Are you a big fan of bikinis? Looking for some great bikinis with an amazing pouch? Well, one brand that is embracing the bikini is Ergowear. The new collection ROCKS. I, as you know, am a huge bikini fan. It has been the style that first hooked me into great underwear. Ergowear is one of my favorite brands, so there isn’t much they do that I don’t like.

The new collection feature solid color bikinis. Which in itself is amazing, but the newest is the Rainbow Bikini. It’s not a solid rainbow print but only one side of the pouch. The rest of the body is black. It’s super fun and I just ordered new Ergowear last week and wish I would have waited till this week. I will be getting this pair. (BTW the other pairs are review pairs soon, I’m wearing one as I write this).

The other pairs in the new bikinis are part of the Suave collection. If you aren’t familiar, they are made out of modal. Modal is the perfect fabric for underwear. First, it’s super soft and feels amazing all day. Next, it breathes with you throughout the day. Lastly, it holds its shape during the day. This is perfect for everyday wear or even to the gym.

Lastly is the pouches. There two of the three pouches they make in the line. My all time favorite pouch is the X3D. “The innovative X3D pouch was designed to enhance your anatomy by separating your genitals from thighs to avoid the squeezing sensation of regular men’s underwear.” The Feel pouch is “This pouch enhances your assets, which makes these garments fully-supportive; besides, they provide plenty of room to place your manhood to the front or sideways. Ideal for all front sizes, even for well-endowed guys.” I put it this way, the X3D keeps everything in place and the Feel gives you some extra room! So pick your favorite.

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