After meeting up with Geovanny at Magic in Vegas we got a chance to ask him a few questions. He’s one of the hottest new designers in men’s underwear and we had to get him on the site. I hope you guys enjoy this interview.

What made you get into the world of Underwear designing?
I had always had a dream of designing, and when my  male review show (Geovanny and the Boys) , had come to and end , I knew it was time.

Where do you get your inspirations for the innovative designs you have?
I love the styles that came out in the 70s  and I wanted to incorporate the old school running short with the side scallop to my underwear design , and that’s how the Geovanny brief come to be, also added the Power Pouch that is a signature trade makr of the Geovannyunderwear line. Alexander Brief is part of the higher end line and its just sexy , clean and totally comfortable. the western style rear yolk emphasizes your rear w/no gimmicks, and its a trade mark of the GeovannyUnderwear line. Briefs don’t have to be brief , even if there white.

Tell us about the Garter jock, it’s been a big hit on the blog?
WOW!  this one is just blowing out everywhere! I really do love it!  Well i needed to come out w/a jock for the higher end line and was stumped on how I was going to make it happen, when you look at it , its pretty self explanatory , but it is actually a complete new design all the way around. I love the women’s garter jock look, and wanted to see if i could translate it to men. The end result is just screams sexy!

How important do you feel colors are in men’s underwear?
I think color in men’s underwear line is great . We all have the basic whites , blacks , grays. Once you have those everything else is just fun /show off underwear. Imagine your getting ready to take of you jeans ,and what we are all use to expect would be  white /black basics, but then you reveal a sexy blue or even hot pink , now your considered some that takes risk’s , its going to be an interesting night!

Who you do see wearing your underwear?
Anyone that loves to try new things, anyone that wants to feel sexy underneath even when your all cover up.

How has the underwear buying public reacted to the line?
amazingly , its been a great 2 yrs and cant wait for more! Is there anything we can see from you in the future? Any hints of what’s to come? Well lets see..the new “Free Line” as in no restrictions.  Spring 2011 and oh yeah Geovanny Sport!

Just for UNB readers he gave us a code to get 20% off your order. Make sure you go to the Geovanny Underwear website and enter code unb2010 ! Whats not to like about that! Go check out the undies and get some of the great designs.


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