RIPP
  • New: ARMANI Wellness & Spa

361 362 363

364 365 366

Now is the time to stock up! Save 25% off on DKNY, Levi’s, the C-in2 Swoops collection & more…for a limited time only! Also check out Malestrom new arrivals: the 2(X)ist Form, Ginch Gonch Bikes & Diesel collections.

FREE 2(X)ist Liquid Cotton Squarecut No-Show Brief
We know that cash is tight these days so make your money go further. Order $90.00 worth of products (before tax & shipping) and we will send you a free 2(X)ist Liquid Cotton Squarecut No- Show Brief in Pebble Grey. Simply enter the phrase “2(X)ist Liquid No-Show Brief ” along with your desired size (S, M, L) in the ‘Customer Notes’ section during check-out, and we’ll do the rest. (Substitution of size and color may occur as quantities are limited. This offer can’t be combined with any other promotions.)

Hurry…this offer ends on Monday, August 24, 2009!

Dead Good Undies Manstore Logo

As you may know, this site is covering some extreme fashions in undies.  One store that offers some extreme undies is MANstore at Dead Good Undies.  They have a large selection of styles and materials.  You will be able to find studded mini-pants or a thong, sheers in all sorts of styles, and a slew of other things to choose from right on the web.

MS207541-2 MS207350-2

No matter what you are into or what your partner/loved one is into, you should be able to find it here.  They have ratings from customers who’ve purchased the products and rated them for the site so you have some personal opinions and not just a “pig in a poke” type of purchase.  Most of these are probably not daily wear but are considered special occasion wear. Nothing is saying you can’t wear them all day if that is what you would like.

Coming at this from a straight guy’s point of view, it is not something I would normally consider.  I would, however, sit down with my wife to see what she would like to see, and together, make a decision as to what to purchase.  I am all about doing things to spice up our relationship and, if she wants to see me in something special, who am I to say no?

A couple of the items we find of interest are MANstore hysterie x jock, MANstore thriller lasso pant, and MANstore mastercut jockstrap.  These look like fun and exciting items and my wife would greatly enjoy seeing me parade around in them for her.  The other items are great and accentuate different things depending on what you want to show off.  Check out the site, have fun, and buy something extra special for yourself and your loved one. Maybe include them in the decision making.  It will be fun times for sure.



That’s right, do you want free undies? Well, Dead Good Undies gave us some great stuff from the Man Store to give away. If you’re not familiar with it, its very skimpy and fun undies. We have sizes from Medium to XL. I hear you asking what do you have to do to enter. Well email us your name, address and size. We will be dividing by size and drawing, so this will increase you chance to win! You can win some of the hottest men’s underwear!

Now the Rules:

  1. All entries must contain, name, address and size
  2. You have till Friday, Aug 28 to enter midnight EST
  3. All entries will be drawn on Saturday and posted.
  4. All winners undies will be shipped out the following week.

Enter and Good luck to everyone! To enter email us at!


The Man Store at Dead Good Undies has some great new arrivals! Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and try something new and wild? If so the MANstore advisor is just for you! You can get some great men’s underwear that shows off what you have or show off that wild side you have been wanting to come out. Some of the more wild things they have are the Opera pant, Dog collar and arm bracelet! Check them all out and have some fun.


Dead Good Undies has some great new undies in stock. Some of the new styles by Olaf Benz. The ones pictured above are only a few of the new styles they have, you will have to go over to the site to see them all! Olaf Benz has a really great fit and if you like supportive and tigher undies, these are for you. Also, are you ready to have your wild side come out? If so check ou the new Overkill line in the Man Store.

Dead Good Undies has a few things going on now. They have new Psychedelic line from Bjorn Borg. This is a really fun and bold line from Bjorn Borg. If funky is not your style there check out the new undies and swimwear from HOM. But say you want to go a little wild, well check out the Man store for some metallic, mesh and lace undies that will really show off your wild side. These maybe perfect for Valentines Day!

Dead Good Undies has received some early spring releases, Metal Gloss, Love Pepper, Ego Boost and Bachelor. These are the first time they have been in the UK.

Also available in the Man Store, The Red Ice line. If you’re looking to put a little spice in your Christmas Wardrobe, this is for you, it’s 80% polyester and 112% polyurethane 8% elastane. This will be fun for who ever you show it too.