Hey UNB readers! Its me again. And it’s another thong review. I know you love reading about thongs so I wont delay anymore and just get to it. In the mail came another MaleBasics thong. This particular thong is the Malebasics Micro Fiber V-string Thong. I got a red pair. This is actually a great thong and I think the photos and description on their website don’t really display the material this thong is made from. Sure it states that its made from brushed micro-fiber (Nylon 78% Spandex 22%). If you read that would you really know what that means? Me either.

So I opened the packaged and was surprised to see that the pouch was made from a material that is identical to the gym shorts with the perforated holes. We all have a pair of these shorts. I always slip them on for the gym or a hot summer night in my NYC apartment. Now imagine a thong made from it. Genius. It’s soft and is very breathable.

The pouch is made from this great material. Its got a nice curve to the pouch and offered lots of room. The waistband and thong strap are thin elastic in a matching color. The back has a cute touch to the thong. A triangle piece of the brushed micro-fiber sits nicely in the middle of the back connecting the thong strap and waistband.

My one complaint about this item was the thong strap. Since the thong is available in only two sizes (S/M and L/XL) its not as forming fitting as a thong that is truly the size you need. I found the thong strap to be slightly shorter than what I would consider comfortable. I am sure after some wear and tear it will stretch more to fit me better.

Pros –

  • Great fabrication
  • Nice pouch design

Con’s –

  • Thong strap could be longer
  • Sizing options

Fit: 3.5
Materials: 5
Look: 5
Construction: 5
Daily Wear: 4

Overall: 4.5

This pair was furnished by MaleBasics and is available for $16.99 at their site.


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