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150214_10151861941947001_875392566_nHave you ever wanted to wear your undies for charity? Well the Undies Cupid run is taking place Valentine’s Weekend. Baskit is sponsoring a team in our home town of Atlanta. We hope you will join in the run or donate money. Some info about the run:

“Cupid’s Undie Run is a mile(ish) run in your bedroom-best on Valentine’s weekend. No, we’re not crazy, we’re just crazy serious about raising money for The Children’s Tumor Foundation. We raised over $1.3 Million in donations last year, so come join the fun and help us double it for 2014!”

Proceeds go toward the Children’s Tumor Fund, so you get to be in your undies in public and do it for a good cause, not just to be a creepy guy on the corner!

If you will be in the Atlanta Area and want to join the Baskit Team then here is what you need to do:

  • Join the Baskit team by signing up at www.cupidsundierun.com and join team Baskit-Atlanta.
  • This Valentine’s Day weekend, come put the hilarity in charity with hundreds of half-naked runners taking to the streets in celebration of their fundraising for the Children’s Tumor Foundation.
  • Be a part of something great. Last year Cupid’s raised over $1.3 Million to end NF and we’re relying on YOU to join and make this year’s fundraising (and party) the biggest and best yet.
  • Join team Baskit and get a free pair to run in! We want girls, guys, gays, straights and everything in between! Come run and party with us!
  • The party starts at 12:00PM , run time is 2:30PM , then back for more fun until 4:00 pm . Arrive early and stay late… and feel free to remain pants-less the entire time!

If you want more info let us know and we’ll get you in touch with the organizer!

Luxe1100_Luxe_F_GrayToday is Baskit $12 Tuesday. This weeks pair is the Luxe Brief. The Luxe collection is made with 95% Modal Cotton, making it extraordinarily soft to the touch, and 5% Spandex which ensures that the Luxe will fit your form like a glove. Available in Black, Grey or White! Go to the Specials page for more pairs on sale

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pub JOR  (2)We are gearing up for a lot of new collections coming out. One of the first new collections I have gotten a quick look at is JOR. They sent me the catalogue and a few pictures over this past week. I’m really looking forward to a lot of the collections. We will do a more in-depth report for you guys!

JOR is designed and made in Columbia and always has a bright colorful line. This year is no different, they aren’t afraid to use bright and bold colors. One of my favorites in this collection is the Soccer ball briefs. They are super fun. Lets Face it we all want great and fun undies to wear daily.

Big in this collection outside of the colors is mesh (both sports and regular mesh), prints and stripes. This is just a quick preview we will have more for you very soon!

mus-jan-mainWe love teaming up with Mensunderwearstore.com to bring you some of the best undies out there. We try to give you our opinion but it’s always great to get a recommendations from a store. This is whats Hot for January.


Buffalo Striped Contour Brief

A new brand for us, BUFFALO by David Bitton brings bold prints, refined styling and a rugged appeal to the table. The contour briefs give a low-cut, sexy look while the trunks provide great coverage and support. They’re comfortable, they’ll give your body an incredible shape, and with tons of colors and prints to choose from, you can make these your new favorites while having variety in your style.


Naked Microfiber Trunk

Naked’s new and improved Microfiber Trunk is the definition of class and comfort. Threads of the microfiber are spun with water that’s distilled in the Italian Alps. With a “seamless” design and lightweight fabric, these breathable undies will keep your body comfortable whether you’re wearing them under a suit or during a tough workout. Sophistication, luxury and function, all in one.


Bread & Boxers Boxer Briefs

Sure, they’re standard boxer briefs, but Bread & Boxers reminds us that the best underwear are oftentimes ones that require no thought. Put them on, get dressed, and you’re out the door – it’s as easy as picking up the morning paper or, as B&B puts it, “grabbing the morning bread.” They’re for the guy who values comfort, simplicity, and a great fit. Did we mention that hockey hunk and New York Rangers goaltender Henrick Lundqvist is the new face (and body) of the brand? Definite thumbs-up.


Calvin Klein CK One Micro Hip Brief

Originally, the CK One Micro Brief came in just a few basic colors. Now, the body-contouring briefs come in two bold prints, like rich stripes and a loud houndstooth (shown above). Calvin Klein undies are synonymous with sexy silhouettes and sophisticated styling, and these are no different – the contour pouch and stitching gives a slightly enhanced look in the front, the legs sit higher to show a little more skin, and the black seams make these briefs a sharp staple for guys who want to give prints a try.


Diesel Industrial Logo Andre Brief

With the Diesel Industrial Logo Andre Brief, it’s all in the details. This cooler version of Diesel’s signature logo briefs has a metallic waistband and steely metal buttons that give it a punch of style. The low-rise design and legs openings that sit higher on the hips will shape your body in all the right places.

Find these and more at the Mensunderwearstore website!

try-something-newI was talking on Twitter (if you’re on Twitter follow me @unbtim) and talking to someone who loves briefs/bikinis and he is doing a month long challenge to wear Boxer briefs. His challenger is doing the reverse boxer briefs to bikinis! Speaking from experience as a briefs guy, having to wear Boxer Briefs for for a week would drive me nuts. I do have boxer briefs, like Mundo Unico, Trunks from N2N, ones with great pouches. So I’m not totally anti-boxer brief, but doing it for a month would be a bit much for me.

Now I”m not saying to try something for an entire month. I reward the conviction for trying something new for a month, but I say start small. Some things you might consider trying that you have never worn before. The prime example of this is Jon on our site asked me for a thong to try. He has never worn one and wants to try out a good one. We will be getting him one to try and review soon. It makes me wonder if he will wear to the gym?

My biggest challenge was when I had to review a boxer for Hamilton & Hare. I knew no one on the site would want to do it. I would picture me asking the guys and have silence and nothing but crickets in the background. So I took one for the team. I hadn’t worn boxers in prob 15 years or more. And then it was a rare occurrence. I think I could count on one hand how many times I wore them under pants. After trying those they were pretty good. I but I won’t say i wear them all the time but I have lounged around in them many times.

If you’re up for trying something on the wild side we have a brands we can recommend:

  • Gregg Homme – It’s pricy but extremely well made and will last. It’s sexy underwear made to wear all day from thongs to sheer!
  • Cellblock13 – It’s a fun fetish line from Timoteo and will bring your wild side out. Find Jocks, jock briefs and Jock Boxers
  • N2N Bodywear – Has amazing pouches and plenty of thongs, jocks and more that are made to show off your goods
  • Modus Vivendi – Taking their Greek Heritage and making really fun and different underwear, if you want fun and funky this is for you
  • PetitQ – This is for the bold guy who says what the hell, just let it all hang out! Made super small and leaves little to the imagination

Say you’re a guy who has the wild part covered and want to try something with a classic cut:

  • Baskit – Makes great classic underwear that fits amazing in many different styles from boxer briefs to jocks.
  • Mack Wheldon – They focus on briefs and boxer briefs currently with great materials.
  • 2(X)ist – A classic underwear company that has some really strong core basics in their line up that you won’t be disappointed you bought
  • C-IN2 – Another classic company that has never had great fun undies but also super classic you can wear anywhere.

The wild brands are easier to come up with then Classic. Plus I think more guys would go from classic to wild!

This year we are going to challenge you guys to step out of your box and try new things.

bakhou-mainI have been on a tear to find you guys new brands world wide. I have done a few and we will do a lot more in the future! I found Bakhou this week, they are out of Argentina. Usually a lot of brands out of South America can be skimpy and for a guy who’s pretty bold. Bakhou has a more classic styling in it’s underwear.

That means they have very classic cut silhouettes to their briefs and boxer briefs. They aren’t too skimpy but they aren’t plain either. You can get the classic white pairs but they aren’t afraid to use great patterns. The patterns range form black/white to bright and vivid colors. They make a great contrast to the classic pairs.

bakhou-waistbandsThe waistbands really stick out to me. One of my biggest gripes is that a company uses the same waistband on every pair they do. I like a little of variety. They have several different branded waistbands from one that is sporty, a nice branded one and one I call a funky one! They score points in my book because they match the color of the pair with the waistband. It just sets a nice pair of underwear off.

If you’re looking for a bikini, jock or thong then Bakhou is not for you. They are a more classic over funky design. I think they have a great collection full of briefs and boxer briefs. I’m sure they would have a pair you would like. See more of the great pics below of the brand. But they have tons more at the Bakhou site!

jock-jockbriefStarting this week we are going to have a poll question every Thursday. We enjoy hearing from our readers and love to hear what you guys love! This week we have a question. Which do you prefer a Jockstrap or Jock Brief?

Jock Briefs are relatively new in the men’s underwear market. Baskit was the first to release the pair back in the 2000’s. It’s a hybrid of a jock and a brief. When I put my first Jockbrief on I will admit I felt a little naughty!

Pics from left to right: Gregg Homme pic by International Jock, Jack Adams, Andrew Christian and Jack Adams from Jockstrap Central

Which do you prefer?

PrintC-IN2 updated it’s Pop Colors line this week. As many of you know its updated seasonably through out the year with great new colors. This year however, the big color is purps! Which is purple out there for the less hip! I personally love having purple as a color in underwear. Its not a traditional men’s color. I mean if we can have pink undies, we should have purple!

This maybe my new favorite pair out now. I love the color coordinated waistband as well! C-IN2 does an amazing job at underwear. It’s always well made and holds up wash after wash. Purple isn’t the only color in the Pop Color fresh, the other colors are Pikante, Skydrive and Wink.

The styles the new Pop Colors are Jock, Lo-No Show Brief, Sport Brief, Profile brief, Lo-No Show Trunk, Square Cut Tank and Deep V Tee. One thing you will notice the Jock is now the same design as the Grip Jock that hit the market last year. It’s one of the best takes on a jock I have seen in a while.

If you’re a fan of C-IN2 then check these out!

_MG_2629Thanks to all of you who voted in the Gay Vs. Straight poll. I love having you guys involved! The results so far (the poll is still open and we’ll leave it open so more can vote):

  • 64% said gay guys were more passionate
  • 11% said straight guys were
  • 25% said both were.

I will say I’m amazed the both number is so high! I think we both share passion for undies. Yes, I hear some of you saying “Now Tim, most straight guys don’t even care what they wear.” This is true a large portion of straight guys this is true but we have a growing number who love underwear and that is growing every day.

I have had the pleasure to talk to many of our readers, both gay and straight, and it amazes me how similar our stories are for loving underwear. We both want underwear that fits, feels great and makes us feel sexy all day. I want UNB to be a place for you guys to come together and learn about underwear and hear what we all have to say about the underwear market. The reason I started UNB was to share my passion for a love I have had since as long as I can remember!

UNB is open to all sexual orientations and open to guys and yes women who love men’s underwear! We would love to hear from more of our straight guys, if you’re a big time underwear lover, email me and lets talk! I think it’s much harder for straight guys right now to admit they love undies. Which we need to change!

Here is a challenge: Whether gay or straight, share your passion of underwear, don’t hide it, there is nothing wrong with loving undies!

brandon-cin2When you have as much underwear as I do, it is difficult to come up with the one pair that you’d place above all the others, but I think the underwear a man wears can really offer a window into who he is as a person. Of course, I have several favorites when it comes to underwear, but there is one that stands out to me every time I get them on.

My first pair of briefs were the long-since discontinued Neon Sport Brief from 2xist. Not too long after that collection sold out, 2xist started to venture away from their sport brief style altogether. But as they were phasing it out, C-IN2 added a sport brief to all of their new lines, and it looked strikingly similar to 2xist’s design (probably not a surprise as C-IN2 was founded by former 2xist founder Gregory Sovell) but it was a much better pair overall.

The reason I’m still falling in love with the C-IN2 Sport Brief is that it seems as if it were designed with my body type in mind. Being well-endowed, the most important thing to me about a pair of underwear is how well the pouch can contain my boys while offering them a good level of support. The pouch on the C-IN2 Sport Brief is deeply contoured as a result of the briefs design, which mimics the extremely high-cut leg openings of a jockstrap. Like most well-endowed guys, I’ve mostly defaulted to underwear brands that utilize an “Anatomical Pouch” but the reason I chose this pair over any of the dozens of pairs with an anatomical pouch is the quality in construction of these briefs. The cotton is incredibly soft, and it’s also thick, but breathable. The elastic used to frame the brief is incredibly sturdy, which provides support that no pair of anatomical briefs could dream of doing, but it also frames an athletic bubble butt like mine perfectly.

C-IN2 is a member of what I call the “Big Three” in designer underwear. They are here to stay and thankfully, so is their Sport Brief.


 1-10-14-2 Need some new workout wear? Check out the latest from Andrew Christian.

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petitqWe know there are many out there who love erotic wear. Its a big area of the men’s market. A brand that is becoming one of the premier erotic brands is PetitQ. We have covered them some and reviewed several pairs from their initial collection.

If you aren’t familiar with them, they out of France and have a very unique and erotic style. The two guys who run it are often seen on Vine, Tumblr and Twitter wearing the brand. They aren’t the only ones models Colby and Brandon have been in a video for the brand late last year. So you may have seen the brand and not known it!

First thing is this brand is not for the meek or the shy. It’s going to show off everything you have! They have pairs with cut outs, held on by friction and fun materials. So if you’re bold enough to wear it you will def get the attention of who you are with or showing it too!  It reminds me of the line from the 80’s band Morris Day and Time “its only for the sexy people”

We are going to point out a few of their styles:

C-String – This pair is becoming quiet popular. It is all the rage in Europe and making its way to the US. The C-String is a pouch with a band that goes between your cheeks and held in place by friction. The boys made a video on how this stays on. They did jumping and such and it didn’t fall off! If you like minimal underwear this is perfect.

Long Johns – I will be the first to admit I don’t find long johns sexy. They are usually function over form. Recently more companies came out but none have put the spin on them that the PetitQ boys. These are very much form over function, not in a bad way thought. They are similar to chaps but have a pouch in the front with an open area and open in the back. They may keep your legs warm but have minimal coverage and easy access.

Bikini Pise –  Have you ever wanted a bikini but with a smaller pouch? I didn’t think that was possible till now. The Bikini Pise has a full waistband and back but a sling pouch. That means its off to one side. It’s similar to their Lateral String pouch design. It’s a very interesting design that is just fun. It would be perfect for a bar night… depending on the bar!

PetitQ is the perfect brand for the guy who wants to show off but is not shy about it.  It’s minimal and very body conscious. This is the kind of underwear that is made to show off. At some point in wearing it you will show it to someone. This is by no means the entire collection but these are three pairs I think you guys should see, go to the PetitQ and see more of the collection.

998569_559739000749507_1802481688_nTalk about a fun pair of underwear.  2wink is one of the newest brands to come from Down Under.  Bright colors and body hugging styles are the hallmark of their collection.  As soon as I took them out of the package I was excited to try them on.  The fabric felt amazing in my fingers, so I knew I would love wearing them.

I wore them to work one day under my suit.  Just a typical day of sitting at my desk with the occasional stroll around the office to stretch my legs. The pouch has an opening to put everything through, and it definitely makes a statement.  I couldn’t help but wonder if I was giving amore prominent bulge than usual. I love a good pair of underwear that keeps everything pushed slightly forward.  So much more comfortable to me.  The rear straps did a superb job of keeping my rear lifted and needed very little adjustment throughout the day.

The styling on this brief is wonderful.  The waistband has the 2wink logo in red on black, so it’s eye catching without being too in your face.  The black piping on the legs and framing the pouch give you nice clean lines.  And the graffiti pouch.  What a creative look.  Anyone who sees it is going to want a closer look.  I got them in a size medium; they fit me perfectly (I have a 31” waist).

I would definitely recommend this pair of underwear to anyone who wants to spice up their collection.


  • great support, front and back
  • eye-catching pattern
  • cotton/spandex blend feels great on the skin


  • would love to see them in more graffiti patterns


  • Daily Fit – 10
  • Sizing – 10
  • Construction/Materials – 10
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance  – 10
  • Overall: 10

This pair was furnished for review by 2wink Australia. Find these and more on their site.


Over the last five years I have talked to a lot of guys. I will say being a gay guy, I thought gay guys had the most passion for underwear. This is because we love to wear underwear and see our guys in underwear. So it was a win-win all around.

In the world of men’s underwear market, underwear was always marketed to gay guys. Maybe not overtly but there was always a subtle undertone for gay guys. The pictures and marketing were definitely geared towards the gay market. They very artistic and physique of the models made it have a very gay undertone

Flash forward to 2013, which was a big year for UNB and straight guys. We got three amazing straight guys on the site, Gabe, Brandon and Jon. When I talk to each of these guys I realize how big a passion they have for underwear. Each of them have their own story how they got into underwear. Each has a passion as big or bigger than mine. Jon has been an advocate for college guys to try something new. Brandon has a huge love underwear that he loves to share and Gabe discovered his love through wearing swim briefs!

I think there has been a big generalization that straight guys really don’t care about underwear. That it’s always an afterthought in their wardrobe and they don’t have any desire to try new things. This premise is rejected every day by readers I talk too. I was talking to a potential new staff member who is straight and he got in underwear seeing Jim Palmer in his Jockey Elance. Which was the catalyst for myself getting into underwear!

Each day more and more guys find amazing underwear and don’t find it a gay/straight thing. I think more straight guys who wear underwear aren’t being labeled as gay. It’s becoming more widely accepted by friends, wives and girlfriends.

It made me wonder, what do you guys think, do gay guys still have the most passion for undies or do straight guys now have a big passion for undies? Vote in our poll or leave a comment


cocksox-cx01In an effort for you guys to get to know us I am starting a segment called my favorite pair. As many of you know who are underwear fans, you don’t have just one favorite pair. We have the classics we love and keep for ever. Also, we constantly get new favorites when brands release new lines and we discover new brands.

This one is a classic for me. It’s funny that you say “classic” in underwear.  The underwear renaissance began in the early 2000’s, this is when more guys started to pay attention to what they were wearing. During this time we saw a ton of companies come on the market. Cocksox was one of those. I remember seeing the pics of the CX01 Briefs, and wanted them!

The pictures were super sexy to me. Here after many years of black/white/grey boxer briefs we had a pair of bright red bikinis. To me the underwear market was opening up big time. It wasn’t for two more years before I received my first pair. They were a white pair and when I tried them on they felt amazing. That amazing pair I still have today although they are a bit large now. They were an XL, so I can’t wear them. I have since replaced them with the turquoise, magenta, and leopard bikinis.

The reason the CX01 is one of my favorite pairs is that is has an ergonomically design, great materials and makes me feel sexy wearing every time. The pouch was the first thing that hooked me. When I slid it on it was amazing the way it held everything in place. It is designed to hold a guy and fit like a glove. The second thing was its very well constructed. I have had pairs of Cocksox for several years and they still hold up. Nothing worse then buying a great pair of undies an only getting 3-4 wearings before it’s done. Cocksox has longevity in my underwear drawer. Lastly, is I feel so sexy wearing these. Especially the leopard ones. It shows off what I have under jeans and give me a little more confidence. I think that is the power of great underwear.

This is my favorite pair. We will bring you more favorites soon. This will include swim and underwear.

Jumping JohnI know many of you know about Mack Weldon. They have been around for about a year. But for those of you who don’t know about there brand:

“There simply had to be a better way. The experience of buying underwear – from the pilgrimage to the department store, to the endless sea of ever-changing product – had to be fixed.  A tattered mess of underwear and socks, and an ambitious goal to change the status quo, is why we created this brand.

Mack Weldon is about the fusion between old-school quality and modern day technology. During our brand creation, we discovered Weldon, an early 20th century undergarment and sleepwear company that stood for innovation in both marketing and product design – very similar to the brand we were creating. We embraced the name, flipped it a bit and made it ours.”

One thing I really like about their site is they have videos on the Underwear page. You see the guy wearing the underwear. This is the first time I remember seeing this. This isn’t a YouTube video, more of a flash video that starts playing as soon as the page loads. This is really cool. They also do this on the Undershirt page.

But they don’t sell just underwear. They have a really fun sock line. Socks have been taking off big time lately. Mack Weldon has really fun bright striped and polka dotted socks.

You may remember they were written up in the New York Times for the “Changes in the Underwear Market” article. They share the same philosophy we do here at UNB, show real guys in underwear. They use less abs and more real guys. I love to support a company that is trying to change the market for the masses.

Go check out the Mack Weldon current offerings. They are classic styled so if you’re looking for something wild, this is not the company for you. But if you would like that then they currently offer: Boxer Briefs, Boxers, Trunk, Brief, Undershirts, T-shirts and socks.