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What have UK gents been putting on their Christmas lists? Lots of shoppers have been stocking up on glamorous styles ready to hit the town as party season descends…

Bum Chums Supernova Brief GBP17.99

Bum Chums Supernova Brief GBP17.99

With sales of sparkly underwear at a seasonal high, this UK company have chosen the perfect time to release this fun and festive stunner.


Doreanse 1350 Pouch String GBP8.00

This minimal string underwear for men is small in size, big on glitz. A great value option that DGU customers adore.

Clever Moda Desert Boxer Brief GBP22.50

Clever Moda Desert Boxer Brief GBP22.50

This glam style from the Columbian Clever collection has proved rather popular in the run up to the holiday season.

Pikante Whip Thong GBP17.50

Pikante Whip Thong GBP17.50

With stunning metallic shine, this thong underwear has more sparkle than a Christmas bauble!

Gregg Homme Snakeskin Boxer Brief GBP31.96

Gregg Homme Snakeskin Boxer Brief GBP31.96

Animal print with just a hint of a shimmer. UK shoppers have been grabbing the new Gregg Homme designs in time to hit their festive parties.

Roberto Lucca 201114 Hipster GBP19.00

Roberto Lucca 201114 Hipster GBP19.00

Who needs mistletoe – UK fellas have been getting their Christmas kisses at the ready with this fab Roberto Lucca short.

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boxerbriefs-gift-guideWe know there are a ton of you who love Boxer Briefs/Trunks. For many of you it’s your daily go to style. We thought we would bring some suggestions for the Boxer Brief guy. Each pair on the list we have tried here and can highly recommend them. So if you have someone you want to buy you underwear, give them the links to these guides and you should have a great present under the tree. If you have any more let us know and we’ll share on social networks, comment or email us at info@underweranewsbriefs.com

Read the full list below:


First off I would like to say hi, I’m Bryce and I have a bubble butt. As the proud owner of a bubble butt I have learned that not many underwear brands think about guys with butts.

Having a bubble butt can be an amazing thing. It makes your pants look good, and helps hold your pants up so you don’t have to have a belt. It can get you attention from guys. You also have cushion if you are clumsy like I am.

Underwear looks amazing on a bubble butt but after awhile it can look less than great. This is my one big complaint to underwear brands. For guys with bubble butts some underwear just stretches out. It becomes uncomfortable and starts to ride up.

My biggest recommendation for underwear brands is to make it with fabric that is more flexible. Briefs can be especially bad since there is not extra fabric on the legs. I have found some brands make the leg holes with strong enough elastic that it won’t stretch out.

Some great brands I have found so far include 2xist, Andrew Christian, Express and Clever.

With 2xist I haven’t ever found a style I don’t love with them. One of my favorite styles is the Sports Collection they released a couple years ago. The fabric is soft and has plenty of stretch for a bubble butt. They don’t stretch out or get baggy feeling after hours of wear. The 2xist Plaid line from 2 years ago was also a great style. It was less sporty feeling and just a nice cotton material. Would stretch perfectly and continue to look great on by the end of the day.

Express actually makes some great underwear. I wouldn’t recommend it for people with bigger bulges because they don’t make big pouches. The material is simple but does stretch well. I mainly have sport trunks and boxer briefs which make it easier to fit a butt. I did recently purchase some Express briefs and really like them. The elastic around the leg is perfect and stays tight after a day of movement.

I have one pair of Clever. While the pair doesn’t have the stretch others do I still love them. I think one of the main reasons I love them is how they hug my butt. The pair fit perfectly and clings to the butt like you see in all the underwear ads.

What are some favorite brands of other guys with bubble butts? We want to hear from you guys which brands fit the best for a bubble butt!

We teamed up a few months ago with Dead Good Undies to bring you what’s hot in the UK. It’s been a lot of fun to work with them and expose you guys to some new brands. We now are going to do that for the US. Men’s Underwear Store is teaming up with us to give us a monthly report of some great undies right here. This is the first installment and we look forward to working with them!


Clever Belice Latin Brief: These are my personal favorites. Clever’s designs are the epitome of Latin flavor. The cotton on these briefs is super soft and stretchy, but still supportive. I like briefs that sit higher on my hips, and these do just that. Two color options here, both in figure-flattering stripes: a bolder teal or the easy grey-blue.


C-IN2 Dip-dye: We’re loving the colors of this collection. As always, C-IN2 uses the same sexy-but-sporty styles but brings in high-style with the color gradients. Dip-dye styles in clothing (whatever style in whichever market) can either go totally right or completely awry, but C-IN2 hits the mark on this one. We actually have these as our window display in our storefront – both the underwear and the shirts in the purple-green shades.


Obviously NAKED collection: The fundamental difference between Obviously’s basics and the Obviously Naked collection is the pouch – whereas the basics have a cupped pouch, the Naked collection has a contour pouch that sits slightly longer and gives incredible support. We were one of the first and are one of the only ones to carry the Naked collection.


Emporio Armani Stretch Cotton Basics: These are one of our top-five sellers from Emporio Armani. EA is known for its high-quality garments, and these are a prime example. They’re also great for guys who want to get some color in their lives while sticking to neutrals or calm colors as their staples.


Diesel Platinum Microfiber Divine Trunk: Diesel is always a crowd favorite, and these are no different. We used these (in red) on a model as the featured image for our fall collection. They’re cool, stretchy microfiber trunks with a modern graphic waistband – rich basics turned up a notch, essentially.


N2N Bodywear Performance X Brief: The mesh micropoly fabric on these gives them a sporty-meets-modern look and texture. N2N’s Performance X collection gives you an extra shapely boost in the front (with the cupped pouch) and in the back. Again, these are updated sporty basics, but the black and cerulean-striped waistband with the brand’s logo gives these a pop of color (that’s almost a little retro!)

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clever-eros-latin-briefMesh is a trend in men’s underwear that just keeps going. When it popped up a few years ago I expected it to take off then guys move on the next thing in underwear. Flash forward 3 years and the mesh trend is still going strong. Clever is one of those brands who has taken to the trend and made it really fun. They aren’t making just sheer underwear for the sake of making it they put some thought behind it.

Last year they released the Kansai Latin brief. It was super fun the black pair had a purple waistband and the white had a silver Waistband. They have continued this line with the new Eros Latin Brief now with updated waistband colors. The Black now comes in a black waistband with a bright blue Clever name showing. The while has a blue/teal waistband and grey writing. These two colors really make the pairs pop. The blue on the the black pair is something that is carried over into other pairs in the new collection as well.

Brand info

  • Has contoured pouch
  • Stitching of the pouch accents the pouch
  • Fabric – 88% Nylon, 12% Spandex
  • Fabric has solid and mesh so it won’t show off everything
  • Available in White and Black.

If you are a fan of mesh underwear we think this is a must have for your collection. You will be able to find this at retailers online and in stores shortly!