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Show of hands who here loves great colors? Who here loves great prints? Who here loves matching tanks and underwear? Who here loves bright fun swimwear? Who here loves bright work out wear?  If you answered yes to any of those questions the new JOR collection is for you!

JOR is known for their amazing use of colors. It’s not just solid bright colors but prints as well. Each collection they come out with funs prints in both underwear and swimwear. They have a really amazing collection this year. We are going to show you a few pairs we think you guys need to get now!

Rally Collection – Sports mesh underwear is always some of the most comfortable undies. Well I think so. The Rally collection is a sports mesh of a boxer, brief, jock and thong. The entire line is awesome but the jockstrap is my favorite. Below we have all the styles in the line. Available in white, grey and black.

Mirror Collection – Just like a real mirror. The Mirror collection is a shiny nylon/spandex fabric. I don’t think you have to have all cotton and matte underwear. There are times you what to show off what you are wearing. A shiny fabric like the Mirror collection is awesome. They selected a black, white and blue. While the black is classic the blue really pops to me. My favorite in this line is the brief design. It’s low cut with contrasting trim. This line has a boxer, brief, jock and thong.

Lines Collection – Lines is a bit more conservative for JOR. They are known for doing mesh, bright colors. This is a more subtle for JOR. I am not say by any means this is a conservative pair. Stripes can be sometimes very boring. This definitely is not. The color combinations they use really stand out. The red is my favorite with red, pink and white stripes. It’s just fun! The styles in this collection are boxer and brief.

Tiger Collection – JOR has for the last few collections had lines that consists of a boxer, brief, jock, thong, tank and swim trunk and swim brief. It may sound like it would be over the top. These collections have been some of the best in the entire line. One thing I like best is the swimwear is not matchy matchy with the underwear. It’s similar but not the same.  Each one of these deserves a feature but I chose the Tiger.  Other lines with matching tanks are Animal, True Love, Picasso and Zebra

Monaco Swim Briefs – The Monaco series has one thing I love in swimwear. That is different colors than what is expected. This lines has a green and pink. The pink is awesome. The cut is a full swim brief that JOR is known for designing. These both will look amazing on the beach this year!

Vallarta Swim Briefs – Last collection they had flamingos and this time the Vallarta has the bright color print! The print seems to definitely be tropical inspired. The print is a leaf print which by itself has a hint of pink and yellow. Pari that with the pink in the front and you will stand out on the beach!

Runners – Runners are one of the biggest trends in men’s workout wear. JOR put their bright spin on runners. Last collection they had shorts and runners in solid colors. This collection they have two runners. One is a bright blue with a white stripe and the other is a black with yellow stripe. The waist band on the blue pair is a bright yellow. This will make the pair stand out and pop. If you don’t want to draw attention to yourself choose the black! The blue will get some looks!

Player Shorts – JOR has expanded their work out/active wear. These are shorter shorts. Not super booty shorts but form fitting and could be worn to the gym our as a cover up on the beach. The shiny nylon fabric and draw string waist really stand out. Pair that with the logo on the left leg. It really reminds of me of a retro pair of gym shorts. Ones you would see in the 70’s or early 80’s. Just available in blue or black.

This is just a few of the pairs I think you guys should know! There are several more you need to check out. See the collection on GDD World site or shop for it on Candyman Fashion site.

NOTE: UNBTim does consulting work for GDD World/Candyman Fashion but the opinions in this post are his own.



Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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  1. V handsome guy, really suits the small-medium size beard and it’s well manicured. The body is great of course and I love the range of briefs and even the blue long-johns probably lycra ones.

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