image006Men’s underwear is in the process of going mainstream. More and more guys are really paying attention to what they are wearing on a daily basis. This is proven by the growth in our straight readers every year. Yes, believe it or not we have quite a few amazing straight readers. They are just as passionate as gay guys!

So what do we want to see next year? We want to see more runway shows. This year we saw two shows from 2(X)ist and CA-RIO-CA Sungas. Both were amazing and the 2(X)ist was during NY Fashion Week and CA-RIO-CA did two shows, one in LA and one in Miami. Both shows were amazing. I believe we posted the videos of each and if you missed them they are on each company’s YouTube Channels

Every year Victoria’s Secret has a big show on network TV. Women’s underwear/lingerie is ok to show but men’s underwear still has a major stigma. It’s time to change that stigma! The shows by both companies were really great shows. CA-RIO-CA put some showmanship in the show featuring Carnival Dancers and a back flip on the runway.

Who would we love to see do a full on Fashion show? That is a long list, we’d love every brand to do one but here are my top picks for brands that would rock a runway!

  • Modus Vivendi – The diverse collection and Greek Heritage of the brand would make for an amazing show. They create fashion items not just underwear.
  • PUMP! Underwear – This year the brand has exploded and made some amazing pairs that would be awesome on the run way.
  • Clever Moda – Known for everything from basics to amazing prints. The prints come in brief and boxer, it would be awesome to see them walk side by side on the run way.
  • Garçon Model – This is a brand to really watch. They have some great new pairs and have stepped up their photography. We think the mix of bright colors would make a killer show
  • Jack Adams – The new collection is at a new level. Why not see it on the runway? Jack Adams is evolving and is becoming a major force in underwear.
  • Junk UnderJeans – They have been around for a while. With the addition of the activewear they would have a well rounded show. Plus their new underwear is pretty great!

These are only a few. There are way more brands to see on the runway. Let’s hope more brands try this out. I know we will see a new show from 2(X)ist and CA-RIO-CA this year.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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