This week while I am at magic we are bringing you 9 brands we think you should know and Nukleus is the first. These brands, some of you may have heard of but others may not. A few we have mentioned on the blog but never gone into much detail. So we hope you enjoy this segment and maybe find a new brand to try.

Nukleus is a brand I am familiar with only because BikiniboiATL on Twitter has posted pics in the line and loves them. Other than that I am not very familiar with them. Who is Nukleus? They are a brand out of Penang, Malaysia. They make both environmentally but socially responsible products. How do that do this? “Using innovative and sustainable production methods, we make innerwear and basics from eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, Lenzing Tencel and organic bamboo.”


This is really great an underwear company is not only in the business to make great underwear. They want give back to the environment and people who supply their raw materials. But how does this transform into great undies? Well they have a few collections right now including the Rebirth Collection (feat. Earth, Tree and See series), Fruit Series (feat. Blueberry, Honeydew, Mangosteen, Watermelon, The Quintet (Metal, Plant, Water, Fireand Earth series).

  • The Rebirth Collection – The Rebirth Collection is for the man who never goes out of style. Classic and time-honoured, this collection is designed for the eternal Nukleus man: age defying and unaffected by mortal limitations.
  • The Fruit Series – Enjoy the fruits that are grown near you. They’re fresher, tastier, better. That’s because they’re closer to you in space and time. Which in turn means less environmental impact. Local fruits: good for you, good for Earth. Just like Nukleus.
  • The Quintet – In The Quintet, Nukleus takes an unconventional look at this critical issue. Covering five facets of our planet, the collection alludes to Asian stories about how we can restore balance or prevent the unbalance from worsening. All in all, these stories offer grounds for hope and optimism – that it isn’t too late to act, that we can still make a difference.


Each of these is fashionable and good for the environment. Where can you find the brand? Well it is available on Ebay (where BikiniboiATL gets his). Which is the easiest way to get them in the US. Search Ebay but you can go to the Nukleus website to find out more about each line.


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