IS_LFHR_Billy_maze-red_01_150209150630aussieBum just refreshed the Billy Boy range. If your’e not familiar the Billy Boy line is a series of bikinis. They released them last year and has retro prints from the 80’s. This made the line super fun. Then they released some solids, but I”m glad the awesome prints are back. They really fit this line very well.

The new prints are Maze and Polaris. The maze prints are pretty straight forward. It’s a maze design with bright colors and either a white or black background. I”m not sure you’ll be able to find the end of the maze in this design! The Polaris is more of a kaleidoscope design. Its funky, fun and different. The back grounds in this one are green and white.

This line really makes me happy. aussieBum always makes undies that fit a guys personality. If you want basic, they have it and if you want something wilder you now have these amazing prints. Its also good to see a true bikini on the market. This reminds me of the great bikinis during the 80’s. They are slowly making a come back and I am glad to se it. These are on my list to get!

They retail for almost $13 on the aussieBum site. Get one or get them all!


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