Clever 5190 Calipso Mesh Latin BriefWhat is sexier than mesh undies? Not a whole lot in my opinion. You can get the pairs that leave little to the imagination or those who give a hint of whats underneath. The Clever 5190 Calipso Mesh Latin Brief is the later! It will show enough of whats underneath but not give everything away!

The first thing you notice about the pair is it comes in a light green. Which in itself is not a color you see typically in mesh undies. However if you want a more traditional color it is available in black. But, if your’e like me you prefer something different and fun in your undies and would definitely go with the green.

As you notice on the pictures the green pair has a grey waistband with Clever written in the same green. While the black is solid black, including waistband with Clever written in blue. The black does appear to be a bit more see through. So keep that in mind when making a selection.

The two pairs are made out of a nylon/spandex stretch mesh. So it will conform to your body and keep things well in place. This also means it will feel great against your skin. I prefer a fabric with a higher spandex percentage. This pair has 25% spandex in the fabric composition.

Other factors that make this a good pair are the low rise style and pouch. The pair has low rise design that is great wearing under jeans. Meaning the waistband won’t show over the top. There are some readers who will not like this and love to show off their undies. The second is the way the fabric is cut it creates a contour pouch. So it will give you great support through out the day.

If you’re up for some really fun mesh underwear we suggest you give the Clever 5190 Calipso Mesh Latin Brief. It is part of the Spring 2014 Collection from Clever and should be at stores now!

Clever 5190 Calipso Mesh Latin Brief Green Clever 5190 Calipso Mesh Latin Brief Green Clever 5190 Calipso Mesh Latin Brief Black Clever 5190 Calipso Mesh Latin Brief


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