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First my apologies for posting this one day late! We are now in December but with Thanksgiving and the holiday sales it got pushed back a day in to December.

The undies elves at Deadgoodundies are busy supplying the men of the UK with all their festive wishes as the mayhem that is the holiday shopping season gets well underway.

HOM Boxer Line Maxi Twin Pack GBP29.00

HOM Boxer Line Maxi Twin Pack GBP29.00

Multipack men’s underwear makes a great gift and it seems UK shoppers are finally learning that designer offerings are SO much more desirable. This gorgeous HOM twinpack combines shades of navy and rose pink.

HOM Luxury Cotton Cashmere Business Socks GBP13.00

HOM Luxury Cotton Cashmere Business Socks GBP13.00

Socks might be a Christmas cliché but even the man who has everything will appreciate a seriously posh pair like these in a cotton and cashmere blend.

Bruno Banani Straight Line Sport Shirt GBP27.50

Bruno Banani Straight Line Sport Shirt GBP27.50 and Hip Short GBP20.00

Bruno Banani’s new Straight Line range is always in stock and UK buyers are busy stocking up on the gorgeous holly berry red option.

Mundo Unico Espacio Corto Boxer Brief GBP24.00

Mundo Unico Espacio Corto Boxer Brief GBP24.00

Colourful shorts are always more popular at this time of year with generous shoppers buying something a little bit special for others rather than essentials for themselves.

Body Art Mars Swim String GBP22.00

Body Art Mars Swim String GBP22.00

Not everybody in the UK is wrapping up for winter – some lucky souls are seeking out beach sun and refreshing their swimwear collection with bright strings, briefs and trunks.

Gregg Homme Treasure Boxer Brief GBP45.95

Gregg Homme Treasure Boxer Brief GBP45.95

Whether shopping for an avid underwear fan or treating yourself for the party season, it doesn’t get more spectacular than the new Gregg Homme collection which includes this chain and rivet print short.

Find these and more at Dead Good Undies



Autumn has arrived in the UK and the weather man says we’re in for a cold one! Customers at DGU are taking this advice all the way to their undies drawers and have started stocking up on some winter warmers.

Bruno Banani Cotton Line Long Tight GBP35.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Bruno Banani Cotton Line Long Tight GBP35.00

Gorgeously soft cotton long johns are a must for keeping out the chill for men working or exercising outdoors.

HOM HO1 Inners Long John GBP49.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

HOM HO1 Inners Long John GBP49.00

Lots of layers are great for warming up but it can lead to… erm… shall we say access issues? HOM’s patented HO1 opening makes this long style as functional as it is chic.

Mundo Unico Desafio Medio Boxer Brief GBP25.50 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Mundo Unico Desafio Medio Boxer Brief GBP25.50

Longer boxer brief styles are becoming hugely popular. Mundo Unico have a great range that keep muscles warm and are super supportive, making them great for working out.

Doreanse 5002 Boxer Body Suit GBP23.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Doreanse 5002 Boxer Body Suit GBP23.00

Clever gents looking for a great way of layering up (without any gaps) are opting for all in one body suits. Sleeveless styles with short legs are great as underclothes or nightwear.

Gregg Homme Purr Pants GBP53.95 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Gregg Homme Purr Pants GBP53.95

Loungewear is big news in the UK. Fashion forward fellas are snapping up luxurious styles like this modal mix Gregg Homme.

Doreanse 1960 Thermal Long John and Long Sleeved Shirt GBP21.00 each @ Deadgoodundies.com

Doreanse 1960 Thermal Long John and Long Sleeved Shirt GBP21.00 each

Guys looking ahead to the depths of winter are going for proper thermal fabrics. Lots of styles have matching tops too for the ultimate in cosy underclothes!

Find these pairs and more at Dead Good Undies site! We do have an affiliate sales link with Dead Good Undies.


I have a 27″ waist.

Some people may think I’m joking when I say that, but keep in mind I’m only about as tall as Elijah Wood or Daniel Radcliffe. Shopping for clothes is not as fun for us smaller men because so many things could never fit, even with a good tailor. Most underwear is sized with Small being 28-30″ but there are many where Small can start at 30″. This can lead to frustration and disappointment when you realize that the store won’t accept a return on an opened package and that the Boy’s Section does not carry a 2xist y-back thong. Luckily for my fellow petite gents out there I’ve done some legwork to find brands that accommodate the Extra Small underwear fan.


image copy

HOM is a French brand that offers many styles in XS with a nice snug fit. The quality is outstanding and cuts are high on the leg for briefs. If you’d like a break from the current trend of giant brand names on the waistband, HOM offers very clean lines. It can be tricky finding a lot of colors outside of black, white and gray in the XS size, though. Overall HOM is a choice brand for basics with a sexy European edge.

American Apparel

image copy 2

American Apparel doesn’t offer a variety of styles- just a brief and a boxerbrief, but they are available in XS. They come in a rainbow variety of bright, fun colors and are widely available through many retail locations. They have become something of an icon for retro fashion briefs. Personally, they are not my favorite because I find they have a pretty flat, uncontoured pouch and maybe too much room in the back (your mileage may vary). After a few washes things kept sneaking out the leg bands which seemed to stretch out quickly.


image copy 3

C-IN2 offers a few basic styles in XS but the good news is that their size Small tends to be a great fit for XS guys as well. Look for “No Show” or “Low Profile” styles for a great pouch and a low rise. Their jocks fit pretty well too, but could be tighter in the leg bands for that great “strapped in” feeling. I find the built-in “enhancing ring” in some of their briefs overcomplicated and unnecessary, but they do show off the good china. C-IN2 is one of my all-time favorite brands and offers a lot of colors, textures, and prints for the XS underwear fan.



Addicted is a great brand from Spain that offers styles in XS. I have a brief, jockstrap, and jockbrief from them in XS and the fit is amazing. The jocks have nice thick leg straps for great butt lift and they have lot of bold colors and a striking signature waistband. The quality of construction is high, but so is the price tag. My Addicted XS jockstrap is in heavy rotation as my “wow factor” underwear and I look forward to ordering more from them soon.

Mundo Unico

image copy 5

Unico does not make an XS but most everyone agrees that you should order a size up anyway. Their size small is a tight fit regardless, and sometimes it seems their pouches can’t contain all of your enthusiasm. I find the tag placement on the outside to be odd but otherwise they look hot and are well constructed. Their trunks and boxerbriefs have great grip on the thighs and check out their thermals/long johns for the winter months.

Andrew Christian

image copy 6

Andrew Christian is booming now and seems to offer every style and color they make in XS. There’s a lot to choose from- briefs, jockbriefs, jocks, trunks, and even swimwear in youthful colors with lots of contrast piping. The fit in the waist and leg bands for XS is good, and a lot of them now come with “enhancing” or hanging-pouch features for your junk. I’m not a huge fan myself of the “toucan beak” or “anteater snout” look for my bulge but if you like to swing in the breeze then get some Andrew Christian.

Gregg Homme

image copy 7

Gregg Homme makes XS gear that you may not want to be seen folding at the laundry. Alternatively, stacking up a pile of Gregg Homme’s fetish-inspired mesh, faux leather, sheer crotches, zippers, and bondage strap underwear at the laundromat would definitely be a way to get attention!  This stuff is definitely more playwear than daywear but has good construction with a definite attention to textures and fabrics. I don’t think the brand really does anything in “relaxed fit” so you can be sure the sizing will be snug. I appreciate that Gregg Homme doesn’t leave the XS guys out when it comes to dressing like a vampire stripper.

Brands that don’t make XS styles may still fit, but it may take some trial and error based on how close you are. It can be frustrating to buy something and have it look much baggier on you than expected, especially since returning a worn jockstrap can be tricky. Small sizes that are listed as within 28″ generally fit for me but not always as snug as I’d like. Check the sizing chart for each brand, some start at 30″ for Small. A good tip is to look for the ones that have lycra or spandex blended in, as those tend to be cut smaller with room for stretch. Don’t forget that you can try to shrink a cotton garment by washing it in hot water and drying it on high heat.

Tried any others? Leave a comment if you have

Dash is the newest writer here on UNB. We hope you enjoy this and you’ll see more from him soon! Follow him on Twitter @dashdistraction

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British men can be fussy about their underwear. But once they find something they love, they buy it again and again. Which is where Deadgoodundies.com hits the mark.

HOM HO1 Original Cotton Modal Mini Brief GBP20.00 @ Deadgoodundies

HOM HO1 Cotton Modal Mini Brief – GBP20.00

Just as Americans favour Tightie Whities (though we’re never entirely sure of the right spelling), white underwear for men is always the most popular in the UK. Simple but effective, the HOM HO1 Cotton Modal Mini Brief has a patented horizontal opening that makes it a classic.

Bruno Banani Your Future Brief GBP14.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Bruno Banani Your Future Brief – GBP14.00

Black underpants come a close second – largely for practicality. You can’t go wrong chucking a pile of black undies and socks in the wash together, can you? The Your Future Brief by Bruno Banani is an easy choice for single-colour shoppers, offered in black, white or marl grey.

Olaf Benz RED1289 Neo Brief GBP28.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Olaf Benz RED1289 Neo Brief – GBP28.00

When it comes to real colours, the UK is getting more adventurous almost by the month. Blues can come in anywhere from darkest navy to palest sky, but brighter shades are holding their own this summer, and not only in swimwear. The Olaf Benz RED1289 Neo Brief offers a vibrant royal blue version or an even bolder grassy green!

Olaf Benz RED1202 Mini String GBP18.50 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Bruno Banani Magic City Retro Brief – GBP30.00

August is a great time for men to buy from DGU because the first autumn collections have started to arrive – introducing new colours, styles and prints. Always anticipated with much excitement is the Bruno Banani collection including the new Magic City Retro Brief in two colour mixes combining plaid and floral influences.

Bruno Banani Magic City Retro Brief GBP30.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Olaf Benz RED1202 Mini String – GBP18.50

One new trend is for men to dip their toe into colour. They’ll buy a few pairs in black or white, and top up their men’s underwear order from Deadgoodundies with a colour or two. DGU is wondering whether the colours become Weekend Specials? Olaf Benz make their sexy RED1202 Mini String in black or white for men who like it monochrome, but also a stunning scarlet for special occasions…

Watch for more from the UK this next month. This post contains an affiliate link for Dead Good Undies.

hot-july-dguThe UK is experiencing a massive heat wave. The temperature is rising and along with it sales of thongs and strings at specialist Brit online retailer Deadgoodundies. They say string sales have overtaken briefs, after two years in second place…

 Body Art Borsion String GBP23.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Body Art Borsion String £23.00

Could this be the answer to what Scotsmen wear under their kilt? Body Art’s tartan string is cool and colourful.

Doreanse 1334 Thong GBP11.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Doreanse 1334 Thong £11.00

The mixture of cotton and modal yarns and the neat flat waistband make the Doreanse tanga thong a best seller at DGU.

Gregg Homme Musk String GBP17.95 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Gregg Homme Musk String £17.95

Gregg Homme’s minimalist string has a peach soft fabric and the finest thong back – perfect for personal aeration when the going gets hot.

HOM Fredy String GBP14.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

HOM Fredy String £14.00

Fredy, HOM’s legendary cotton string that has been a best seller from the year dot, is to be discontinued! But fans can still buy it from DGU – though once current stock is gone, it’s gone for good.

HOM Plume String Twinpack GBP26.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

HOM Plume String Twinpack £26.00

Another design to be phased out by HOM is the Plume String. When it was launched this was the lightest string in the world. Again, a fave with DGU customers and still in stock. Watch this space for some interesting news from the guys at Deadgoodundies…

Joe Snyder Active Wear V Thong 04 @ GBP22.00 Deadgoodundies.com

Joe Snyder Shining Active Wear V Thong 04 £22.00

In classic black or white, or gorgeous red or turquoise the brand new Joe Snyder Active Wear collection offers two thong alternatives – with the body fabric is opaque glistening Shining finish, or the finest cobwebby mesh. And if you want an even slimmer string option, there’s an Active Wear g-string in the same two material choices.

Joe Snyder Pride Frame Neon Tanga 03 GBP 18.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Joe Snyder Pride Frame Neon Tanga Thong 03 £18.00

The frame of the name is a neat band of neon trim that forms the finest waistband and a ‘frame’ loop around the genitals. Quite brilliant in white, orange, green or turquoise – each with a sleek black body fabric.

Olaf Benz RED 1315 Mini String GBP28.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Olaf Benz RED 1315 Mini String £28.00

A picture can’t do justice to the two tone look created by this Olaf Benz design. In black or brick, the string uses two fine layers of fabric. The inside layer is slightly lighter in colour than the exterior so the effect is unique.

Find these at www.deadgoodundies.com