aussieBum Superhunk CEOAre you a fan of comic books? Or of super heroes? Maybe you like all the new Marvel movies. If you do then some of the new underwear created by aussieBum is just for you. Its called the Superhunk line. It is their creation of of a line of Super Hunks!

I admit it I”m a Geek! I love all things super hero, especially the Marvel movies. Pair this love of geek things with underwear and I”m in heaven. This new line is a lot of fun. aussieBum is no stranger to creating super hero underwear. This is the second comic style line they have released.

The new line is is available in 5 different designs. Each one is on a brief, unlike other styles its not on a brief and hipsters. The five designs are Army, Airfare, CEO, Fireman and Sailor. Each features a that persona breaking out into a super hero from their alter ego!

This is the official description from aussieBum “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s aussieBum’s Super Hunks collection range. It’s time to shape up and get our latest and has to be our greatest classic fun underwear we’ve developed in years. Live the dream and grab your High definition exclusive Super Hunk design today.”

They are a little over the top, but thats part of the charm of the collection. The hero is uber masculine and a play on the comic book heroes. Its so much fun! aussieBum has their own great way of making and designing underwear! The pairs are $24.96 at the aussieBum website.



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