underwear-asRemember the days of opening presents. You were gathered around the Christmas Tree with family (Or with family at Haunika) getting the toys and games you wanted. Then you got the dreaded clothing, specifically underwear. It was always like “WHAT? Where are the good stuff?” Granted, those were usually something off the shelf. Now if someone gave us underwear, we’d be ecstatic.

So how can we get underwear for the holidays? This got me thinking. Only a former boyfriend has bought me undies. And then it was just one pair. I’d like to explore ways we can get underwear as gifts and also give them.

Buying for Others

Is it ok to buy underwear for others? If so who? Friends, Family, partners? I guess it really depends on our relationships. Giving gifts of underwear always has some sexual connotation. When it really doesn’t need to be sexualized.

Take friends for example. If we love underwear and know the joys of wearing great undies. Shouldn’t we share that with others? Well, what do I do when I want to get a cross section? I ask you guys about gift giving! There are no right or wrong answers. Each guy can feel different about the subject. Here are some of the results:


First, we asked have you ever been given underwear as a gift, as an adult. Almost 60% said they had been given undies.


Next, we asked if you would be willing to give underwear as a gift. Most of you said you would give gifts to friends. 18% said it was only appropriate to give to a significant other.


This number kind of surprised me. I guess it shouldn’t but it did. 70% of respondents said they gave underwear as a gift. This is a great surprise.


Who do our readers give gifts too? It’s no surprise that most have given undies to partners. The two that stick out to me are family members and co-worker. I thought for sure a good friend would rank above those two answers.

Would you be ok Recieving Underwear from a friend? 

Ok, we got the stats down but what did you guys say about the gift giving experience.

The Yes’s:

  • I would enjoy receiving underwear as a gift from someone who knew me well enough to know my taste in style, fabrics, and colors. That way the gift is truly useful. Otherwise it’s just hit and miss. – Chicagobriefs
  • There’s always that awkward feeling with some friends but with others it would be fine.
    Like if a friend finds a great pair of shoes he wouldn’t think twice about suggesting or giving. With underwear it should be the same thing. – K. Nichols
  • Because no one should be ashamed of wearing good underwear – Justin S.
  • I love underwear and presents! Maybe it would be a bit “inappropriate” but that might just make it hotter. :

The No’s:

  • Personal choice
  • Because I feel underwear to be sensual and an intimate experience
  • I think it depends on the person, for example a straight male who has a girlfriend or wife. The significant other in that scenario I think could find it a bit weird or strange as only she would actually see her guy in his undies. I guess it depends on the relationship, maybe a guy who the boyfriend/husband had been best friends with for a long time or since childhood could possibly work depending on the girlfriend or wife. – Rod

How can we change the mentality of giving underwear as gifts? 

Before I delve into some of the suggestions you guys have. One person made a great point. Do women give each other underwear? HMM, It got me thinking, it’s something we’ll have to explore and see how both sexes view underwear. I do believe that women would accept underwear/lingerie from a friend and not think “That’s odd” or “Are they gay?” It would be less of a deal than two guys giving undies as gifts.

Here are a few suggestions

  • Keep spreading the word about there being more than boxers and briefs and what department stores carry. My question would be do women freely gift underwear between each other?
  • I don’t think we can. It all just depends on the relationship.
  • Yes, I think there’s lots of latitude to change or adjust the mentality of giving underwear as gifts. The mentality already ranges from a gift you receive from your mother or grandmother at Christmas time to a gift you receive from a special loved one on a special occasion. I think advertising has a big effect. – Chicagobriefs
  • Being more open to partner about how much you love underwear!
  • Now that the world of mens underwear has grown so much in the last 10 years from what few were available prior. Men’s underwear were never looked at as a product of style, comfort. I think it’s just a natural progression, it my take a while but I think we’ll get there. – K. Nichols
  • Stop being ashamed , underwear is an expression of who we are and how we see ourselves. If you know someone and why they might like get it for them. You just may surprise both them and yourself – Justin S.
  • I think it depends on the type of relationships between people exchanging gifts. Underwear is typically seen as an intimate thing that I think people are afraid to gift it outside a relationship. I am not saying that this right, but this is the world we live in. I think this will always be hard to change although I do wish it was more socially acceptable. – Rod
  • the marketing of underwear is so often focused on the sexiness of it, it makes it feel naughty to give as a gift. We need to embrace it as an important part of your wardrobe that reflects your personality just as much as anything else you wear – John L.
  • Do it more! I think parents give kids socks and underwear at Christmas but stop at a certain point. If people gave undies as a gift regularly, no one would care unless it was something super sexy or fetish-type wear.
  • Not sure, I recently saw a post on Facebook stating something like being a bad person and santa will be giving them underwear for Christmas. I commented that I saw nothing wrong with getting underwear as a gift. I would think i was good if I received underwear. – Blake


What could we do to facilitate underwear giving

We all have our own taste in underwear. We all love specific brands, cuts and fabrics. We need a way to share those with others. It could be boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands/wives, and even friends.

  1. We need to let our potential gift giver what we love. Give examples of brands, styles and fabric. I think giving a list of 10-12 pairs is a good thing. That way you get what you want and then they can pick the color and style.
  2. We are missing an online wish list. Amazon has the wish list and a few underwear retailers. However, we need a central place where we can post links to what pairs we want. Heck, this would be great for all gift giving.

Thanks to everyone took part. I hope we keep the conversation going! Let us know if you recieve underwear for the Holidays!



Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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