It’s been a hot minute since we covered Private Structure. We used to see them in Vegas at Magic/Curve. But in the last few years they have not been attending and I lost touch with the rep they had for North America. I would occasionally see new things they were doing but never had access to more information or who sold the brand. There’s no point in pointing something out that I can’t send you to buy. “Oh this is cool but good luck finding it.”

In the last few months, there is a new US distributor so I get to see some of the pairs coming out. Private structure has always been very affordable and fun. I mean their briefs and bikinis were around $10 and come in a rainbow of colors. The new collection is no different. The new collection has briefs and boxer briefs.

The prices of this new line range from 11-19 dollars a pair! Which for a pair of underwear is a great price. You can stock up on a few pairs. If you catch them on sale you can sometimes find them for under $10 a pair. Which is almost unheard of in men’s underwear. Here is just a sampling of the new line. Go to Candyman Fashion and see the entire line.


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