Hey there kinky wonderfuls, I hope you’ve had a great week. Maybe you’re watching the Olympics. Maybe you’re watching gymnastics. Maybe you are feelin’ all support-y and pride filled. To kick off the 2nd and final week of the Olympics, I found another fun Team USA item for you all to peruse. This one is from a newer company. I don’t know much about them, but hopefully I’ll get to chat with them soon. Their name is BARCODE Berlin (we may be having some language barrier issues over email). I am really interested in their original work. They have fun cuts, and good design lines to highlight men’s proportions.

The item that I’m using the celebrate Team USA. Is another idea that I’d like to pitch for the US Men’s Gymnastics team. Maybe last week’s was the individuals, and this one is for the all arounds. It is called the Juanjo. It is a sexy narrow racerback singlet, with extremely low cut arm holes. It features two options (I’m sticking with the blue option for now) with blue on the bottom area, and white up top. The color change features a chevron pattern, and the whole thing has red trim along all the edges.


This pair is made by BARCODE themselves (the site is a mix of their original work and retail). The Juanjo is made out of 92% Polyester, and 8% Elastane. It is mostly mesh fabric (hopefully very breathable for the male gymnasts) with the bottom fabric being solid. On the front rib area. There is a varsity font style “8” with “barcode berlin” written in the classic baseball style script.


I think the cut of this singlet is very sexy (maybe I’ll get one to review). I love that the front panel is both low cut, and narrow, so the nips are on full display. The pouch has seams on the sides and front, so there seems to be ample shaping for your precious parts.


I should note, there is an option with red bottoms and black trim, but that is not going with my Team USA theme. So I am going to pretend it’s not an option. I hope next summer Olympics, they consult with me before outfitting the gymnasts. I have really good ideas.

Anyway, I’m up in Vermont for 2 weeks, working my booty off. I’ll be excited about returning to Boston for more summer fun. Enjoy the really really really hot weather, and go for a swim in a sexy swimsuit for me.

Until next time, keep it kinky!

TtheAmazing, over and out!


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